Danny sighed as he waited nervously for Mr. Lancer to hand out their latest grades. They had been given a list of topics to write a poem about, something he'd dreaded until reading the one thing he felt he could write about, Time.

When Mr. Lancer handed him his paper he paused and said, "Good work Mr. Fenton. Your poem was very well done. Should you find yourself needing extra credit talk with me and I'll assign you another poem if you like." "Thanks Mr. Lancer." Danny said, once he could speak again, staring at the 'A' in front of him in shock.

In the Ghost Zone, in a clock tower, a ghost smiled slightly, aging from a child to adult saying, "Indeed… very well done young Phantom."

Master of Time

By: Danny Fenton

Never changing, work never done

Always and forever here as one

Can't you tell that I cannot reveal

All that you ask here as you kneel

I see all that is to come, what may or may not be

I watch over time, watch over your destiny

The paths are many, the futures unclear

But I will help you know where to steer

As Master of Time I know all

I know every step, I know every fall

I know why you cry as you stand here now

Your heart shall heal, I'll show you how

No need to cry, to feel so blue

Today I break the rules for you

I'll tell you the future, but just this one time

Make your choice as the bells toll and chime

Do you turn to the path of pain?

Or do you turn to the path of gain?

I will watch over you no matter what

So make your choice, before the door shuts

O' Master of Time please hear my plea

Reveal to me my destiny

Help me to protect all that I love

Please watch over me from skies above

Don't let me go done the darkened way

Help me choose right and not to stray

I live to protect and its all I know

Together with you this I will show