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Chapter Summary:

"You play dirty."

"I've never been told that before. "

"I don't know if I should be surprised or not."







Friday March 8

(Friday 4:18pm)

So, any reason you and Bobby were smirking at me over the bar last night? I'm not blind, you know.

(Friday 4:58pm)

Somebody's got a crush. :)

(Friday 5:12pm)

What are you, 12?

(Friday 5:15pm)

You're not even denying it!

(Friday 5:21pm)

I don't know what you're talking about.

(Friday 5:21pm)

What are you, 12?

(Friday 5:29pm)

Oh my God, stop talking. I can't have a crush on someone I've never met.

(Friday 5:34pm)

I was actually talking about the fact that he totally has a crush on you. From what Bobby was saying, it was REALLY obvious.

(Friday 5:37pm)


(Friday 5:38pm)

Wait, what?

(Friday 5:38pm)

He. Has. Feelings. For. You. You. Have. Feelings. For. Him. Do I need to explain it further?

(Friday 5:45pm)

You can't have feelings for someone you've never met. We don't even know what the other one looks like.

(Friday 5:49pm)

That's not true. I have feelings for Tom Hiddleston and I've never met him. You can fall for someone's personality. Good looks are just a bonus.

(Friday 5:51pm)

You can't just. . .compare Castiel to Tom Hiddleston. I don't even know how to respond to that.

(Friday 5:54pm)

I can, and I will. Bobby said that Castiel had the bluest eyes he's ever seen, and apparently really awesome sex hair.

(Friday 6:01pm)

Yeah, like Bobby described it as "Sex Hair". Nice try, Jo.

(Friday 6:04pm)

Okay, so I may have taken some creative liberties with his words, it doesn't make them any less true.

(Friday 6:08pm)

. . . Did he say anything else?

(Friday 6:12pm)

OH yeah. We gossiped like 14 year old girls for 2 and a half hours.

(Friday 6:16pm)

You guys are idiots. Are you actually going to tell me or are you going to dangle it over my head forever?

(Friday 6:23pm)

I'm good with just dangling it over your head. :)

(Friday 6:26pm)

I know where you sleep.

(Friday 6:29pm)

Fair warning: I do have a knife under my pillow, and I can't be held responsible for my actions when I'm half asleep.

(Friday 6:31pm)

Fine. Whatever. I didn't care anyway.

(Friday 6:33pm)

Suuuure you don't. :)

(Friday 6:37pm)

You. Are. So. Aggravating.

(Friday 6:39pm)

You love me. :)

(Friday 6:42pm)

Not right now, I don't.

(Friday 6:47pm)

You know, you could just meet him.

(Friday 6:53pm)

I can't.

(Friday 6:57pm)

Why not?

(Friday 7:04pm)

Because once we meet, it's over.

(Friday 7:07pm)

Why would it be over?

(Friday 7:09pm)

Because, Jo. It just would.

(Friday 7:11pm)

That's not a reason.

(Friday 7:23pm)

Look. I'm just a load of crap. Everyone I meet knows it. You know it, I know it, Bobby knows it. Everyone. I can't keep a stable relationship of almost any kind. I just don't know how. But this phone thing? It works. If I never meet him, he'll never know how awful I really am and I can keep talking to him and pretend that he may actually like me. But that ends the moment I meet him. I just, I don't know. I can't bring myself to do it. I doubt he wants to meet me anyway.

(Friday 7:45pm)

Dean... We've been over this. You're a good person. Just because you haven't had a healthy relationship in a long time, it doesn't mean that you're any less of a person. If you decide not to meet him, that's your choice. But in all honesty, he really does care about you, and if he was going to leave, he would've done it by now. Every time you and I are together, and you get a text from him, you light up like a little kid on Christmas. He's probably just as messed up as you are, so don't worry about him leaving once he figures out how insane you really are.

(Friday 8:02pm)

I don't know. Maybe one day when I'm not feeling so emotionally constipated. But I don't think it's anytime soon. Right now I'm good with what we have going on right now. It's just easier.

(Friday 8:04pm)

But that isn't me giving you permission to withhold details, jerk. I'm only human.

(Friday 8:07pm)

I'll give you the details when you're ready for them. He's been really good for you and when you're ready to take the next step, I'll tell you. But not until then.

(Friday 8:11pm)

Or maybe I'll just go ask Bobby. It's not like YOU actually saw him anyway.

(Friday 8:16pm)

No, I didn't. But Bobby and I are in total agreement about not telling you, until you decide to meet him.

