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Thursday March 14

(Thursday 9:45am)

Hello Dean. I re-read my text messages from yesterday, and I would like to offer a very sincere apology. I did not know that the medicine would have that effect on me.

(Thursday 9:56am)

I thought the Bee Queen didn't take orders from me?

(Thursday 10:00am)

I have a confession to make…

(Thursday 10:02am)


(Thursday 10:05am)

I am not the Bee Queen. :(

(Thursday 10:08am)

That's okay. I forgive you. It was fun while it lasted.

(Thursday 10:10am)

I am glad you found my drugged state humorous.

(Thursday 10:15am)

So are you doing any better?

(Thursday 10:19am)

Yes I am. :) Between the soup, the medicine, and Adams medical expertise, I am almost completely cured!

(Thursday 10:23am)

Well congrats on that! That kid has dedication.

(Thursday 10:30am)

Thank you. :) He's extremely dedicated in every aspect of his life, I feel like he and Sam would get along well.

(Thursday 10:32am)

Yeah. Sammy mentioned that they talked for a while. At least he's talking to someone that's not his girlfriend.

(Thursday 10:35am)

Jess is a very lovely girl, I can see why Sam is so taken with her.

(Thursday 10:37am)

You've met Jess?

(Thursday 10:40am)

Yes. She gave Sam a ride home from one of our sessions, and we conversed for a while.

(Thursday 10:45am)

My little brother's girlfriend has met you.

(Thursday 10:47am)


(Thursday 10:49am)

Okay then.

(Thursday 10:52am)


(Thursday 10:56am)

Does it bug you that you've almost literally met everybody in my life except for me?

(Thursday 10:59am)

If we're being honest, it bothers me a little. But I don't mind too much. I know you better than I know them, and I feel like you know me better than they know me.

(Thursday 11:04am)

Funny how that works sometimes.


Friday March 15

(Friday 2:34pm)

So I took my tests today...

(Friday 2:37pm)

How'd you do?

(Friday 2:40pm)

I won't find out for a while, but I feel really good about it. :)

(Friday 2:44pm)

Told you. Did the tutoring help?

(Friday 2:46pm)

It made a HUGE difference. Castiel is really good at what he does.

(Friday 2:51pm)

I believe it.

(Friday 2:54pm)

Is it okay if I keep seeing him? Or is that too weird for you?

(Friday 2:56pm)

As your tutor?

(Friday 2:58pm)

Obviously. :P

(Friday 3:00pm)


(Friday 3:02pm)

Okay cool.


(Friday 7:34pm)

~~Incoming Call~~


"Hey Castiel. Um, are you doing anything right now?"

"Not at the moment. Why?"

"I know I'm probably being really intrusive, but is there any way I could spend the night again?"

"Of course. Do you mind if I ask why?"

"I don't mind. It's only fair you know, I guess. My mom got a new boyfriend a few weeks ago . . . and we kind of clash."

"Oh, I see."

"It's just difficult. It doesn't help that my mom always takes his side, even when she knows it's ridiculous.. I just can't- …..sorry, I didn't mean to unload all of this on you."

"It's okay Adam, I really don't mind. You are welcome to stay as long as you like. I mean that."

"Thanks Castiel. Really."

"I won't be home until later, I'm at the library studying. Do you know where my spare key is?"

"...Is it under the ceramic beehive?"


"Then I know where it is."

" I should be home around 10:30. Make yourself at home."

"I can do that. See you then…..thanks."

"If you need anything else, just let me know."

"I'll have Samandriel for company."

"Actually, would you mind feeding him when you get there?"


"Okay thank you. I have to go now, but I will see you later tonight."



Saturday March 16

(Saturday 1:11pm)

So, random question: Where do you get all of these students from?

(Saturday 1:13pm)

Most of them come through referrals. Sam's teacher, for example, is an old friend and continues to try and send some select students my way.

(Saturday 1:16pm)

See, you have more friends than you thought!

