Pairing: Midorima/Takao

Cheesy fluff and Takao complimenting Shinchan in a very weird way (?)

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basket and its characters belong to their creator, Fujimaki Tadatoshi. I only own this story.


"You know, Shinchan, you resemble a nougat."

Midorima turned around to look at Takao, bewildered by the umpteenth weird thing that he had sputtered out, succeeding in distracting him. He knew he should have been used to hear all sort of shit coming from Takao, but he just couldn't manage to ignore it all the time.

"Takao" he muttered. "If you have time to think about this kind of things, why don't you train with me?"

"Naah. I feel tired today. I don't need extra-training… well, you don't either." Takao answered, he was sitting on the bench, from where he was thoroughly observing his ace. "I'd much rather stay here and look at your beauty."

He quietly watched as, behind Midorima's shoulders, the last shot made by the ace a few seconds before entered into the basket perfectly, then whistled in admiration.

"Shut up" Midorima reproached him and turned around again, mentally calling himself an idiot to have even minded the other. Takao grinned as he noticed that the ace's ears were all red, probably from embarrassment –it was so cute that he almost jumped him.

Midorima jerked and let the ball fall from his hands when Takao's arms hugged him tightly from behind, encircling his waist.

"Bakao" he said, irritated. "Let go."

Takao looked up and saw his blush growing even deeper. He smiled and tightened his grip while he leaned his forehead against Midorima's back.

"So cute, Shinchan. You're really like a nougat, tough outside but so soft and sweet inside!" he exclaimed happily.

Midorima sighed. "Really, you… what the hell do you think about all the time?" he muttered. It was useless, he couldn't help but be dumfounded at every little thing Takao said. A nougat. It could be considered very romantic, yet it was definitely weird.

"This is a simple question" Takao said. "I think about my ace all the time." He released the hug, only to go in front of the ace; he took his face in his hands and tiptoed to kiss him, but Midorima rejected him.

"Can you try to compliment in a more normal way?!" The ace protested, not wanting to show his face because he was blushing furiously and he hated it to be moved by some cheesy lines like those.

"I already did that. I told you you're beautiful" Takao replied and, when Midorima looked perplexed as he was trying to remember when it had happened, took advantage of his confusion to kiss him on the lips. Midorima protested but then complied: he gripped tightly Takao's shoulders and leaned into him.

"Takao" he said against his lips. "Call me a nougat again and I'll shot your ass into the basket."

Takao chuckled. "Alright sir –nanodayo*!"

Midorima sighed: one day he would surely end up kicking his ass just as Kasamatsu did with Kise, that was for sure.

*nanodayo = it's an inflection of language which is usually used by Midorima in both anime and manga. Takao's obviously mocking him. :'D

Lol, I know this may sound really stupid, but this idea just popped out in my mind yesterday and I just thought it was perfect for Shinchan. Yayy, Shinchan is too cute for words -yep, I love him. I think I might have a huge crush on his tsundereness XD And I like to imagine Takao telling him all kind of things (since he doesn't really seem to be the shy type, instead he's very outgoing and don't have much problems saying what he thinks) which of course make Shinchan blush XD I hope you liked it ~