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Things to note:

This is set after the ring battle.

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In italics are thoughts

In bold are flashbacks

Summary: Hayato had always felt weird around Tsunayoshi, he decided to investigate about it.

~Story Starts~

~At Namimori middle school's library~

Smitten. That would perfectly sum up the situation at hand.

Gokudera Hayato pushed his reading glasses up, face totally red. On his hand, was a book titled 'How to know whether you are in love?'

Hayato slammed the book shut, banging his head on the table in front of him.

I am completely smitten with Juudaime…!

Ever since Tsunayoshi had shouted at him during the Varia ring battle, Hayato found himself looking at his boss in a different light. Whenever he was near, Hayato could feel his heart beating faster, feeling the urge to just hug the boy, who actually valued his life more than an important ring.

Now that I think about it, this feeling already happened way before the ring battle…I just…choose to ignore it…

Hayato rubbed his hair in frustration.

This is unbecoming of a right-hand man! I-I-I can't be in l-love…in love with…that I love…I love-

"Who did you love, Gokudera-kun?"

Hayato snapped out of his daze, not realizing he was speaking out loud. He turned to the voice, only to come face to face with the object, who apparently had his affection.


Tsunayoshi raised his hands in apology. "A-Ah! I-I'm sorry for startling you, Gokudera-kun!"

"N-No! Not at all, Juudaime! I-I was just…" Hayato trailed off.

The silence between them was really suffocating.

Tsunayoshi scratched his cheek. "S-So, who did you love, Gokudera-kun?"

"E-Eh?" Hayato turned wide eyes at the brunette boy.

Tsunayoshi smiled awkwardly. "You were mumbling. You kept saying 'I love…'. "

"A-Ah…I…" Hayato's eyes frantically looked around, trying not to look at the Vongola boss.

Sensing something was troubling the Storm guardian, Tsunayoshi quickly interfered, "Y-You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, Gokudera-kun! A-Anyways, Yamamoto and I were waiting for you when school's over, but you were not at the gate, so we went looking for you." Tsunayoshi smiled.



"I APOLOGIZE FOR CAUSING YOU SO MUCH TROUBLE, JUUDAIME!" Hayato kneeled down in front of Tsunayoshi.

"…Why did it become like this…?" Tsunayoshi sweatdropped. "Don't do that, Gokudera-kun." He reached out a hand and gently touched Hayato's shoulder.

Hayato jerked at his touch, surprising both of them.

A door opened.

"There the two of you are!" Takeshi grinned. "Hm? Ahaha! Gokudera is kneeling again!"

"Stupid baseball freak!" Hayato quickly jumped at the chance, glad for the distraction, and started arguing with his fellow Rain guardian.

He never noticed the pair of brown eyes looking sadly at him.

The love they shared

"I-I'm sorry, Juudaime!" Hayato bowed non-stop. "I-I will definitely make it up to you somehow! I'm sorry!"

Tsunayoshi stopped his bowing. "I-It's fine, Gokudera-kun. You must be really busy…"

Hayato flinched, not looking in his eyes. "A-Ah. Once again, I'm sorry Juudaime!" Hayato bowed again, before quickly leaving the school gates.

Tsunayoshi waved as he watched Hayato leave. When he was out of sight, Tsunayoshi dropped his hand and let out a sigh.

"…Did something happen?"

Tsunayoshi jumped at the voice. "Y-Yamamoto! You scared me!"

Takeshi rubbed his head sheepishly. "My bad. So…" Takeshi glanced at the direction Hayato had left. "…Is it just me, or is Gokudera avoiding you? Today is the third day he left without accompanying you."

Tsunayoshi slumped. "…I…don't know…"

Takeshi took one look at Tsunayoshi's face and patted his back. "Maa, maa. Maybe he is just busy with something."


The love they shared

Hayato was currently banging his head to a pole nearby, gaining the attention of some passerby.

This…is bad…

Hayato concluded, a dark aura around him.

Right after he had come to the conclusion that he was smitten…

Hayato's face turned completely red at the reminder.

…With his boss, he started noticing other things about the mentioned boy. Like how his smile seems to light up the world, how his laughter sound so melodious, how petite his body was, how wonderful it might be if he could see the body without any of the clo-

Hayato was crushing the pole with his bare hand.

