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Sunday February 24

(Sunday 11:12am)

So, how often do you wear this trench coat of yours?

(Sunday 11:18am)

Whenever the weather permits. :)

(Sunday 11:22am)

So, just when it's raining, or when it's cold or?

(Sunday 11:25am)

When it's cold, or if I think it looks good with my clothing.

(Sunday 11:29am)

When the hell does a trench coat look good with something? No offense.

(Sunday 11:34am)

I think that I pull off the look very nicely. :)

(Sunday 11:37am)

I'm sure you do.

(Sunday 11:39am)

I've never had any complaints before.

(Sunday 11:41am)

Said the hermit.

(Sunday 11:44am)

You have a valid point.

(Sunday 11:48am)

And Alfie's never given you any crap about it?

(Sunday 11:52am)

I honestly don't think he has any opinion about it one way or another.

(Sunday 11:56am)

OR he's just nice enough not to say anything. I mean, it IS a trench coat.

(Sunday 12:00pm)

No... I genuinely don't think that he cares...

(Sunday 12:04pm)

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't wear it, but I'll bet you five bucks that if you go up and ask him to answer honestly, he'll say something about it.

(Sunday 12:06pm)

I think he'll just go back to sleep, or he'll start bathing himself...

(Sunday 12:09pm)


(Sunday 12:11pm)

Oh my God.

(Sunday 12:13pm)

It's not unusual behavior for him. What is confusing?

(Sunday 12:15pm)

Samandriel. Your roommate. He's not a person, is he?

(Sunday 12:20pm)

He's a feline.. I thought I mentioned that.

(Sunday 12:20pm)

No Cas. You never mentioned that Alfie was a cat.

(Sunday 12:24pm)

Now I understand your confusion. Yes, Samandriel is a cat.

(Sunday 12:27pm)

Looking back. . . that makes a lot more sense now.

(Sunday 12:31pm)

I should hope so. :)

(Sunday 12:41pm)

Yeah. I feel like an idiot.

(Sunday 12:44pm)

I am at fault, I should have clarified. Apologies.

(Sunday 12:48pm)

So . . . no ACTUAL roommate, then?

(Sunday 12:50pm)

He eats my food and sleeps on my couch, if that doesn't count as an "actual roommate" I'm not sure what qualifies.

(Sunday 12:55pm)

You've got a point.

(Sunday 6:30pm)

The Princess Bride.

(Sunday 6:39pm)

Uh, what about it?

(Sunday 6:45pm)

I figured out what movie you were referencing! :)

(Sunday 6:53pm)

. . .Crap. You didn't watch it did you?

(Sunday 6:56pm)

I just finished it.

(Sunday 7:02pm)

Jo made me watch it. I swear.

(Sunday 7:04pm)

Are you ashamed that you've watched it?

(Sunday 7:06pm)

. . . No.

(Sunday 7:10pm)

Then why did you blame Jo?

(Sunday 7:11pm)

Well, congrats on watching another iconic movie.

(Sunday 7:15pm)

You're avoiding my question...

(Sunday 7:18pm)

No I'm not.

(Sunday 7:21pm)

If you say so... It was a very good movie, I enjoyed it immensely. :)

(Sunday 7:26pm)

Well, I'm glad. Jo said it was the one chick flick she didn't puke during.

(Sunday 7:31pm)

I wouldn't necessarily classify it as a chick flick. It had a very nice balance of adventure, humour, and romance.

(Sunday 7:35pm)

Wow. So you really did like it.

(Sunday 7:38pm)

I did. :)

(Sunday 7:42pm)

Huh. Good to know.

(Sunday 7:51pm)

However, I was under the impression that Jo was a male...

(Sunday 7:54pm)

Serves you right for the whole "Alfie" thing.

Tuesday February 27

(Tuesday 8:45am)

Castiel. I am well aware of what today is so I have to ask. Would you like me to drive down today, or would you rather me not?

(Tuesday 8:48am)

I do not know yet. I think I am going to treat this day like any other.

(Tuesday 8:53am)

If you change your mind, let me know.

(Tuesday 8:57am)

Thank you. I appreciate it.

(Tuesday 9:00am)

I know.

(Tuesday 4:00pm)

~~Incoming Call~~


"I should've stayed home today..."

"Yes you should have. I wasn't going to say anything, though. Are you alright, at least?"

"Not in the slightest. I thought I would be able to treat it like any other day... but I can't."

"Just go home, Castiel. I need you to promise me that you'll just go home and not do anything rash."

