Chapter summary:

"Thank you for your help, it means a lot to me."
"Yeah sure. That's what friends do."
"I for one, am very glad we are friends."
"Me too."







Sunday March 3

(Sunday 10:21am)

Well, it's the morning.

(Sunday 10:24am)

That's a very astute observation.

(Sunday 10:27am)

Thanks. I try. How are ya doing?

(Sunday 10:34am)

I'm currently wrapped up in a pile of blankets. I look like a burrito. I'm also eating cookies. Does that help you determine my state of mind?

(Sunday 10:38am)

It's also giving me a pretty great mental image.

(Sunday 10:41am)

Samandriel is sitting next to me, trying to steal my cookies.

(Sunday 10:45am)

I'm really glad I know he's a cat.

(Sunday 10:49am)

Why is that?

(Sunday 10:52am)

Well, you know, things make more sense. And it's not another person.

(Sunday 10:53am)

Wow. I suck at explaining myself.

(Sunday 10:58am)

I think I understand what you meant. :)

(Sunday 11:00am)

Yeah, we probably have that in common.

(Sunday 11:06am)

Difficulties explaining ourselves?

(Sunday 11:08am)

Mostly me, though.

(Sunday 11:11am)

I disagree. You make sense to me, and you're very patient when I don't understand something.

(Sunday 11:14am)

Uh, thanks. I guess. So. . .how are your classes going?

(Sunday 11:14am)

I didn't attend any of them last week, so I'm not entirely sure.

(Sunday 11:17am)

I've done that before. Be prepared for a lot of make-up work.

(Sunday 11:19am)

I prepared myself and got the work ahead of time.

(Sunday 11:22am)

Of course you did.

(Sunday 11:27am)

I anticipated something like this might occur.

(Sunday 11:32am)

You "anticipated' that I would drunk dial you?

(Sunday 11:35am)

I told you before, your call was not the cause of my emotional distress.

(Sunday 11:38am)

I know, I know. Sorry.

(Sunday 11:42am)

So, how are you?

(Sunday 11:45am)

Doing pretty good for someone who spent forever on a piece of poetry for my Composition class, only to have it torn apart during a lecture.

(Sunday 11:49am)

What did they perceive was wrong with it?

(Sunday 11:53am)

"Too morbid."

(Sunday 11:55am)

Was it?

(Sunday 11:57am)


(Sunday 12:00pm)

Did the assignment state that you had to be uplifting?

(Sunday 12:07pm)

No! I did exactly what I was supposed to do! You're supposed to write from the heart and basically pour out your soul onto a piece of paper. That's what I did.

(Sunday 12:09pm)

So why was your work dismissed? Maybe you feel things differently, that doesn't give them any right to invalidate your feelings.

(Sunday 12:16pm)


(Sunday 12:17pm)

Thank you.

(Sunday 12:19pm)

You should speak to your professor about it.

(Sunday 12:23pm)

Nah. I don't know. I'll think about it.

(Sunday 12:29pm)

You don't deserve to be treated that way. You have a really bad professor if he/she is unwilling to accept different kinds of expression. Not everybody fits into a generic mold. I know that I do not qualify as "normal". You are not normal either, you are exceptional.

(Monday 1:43am)

Hey, sorry. I got distracted. Thanks, though. for what you said.

(Monday 6:04am)

I'm just speaking the truth.

(Monday 6:08am)

Well, I guess I needed to hear the truth.

(Monday 6:13am)

I'm glad I could help.


Tuesday March 5

(Tuesday 11:13am)

Heat of the moment.

(Tuesday 11:20am)

Shut up.

(Tuesday 11:25am)

You love it. How's the life of Sammy Winchester lately? Did you ask out that girl?

(Tuesday 11:29am)

It's Sam. Not Sammy. We've gone on a couple of dates. :) But I think I'm going to ask her to be my girlfriend.

(Tuesday 11:32am)

Hey, congrats on that.

(Tuesday 11:35am)

Thanks. :) Life is hard right now, but whatever. How are you?

(Tuesday 11:38am)

Still living off Ramen Noodles and whatever free food Ellen gives me out of pity.

(Tuesday 11:42am)

Dude, you have a job.

(Tuesday 11:47am)

Shh. You're supposed to feel sorry for me.

(Tuesday 11:49am)

Because you spontaneously decided to turn into a girl?

(Tuesday 11:54am)

Said the guy with the long hair.

(Tuesday 11:58am)

You're jealous because your hair isn't half as sexy as mine is.

