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This is set after the future battle.

The Arcobalenos are in their baby forms

This story is not taking the battles after the future Arc into account

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Summary: Now that the battle between Byakuran and their past selves are over, what happens next? Kyoya and Tsunayoshi seems to have something going on between them.

~Story Starts~

"By the way…" Hayato looked around the room.

"Where's Tsuna?" Takeshi continued Hayato's question.

Kyoya shifted.

"Ah." Shoichi smiled. "He woke up earlier than all of you. He is at the surface now."

Hayato sighed in relief. "I see…" He then glanced at Kyoya.

Feeling the stare, Kyoya returned the look passively.

The two of them continued to stare at each other, the others could almost see the electricity sparking between them.

"Maa, maa. What's wrong, Gokudera?" Takeshi chuckled, placing a hand on the Storm guardian's shoulder.

Hayato huffed and shrugged off the hand. "…I can't believe that Juudaime told Hibari about the plan…and not me."

"W-Well, it is of utmost secret." Shoichi explained. "Thankfully, everything went according to plan…"

"…" Hayato narrowed his eyes at Shoichi. "Can I give you the punch now? I did not have the chance since Reborn-san stopped us."

"Ahhh!" Shoichi quickly backed away. "P-Please don't! I-It was necessary for me to do this…! O-Ow…" He clutched on his stomach, feeling the pain once again.

"Just calm down, octopus head." Ryohei had his hands on his hips. "This is for our future. Just forgive Irie for all this. Although…" He suddenly pumped his fists in the air. "I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT SAWADA INVOLVED KYOKO AND THE OTHERS INTO THIS!"

"Yare, yare." Lambo rubbed his ear. "Be quieter, would you?"

"…Just who should be the one calming down?" Hayato's eyebrow twitched.

"Don't blame Tsu-kun, Onii-san." Kyoko tried to pacify her brother. "It was essential to our younger self. Besides, it was because of this that we get to know about the mafia. This way, we could support all of you." Kyoko smiled.

"That's right." Haru nodded. "It's not good for all of you to keep us in the dark! Luckily, Tsuna-san was kind enough to tell us all about it!"

"It really was quite an adventure for our younger self." I-pin added.

"Oya, oya. I see that all of you are having fun here."

"Mukuro-sama!" Chrome blushed lightly, seeing the man walking towards them, with Ken and Chikusa behind him.

Mukuro gave a smile. "Welcome back, Nagi."

"You are pathetic as usual, stupid woman!" Ken growled out. "Making Mukuro-san wait for you for the ring."

"Technically, it was her younger self. So she had nothing to do with it." Chikusa pushed his glasses up. M.M was beside him, glaring at Chrome.

"Ah? You want to argue with me?" Ken glared at Chikusa.

"Not really…"

"Please don't fight, the two of you."

Kyoko giggled. "Everyone, shall we head back to the base? Let's all celebrate for all of your hard work!"

"Sounds good!" Takeshi agreed.

"Che…" Hayato huffed again.

"I will be eating all the food then." Lambo grinned lazily.

"All of you should come as well!" Haru invited Shoichi, Spanner, and the Arcobalenos.

"Don't mind if we do!" Colonnello gave a thumbs up.

"The great Skull-sama shall accept your invitation!"

While all this was happening, Spanner noticed something. "Hm?"

"What's wrong, Spanner?" Shoichi asked.

"…The Cloud guardian is not here…"

Soaring into their hearts

~At the surface~

Sounds of grass being stepped on could be heard.

Kyoya slowly reached a clearing, and look intently ahead of him.

Lying at the middle was the black coffin, and sitting on it, was the person, who supposedly should be in the coffin.

Fingers flipped the next page of the notebook, before the person noticed Kyoya.

A chuckle escaped. "Did you have fun with my younger self?"

Kyoya merely blinked, and stepped forward until he was in front of the person. "I have forgotten how herbivorous you were when young, Sawada Tsunayoshi."