"Go home to what exactly? All of the reminders of how badly I failed? I can't even look at Samandriel without wanting to break something, or sit down and cry."

"You did not fail. None of this was your fault. None of it. Sometimes the world just decides that it's time to create a black hole for someone and there is nothing anyone can do about it. You can't keep blaming yourself Castiel! What's done is done and isn't coming back. . . Where are you right now?"

"I'm blaming myself for it because it *is* my fault! I could've prevented it, but I didn't. I was a coward... I'm at a park, I can't go back to my house right now... I just can't..."

"There is no way in hell you could have known. I promise. No one did except for those . . . I can't even think of a worse enough word for them. I feel like I should drive down. Do you want me to or do you need to be alone?"

"I don't want to inconvenience you..."

"Think about yourself for once in your life! This is coming from the most self-centered person you know, for God's sake! If you want me to come down I will. Without hesitation."

"Thank you Balthazar, truly. I don't know what I want right now... I think being alone right now would be best, but if I need you, I will let you know."

"You had better. Now I'm going to go write sad poetry to get this all out of my system. Be sure to text me sometime tonight. Just an "All is well" at least. If I don't hear from you I'm coming down anyway."

"I will. Thank you again. Goodbye."

"Goodbye, Castiel."


(Tuesday 7:00pm)

I'm bored... Wanna do something?

(Tuesday 7:04pm)

Not you.

(Tuesday 7:07pm)

You should be so lucky. No, I meant do you want to get drunk and shoot some pool?

(Tuesday 7:13pm)

Sure, why not? It'll be an easy win. You shoot like a girl.

(Tuesday 7:17pm)

Was that supposed to be an insult? Even when I'm blackout drunk, and you're completely sober, I'm still twice as good as you are. So... If I shoot like a girl, what does that make you?

(Tuesday 7:19pm)

Oh it is ON, Barbie.

(Tuesday 7:24pm)

Good. :) I'll see you in 20.

(Tuesday 7:25pm)

And I'll see you in Hell.

(Tuesday 10:47pm)

~~Incoming Call~~


"Heeeeeeeeey Cas! Cas. Castiel. Heh. That's a weird name dude. Weird. . . but in a . . . pretty way."


"Duh. Can't you . . .even tell? No, Jo, get off- you idiot. Jerk. No, not you Caaas. Castiel."

"Dean, are you drunk?"

"You are really smart. Like, really smart. I don't even . . . know you but I know you. You know?"

"Is there a reason you called me?"

"Uuuuuuuh. Do I need one? I just wanna. . .talk."

"I appreciate the sentiment, but can we do this another day?"

"God, Jo! Get off. Sorry Cas. She thinks she's real cool 'cause she can get us free shots at the Roadhouse."

"The bar?"

"Nah, man. The kiddie world amusement park. Duh the bar. Goooood shots."

"Oh... I was unaware that you frequented there."

"Sure thing! Jo's mom owns it! You should. . .come sometime. Maybe. If you wanna."

"Thank you for the offer, but I must decline."

"Aawwww c'mon! Tha's no fun! I bet I can out drink ya."


"Caaaas. It's not gonna a kill you to hang out here."

"...Dean... Please... Stop."

"Fine, Cas. I just thought you might wanna. Nevermind."


"No, Cas. Really. I get it. I'm not the kinda person you'd wanna meet in real life anyway. Whatever dude."

"No Dean, It's not like that at all! I just-"


(Tuesday 11:01pm)

Can you please come over? I really need a friend right now...

(Tuesday 11:02pm)

I'm on my way.

Wednesday February 28

(Wednesday 11:22am)

Cas. Hey. So, I know I called you last night, but I don't exactly know what I said. Shit move. I really need to leave my phone at home when I go drinking.

(Wednesday 1:54pm)


(Wednesday 3:11pm)

Did I say something awful? If I did, sorry about that.

(Wednesday 4:35pm)

Okay well, just text me whenever.

Friday March 1

(Friday 10:11am)

I think I messed up.

(Friday 10:20am)

Did you leave your straightener on when you left the house this morning?

(Friday 10:24am)

This is serious.

(Friday 10:29am)

Alright, what did you do?

(Friday 10:31am)

Do you remember any of my drunk dial at all?

(Friday 10:36am)

Vaguely. I remember trying to stop you because I thought it was a horrible idea.

(Friday 10:38am)

Yeah, I remember that too. What did I say?

(Friday 10:42am)

You were being a dick when you hung up on him, that's most of what I remember.