For once…I am glad that the baseball idiot is always around…

Under normal circumstances, irritation would always welled up when he saw Takeshi nearby. In this case, he was relieved that Takeshi was nearby. Since there were times that they would eat at the rooftop, without Takeshi around, it would meant that he would be alone with his precious Juudaime…and he do not think that he would be able to control his urges to take Tsunayoshi right on the spot, having him beneath, hearing those swe-

"AHHHHH!" Hayato banged his fists to the ground, scaring a little boy, who happened to walk near the ground he just hit.

"Mommy!" The boy quickly ran away to his mother, who quickly scoped her son into her arms, glancing at Hayato disapprovingly.

Hayato ignored all that and stood up, eyes burning with determination.

All right…I just have to keep avoiding Juudaime from now on! This feeling will die down soon, I am sure of it!

He punched his fist in the air, confident that everything will turn out fine.

The love they shared

…Except…he did not expect that it would caused him to feel so…

"Kyoko. Look over there." Hana pointed. "There's quite a heavy aura surrounding that monkey."

Kyoko followed her direction, only to find Hayato on his desk, a cloud of misery all over him.

"Um…I wonder if something happened to him and Tsuna-kun?" Kyoko placed a finger on her chin in worry. "It seems like he has been avoiding Tsuna-kun…"

"Hah?" Hana raised an eyebrow. "That monkey that is always following Sawada like a dog? Not possible."

"But it's true. Look." Kyoko gestured to Tsunayoshi, who was approaching Hayato.

"Gokudera-kun? It's lunch break. Do you want to-" Tsunayoshi placed a hand on Hayato's shoulder.

That immediately caused Hayato to jump up and away from Tsunayoshi. "I'M TERRIBLY SORRY, JUUDAIME!" He then rushed to the door and left without waiting Tsunayoshi to reply.

"Ah…" Tsunayoshi could only watch as Hayato zoomed out of the classroom, leaving a cloud of dust at his wake. His hand that was outstretched earlier slowly returned to his side. "…"

A tap on his shoulder startled him. "Eh? Kyoko-chan?" He saw the girl standing behind him, a worried look on her face.

"Tsuna-kun…did something happened between you and…?" She trailed off, looking at the direction where Hayato had left.

The young boss slumped slightly, before giving a weak smile. "…I…don't really know…"

Upon seeing how upset Tsunayoshi was, Kyoko gave a small frown. It does not really suit him.

"Maybe he's just busy…" She told him, trying to cheer him up.


Takeshi stood at one corner, watching their interaction. He then turned to the door.

A concerned look took over.

Maybe…but it has been two weeks since Gokudera avoided Tsuna…

Placing a hand on his chin, Takeshi tilted his head. "…Hmmm…"

At one corner, a figure in black stood, before disappearing into a secret passage hole below.

The love they shared

~One day~

"WHAT?!" Hayato yelled out.

Takeshi stood in front of his door, rubbing his ringing ears. "That hurts, Gokudera!"

"Stop smiling so happily at me and tell me what did you say again!" Hayato scowled at the grin Takeshi was having.

The grin faded and a serious look took over. "…The kid told me that Tsuna was hurt and-"

"Hurt?! By who? An enemy of the Vongola? When? Is Juudaime all right? Is it serious? Ahhhh! It's useless talking to you! I'm going to find Juudaime now!" Hayato ran to the Sawada house.

"Ah, Gokudera…He's gone." Takeshi sweatdropped at how fast Hayato disappeared. "And he didn't let me finish too. I was just going to say that: 'And the kid said it was because he just fell from the stairs, and I was wondering if you want to join me to see Tsuna, since you keep avoiding him, to resolve whatever is going on'. "

The love they shared

~At the Sawada house~

The door burst opened.


Silence replied to him.

"…Nobody's home? Juudaime?" He called out. When he received no reply, he panicked. "…Could it be that…it was so serious that he was hospitalized?! I-I better head to the-"


Hayato snapped his head to the voice, which seems to be coming from the bathroom. He quickly went there and slammed the door opened, scaring Tsunayoshi.

"Juudaime!" Hayato grasped him by the shoulder. "Are you all right? Who was the one who attacked you? I will bomb them to hell!" Dynamites started appearing between his fingers.

"W-Wait, Gokudera-kun! What are you talking about?" Tsunayoshi grabbed his arm to prevent him from using his dynamites.

