My longest chapter yet! :)

Terrence groaned as he looked out the window and saw a shiny black car driving up the driveway he could tell by the flags on the front of the car that it was Finn he hadn't seen Finn since the day that Kirsten died. "Hello Terrence I haven't seen you in awhile " said Finn as he walked through the office door and sat down in a brown leather chair. "What are you doing here Finn ? " asked Terrence as he glared at Finn "actually I came to tell you that I kind of used you to make a deal with a vampire hunter." Terrence stared at Finn for a long time and when he finally spoke it was in very low voice that made shivers run up your spine " you used me to make a deal with a vampire hunter, it wasn't enough that you took away Kirsten now you are using me to make deals with vampire hunters ?" Finn gave a dark and sinister laugh and said " your still blaming me for the loss of your fiancee ? I thought I told you that I didn't have anything to do with her death just because she chose you over me does not mean I would go so far as to have her killed by vampire hunters, oh and did I forger to mention what the deal was ? You are going to marry Alexandra Landen the daughter the RR's leader Mark Landen. " Terrence stared at Finn in shock as he told him that he had used him to make peace with the RR and, that to make peace he had arranged for him to get married finally Terrence said in a low voice that was deathly calm " I never really hated you until now Finn but, now for all I care you can go to hell. I'll marry this Alexandra girl but its not for you its for all the other vampires out there who are innocent."

Lexi stared at the reflection in the mirror and groaned, her amethyst eyes that were usually bright and clear word red and misty from crying and her long dark brown hair looked as though a hurricane had just moved in. Mary slowly climbed the stairs that led to her daughters room and knocked on her door and asked "Lexi can I come in ? " Lexi groaned "sure mom but, I gotta get a shower real quick my hair looks awful. " Mary smiled and said " I'm going to pack your bags so when you get out of the shower you can eat and leave ok? Oh and your father is making breakfast ." "Thanks Mom your the best " grinned Lexi as she she walked into the bathroom but, when the bathroom door closed the smile on her face slowly dissapeared and she started crying quietly so they wouldn't here her. Thirty minutes later Lexi stepped out of the shower determined to make the best of this odd situation. " Lexi it's time to eat " shouted Jamie from the bottom of the stairs. "Ugh ok I'll be there in a second " said Lexi as she brushed on some mascara and, quickly slipped into a light green dress with spaghetti straps. "Lexi come downstairs right now! " shouted Mark as he stood in front of the stove flipping pancakes " I'm coming I'm coming " muttered Lexi as she slipped on some brown sandals and walked downstairs. Mary, Mark and Jamie, stood on the front porch watching as Rowan and his men loaded Lexi's suitcases into the car. "I'm so sorry you have to do this " whispered Mark as he hugged Lexi goodbye Lexi smiled and said " don't worry guys I'll figure this out since it is kind of my fault this happened. Last night while I was blowing out the candles on my birthday cake I kind of wished you and Mom would quit hunting vampires and making weapons. " " Your wish actually came true ? " said Jamie his eyes nearly popping out. "Yep so don't worry about me I seem to have luck on my side" laughed Lexi as she got in the car.