Tsunayoshi let out another chuckle, closing the notebook, which was in his hands, shut. "If memory serves, I was still afraid of you at that time. Facing an older you does not help much."

The Sky boss gently placed the notebook on the coffin and took a deep breath.

The two of them remained silent for a while, letting the wind rustle their clothes and hair.

"…Thank you."

Kyoya gazed upon Tsunayoshi.

Tsunayoshi smiled. "Thank you for everything. If it was not for you…this plan would not have worked at all. So, thank you…Kyoya."



Tsunayoshi gave a wide grin. "May I ask, what did I do to deserve this?"

His right arm was held vertically beside his face, blocking off the tonfa that suddenly came swinging down.

"I don't remember giving you permission to use my name, herbivore."

"Back to calling me a herbivore, I see." Tsunayoshi pushed the tonfa away and stood up. "…And why not? After all, we are…" He trailed off, blinking rapidly before shaking his head.

Tsunayoshi shifted his whole body to the side. "Ne…How long do you plan to listen on our conversation…Reborn?"

"At least your senses have gotten better, Dame-Tsuna." A rustle in the trees, and a figure jumped down, tilting their fedora. "Ciaossu."

"Baby." Kyoya greeted.

"I thought I was past that…" Tsunayoshi sighed. "…Still, it was good to see you again, Reborn."

Reborn allowed his fedora to shadow his eyes. He did not miss the way his student said his name, he also did not miss the relief he heard in his voice. He could not believe that his student had planned everything during his absence.

Pride. That was probably what the hitman was feeling right now. However…

"O-Ow…Reborn! That hurts!" Tsunayoshi winced, rubbing his head where it was kicked.

"Allowing yourself to die…Seems like there still some things I have not taught you well." Reborn brought his hand forward, letting Leon climbed onto his hand, transforming into a gun. "Shall we begin our lesson?"

A huge sweatdrop appeared on Tsunayoshi's head. "Ahh…I knew this was coming…"

He watched in dread as Reborn stepped closer while aiming the gun at him. Tsunayoshi quickly shut his eyes tightly, not wishing to see what his tutor was going to do to him.


A few birds flew at the sound.

Smoke could be seen coming out from the barrel of the gun.

A smirk was visible on the Sun Arcobaleno's face.

Tsunayoshi slowly peeked out, wondering why there was no pain, and why he did not went into dying will mode or equivalent. "…Eh?" Small strips of colored paper floated around him, some landing on his hair. "…Con…fetti?"

Reborn allowed Leon to transformed back. "But since you are doing it for the sake of your family, I will let it slide for now. A boss should always care about their family after all. You did a good job, Tsuna."

Tsunayoshi brushed the confetti off his hair. "I didn't do this because I was their boss…"

"…And because I got good evidence, of course."

"Eh?" Tsunayoshi blinked in confusion. "Evidence?"

Reborn merely smirked again and turned his back to him. "A celebration party is going to happen soon. Make sure you are not late."

Tsunayoshi watched Reborn walked off in confusion. "What does he meant by evidence?"

The Vongola boss turned to his Cloud guardian for answers, only to find the man covered in confetti as well. It was not that unusual, seeing as he was quite close to Tsunayoshi, who was the main target. What was strange was that, Kyoya had a tonfa in a defensive position…in front of Tsunayoshi.

Tsunayoshi blinked a few times, glancing at the man. Kyoya spared him a short glance, before closing his eyes, keeping his weapon and brushing the confetti off of him. After he was done, Kyoya walked off without another word.

A soft smile appeared on the brunette boy's face. Tsunayoshi gave the coffin one last look, before following after his Cloud guardian.

Soaring into their hearts

~At the base, kitchen~


Glasses clicked against each other.

"Juudaime, I'm glad that you are safe and sound." Hayato smiled at his boss.

Tsunayoshi softened his eyes. "…I apologize for worrying all of you."