(Friday 10:48am)


(Friday 10:54am)

What's going on?

(Friday 10:59am)

Nothing. I'm just going to go drown myself in the shower now.

(Friday 11:02am)

You're such a drama queen... It wasn't THAT bad.

(Friday 11:12am)

Cas hasn't texted me back in two days.

(Friday 11:16am)

And? He's probably busy or something.

(Friday 11:19am)


(Friday 11:23am)

Besides, you've only been talking to him for about a month. If he doesn't want to be your friend, that's his choice, and you'll find a new hermit bff soon enough.

(Friday 11:32am)

It's been a month and four days.

(Friday 11:37am)

When did you become this clingy?

(Friday 11:39am)

Since Cas.

(Friday 11:42am)

And I'm not clingy. Just concerned.

(Friday 11:42am)

Dude, just give it time. If he hasn't responded in a week, I'll help you track him down.

(Friday 11:48am)

Now THAT is clingy.

(Friday 11:50am)

Oh shut up.

Saturday March 2

(Saturday 5:30pm)

Hello Dean.

(Saturday 5:38pm)

Hey Cas.

(Saturday 5:52pm)

I am sorry for ignoring your texts, I wasn't mad at you. I was having a difficult week, and I thought it would be better if I turned off my phone for a few days.

(Saturday 6:11pm)

Dude, don't even apologize. I don't know what I said, but I'm sure it was stupid. Sorry about your week.

(Saturday 6:18pm)

It's fine. Thank you for your sympathies.

(Saturday 6:20pm)

Anything I can do to make it up to you?

(Saturday 6:27pm)

No, I'm doing much better now. I would just like things to get back to normal.

(Saturday 6:29pm)

I feel like an awful friend.

(Saturday 6:31pm)

You are not a bad friend.

(Saturday 6:38pm)

I made you turn your phone off for two days.

(Saturday 6:42pm)

It had nothing to do with you...

(Saturday 6:45pm)

I don't believe that for a second. But it's okay. Really.

(Saturday 6:49pm)

Trust me on this, it was going to happen whether you were involved or not.

(Saturday 6:54pm)

If you say so.

(Saturday 10:10pm)

I just hit a family of raccoons with my car! :'(

(Saturday 10:12pm)

Are you serious?

(Saturday 10:14pm)

I feel terrible.. I looked down for a second and they came out of nowhere..

(Saturday 10:15pm)

Are you texting and driving?

(Saturday 10:17pm)

No.. I'm pulled over to the side of the road digging graves for them.

(Saturday 10:19pm)

. . . You're digging graves for them.

(Saturday 10:23pm)

Of course I am! I accidentally took away their lives, the least I can do is give them a proper burial...

(Saturday 10:27pm)

Well, I'm all for being sad about that. . . but that's some dedication.

(Saturday 10:45pm)

I feel awful about this. I've never hit an animal while driving before.. And there were little baby raccoons involved! :'(

(Saturday 10:47pm)

You just aren't having the best week, are you?

(Saturday 10:55pm)

No, I'm really not. I'm done burying them. I'm going to go home now and just go to bed.

(Saturday 10:58pm)

I just hit a porcupine! :'( He's not dead, but I can't help him in any way or I'll get injured by his quills. :/ Dean what should I do?

(Saturday 11:05pm)

HELL IF I KNOW. Why are you hitting all of these animals?

(Saturday 11:07pm)

It's not intentional! :( This is officially the worst week ever. I'm going to sit by the side of the road with the porcupine and sing to it.

(Saturday 11:09pm)

Sing to it.

(Saturday 11:11pm)

I can't think of any songs to sing to a dying porcupine.

(Saturday 11:14pm)

You are so on your own with this one.

(Saturday 11:16pm)

You've been extremely helpful...

(Saturday 11:18pm)

Oh no, what is Samandriel going to think when he finds out I've killed these animals? :(

(Saturday 11:20pm)

Probably nothing. He's a cat.

(Saturday 11:22pm)

He has feelings too... I think the porcupine is dead now. I am a terrible person.

(Saturday 11:25pm)

Are you going to bury him too?

(Saturday 11:27pm)

No.. I don't want to get poked... I called animal control to come dispose of the body.

(Saturday 11:31pm)

Are you. . .okay?

(Saturday 11:35pm)

Ask me in the morning.

(Saturday 11:38pm)

I probably will.

(Saturday 11:40pm)

Goodnight Dean.

(Saturday 11:42pm)

Good luck, Cas.