(Tuesday 12:02pm)

We are so not going there. How's dad?

(Tuesday 12:07pm)

Because you know that you'll lose. He's fine I guess... Same as always...

(Tuesday 12:11pm)

That sucks.

(Tuesday 12:14pm)

That's life.

(Tuesday 12:16pm)


(Tuesday 12:17pm)

Okay wait, when are your AP tests?

(Tuesday 12:18pm)

In two weeks... :/

(Tuesday 12:19pm)

Dude. You'll do fine.

(Tuesday 12:23pm)

Fine isn't good enough

(Tuesday 12:27pm)

Look, if it really stresses you that much, get someone to help you or something. Just to ease your conscience.

(Tuesday 12:30pm)

Yeah, my english teacher said he'd give me a list of tutors after class today.

(Tuesday 12:37pm)

Good. You do that. Although I still don't think you need one.

(Tuesday 12:39pm)

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Were you going to stop by the house soon?

(Tuesday 12:41pm)

I was thinking about coming over for a visit sometime tomorrow.

(Tuesday 12:45pm)

Okay. Well i've got to go to class now, but I'll talk to you later.

(Tuesday 12:48pm)

You'd better.


Wednesday March 6

(Wednesday 10:12am)

If I skipped my classes today, would I be as rebellious as you?

(Wednesday 10:17am)

No, you'd have to skip a whole weeks' worth of classes.

(Wednesday 10:19am)

This is true. I may have to set my standards a little higher, then.

(Wednesday 10:23am)

I suppose I am a bit of a rebel.

(Wednesday 10:27am)

Oh yes. Huge rebel.

(Wednesday 10:31am)

Maybe I'll even cross the street without using a crosswalk. ;)

(Wednesday 10:37am)

Whoa, now. Don't get arrested.

(Wednesday 10:39am)

I wouldn't get arrested. They would feel too uncomfortable around me.

(Wednesday 10:42am)

I can see that realistically happening.

(Wednesday 10:43am)

Besides the whole "I don't really know what you look like so it's hard to picture" thing.

(Wednesday 10:47am)

Yes, that does make it more difficult to create mental images.

(Wednesday 10:49am)

You sound like you speak from experience.

(Wednesday 10:53am)

I have tried to picture you in several scenarios whenever you tell me about a situation or an experience you've had. I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable.

(Wednesday 10:59am)

Takes more than that to make me uncomfortable.

(Wednesday 11:04am)

That explains your unusually high tolerance of me.

(Wednesday 11:08am)

That could be one explanation.

(Wednesday 11:13am)

What is another?

(Wednesday 11:17am)

Sorry, I gotta get off the phone now. Texting and driving is stupid. I might hit a porcupine.

(Wednesday 11:20am)

That was a low blow...

(Wednesday 11:24am)

I couldn't resist.

(Wednesday 5:07pm)

This is just not my week...

(Wednesday 5:08pm)

Do tell.

(Wednesday 5:13pm)

My car just broke down, IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, and my regular mechanic refuses to tow it because "It's outside of my coverage area".

(Wednesday 5:19pm)

Good thing you know another mechanic then, right?

(Wednesday 5:24pm)

I do?

(Wednesday 5:28pm)


(Wednesday 5:29pm)


(Wednesday 5:32pm)


(Wednesday 5:34pm)

I had completely forgotten about that. What do you suggest I do?

(Wednesday 5:38pm)

Well, I'm actually out of town with Sammy, so I can't do anything in PERSON. . .But I think I know someone who'll help.

(Wednesday 5:40pm)

I would be eternally grateful… There is a cow here who is staring seductively at me, and it's making me feel extremely uncomfortable.

(Wednesday 5:42pm)

There is a seductive cow making you uncomfortable.

(Wednesday 5:44pm)

No, she is staring at me seductively, she is not seductive.

(Wednesday 5:46pm)

Okay, I'm going to move past that now. I'll text someone real quick and see if I can help you out. Hang in there.

(Wednesday 5:47pm)

Thank you Dean, I really appreciate it.

(Wednesday 5:49pm)

Don't give in to the seductive cow.


(Wednesday 5:52pm)

Hey Jo, wanna do me a favor?

(Wednesday 5:54pm)

Depends, what is it?

(Wednesday 5:57pm)

How easily could you get in touch with Bobby aka the guy who doesn't believe in cell phones?

