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Luciana drove down the darkened streets of London in her black car, staring blankly at the road ahead of her as she drove home.

She drove as fast as she could to get home, for she was already an hour late from work. She turned on the windshield wipers as rain suddenly fell hard from the sky, soon followed by loud claps of thunder. She had to get back to Meg, who was the responsible nineteen year-old babysitter of Luciana's infant daughter.

Luciana had met Meg's mother at work, who had said that her daughter needed a job to support herself while she was at college. Luciana, tired of leaving her daughter with her nosy neighbours, had jumped at the chance of a babysitter that wouldn't cost her an arm and a leg. Not to mention her sanity.

She tossed her long black hair back behind her shoulder as she drove in the direction of her dingy flat. She was tired from taking the orders of various demanding customers at the restaurant, and wanted to do nothing but sleep. But the happy face of her unfortunately demanding daughter popped into her mind, reminding her that she was a single mother who had responsibilities to uphold.

She finally reached the parking lot of her building and pulled in to an empty space. She turned off the engine and leaned back in her seat for awhile, sighing as she stared at her reflection in the rear-view mirror, her grey eyes tiredly staring back at her.

She never in a million years thought she would be raising her child alone, especially not on Midgard of all places. When she had found out she was pregnant, she expected to have had her child on Asgard, her home, surrounded by healers and her concerned mother-in-law. Instead she had given birth on Midgard, surrounded by impolite doctors and bitter nurses. What was worse, she was alone.

She had left Asgard not long after her husband, Loki, had fallen off the bifrost. She was unable to live through the constant looks of pity given to her, which only reminded her that she was a pregnant widow, so, out of depression and heartache, she had used all the magic she could to transport herself to another realm.

Thor, her brother-in-law, had told her that Midgard was a wonderful place where he had found love, so Luciana had figured that maybe the mortals would be just as welcoming to her as they were to Thor. And so she left, she never told anyone where she was going, but was sure Heimdall had seen her leave Asgard then suddenly appear in the middle of London, England, and was equally sure that he had alerted her in-laws to her departure.

She sighed heavily and opened her car door, locking it once it was closed. She had learned the ways of the Midgardians easily, always watching from a distance and mimicking their actions and behaviour. By the time she had gone into labour, she could drive and she had a colourful vocabulary of Midgardian curse words, all used at least once during the delivery.

Shaking her head slightly to remove the memories, she ran quickly toward the backdoor of the building as the rain poured down heavily on her. She hastily unlocked the door and opened it, quickly rushing to get inside. As the door closed behind her she looked down at her clothes. The rain had soaked through making the articles of clothing cling to her body uncomfortably.

"Damn," she cursed bitterly under her breath as she climbed up the stairs to her third-floor flat.

She soon reached the door to her small flat and unlocked the door. "Meg?" She called quietly, not wanting to awaken her daughter, who by now would be sleeping peacefully in her crib.

"Oh hey, Lucy." A quiet voice called from the kitchen.

A head covered in red hair popped out from the doorway to the kitchen, blue-eyes eying Luciana up and down.

"Is the rain that heavy?" She asked leaning on the door frame.

Luciana nodded bitterly. "Yes. Came out of nowhere." She said putting her soaked jacket on a hook mounted on the wall. "Sorry I'm late, by the way; some drunks came to the restaurant and caused chaos."

Meg nodded as she grabbed her jacket off the wall. "It's okay, she was fine." She said sweetly. "Oh, did you hear about what happened in Germany last night? My friend texted me about it while you were at work."

Luciana shook her head. "No. I haven't had the time to keep up with the news. What happened?"

Med grimaced as she lowered her voice, as if they were surrounded by strangers. "Some crazy man attacked a curator of a museum and then forced a crowd to kneel before him; he must have been threatening enough because everyone did. I would have known sooner but I've been busy with my essay." She said as she walked towards the front door.

Luciana's eyes widened. A mortal did that? She had, of course heard of mass shootings and such, but having a crowd of people to kneel before someone was extreme.

"Did he have help?" Luciana asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.