"Eh…?" Hayato blinked confusingly. "…I heard from Yamamoto that Reborn-san told him that you were injured…"

"Huh…? You got it all wrong, Gokudera-kun!" Tsunayoshi brought up his right arm, which had a small bruise on it. "I got hurt from felling down the stairs…although it was Reborn's fault…he just suddenly kicked me from behind…he then forced me to take a bath and to heal myself with that cream over there." Tsunayoshi gestured to the bruise cream on a table nearby.

"I-Is that…so…" Hayato released his hold on the brunette boy.

Note to self: Once I see him, I am going to beat up that baseball idiot!

"Haa…but, I'm glad that you came, Gokudera-kun. Mum, Bianchi, Reborn and the children went out shopping and won't be back till later. Do you want to join me-Gokudera-kun? Is something the matter? You are turning red."

Hayato was not listening to him, which was a first. His mind had gone blank after seeing the state Tsunayoshi was in once he had calmed down.

Tsunayoshi was still holding his arm…only dressed in a towel on his waist. His hair was dripping with water, which means, Hayato assumed dazedly, Tsunayoshi had just finished his bath.

A drip of water fell from Tsunayoshi's hair, causing Hayato to shift his focus to it. Those green eyes followed the water droplet, as it slowly slid down the neck, to the collarbone, travelling to soft-looking chest.

Hayato swallowed hard.

The water droplet slid down to Tsunayoshi's stomach, flowing to his navel and soon reaching the top of the towel that was covering-

"Gokudera-kun?" Tsunayoshi's voice snapped him out of his musing.

Hayato jerked, face turning redder at his train of thoughts. Upon realizing his arm was still in Tsunayoshi's hold, he quickly wrenched his arm away, biting his lips at the hurt look Tsunayoshi had.

"I-I'm sorry for barging into your house like that, Juudaime! I-I need to leave now, so please excus-" Hayato turned his back to Tsunayoshi and started moving towards the door.

What he did not expect was for Tsunayoshi to grab him from behind, causing them to fall over.


"…Ow…" Hayato winced as pain shot up his back at landing hard on the ground. "W-Wha-"

Hayato widened his eyes, seeing as Tsunayoshi had landed on top of him, straddling him at the waist. He could felt his heart beating faster, feeling the warmth emitting from Tsunayoshi's body, especially from his hands, which was at Hayato's chest.

T-This is bad! I got to-

"J-Juudaime! P-Please get off m-"


Hayato blinked, looking up at his boss, who had his eyes shadowed by his bangs. "Juudaime…?"

"…Was it something I did?" Tsunayoshi slowly raised his head.

Hayato's breath hitched when a pair of teary brown eyes were revealed to him.

"…If so, tell me what I did wrong!" Tsunayoshi clenched his hands on Hayato's shirt. "Tell me…! Don't just suddenly avoid me like that…Do you know, how much it hurts," Tsunayoshi placed a hand over his chest, where his heart was. "Right over here?"

Tears starting rolling down the brunette's cheeks.

"…If I…If I did something to make you hate me…tell me! Just tell me if you hate me! T-Then, I-I will leave you alon-"

"I could never hate you, Juudaime."

Tsunayoshi looked at Hayato, who had his eyes covered. "…Then…why…?"

The Storm guardian clenched his hands. Being straddled by his object of affection was already sending…not so innocent thoughts to his brain. Then Tsunayoshi actually came to the conclusion that he hated him, which was far from the truth, impossible even. That made Hayato loathe himself for being the one causing the sorrow, the one who caused those tears to stain the beautiful face.

Tsunayoshi blinked in surprise when a hand cupped his cheek and wiped his tears away. "G-Gokudera…-kun?"

"…Please forgive me for this." Hayato sat up.


Brown eyes widened, feeling something soft on his lips.

! G-Gokudera-kun is-!

"Mnn!" A gasp tore through Tsunayoshi's lips when he felt hands stroking his side. A tongue slipped into his opened mouth, caressing his own tongue sensually.

A blush found its way to the Decimo's cheeks, embarrassed when he unintentionally released a moan, feeling the tongue moving inside his mouth so slowly, as if trying to savor the moment.

Forested green eyes darkened when he heard the moan. He then broke their kiss, a string of saliva still attached to their lips before it broke and landed on Tsunayoshi's chin.

Hayato took in the sight before him. Face flushed, eyes glazed. Tsunayoshi was presenting him with quite a view, sitting on his lap and panting heavily from the kiss.

Unable to resist, Hayato lapped up the saliva that was on Tsunayoshi's chin, gradually making his way down.