"You gave us quite a scare, Tsuna." Takeshi came from behind and patted him on the shoulder. Tsunayoshi could feel how the Rain guardian's hand shook a bit as it patted his shoulder.


Fon took a deep breath. "Regardless, it must be hard for you to make this decision. Thank you for all your hard work, Vongola Juudaime."

Tsunayoshi slumped slightly. "…At a cost. After all, Yuni and Gamma…"

There was a wave of silence, and-

"Ow! Reborn!" Tsunayoshi held his aching head.

"That's why you will always be Dame-Tsuna." Reborn hopped to the top of the table, facing Tsunayoshi. "Yuni and Gamma did what they had to do, in order to ensure a peaceful future. Don't insult their sacrifice by getting all depressed. Honor them by continuing the peace."

Tsunayoshi let those words sink in. "…Ah. I suppose you are right, Reborn."

"I am the world greatest hitman. Of course I am always right."

"Don't ruin the mood!"

Haru came forward and filled Tsunayoshi's empty glass. "Let's all just celebrate joyously, right Tsuna-san?"

Kyoko agreed. "Let's make a toast then!"

"Ohhh! Then let the great Skull-sama be the first to toast the-GYA!"

"Lackeys should just sit at a corner and watch."


"Kufufu. I can't believe that I am joining the mafia for such things."

Fon shook his head. "Too bad that Viper and Verde choose not to join us."

Tsunayoshi laughed awkwardly and stood up from his seat, raising his glass. Everyone did the same.

"Um…I really have no idea what to say. A great job to all of us, I guess?"


"Haaa…Stop calling me that already." Tsunayoshi huffed at Reborn. "Hmm…Why not each of us just say something to toast about?"

"Then I will go first then." Reborn raised his glass. "To Tsuna, for being a good boss and coming with a plan to save the future. Hope that he will quickly abandon his no good attitude."

Tsunayoshi twitched. "You don't have to add the last part."

Fon chuckled. "To everyone, for all of your hard work."

"To a bright future ahead of us, kora!" Colonnello grinned.

"To the future that will enable me to make more technologies!" Giannini chirped.

"To more good rankings in the future." Fuuta added.

"To everyone's safe and sound return." Bianchi stared at Reborn dreamily.

Spanner popped out his lollipop. "To Vongola, for allowing me to the family." He tilted his head at Tsunayoshi.

Shoichi raised his glass to Tsunayoshi. "To Tsunayoshi-kun, for enduring the hard decisions, to ensure that the plan works."

"To Spanner and Irie, for protecting and helping Juudaime all this while."

Everyone blinked at the Storm guardian, expecting him to actually say something about his boss and not the ones who used to be part of the Millefiore family.

A vein popped on the silver haired man. "What!"

Takeshi cleared his throat to prevent himself from laughing. "To Gokudera, who had become an ideal right-hand man!"

"Do you want to die, you idiot?!"

Ryohei pumped his fist up. "To all of us, for being EXTREME!"

Lambo shake his glass a little. "To all the good foods that I will be eating later."

"To everybody's health!" I-pin nodded. "Ah! I had forgotten! Uncle Kawahira's noodle is going to be soggy again! Please excuse me!"

"And to the great Skull-sam-"

"To Sawada." Lal continued, as if Skull had not spoken at all, leaving the Cloud Arcobaleno sulking at one corner. "It was a pain teaching your younger self."

"Sorry about that." Came the reply from a sheepish boss.

"Kufufu." Mukuro tilted his head. "To Sawada Tsunayoshi, who will be giving me his body after this."

"We made no such promise!" Tsunayoshi quickly denied it, while Hayato was scowling at the Mist guardian.

"To Mukuro-sama, for finally getting out of Vendicare prison." Chrome looked at Mukuro, relief shining in her eyes.

Mukuro smiled at her.

"Can we eat already, byon?" Ken was drooling at all the foods.

"…" Chikusa did not say anything to toast about, neither did M.M, who was still busy glaring at Chrome.