(Saturday 1:20pm)

I said he was an old friend. The last time we had a civil conversation was about 4 years ago. .

(Saturday 1:25pm)

Oh, that sucks man. Did you guys have a pretty big falling out, or did you just get sick of his face?

(Saturday 1:29pm)

We had a falling out of sorts. I overreacted and he took it badly. What's done it done, but he consistently tries to make an effort to repair the damage. Which I appreciate, but it's still too soon.

(Saturday 1:34pm)

Too soon? Didn't you say it was four years ago?

(Saturday 1:36pm)


(Saturday 1:38pm)

Remind me not to get on your bad side.

(Saturday 1:42pm)

In all fairness, it was an extreme situation and it's impossible for it to occur twice.

(Saturday 1:45pm)

Are you being vague on purpose?

(Saturday 1:47pm)


(Saturday 1:50pm)

We don't have to talk about this anymore if you don't want to.

(Saturday 1:52pm)

I appreciate that. It's not that I don't trust you, but it's a long and complicated story that doesn't translate very well over text.

(Saturday 1:54pm)

Maybe one day I'll hear it.

(Saturday 1:56pm)

Hopefully :)


Sunday March 17

(Sunday 10:23am)

Novak .

(Sunday 10:29am)


(Sunday 10:32am)

That's his last name.

(Sunday 10:38am)


(Sunday 10:40am)


(Sunday 10:52am)

Uh, okay.

(Sunday 10:54am)

You'll thank me later.


(Sunday 2:57pm)

Meg made house guests appear a lot worse than they actually are.

(Sunday 3:01pm)

She's Satan. That kind of a given.

(Sunday 3:04pm)

She may have her faults, but I like to think that she's slightly better than the Devil.

(Sunday 3:06pm)

Maybe slightly. What makes you bring up the house guest thing?

(Sunday 3:10pm)

Adam has been staying with me for the past few days.

(Sunday 3:13pm)

Adam? Why?

(Sunday 3:18pm)

There was a conflict of interest at his home, and he will be staying with me for an undetermined amount of time. His presence had been a very welcome addition to the house, however.

(Sunday 3:20pm)

So like, a parent thing or a sibling thing?

(Sunday 3:21pm)

Sorry. You don't actually have to tell me. Adam's business isn't really my business.

(Sunday 3:25pm)

It's fine, Adam and I have discussed this, and he's alright if I talk to you about it. If something like this happened in your life and you were willing to share, I'd want to know about it.

(Sunday 3:27pm)

Oh. Go on, then.

(Sunday 3:30pm)

He and his mother don't exactly see eye to eye in regards to her new love interest.

(Sunday 3:37pm)

Poor kid. That's a hell of a thing to have to go through in high school.

(Sunday 3:39pm)

I agree. I'm glad that I'm able to help him in any way that I can.

(Sunday 3:47pm)

Good for you. I remember being him and it's really rough without someone to help you out.

(Sunday 3:51pm)

Being him?

(Sunday 4:34pm)

Yeah. My dad kicked me out when I was 15. Jo and her mom took me in, though. I doubt I would have gotten through that without them.

(Sunday 4:39pm)

I am very sorry you had to go through that. If you don't mind my asking, why did your father kick out a fifteen year old boy?

(Sunday 4:48pm)

It's a long story.

(Sunday 4:51pm)

I have a lot of time.

(Sunday 5:25pm)

I made a mistake and it cost my mom her life. After that, my dad just couldn't handle looking at me, I guess.

(Sunday 5:27pm)

I am so sorry Dean.

(Sunday 5:46pm)

It's like you said. What's done is done. But thanks.

(Sunday 5:48pm)

I doubt there was anything you could've done that would warrant such a dramatic response. Everyone makes mistakes, and on occasion, you can lose someone because

of it.

(Sunday 5:58pm)

Yeah. I've been told that my whole life.

(Sunday 6:01pm)

Can I ask what your mistake was?

(Sunday 6:24pm)

I was the idiot pyromaniac that caused a house fire.