(Friday 8:23pm)

And if I never do?

(Friday 8:29pm)

That's your choice. I'm not going to tell you though.

(Friday 8:35pm)

Whatever. I'll think about it. But not because I'm desperate to know what he looks like. Because I'm not.

(Friday 8:38pm)

Whatever you say Winchester.

(Friday 8:43pm)

Shut up.


Saturday March 9

(Saturday 3:20pm)

Can you pick me up from the library in an hour?

(Saturday 3:26pm)

You nerd. Reading for fun?

(Saturday 3:32pm)

I just got done meeting with my new tutor, and I'm staying for a bit to pick up some books. I tried calling Dad but he's not answering his phone.

(Saturday 3:35pm)

So you ended up getting a tutor, huh? I get off work in 45 minutes, so if you don't mind me sweaty and greasy, then sure thing.

(Saturday 3:40pm)

Alright thanks man. Yeah, he really knows what he's talking about, he's already helped me a ton. He's a little weird, but in a good way.

(Saturday 3:43pm)

Weird in a good way? Sounds perfect for you.

(Saturday 3:48pm)

Actually I think that you'd probably really like him.

(Saturday 3:53pm)

I think you're a little optimistic. Be there soon, okay?

(Saturday 3:58pm)

Okay thanks!


(Saturday 4:36pm)

So, I have good news and bad news about your car.

(Saturday 4:39pm)

What's the bad news?

(Saturday 4:43pm)

It's still a Prius.

(Saturday 4:46pm)

I consider that to be good news.

(Saturday 4:48pm)

Well then, today's your lucky day!

(Saturday 4:50pm)

What is the other good news?

(Saturday 4:55pm)

The real good news is, you just had a clogged air filter that caused your car to shut down. It probably would have been fine, except that you were on a dirt road, and you were driving on a hot, humid, Texas day. That made it ten times worse. So you got off pretty lucky.

(Saturday 4:59pm)

That's great news! Again, I would just like to thank you for everything you've done.

(Saturday 5:03pm)

You COULD thank me by NOT trying to pay me.

(Saturday 5:07pm)

Or, I could drop off a pie for you with my payment.

(Saturday 5:13pm)

You play dirty.

(Saturday 5:16pm)

I've never been told that before.

(Saturday 5:19pm)

I don't know if I should be surprised or not.

(Saturday 5:21pm)

Probably not. I'm fairly predictable.

(Saturday 5:25pm)

Actually, you're really not.

(Saturday 5:28pm)

What makes you say that?

(Saturday 5:34pm)

Nothing. It would be hard to explain.

(Saturday 5:39pm)

As you wish.

(Saturday 6:43pm)

So when did you want to come get your car?

(Saturday 6:58pm)

Tomorrow at noon, if that's possible.

(Saturday 7:11pm)

Sure. Bobby will be there.

(Saturday 7:14pm)

Okay, that is when I will be there.

(Saturday 7:16pm)

Don't let him eat the pie.

(Saturday 7:19pm)

I'm glad you have decided to accept my payment. :)

(Saturday 7:23pm)

Let the record show that I fought every step of the way.


Sunday March 10

(Sunday 9:14am)

How is dear, old Castiel this fine day?

(Sunday 9:18am)

You're older than I am.

(Sunday 9:20am)

It was just an expression.

(Sunday 9:20am)

Oh. I am well.

(Sunday 9:22am)

Good. That's good. I actually have a favor to ask of you.

(Sunday 9:24am)

What is the favor?

(Sunday 9:27am)

Yes. Well. I may have managed to land myself a rather stunning female specimen.

(Sunday 9:30am)

Congratulations. When is the wedding?

(Sunday 9:34am)

Good lord, that is not what I meant. Simply that we are together at the moment.

(Sunday 9:38am)

Apologies. I am happy you've found someone.

(Sunday 9:40am)

Thank you. Now about the favor. . .

(Sunday 9:43am)

What is it?

(Sunday 9:45am)

Katia would like to meet my family.

(Sunday 9:47am)

Okay. How do I fit into this?

(Sunday 9:49am)

I hope you know that I consider you to be like a brother to me. I would very much appreciate it if you would like to meet her first. Ease her into it, per say. I don't want to scare her off with Meg or my parents.

(Sunday 9:56am)

I understand your reasoning. Crowley and Naomi are rather intense, and Meg would probably poison her. I would love to meet her.

(Sunday 9:58am)

I appreciate it. She really is a lovely girl, but please do call her Kat. She prefers that.