"To all the cakes that will be waiting for Kyoko-chan and Haru!" Haru gave a thumbs up to the giggling Kyoko. She then latched herself to Tsunayoshi's arm. "And to Tsuna-san, for everything!"

"Un! Thank you so much, Tsu-kun!" Kyoko smiled brightly.

"A-Ah." Tsunayoshi tried to get Haru to let go. Seeing that she was not letting go soon, Tsunayoshi turned to the last person, who had yet to say anything. "W-What about you, Ky-Hibari-san?"

Kyoya sipped on his teacup, eyeing Tsunayoshi. Tsunayoshi noticed that his eyes were on his arm, which Haru was holding onto. "I will bite you to death, should you force me to crowd even more."

Tsunayoshi sweatdropped and coughed. "T-Then, it's my turn I suppose." He glanced at each and every single member present. He took a deep breath.

"Well…To Yuni and Gamma, for giving us the chance to prosper further down the road. To Shoichi, who gave everything, even risking his life, and making the plan with me. To the Varia," There were a few twitches. "Haha…I know. But they helped us a lot too…and finally, to everyone here, who made this possible…I remember that, ten years ago, I was just Dame-Tsuna." Tsunayoshi ignored Reborn's 'You still are' comment. "I would just play video games and read mangas, thinking that I am just that, no good."

"…Then a certain tutor came and turned my world upside down." A few chuckles were heard. "From there, I went through things that normal people should not have, ridiculous even." The brunette man gave a shudder when he heard a gun being cocked, but he continued speaking. "I found myself being forced into a situation that I most definitely do not want."

Tsunayoshi looked down at his glass, where he could see himself being reflected on the water. "But…I'm glad that it all happened. I would not have met any of you then. Those times that we had together, the times that you all had stayed by my side when things got hard, I will always cherish them in my heart. All of you are the reason why this plan was even made in the first place…It's because I wish to have more memories with all of you."

Tsunayoshi gave all of them a smile. "I hope that all of you, my family, will continue to stay with me to make that happen."

Hayato was the first to reply. "Your wish is our command, Juudaime!"

"Of course, Vongola Juudaime!" Giannini assured.

"Where you go, we will always follow!" A cheerful grin from Takeshi.

"You won't get rid of me that easily, Sawada!"

"Yare, yare. A bit troublesome, but I won't leave my big brother behind."

"Me as well, Tsuna-nii."


"Of course, boss."

"Hahi! Tsuna-san, you should not even have asked!"

"Un! We will support you anytime and anywhere!" Kyoko told him.

Colonnello gave a grin, giving a thumbs up, while Lal merely huffed. Shoichi, Spanner and Fon each gave a smile and nodded.

"You never know when you will need me, the great Sk-" Skull was cut of by well-placed kicks from his fellow Rain and Sun Arcobaleno.

Tsunayoshi glanced at Kyoya, who blinked and looked away. A smile lit the Sky bearer, knowing that the presence of his Cloud guardian meant more than anything.

Tsunayoshi then turned to Reborn, and tilted his head in question.

Reborn tilted his fedora. "You still have a lot of learn, Dame-Tsuna. As your tutor, I just can't let it go."

Tsunayoshi laughed, raising his glass up high. "Then…To our future!"

"To our future!" Everybody echoed after him.

Soaring into their hearts

~A few hours later~

"Ah~ah…Someone spike the juice with alcohol, didn't they?" Tsunayoshi concluded exasperatedly.

Lying around the kitchen floors were bodies all over the place. Most of them were already sleeping soundly, while those still awake continued to drink.

Tsunayoshi sighed. "Lambo is still underage…" He grabbed some blankets nearby to cover the lightning guardian and the girls near him. He looked fondly when they snuggle together even more to the warmth before turning his attention to the ones still awake. "Maybe you should stop drinking, Onii-san. You look like you are about to fall over."

"This is nothing, Sawada!" Ryohei hiccupped. "I had worse than this!" The Sun guardian then squinted his eyes on Tsunayoshi. "Hmm…How come there are two of you, Sawada?"