"A-Ah! G-Goku…dera-kun…Nnh!" Another moan sounded when Hayato trailed his tongue against his boss's neck. "Nngh…!"

Hayato could not explain the pleasure that welled up in his chest when he felt Tsunayoshi trembled in his arms. Pressing his hands to Tsunayoshi's back, he pushed the younger boy closer to himself, giving another lick on the neck. He could barely contain a satisfied growl when he felt another shiver, followed by a soft mewl near his ear.

"…There's no way I could hate you, Juudaime." Hayato gently thrust his hip up, relishing in the sharp gasp that came. "…In fact, it was the opposite…however…"

Hayato stopped his movements, giving Tsunayoshi the time to recover. "…I know that Juudaime have his eyes on Sasagawa…so I tried to suppress this feeling of mine, since it would be a burden to Juudaime…But…as time passes by, the feeling only grew! I started thinking about how Juudaime's smile looks so perfect! How Juudaime's laugh sound so breathtaking! And how…how wonderful it might be…to have you beneath me…"

That last sentence caused Tsunayoshi's face to turn really red, understanding the implication.

The Storm guardian hung his head in shame. "As one of your guardians…I-I…I apologize for harboring such illicit feeling towards you…please punish me as you see fit." Hayato shut his eyes, waiting for the verdict, for the rejection.

Silence stretched, almost causing Hayato to fidget, but he held himself still, not wishing to offend the brunette boy any further.

"…" Tsunayoshi took a deep breath. "…I…like Kyoko-chan."

Although he already knew that, those words still managed to stab Hayato hard in the chest.

Tsunayoshi ignored the flinch produced. "She was the only one who treated me normally despite my flaws. She's kind, gentle, sweet, and she's also pretty…It was only natural for me to have a crush on her."

Hayato bit his lips, hands clenching on the ground, the aching on his heart increases the more Tsunayoshi talked. His shoulder slumped down, knowing it was to be expected after all.

Then, Tsunayoshi shocked him by placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

A blush surfaced as Tsunayoshi averted his gaze away from Hayato's wide eyes. "T-Then…I met you…" His blush deepened, thinking about how cheesy this line sounded. "Ever since you became my friend, G-Gokudera-kun was always beside me…Sure, Gokudera-kun is rash, short-tempered, and more often than not, giving me a huge headache for all the troubles, especially with your dynamites…"

A large cloud of depression hovered above Hayato at the truth.

"But…" The cloud disappeared.

Tsunayoshi gave him a smile that took his breath away. "…It was fun. Even with all that, I know that Gokudera-kun was always doing his best. When I saw how hard you were trying to protect me, when I saw how you always stayed by my side, when I saw how you smiled at me…I feel happy."

Tsunayoshi leaned his forehead on Hayato's shoulder.

"…You have no idea how angry I was when you were trying to put your life on the line just for a ring. For a short moment, I thought that the Vongola was the reason you are acting like this…I know it's not when you came back." Tsunayoshi quickly added, sensing Hayato was about to argue. "I was so glad when you did that…Gokudera-kun became such an important person in my life that I don't know what I will do if you are gone…and when you said that you love someone, I…"

Hayato felt hands on his shoulder, the grip tightening.

"…I like Kyoko-chan…" Hayato winced. "…But the person I love…" Tsunayoshi raised his head, looking straight into Hayato's eyes. "Will always be you, Gokudera Hayato…So please, don't avoid me like that again…"

The intensity of the gaze left the silver-haired boy speechless.

After a few seconds, Tsunayoshi quickly looked down, face red with embarrassment at the things that he had said. "U-Un…I…uh…"

A soft smile lit up Hayato's lips at how adorable his boss was. He spoke, effectively cutting the stutters.

"Juudaime…May I kiss you again?"

If possible, Tsunayoshi's face went even redder. "D-Don't ask me that! I-It's embarrassing!"

Hayato chuckled, feeling lighter than before. "I will take that as a yes then, Juudaime."

Before he could reply, Hayato sealed their lips together. Though surprised, Tsunayoshi wrapped his arms around Hayato's neck, kissing back shyly.

Hayato hummed in approval, and started to thrust his hips up again.

"Nnnaaa!" Tsunayoshi whimpered at the sensation coursing through him, finally realizing that he was almost naked in front of his new lover. "W-Wait…Gokudera-kun…! L-Let me get dressed first…!"