(Sunday 6:26pm)

Oh. I see.

(Sunday 6:39pm)


(Sunday 6:42pm)

I am deeply sorry for your loss. I also lost my mother at a young age.

(Sunday 6:48pm)

Oh, Cas I'm sorry. I didn't know.

(Sunday 6:50pm)

It is alright. It was a long time ago. I suppose neither of us really knows much about the other's family.

(Sunday 6:55pm)

True. Well…. you know Sammy. Maybe you should tell me about your brother.

(Sunday 7:10pm)

His name is Emmanuel, but most people refer to him as Jimmy. He is my twin, and are virtually identical in physical traits, and have very conflicting personalities. He used to be my best friend, but we have not spoken in a very long time.

(Sunday 7:19pm)

Man, sorry about that. What happened?

(Sunday 7:21pm)

I made a mistake, and he took the blame for it. It's my biggest regret.

(Sunday 7:24pm)

Didn't you say you were gonna go talk to him when your car broke down? Maybe you should still do that.

(Sunday 7:27pm)

Maybe someday I'll work up the courage to see him. But for now, there is too much pain involved.

(Sunday 7:32pm)

I can understand that. Thanks for telling me though. I know you didn't have to.

(Sunday 7:35pm)

I trust you, and It was time I talked about it with someone who wasn't Balthazar. :)

(Sunday 7:39pm)

Well, I'm always here if you need me.

(Sunday 7:42pm)

Thank you. I very much enjoy having you as a friend.

(Sunday 7:46pm)


(Sunday 7:48pm)

I'm glad you got the number wrong.

(Sunday 7:52pm)

It was, by far, the best mistake I've ever made.


Monday March 18

(Monday 11:33am)

How would you feel about coming over tomorrow?

(Monday 11:36am)

For dinner? Or to talk?

(Monday 11:39am)

How about both?

(Monday 11:42am)

That depends… What did you want to talk about?

(Monday 11:46am)

Kat would really like to meet my family. Care to volunteer?

(Monday 11:50am)

Of course. I already told you that I would assist you in this endeavour.

(Monday 11:53am)

Lovely. I appreciate it. How's tomorrow night sound?

(Monday 11:56am)

Tomorrow should work for me. However, I do have a favor to ask.

(Monday 11:57am)

Which is?

(Monday 11:58am)

Would it be okay if I brought Adam? I feel like he needs to spend some time out of the house.

(Monday 12:05pm)

…..As a date?

(Monday 12:07pm)

No. Why would you think that? I'm simply concerned about his mental health.

(Monday 12:11pm)

Oh good. I was worried about you dating a minor for a moment.

(Monday 12:14pm)

Worry not, I have no romantic interests in him. In a lot of ways, he reminds me of Jimmy, and it's nice to feel like I have a brother again.

(Monday 12:27pm)

Castiel, you're not using the poor boy as a surrogate are you?

(Monday 12:31pm)

No, I'm not. I do understand that he's not actually my brother.

(Monday 12:33pm)

As long as you can keep the two separate. I worry for you.

(Monday 12:35pm)

I know you do. But I promise that once you meet him, you will see the resemblance as well.

(Monday 12:43pm)

That would be nice.

(Monday 12:47pm)

We'll be there at 6.

(Monday 12:49pm)

I look forward to it.


(Monday 2:37pm)

So I took your advice.

(Monday 2:40pm)

About what?

(Monday 2:43pm)

My writing teacher. He tried to tell me how my writing was too dark again.

(Monday 2:45pm)

Oh, I see. What did you do?

(Monday 2:49pm)

Well, your advice wasn't exactly to start yelling, but I got the jist of it.

(Monday 2:52pm)

You yelled at your professor?

(Monday 2:56pm)

In my defence, he was really starting to piss me off.

(Monday 2:58pm)

What was he doing?

(Monday 3:02pm)

He told the entire class that my personal essay was "sub par" because of the morbid undertones.

(Monday 3:05pm)

So he did, in fact, deserve your wrath.