(Sunday 10:04am)

Of course. I do have a favor to ask of you, however.

(Sunday 10:07am)

Only reasonable.

(Sunday 10:09am)

We have this meeting at your house. I don't want to expose Samandriel to anybody that I do not know.

(Sunday 10:11am)

And heaven forbid we don't cater to Samandriel's needs for once. Of course we can.

(Sunday 10:15am)

Thank you. You know what he means to me...

(Sunday 10:16am)

I know.

(Sunday 10:16am)

I'll text you later about a time, alright?

(Sunday 10:18am)


(Sunday 10:19am)

How are you doing, by the way? Everything alright?

(Sunday 10:23am)

I'm still recovering. But I'm okay. I started tutoring a new student, and that has helped increase my social interaction. It's been inconvenient not having a car, but it's given me more time to focus on helping Adam and it's been nice to stay home and take care of my bees.

(Sunday 10:26am)

So the car finally bit the dust? I figured it would. And congratulations on keeping those pests with stingers alive for so long.

(Sunday 10:28am)

Thank you, I try. :) Dean was extremely helpful in repairing my car. I don't know what I would've done without him.

(Sunday 10:30am)

Oh WAS he? That's intriguing. This really must be more that just a passing phase as I first supposed.

(Sunday 10:35am)

What makes you say that?

(Sunday 10:38am)

I don't know if you've noticed, but you tend to avoid getting too close with anyone, save family, for the past few years. And now you're letting this Dean do things like that for you? It's rather miraculous. Have you gone past phone exchanges yet?

(Sunday 10:43am)

No. I don't think he wants to meet me. I've given him several opportunities and he hasn't taken any of them. I understand though, I'm not exactly the kind of person most people would want to be friends with. Having him in my life though, even at this capacity, is more than enough.

(Sunday 10:45am)

Castiel you sly fox, you've been testing him? What's your most recent one? I'm curious.

(Sunday 10:48am)

I told him when I would be picking up my car from his shop.

(Sunday 10:50am)

Interesting, you'll have to tell me how that goes.

(Sunday 10:54am)

He made it clear that he would not be there.

(Sunday 10:57am)

I'm sure it's for reasons other than the ones you're thinking of.

(Sunday 10:59am)

I highly doubt it.

(Sunday 11:01am)

And I doubt I'll be able to change your mind about that. Ah well. It's a start. I'll see you soon, alright?

(Sunday 11:04am)

Okay, goodbye.

(Sunday 11:05am)

Goodbye, Castiel. Don't let this one get away.


(Sunday 11:21am)

Are you working right now?

(Sunday 11:23am)

Nope, today is my day off.

(Sunday 11:25am)

Good. Let's do something. Right now.

(Sunday 11:28am)

Why now? It's early... :P

(Sunday 11:32am)

Cause I need an excuse to be out of the garage.

(Sunday 11:37am)

But you love the garage?

(Sunday 11:39am)

Cas is coming to get his car at noon. Don't give me any crap about this, let's just go do something.

(Sunday 11:42am)

Dean... This could be the perfect opening.

(Sunday 11:44am)

It probably is. It's probably now or never and I can't do it. I freaking hate myself.

(Sunday 11:46am)

Would you do it if I came with you?

(Sunday 11:48am)

I don't need you to hold my hand through this, but I may need you to hand me a shot glass. I'm leaving the shop now. Where do you want to meet?

(Sunday 11:52am)

Ok, I'll back off. We have shot glasses at the bar and LOTS of alcohol.

(Sunday 11:53am)


(Sunday 11:54am)

See you soon


(Sunday 4:10pm)

My car works better now than it did when I bought it. :)

(Sunday 4:23pm)

coorse it iis. im the on who fixe it.

(Sunday 4:26pm)

Are you okay?

(Sunday 4:38pm)

m fine probabbly not thbest time rigt now though

(Sunday 4:42pm)

I see. Take care Dean.

(Sunday 4:51pm)

sorry. latr


Monday March 11

(Monday 12:11pm)

I am an awful friend who doesn't deserve you to even text me back.

(Monday 12:17pm)

Why do you say that?

(Monday 12:17pm)

Because I am.

(Monday 12:20pm)

That does not qualify as a reason.

(Monday 12:23pm)

I sure think it does. Thanks for the pie, by the way. I got half of it.

(Monday 12:25pm)

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) Thank you again, for all the work you put into my car.

(Monday 12:27pm)

Sure thing, it was actually really easy.

(Monday 12:31pm)

I hope it wasn't too big of an inconvenience for you.