(Wednesday 5:59pm)

Seeing as he's sitting down the bar from me making goo goo eyes at my mom, I'd say pretty easily. Why?

(Wednesday 6:06pm)

Cas's car broke down and is regular mechanic won't tow it. Tell Bobby if he does it I'll buy him three packs of his favorite beer.

(Wednesday 6:10pm)

He says he'll do it, but you owe him one.

(Wednesday 6:14pm)

Thanks Jo.


(Wednesday 6:16pm)

Cas, where are you?

(Wednesday 6:17pm)

Just off Lamesa Highway in Brownfield.

(Wednesday 6:20pm)

Okay, Bobby is going to come pick you up and hopefully help you with your car. I work with him at the shop, but don't let him harass you. He's a good guy, just really. . . . gruff.

(Wednesday 6:21pm)

Thank you again Dean... I really appreciate it.

(Wednesday 6:23pm)

You know. . .This is what you get for driving a Prius.

(Wednesday 6:24pm)



(Wednesday 6:25pm)

Tell Bobby that he's on a road off Lamesa Highway in Brownfield. And tell him thanks.

(Wednesday 6:29pm)

He says he'll be there in about 45 minutes.

(Wednesday 6:32pm)

I'm going to hear about how much I owe him for like, the next month, aren't I?

(Wednesday 6:34pm)

Probably, but you and I both know how much he cares about you.

(Wednesday 6:36pm)

What? No he doesn't.

(Wednesday 6:37pm)

Oh. You meant Bobby. Yeah, I know.

(Wednesday 6:38pm)



(Wednesday 6:42pm)

Alright. So you have 45 minutes to kill in the middle of nowhere with a seductive cow.

(Wednesday 6:43pm)

In that case, I'm going to go for a quick jog. I don't particularly feel like trying to deter a cow from making sexual advances on me.

(Wednesday 6:45pm)

On a highway in the middle of nowhere? You are the first person to get killed in a horror movie.

(Wednesday 6:47pm)

I can take care of myself. :)

(Wednesday 6:49pm)

No one can take care of themselves against ghosts.

(Wednesday 6:50pm)

I'm secretly a ghost hunter. ;)

(Wednesday 6:52pm)

I knew it.


(Wednesday 8:20pm)

I really like Bobby. He's very knowledgeable.

(Wednesday 8:25pm)

He has his moments.

(Wednesday 8:28pm)

He's telling me stories about your childhood. :)

(Wednesday 8:33pm)

You tell him that I have blackmail and I will use it.

(Wednesday 8:37pm)

He would like me to inform you that he also has blackmail.

(Wednesday 8:41pm)

If he had a phone. . .

(Wednesday 8:43pm)

He's pulling out some pictures of you and your brother as children. :) You were adorable.

(Wednesday 8:45pm)

I'm going to kill him.

(Wednesday 8:47pm)

Now I'm imagining a younger version of you in a prison jumpsuit. :)

(Wednesday 8:49pm)

I am not literally going to kill him, Cas.

(Wednesday 8:52pm)

That's probably a wise decision. He looks like he could beat you up.

(Wednesday 8:54pm)

Ah, but you haven't seen me yet.

(Wednesday 8:55pm)

This is true. :)

(Wednesday 9:03pm)

What were you doing out in the middle of nowhere, anyway?

(Wednesday 9:09pm)

I was going to go visit my brother. However about an hour into my trip I decided not to go through with it, so I turned around and was heading home when my car broke.

(Wednesday 9:12pm)

You drove for an hour then decided not to visit him? I drove for four hours today with Sam, just to spend time with him away from our dad. And to show him the best burger joint ever.

(Wednesday 9:14pm)

Yes. The last conversation we had did not go well, and I wanted to try to make amends. But I thought about it, and I realized that's never going to happen. You are a much better brother than I am. :)

(Wednesday 9:23pm)

For what it's worth, I've been there, and I think you should talk to him.

(Wednesday 9:27pm)

Thank you for the advice.

(Wednesday 9:34pm)

Anytime. How's Bobby doing with the car?

(Wednesday 9:37pm)

He's going to take it to his shop and it'll be fixed in a few days.

(Wednesday 9:40pm)

It's probably nothing. Your poor Prius probably couldn't handle a little dust on the road clogging it's systems.

(Wednesday 9:43pm)

I hope that is all that is wrong with it.

(Wednesday 9:46pm)

Either way, it's on the house.

(Wednesday 9:49pm)

That is completely unnecessary! You have done more than enough already and I am very happy to pay for it.