A bead of sweat rolled down Tsunayoshi's cheek. "…Onii-san, you should really lie down. I will tell Kurokawa-san that you will be staying over tonight."

"Stupid turf top." Hayato twitched his eyes. "Apologies Juudaime, I will make sure that he follow your orders."

"It's not really an order…" The brunette man noticed that his right-hand man had a slight flush on his cheeks. "The alcohol must be really strong if even you are a little intoxicated."

Being his right-hand man and having a mafia background, Hayato had a lot of tolerance to alcohol compared to the other guardians.

"Ah…apologies…" Hayato blinked slowly and shook his head to clear it. "I…was suppose to stop once I noticed that the juice was spiked…but for some reason…I kept drinking it…Are you alright then, Juudaime?"

Tsunayoshi gave a wry smile. "Yes. I did not drink any of the juice actually…"

Since something told me not to drink it…I bet Reborn had something to do with this.

"Anyways Gokudera-kun, could you make sure that everybody goes back to their rooms? Spanner too." He saw that the mechanic was awake as well. "I need to discuss something with Ky-Hibari-san. Did you know where is he?"

"The Cloud guardian seems to have return to his base." Spanner tried to wake Shoichi up. "If you are looking for the Mist guardian, he and his group have left early on."

"Oh…" Tsunayoshi just noticed that the said group was not here. "Well, I better get going, please get the rest to return to their rooms."


"Yes, Juudaime."

Soaring into their hearts

~At Kyoya's base~

Tsunayoshi tucked his kimono properly. He chuckled. "Really…he and his need to be traditional."


Tsunayoshi turned around. "Ah. Good evening, Kusakabe-san."

Tetsuya bowed his head in greeting. "Is something the matter? It is quite late…"

"No, no, no." Tsunayoshi waved his hand. "I'm just here to see Ky-" The Sky boss gave a twitch. "…I mean, Hibari-san."

Tetsuya blinked twice, and gave him a smile. "Please do not worry. I have already known about it."

"Eh? Known about it?"

"Yes. Kyo-san is in the room further ahead." Tetsuya showed him the way to the room. Just as Tsunayoshi was about to slide the door opened, Tetsuya warned him, "…You might want to be careful, Sawada-san."

"Huh? About what?" Tsunayoshi looked confusingly at him.

Merely giving a smile, Tetsuya bowed his head. "I shall take my leave, Sawada-san." He left without answering the question.

"…Sound ominous…" Tsunayoshi took a deep breath and slowly slid the door opened. "Pardon my intrusion."

He was faced with Kyoya sitting in the middle, drinking tea with his eyes closed.

"What is it that you want, Sawada Tsunayoshi?"

Tsunayoshi sat near the Cloud guardian. "Just visiting." Brown eyes spotted another cup in front of Kyoya. "…Are you expecting someone?"

Kyoya poured himself another cup and resumed drinking.

Chuckling, Tsunayoshi took the cup and filled it. Bringing up to his mouth, Tsunayoshi took a sip. The moment the liquid reached his tongue, Tsunayoshi jerked the cup back in shock.

Blinking wildly, he eyed Kyoya nervously. "Um…What exactly is this water?"


"…Tea?" Tsunayoshi gulped.

It taste like alcohol to me!

"…And how many cups did you have?"


Tsunayoshi's breath hitched.

So that's what Kusakabe-san was warning me about!

"I-I see." Tsunayoshi slowly placed the cup down, getting up the same way. "U-Um…I think I will take my leave now, lots of things to do tomorrow!" Tsunayoshi quickly made his way to the door.

However, he was not as fast as the hand that shot out and grabbed his ankle, causing him to fall. The next thing he knew, there was a body on top of him and his wrists were held above his head.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi."

"Y-Yes?" Tsunayoshi squeaked out.

Kyoya narrowed his eyes. "…I am going to bite you to death."