(Monday 12:33pm)

None at all. It's not like we're a big-shot garage with a ton of customers.

(Monday 12:35pm)

I don't see why not, It looked to be a reputable establishment.

(Monday 12:38pm)

Yeah well. . .Looks can be deceiving.

(Monday 12:42pm)

This is very true.

(Monday 12:45pm)

You in class right now?

(Monday 12:47pm)

No, I just barely managed to escape.

(Monday 12:49pm)

Escape class?

(Monday 12:53pm)

We had a substitute today, and more than half the class fell asleep. I've never been that bored before in my life.

(Monday 12:57pm)

You live alone with a cat, and you've never been that bored?

(Monday 12:59pm)

That should give you an idea of how bad it was.

(Monday 1:03pm)

Point taken. Alright, so I've been meaning to ask about your bees.

(Monday 1:06pm)

Ask away. :)

(Monday 1:08pm)

Uh, how are your bees?

(Monday 1:11pm)

They are doing well. Why do you ask?

(Monday 1:14pm)

Because it's not everyday you have a friend that has pet bees.

(Monday 1:16pm)

I wouldn't know what that's like, I don't have any friends who raise bees. ;)

(Monday 1:19pm)

It's pretty great. I would probably reference The Bee Movie to you all the time, but you probably haven't seen it.

(Monday 1:22pm)

Should I watch it?

(Monday 1:25pm)


(Monday 1:29pm)

I'll admit, I'm intrigued by the title, and your insistence that I don't watch it, has dramatically increased my desire to watch it.

(Monday 1:34pm)

Cas, I promise that you will be better off if you don't watch it. That was an hour and a half of my life that I will never get back.

(Monday 1:38pm)

If you say so...

(Monday 1:40pm)

You're going to watch it, aren't you?

(Monday 1:44pm)

Yes. Yes I am.

(Monday 1:47pm)

Don't say I didn't warn you.

(Monday 1:51pm)

I'm skipping my next class and going home and watching it.

(Monday 1:53pm)

It's reeeeeeally not worth it.

(Monday 1:55pm)

I think I'm getting sick anyways, at least this will give me something to do.

(Monday 1:58pm)

Getting sick, how?

(Monday 2:00pm)

I woke up this morning with a headache, sore throat, and feeling extremely nauseated.

(Monday 2:11pm)

And you went to class? That's some dedication right there.

(Monday 2:13pm)

If I had known it was going to be a substitute, I would've stayed home.

(Monday 2:16pm)

Well now you'll be able to DRIVE home.

(Monday 2:18pm)

Assuming I don't fall asleep at the wheel. :P

(Monday 2:23pm)

Just blast some music. Or down some caffeine.

(Monday 2:25pm)

I might see if I can find someone to drive me home. I need to sleep, so caffeine isn't a good idea.

(Monday 2:27pm)

True. Good luck with that.


(Monday 2:55pm)

Hey Sammy, can I ask you a favor?

(Monday 2:59pm)

You can ask, it doesn't mean that I'll do it.

(Monday 3:03pm)

You'll do it because you still owe me.

(Monday 3:05pm)

Okay fine. What is it?

(Monday 3:12pm)

So you know my freaking awesome soup that is so magical it will heal even the most accursed of beings?

(Monday 3:14pm)


(Monday 3:18pm)

Please. You used to worship that soup when you were sick.

(Monday 3:21pm)

Yeah, okay. So what about the soup?

(Monday 3:24pm)

I'm suddenly aware of how weird this is going to sound.

(Monday 3:26pm)

That's never stopped you before.

(Monday 3:32pm)

I need you to deliver some soup to the guy I've been texting because he's sick and he's already given me pie so I thought I'd give him soup and yes I have the address of his home because he came to get his car fixed and gave Bobby the address but no I still haven't met him but he's a good guy and won't kill you so is that okay?

(Monday 3:36pm)

You're right. That does sound weird.

(Monday 3:39pm)

Do you think you can do that?

(Monday 3:41pm)

Yeah sure, when do you want me to do it?

(Monday 3:43pm)

Well, you have school tomorrow, so right after that?

(Monday 3:45pm)

Yeah sure, I can do that.

(Monday 3:47pm)

Thanks. Really.

(Monday 3:49pm)

I'll swing by the garage and pick it up after school.

(Monday 3:52pm)

Rock on. This doesn't make you any less of a bitch, though.

(Monday 3:54pm)

And you're still the world's biggest jerk.

(Monday 3:55pm)

Always will be.