(Wednesday 9:52pm)

Not happening.

(Wednesday 9:54pm)

Dean, I am paying you for this, and you are going to be okay with it.

(Wednesday 9:59pm)

You can't pay me if you can't find me.

(Wednesday 10:02pm)

I know where the shop is, and I've already agreed to pay Bobby directly for it. He'll see to it that you are fairly compensated

(Wednesday 10:06pm)

Bobby will have no say, because I'll work on it myself.

(Wednesday 10:09pm)

He agrees with me. You will be compensated for it whether you like it or not.

(Wednesday 10:12pm)

Tell Bobby he's not getting the beer.

(Wednesday 10:15pm)

I do not understand his response. "Dammit boy, if the lady wants to pay for her half of the date, let her." What is he referencing?

(Wednesday 10:21pm)

. . . I may need to rethink that prison jumpsuit after all.

(Wednesday 10:24pm)

I'm going to assume that his comment was inappropriate in some way.

(Wednesday 10:28pm)

No. Just aggravating.

(Wednesday 10:34pm)

I hope you are going to take into consideration the fact that he went out of his way to help a total stranger at your behest.

(Wednesday 10:37pm)

Guilt trips are really unfair.

(Wednesday 10:40pm)

I was not attempting to make you feel guilty, I was merely pointing out that murdering him would be rather rude.

(Wednesday 10:45pm)

Probably. How are you getting home?

(Wednesday 10:47pm)

I was going to jog. It's not that far, and I didn't complete my run this morning.

(Wednesday 10:54pm)

Your house isn't that far from the garage?

(Wednesday 10:56pm)

About 5 miles.

(Wednesday 11:08pm)

Huh, cool. Good luck with your jog. I hope you don't meet another seductive cow.

(Wednesday 11:12pm)

Thank you for your help today Dean, it means a lot to me.

(Wednesday 11:16pm)

Yeah sure. That's what friends do.

(Wednesday 11:18pm)

I for one, am very glad we are friends. :)

(Wednesday 11:25pm)

Me too, Cas.


Thurdsay March 7

(Thursday 12:36pm)

Do you mind if we meet again sometime soon? I know it's stupid, but I'm getting stressed again.

(Thursday 12:39pm)

I don't mind, I actually had a few things that I wanted to talk to you about. My car is not working however, so if we could meet at my house, I would appreciate it.

(Thursday 12:43pm)

Yeah, sure. It's that one big house that everyone talks about, right?

(Thursday 12:46pm)

I suppose that is one way to describe it.

(Thursday 12:48pm)

Just checking. When?

(Thursday 12:50pm)

Would 2pm work?

(Thursday 12:54pm)


(Thursday 12:56pm)

Would that be possible?

(Thursday 12:58pm)

That's fine. Thanks so much, Castiel.

(Thursday 12:59pm)

It's my pleasure. :)

(Thursday 1:00pm)

You aren't, by chance, allergic to cats, are you?

(Thursday 1:03pm)

Not that I know of.

(Thursday 1:06pm)

I only ask because I have a cat, and I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable.

(Thursday 1:09pm)

You do seem like a cat person. Don't worry, I like cats.

(Thursday 1:11pm)

His name is Samandriel, I hope that the two of you will get along. Most of his previous interactions with 'new' people, have been extremely traumatic for him.

(Thursday 1:15pm)

Poor Sam. Don't worry, I think I'll be fine.

(Thursday 1:17pm)

Okay, I will leave the front gate unlocked.

(Thursday 1:19pm)

See you soon.


(Thursday 4:43pm)

Is this the number of Castiel Novak?

(Thursday 4:45pm)

Yes it is. How can I help you?

(Thursday 4:52pm)

My name's Sam and I go to school at one of the local High Schools. I'm looking for a tutor to help with my upcoming AP tests and you came highly recommended by a teacher of mine. It would just be for a few weeks, just until the tests.

(Thursday 4:58pm)

I would like to arrange a meeting where you and I can sit down and discuss exactly what you need assistance with. When would be a convenient time to meet?

(Thursday 5:03pm)

Does Saturday at noon work for you?

(Thursday 5:05pm)

That should be fine. Where would you like to meet?

(Thursday 5:09pm)

I hadn't thought about that. The library?

(Thursday 5:10pm)

I will see you there, at noon on Saturday.

(Thursday 5:12pm)

Thanks so much. I really appreciate this.

(Thursday 5:14pm)

I'm happy to help.