Chapter Eight: A Memory Never Shared

Mira lay in bed with Khan, watching as he slept peacefully. She'd almost forgotten how marvellous it was...making love with him…almost. Eventually he would awaken, and he would want the extended version of how they all got here…how she'd made them safe. Three hundred years to the rest of the universe had been just under a year for her, waking up once a year to enact her plans, check progress and align herself with the most important people on Earth.

It had not been that hard to find people willing to help her…people against the Star Fleet of three hundred years ago…it was harder to stay away from Kirk and his crew…


Day 1- Star-date: 2260.49

Mira scammed her way into Star Fleet Academy, planting an entire lifetime of information for them to check. The new Admiral took too much of a shine to her, but she could use that. He would bump up her status and fast track her graduation.

Day 8- Star-date: 2268.49

She excelled far above her fellow cadets in everything, just as her race was genetically coded to…made legal by that annoying Admiral…the stress of the job was starting to tell, and it had only been a year for him.

Day 16- Star-date: 2276.49

Mira graduated from Star Fleet with a Masters degree in xenolinguistics, with a side Bachelor degree in advanced weaponry. This time, she remained awake for a month and, over that time span, Mira slowly climbed up the ladder. Commissioned as Captain soon thereafter, Mira smuggled her people out of a Star Fleet 'lock up' and into a cargo bay on her ship; sealed off from the rest of the ship. Only she and one other were allowed in…

Day24 - Star-date: 2284.49

Mira continued her regular medical checkup on her fellow crew…still frozen in their cryo-tubes. As always, she stopped longer at Khan's side. Her 'associate' reminding her that she would have to 'sleep' again soon… her human crew merely thought her eccentric…how wrong they were…

Day32 - Star-date: 2292.49

Word had reached Mira's ship that the Enterprise had lost one of its crew…Admiral Marcus's daughter, Carol, had died in the line of duty.


Day160 - Star-date: 2420.49

The Earth had turned a corner in its history…it was finally at peace. But it wouldn't last long. Kirk and his crew were all long since dead…time had done its work well. Her revenge on Star Fleet was almost complete. She'd been setting them up for years to be weakened at the time of attack…and it would be soon.

Day240- Star-date: 2500.49

Plans had changed. Alliances made and broken meant that Mira had to change tactics. Instead of destroying Star Fleet…she and her crew would control it. And with control of Star Fleet came control over the last piece of the puzzle…Earth.

Day300 - Star-date: 2559.57

Everything was as it should be. There were all safe…Mira could wake up her crew now, and could continue their work; not as criminals…but as commanders. Commanders of a Star Fleet worthy of them. Today…she would have her husband back.

~End Flashback~

Mira smiled happily as she watched her beloved husband stir slightly in his sleep and she brushed the mussed locks of hair from his forehead. She kissed his cheek gently and he opened sleep filled eyes with a contented smile on his face. Now she would tell him…now she would explain.



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