An eyebrow raised. "…Juudaime…pardon my crassness…but did you seriously think that I would let you go when you are nearly nude on top of me, which was what I always wanted?"

"P-Pervert!" Tsunayoshi raised a hand to land a hit on the guardian's head.

Hayato caught his wrist before it could and used it to pull his lover, his chest tingled pleasantly at the mention of that, close. "Yes, Juudaime. Through this whole time I avoided you, I was thinking, more or less, perverted things about you. About how to make you moan in pleasure, about the positions we could have…one in this particular position." Hayato moved his hip up again to show what he meant.

"Nngh…!" Tsunayoshi could not stop the moan from coming out. "Haa…W-Wait…W-We are going too…Ahn…Too fast…!"

Green eyes narrowed in lust. "…With you moaning like that…I don't think I can stop now, Juudaime."

"Nngh…! Ah…! Ahhnn…!" Tsunayoshi was trying, and failing in keeping those sounds of pleasure from escaping as Hayato continued to rock his hip against his. He slowly opened his glassy eyes, not knowing when he had closed them, before he snapped them opened in shock.

"G-Gokudera-kun-Ah! St-Stop!" Tsunayoshi pushed his hands on Hayato's chest, trying to place some distance between them.

"Why? You don't like it, Juudaime?" Hayato leaned forward to lick Tsunayoshi's neck.

"Ahh…! W-Wait, Gokudera-kun!" Tsunayoshi's face was turning beyond red, his eyes widened in horror at something behind Hayato.

Hayato blinked in confusion. Then-

"…Ahahaha…Well, it seems that you two have made up! That's a relief!"

Hayato froze up, turning his head jerkily behind him.

Takeshi stood at the door, grinning sheepishly, hand rubbing the back of his head, with a tint of pink painted across his cheeks.

"Ahaha…Quite a show you two are giving!" Takeshi grinned at them. "May I watch?"



The love they shared

~The next day, before lessons begin~

"Eh? What happened to you, Yamamoto?" A classmate asked in concern.

Takashi merely grinned. "Ahaha, I was hit by a ball while practicing yesterday." He was sporting a blue-black bruise on his right eye.

"That idiot! I will make sure he will have more than just a black eye if he ever say something like that again!" Hayato glowered.

"D-Don't, Gokudera-kun! He was just joking!" Tsunayoshi, who was sitting in a chair next to him, tried to calm him down.

"…Joking or not, the only person who should see you that way…" Hayato looked at him with warm eyes. "…Is me."

Tsunayoshi laid his head on the table, hiding his red face. "…P-Please don't say something like that, Gokudera-kun…"

Hayato only smiled and leaned down, whispering to his ear. "I love you, Juudaime."

Smoke erupted from Tsunayoshi's head at the confession.

The door opened, revealing the teacher. "All right, back to your seats!"

Every student obeyed and started returning to their seats.

Tsunayoshi stood up, mumbled something before quickly returning to his own table.

Blinking twice, Hayato glanced back at Tsunayoshi, who had a book in front of his burning face.

"Oi, Gokudera! Face the front and pay attention!" The teacher tapped on his table, irritated.

Hayato scoffed, turning his head away, infuriating the teacher even more. Not that he cared, because he was certain the nothing would bring his mood down today, not after what his beloved Juudaime had said.

"…I love you too, Gokudera-kun."

~The End~

Ahaha…Takeshi just had to interrupt them *Pouts*


~Later, at the restroom~

Takeshi examined his reflection in the mirror. "Ahaha…Gokudera sure packs a punch." He winced slightly, poking his bruised eye gently.

"At least everything went according to plan, hm?"

"Un!" Takeshi turned around. "All thanks to you, kid!"

Reborn pulled his fedora down. "Since they can't confront each other at school, might as well let them confront it at home. Getting Mama and the others out of the house is easy once Dame-Tsuna went to take a bath."

"And then you told me to tell Gokudera that Tsuna was hurt, knowing he will immediately react to that." Takeshi scratched his cheeks. "Still…wasn't that quite a risk, kid? I mean…" His cheeks pinked. "…If I have not entered the room, they would have…"

Reborn smirked. "And you would have gotten the front seat of the show. Tell me Yamamoto, were you serious about wanting to watch them?"

Takeshi laughed, causing Reborn to raise an eyebrow.

The rain guardian then smiled brightly, choosing not to answer the question.

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