(Monday 3:10pm)

I don't yell at people unless they deserve it. Or I'm drunk.

(Monday 3:17pm)

I have a question, if your professor is such an incompetent teacher, why are you taking the course?

(Monday 3:20pm)

I need to take it for my degree.

(Monday 3:23pm)

That makes sense.

(Monday 3:28pm)

Trust me, I wouldn't take a class from a judgmental idiot if I didn't have to.

(Monday 3:30pm)

I believe you.

(Monday 3:33pm)

Anyway, I did kind of apologize after. But so did he, after I explained myself.

(Monday 3:35pm)

What was your explanation?

(Monday 3:39pm)

It's kind of embarrassing.

(Monday 3:42pm)

I once considered yodeling naked in a parking lot for you. I think I can handle this.

(Monday 3:45pm)

Different level of embarrassment. .

(Monday 3:49pm)

You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.

(Monday 3:52pm)

It's fine. Right after my mom died and I was living with Ellen and Jo, I needed to find some healthy way to relieve a lot of. . . angst. Some nights I would spend with Jo in a booth at the bar doing homework and when I got done, I would try my hand at poetry. Then after that, short stories. It progressed from there. Moral of the story: Dramatic beginnings sometimes yield dark undertones and that's still okay.

(Monday 4:05pm)

I had no idea. I'm glad you found a healthy way to deal with your grief. I know how debilitating grief can be, And the fact that you were able to get through it without losing your sanity, it's quite impressive. I know that I don't really have any right to be, but I'm proud of you.

(Monday 4:11pm)

Cas, you totally have the right if you want it. Thanks for that.

(Monday 4:13pm)

You are most welcome :)


(Monday 8:58pm)

~Incoming Call~


"Cas! Quick, what are you doing RIGHT NOW?"

"I am studying. Why do you want to know?"

"Star Wars marathon. Channel 24. Now."

"How is this relevant to anything?"

"Because you didn't know who Yoda was so I'm going to make you watch Star Wars. It's on right now. Turn on your freaking TV!"

"Okay, I can do that."

"Good. I think you'll like it. . . . .have you turned it on yet?"

"I'm looking for the remote right now.. give me a moment. . . . . Okay, I 'm turning it on right now."

"Just in time! The words are going across the screen right now."

"Why am I watching episode four? Shouldn't I start on episode one?"

"No. No you should not. Just trust me on this. It's how you watch them."

"Okay, I'll take your word for it. I like this music. It's very exciting."

"It only gets better from there. God, I'm so excited for you to watch this."

"Your enthusiasm is catching, I am excited too."

"You should be. This is life changing."

"Quiet Dean! The movie is starting."

"Sorry! Yeah. . .I'll just leave you to it. Tell me what you think later."


(Monday 9:40pm)

I like how R2-D2 manages to communicate his feelings and opinions without using any words.

(Monday 9:42pm)

I've seen these movies like 50 times and I've never thought of that.

(Monday 9:44pm)

Really? That's one of his main attributes. It is a he, right?

(Monday 9:46pm)

I dunno. It's a machine. Do machines have a gender?

(Monday 9:47pm)

I don't know.. O.O

(Monday 9:50pm)

Oh look. It's the emoticon you made when you were high.

(Monday 9:53pm)

It's a good emoticon regardless of my state of mind.

(Monday 9:59pm)

Pay attention.

(Monday 10:00pm)



(Monday 10:20pm)

Jo, I think I'm going insane.

(Monday 10:23pm)


(Monday 10:27pm)

Don't insult me when I come to you in a time of need.

(Monday 10:32pm)

Okay, I'll be nice. Continue with your neediness.

(Monday 10:39pm)

I was walking on campus today and heard some chick yell out for Cas. I whirled around like an idiot and tripped over my feet. Turns out, Cas was short for Cassidy and I freaked out for nothing.

(Monday 10:42pm)

You've got it bad.

(Monday 10:44pm)

Do I?