"EHHHH?! W-Wait! Please wait for a mo-Ah!" Tsunayoshi paused his struggles when Kyoya leaned down and bit him in the neck. "Ah…! Ky-Hi…bari-san…!"

Kyoya pulled back, eyeing the mark he had left on Tsunayoshi's neck. "Kyoya."

"…So now, I get to call you Kyoya?" Tsunayoshi winced, trying to shake of the pain he just experienced. "…That hurts…You are still scary as always when drunk."

"I am not drunk."

Tsunayoshi gave a deadpanned look. "Kyoya…despite being the strongest in the family, you are the weakest when it comes to alcohol! Even a sip will make you drunk!"

Kyoya choose not to answer, bringing Tsunayoshi's right arm up.


The older man brought his mouth to the fingers, and with a tenderness that he was not known for, Kyoya kissed each finger, moving to the knuckles, palm, wrist and slowly made his way down, all the while keeping his eyes on Tsunayoshi.

A blush filled Tsunayoshi's face at the intimate gesture. He could feel his arm tingle pleasantly with each kiss bestowed to him.


"Should you ever die…" Kyoya cut off whatever Tsunayoshi was going to say. "…It should only be by my hands."

Those grey eyes pinned Tsunayoshi with such intensity that it caused him to loose his breath.

"…Yet…" Kyoya spread Tsunayoshi's legs so that he could settle in between. "…Why was it that when I did it…I felt no satisfaction?"

A gasp left Tsunayoshi's mouth when Kyoya pressed his body against his. "What is this irritation that I felt? Especially when that herbivore was hanging onto your arm earlier?"

Kyoya let out a smirk. "It makes me want to bite you to death even more. Your younger self just enhanced the urge. You really have so-"

"I love you too, Kyoya."

Kyoya stared at Tsunayoshi, who was smiling.

"…I'm sorry. But you are the only one I trust to kill me off. I did not mean to cause you so much pain…" Tsunayoshi reached up as best as he could with him still being pinned down by his Cloud guardian. He tried to place a kiss on Kyoya's lips, however there was still some distance between them and since Kyoya did nothing to close the gap, Tsunayoshi settled things by licking the bottom lip, surprising the older man, who twitched slightly. "…I love yo-Nngh!"

Kyoya transferred both of Tsunayoshi's wrist to one hand, using the other to undress the younger man. "You belong to me the day you decided to throw that paper."

"W-What P-Paper-Ahhn!" Tsunayoshi shuddered as fingers ghosted around his chest.

Kyoya removed his hand and slipped it into his kimono, pulling out a crumpled paper plane.

"That's-!" Tsunayoshi gaped when he saw that, blushing hard. "W-Why did you have it!?"

Smirking, Kyoya smoothed the paper plane so that it could still fly. "You should be careful where you throw these paper planes, Sawada Tsunayoshi. Not that it matters, it worked out for me anyways." He then threw the paper plane, letting it fly out of the room and into the garden.

"You are mine…Tsunayoshi." Kyoya told the flushing brunette man.

"J-Just one question before you…" Tsunayoshi could not complete his sentence, face totally red. "…Did you ever told my younger self that we are lovers?"

"No." A moan echoed the room when Kyoya grinded himself on Tsunayoshi. "…But he will know soon enough. Now, I do not want to hear any form of talking from you, unless it consist of moans, gasps and screams."

"Y-You are really…Ah…scary when drunk…Hnnn…Kyoya…!"

"You have some nerves disobeying me, herbivore. Some punishment is in order."

"EH?! N-No! W-Wait, Ky- Ahhhh…!"

Soaring into their hearts

The paper plane continued to fly through the garden, landing nicely on a tree, where a figure stood.

The figure picked it up and smoothed it out. Reading the contents, the figure smirked.

"Ah. So that was why Hibari started going after Dame-Tsuna so often." Reborn chuckled, glancing at the couple. "Well, Dame-Tsuna. As gratitude, I shall help you in revealing your lover to your guardians, seeing as you have no intention to do so."