"No, he seemed to be alone. But apparently he was dressed oddly and had some sort of staff with him, but some authorities took him in. Don't think it was the police though, apparently he had flipped one of their cars over." The red head replied as she opened the front door.

Luciana couldn't help but wonder. A staff? What kind of mortal had a staff? Could this be an Asgardian sorcerer? No, the bifrost was destroyed and it would take a lot of magic to leave Asgard on your own. She should know.

"Well," She started, her voice shaking slightly "At least the authorities caught him." Though she doubted that mortals could contain whoever this man was, Asgardian or not.

"Yes, I'm glad. I wouldn't want him coming here. Anyways, I've got to get home, it's almost midnight. I'll be here on Monday. Five o'clock, right?" Meg asked as she stepped out the door.

Luciana nodded absent-mindedly.

"Good, see you then!" Meg said cheerfully as she waved goodbye and walked down the hall.

Luciana closed the door then walked to the bedroom, deciding to let go of her current thoughts. She opened the door quietly and peered inside. The only bedroom in the flat was shared between Luciana and her daughter.

The walls were coated with chipped white paint that had long turned beige, and the wooden floors were rough to the touch. The small room had only been able to hold a crib, Luciana's bed, and a small dresser, all of which she had gotten from the elderly woman who had housed her when she arrived on Midgard, who was now three months dead.

Luciana walked as quietly as she could toward her sleeping child, wincing as the floor creaked at her very step. She reached the crib and looked down at her pride and joy. The small girl, clad in a faded yellow coverall, had pale skin and a small bit of pitch black hair on top of her small head, a trait given to her by both her mother and father. Luciana smiled as she reached down to gently stroke the sleeping child's cheek, admiring her beauty.

She jumped at the sound of thunder crashing and looked down at her daughter. The baby stirred then opened her eyes, revealing two brilliant green orbs, a trait that matched her father's. The young girl looked up at her mother and whimpered. Luciana soothingly shushed the girl as she picked her up in her arms. "It's alright," she cooed softly "The thunder won't hurt you. Shh. It's alright, you're alright."

Her words calmed the baby, who closed her eyes and once again fell into a peaceful slumber. Luciana gently placed the infant back into to her crib, then turned her head and looked out the small window, watching the rain hit the window and the flashes that the lightning brought. She couldn't help but think of Thor, who had often caused storms like this when his temper has risen.

She sighed at the thought.

Thor. Sif. Frigga. She missed all of them dearly, but she couldn't go back to Asgard, too many painful memories that she now didn't have to relive.

She walked out of her bedroom and into the bathroom, fetching a towel for her hair. She dried her hair with the fluffy pink towel, then carelessly threw it over the edge of the bathtub. She stripped herself from her now damp clothing, and dried herself off with another fluffy towel. She wrapped it around her body and walked back to her bedroom and over to her wooden dresser. She rummaged through the many articles of clothing before she picked out a warm beige sweater and thin pink pajama pants. She tossed her towel onto her bed then pulled on her clothing, soon sliding under the faded blue covers of her bed.

She yawned, then reached up and turned off the light that was mounted to the wall above her bed. Shifting under the covers she rested her head on the cold pillow and closed her eyes, the sound of the rain and thunder lulling her to sleep.

Three hours later she was abruptly awakened by a loud clap of thunder and the screaming of her child. The loud sounds were soon followed by soft hushing. Luciana relaxed as settled back to go to sleep, then her eyes shot open in terror.

Who was shushing her daughter? Had she forgotten to lock the door to her flat last night? Who was in her room?

She heard the person put her now asleep daughter back into her crib. She didn't dare look at the person until the time was perfect. She heard soft, but slow, footsteps coming towards her bed, accompanied by the creaking of the floor. She shut her eyes as she felt the person sit on the edge of the bed beside her, a hand resting softly on her side, slowly sliding down towards her thigh.

That was the last straw. First this person broke into her house, touched her baby, and now they were touching her.

She opened her eyes as lightning flashed outside. It was only for a second, but what she saw made her blood run cold.

There sitting on her bed was her late husband.


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