(( Author's NOTE: This is based off of listening to the song "Circle" by Flyleaf from the album "Momento Mori."))

He stumbled forward almost falling, but he kept his stance as he walked towards his beloved Sigyn.
He smiled sadly at her, tears and blood flowing side by side until they smeared together within his fresh wounds. He gripped his side as he continued toward her.
She lay unconscious on the ground as he reached her side. Lifting her with his remaining arm and pulling her tight to him, he cried and chocked back his sobs.

He had lied to her from the beginning, pretending to be her dear Theoric, not being able to bare telling her he was dead. His love for her shown through his disguise from the very beginning. The only truth found in such hollow selfish tricks and lies. He sobbed, she had thought he was her beloved Theoric upon their wedding day, but upon their sealing kiss of marriage, his lie fell and she saw the truth in its whole. She hated him, loathed him, disgusted by him, she would not love him for his lies and avoid him at all costs.
He continued to love her even still. Watched her and accepted her hate, but he would not hate her back and in the end it was seen by his enemies how he loved her so.

Taken from him, Sigyn would die without him, and in the end it would be his death that would save her.
As Sigyn's eyes opened slowly from her enchanted sleep she saw him and smiled, but soon shock and horror took their place. Loki saw her look, searched where her eyes went and now understood her horror. Where his right arm should have been, now only a bloody stump could be found. It was no longer a beautiful elegant arm, but a stump of gore and dripping blood.
A spell would fix such a thing, his talents knew no end, but it would not be of use, for soon it would not matter.

Loki stroked her hair softly as she sat up by his side.
"Loki, what has happened to you?" Fear could be seen in her eyes as he smiled sadly at her. "My beloved Sigyn, nothing that your love for me would not make right." He kissed her lightly on the forehead. His blood and tears smearing on her skin as he drew back with sad tearful eyes.

"Loki it is time. Fore fit yourself for her, or our deal is broken. That was the agreement lord of lies." Spoke a beautiful woman stood behind him. She stood at a distance, cloaked and hidden, but her voice smooth and dark.
Loki nodded, "Yes I know the deal, I offered it did I not?" He spat in disgust and anger before turning back to Sigyn.
His face changing back to one of sadness and love.

"What does she mean Loki? What have you done?" Sigyn shock with fear and horror.
With a sad smirk, Loki stole one last kiss upon his beloved Sigyn's lips. As she was lost in the shock of his actions, she could feel his tears flowing stronger as he chocked back a sob, their lips locked and unmovable. A sound of tearing flesh could be heard, hidden from her view.

Loki pulled back slowly, sad eyes full of love for her. Hidden from her still, he placed in her hands a warm wet item. She looked from him to the object and burst out in tears of sadness and heartache.
In her hands lay Loki's still beating heart.
With a sad smirk and his dying breath he spoke, stroking her cheek.

"I love you."

His smirk fading as he eyes drooped closed. His hand slipping away from her face as he slumped sideways.
Sigyn looked on in horror, grabbing at him as he fell. Tears streaking down her cheeks, smearing Loki's blood that was left on her face by his touch.


She fell upon him clutching his heart in her hands, pulling it to her chest as it stopped beating, becoming cold and dead. She lay upon him sobbing and with a silent whimper filled with thousands of tears of heartbreak and sadness, Sigyn spoke her confession, a confession Loki would never hear.

"I love you Loki. Believe me, please forgive me. Please come back to life."