Leon flicked his tongue out.

"Yes, Leon. This will be fun."

Soaring into their hearts

~Ten years ago~

Fourteen-year-old Tsunayoshi gave a big sigh, waiting for Hayato and Takeshi to return to the classroom from whatever they are doing, so that they could walk home together.

Bored, Tsunayoshi absentmindedly started doodling on the paper in front of him, thinking about the future that he had went.

His eyes then wondered to the paper to see what he had written, only to blush profusely at the words. The soon to be boss shook his head frantically for a while, before letting out another loud sigh.

"It's impossible…" He stood up from his seat and walked to an opened window. He noticed a dumpster at a corner. Glancing between the dumpster and the paper in his hand, Tsunayoshi started folding the paper.

Once he was done, the brunette boy aimed the folded paper plane to the dumpster. "…It would be nice if he feel the same way though…" Tsunayoshi started laughed wryly. "Ahahaha…Impossible, impossible."

With that, he thrust the paper plane forward and watched it flew around before turning around when he had his name being called.

The paper plane continued its direction to the dumpster. A sudden gust of wind changed its direction, into a tree nearby. Just as it was about to pass by the tree, a hand shot out from within the tree leaves and grabbed onto it.

Kyoya pulled his hand back and stared at the paper he had grasped. He looked up to the direction it came from and spotted Tsunayoshi, who was looking behind him, at the window on the third floor.

He straightened the paper out, reading what Tsunayoshi had wrote. Blinking once, he glanced back at Tsunayoshi, who just left the window.

Kyoya yawned, jumping out of the tree.

Grey eyes narrowed with a hint of amusement at the window where Tsunayoshi was last seen.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi…"

A feral smirk formed on the leader of the disciplinary committee, the paper on his hand fluttered slightly, making the words more readable to anyone nearby.

I think I like Hibari-san.

"I will bite you to death."

~The End~

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~In the future, the next day~


Kyoya blinked groggily, having just woken up.

The first thing he noticed, was that he was in his futon, and yet do not have any recollection of getting into it. Second, he was not alone. Third…

"Nnnn…" Tsunayoshi burrowed further to his side, closer to Kyoya. The movement caused the sheets around his shoulder to slip off to his waist, showing bare skin, which made Kyoya aware of his own state of nudeness as well.

"…" Kyoya could only stared at his lover sleeping peacefully.


The door slid opened, revealing Tetsuya.

"A-Ah! I apologize for intruding at this time." Tetsuya quickly bowed his head after seeing that his leader was not dressed. "However, some of the guardians are-"



"…What happened last night?"

"Er…Sawada-san came to visit you…and you were drunk…?" Came the hesitant reply.

The silence was broken when Hayato suddenly appeared at the door. "HIBARI, HOW DARE YOU TAINT- Urgh!"

Hayato paled at the sight of a naked Kyoya with a naked Tsunayoshi in bed. Takeshi and Ryohei could be heard coming to the door as well.

"Hey Hibari! We heard that you and Tsuna are togeth-Whoa! Are we interrupting?" Takeshi paused, taking in the sight.

"You don't need to hide your relationship from us!" Ryohei was not at all bothered to see them naked. "We will definitely accept it without question!"

"U-Um…Please do not disturb Kyo-san and Sawada-san." Tetsuya interfered, sensing a dark aura coming from Kyoya.

Tsunayoshi started frowning at all of the noises, which prompt Kyoya to take action.


The other four men stopped, and turned their attention to a fully dressed Kyoya, tonfa in his hands.

"Herbivores." Kyoya took a moment to cover Tsunayoshi with the sheet properly, before sending his killer intent at the intruders.

"I will bite all of you to death."

~Later, during a meeting~

"…What happened to all of you?" Tsunayoshi questioned.

In front of him, stood a badly bruised and injured Storm, Rain and Sun guardian.

"Ahaha…" Takeshi answered for all three of them, leaving Tsunayoshi even more confused.

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