(Monday 10:46pm)

You've got it worse than Bobby, and that's saying something.

(Monday 10:49pm)

What the hell do I do about it Jo? Seriously.

(Monday 10:51pm)

It's your call man. I still think you should actually meet up with him. But I know how big of a deal that is for you.

(Monday 10:56pm)

Say….I was considering it.

(Monday 10:57pm)


(Monday 10:59pm)

Maybe. He's an awesome guy, I feel like maybe I'd be an idiot for not jumping on that while I still can.

(Monday 11:00)

I didn't mean that the way it sounded.

(Monday 11:02pm)

Yeah you did ;)

(Monday 11:04pm)

Shut up. You're not making this any easier.

(Monday 11:05pm)

Sorry. Well I think you should at least give him a chance.

(Monday 11:08pm)

It's not about giving HIM a chance. He's finishing up a doctorate at 22. He's set for life money-wise. He's got an awesome sense of humor. I don't know what he'd see in me.

(Monday 11:10pm)

Dude.. You're looking at this all wrong. He's your FRIEND. You're taking this way too seriously.

(Monday 11:13pm)

It's hard not to when he's the only friend that's put up with me for this long.

(Monday 11:14pm)

Besides you.

(Monday 11:17pm)

I think you should just meet up with him. Maybe he's worth the risk.

(Monday 11:21pm)

I know. I think I'm waiting for a sign or something.

(Monday 11:25pm)

Like angels showing up in your dreams and telling you to get it on with him?

(Monday 11:27pm)

Something like that, I guess.

(Monday 11:29pm)

And what if that doesn't happen?

(Monday 11:32pm)

Cross that bridge when I get there.

(Monday 11:33pm)

What happened to you being excited to meet him?

(Monday 11:36pm)

I don't know, Jo! I keep going back and forth.

(Monday 11:40pm)

Maybe you could take Sam with you?

(Monday 11:43pm)

No, I don't think so.

(Monday 11:45pm)

It's your decision.

(Monday 11:47pm)

I'll keep you updated. Cause I know you and Bobby like to gossip like teenage girls.

(Monday 11:50pm)

I appreciate that. I have no love life of my own to speak of, so I'm taking a special interest in yours. ;)

(Monday 11:53pm)



Tuesday March 19

(Tuesday 3:02pm)

Dean Winchester, you're a bad influence on me.

(Tuesday 3:07pm)

Yeah, I've been told.

(Tuesday 3:15pm)

I stayed up all night watching the original Star Wars trilogy. After enjoying those immensely, I went to the store at 4am to buy the prequels, because I needed to watch those immediately. I was however left unsatisfied and proceeded to do as much research into the Star Wars universe as is possible. I have had 7 cups of coffee, and I've skipped 3 classes.

(Tuesday 3:20pm)

You researched the Star Wars universe?

(Tuesday 3:22pm)


(Tuesday 3:24pm)

Which movie was your favorite?

(Tuesday 3:26pm)

Return of the Jedi

(Tuesday 3:26pm)

A New Hope

(Tuesday 3:26pm)

The Empire Strikes Back

(Tuesday 3:30pm)


(Tuesday 3:31pm)

Yes? :)

(Tuesday 3:35pm)

Remember that time you offered to help me prepare for those tests?

(Tuesday 3:36pm)

Of course.

(Tuesday 3:40pm)

Is it too late to accept?

(Tuesday 3:42pm)

Of course not.

(Tuesday 3:46pm)

Like….In person.

(Tuesday 3:48pm)

That would probably be a nessecity, yes.

(Tuesday 3:50pm)

And you're okay with it.

(Tuesday 3:52pm)

Only if you're comfortable with it.

(Tuesday 3:54pm)

Alright. So... When and where?

(Tuesday 3:57pm)

Would Friday at 7 work? In the library?

(Tuesday 4:02pm)


(Tuesday 4:02pm)

Wow. Friday. Yeah.

(Tuesday 4:02pm)

Okay, I will see you then. :) I'll be the one in the trenchcoat.