Chapter 6: The Harvest Thingy? (Part 1)

Cordelia opened her eyes. It was a struggle but she knew she had to do something. The vampire was close to her; grinning widely. Her lips were moist and her fangs were piercing; glistening pure white in the darkness. Cordelia gulped. Her eyes shut and then opened. The vampire leant in closer; her lips felt like icy marble on Cordelia's already frozen neck. Cordelia cringed as she felt her tongue. 'Eww…. God the undead were messed up!'

Two white hot shards tore through her skin, piercing the vein. Pain seared through her as the first drop of blood was drained. Cordelia moaned as the vampire drank. Though it made no difference whatsoever; Cordelia had to keep on fighting, because she was fighting for her life.

Think… Think… Think…

Cordelia racked her brain. Death was literally staring her in the face; mere seconds away. And then the idea hit her.

She drew her hand to her neck and yanked on the silver chain.

"Ha!" She cried, slamming the sliver into the vampires chest; strapping it and a loose knot. The cross burned and steamed as the vampire fell back out of the coffin. Cordelia; seizing the opportunity flew across; using it as a divide between them.

"You little bitch!" She cried pulling the necklace off from around her neck; her fingers smoking. "How cheep is that?" She scoffed. "Ick!"

Cordelia, in a sudden burst of adrenaline and God knows what else, flung the coffin over her head. She smirked, despite feeling a slight twinge in her wrist.

"Couldn't take the heat," She uttered, dashing from the mausoleum. She didn't look back to see it knock the vampire to the ground; or her scowl as she refused to pick herself up.

Cordelia couldn't run in those heels; or with that mess of hair tangled in her face. Cordelia sighed, cursing under her breath. The vampire was going to catch up with her! 'They were expensive and everything! That god dammed undead bitch!' She tossed her shoes over her shoulder; her feet feeling as bare as her neck. She had such little energy. She was running on pure willpower. …And maybe Slayer power. All Cordelia knew was that she had to get to Willow and the others. She'd fought to too hard for them to go and get themselves killed.


Willow! She was screaming. And really loud!

"God…" Cordelia muttered. She ran to catch up with them; her feet aching, her head throbbing and her back stinging like hell. Cordelia was so done with this!

When she reached Willow she was on the floor, wrestling the vampire. Neither of them saw her as she stuck to the shadow. She wasn't fit to bee seen like this anyway. For starters her make up was a disaster.

The way Willow was made her smile slightly. That was the exact way her and the other vamp had been.

"No!" Willow cried. "Get off!" Except Willow was loosing. Cordelia supposed she should do something.

Her doing something began with an exasperated sigh. The vampire turned to face her, glowering.

"Oh! Hey Cordelia," Willow said lightly. Lightly for the situation anyway. It annoyed Cordelia how chipper Willow was. Did she not understand she was about to be eaten? Cordelia stepped forwards. Into the light.

"Look," She reasoned, utterly wiped. "Tonight has been a really hard night on me!"

"You?" Snapped the vampire; he stood up and walked over to her, Willow scampering over to the side "I'm dead."

"Oh! Is that wall you vampires think about! God… You're so self-centred. It's all about you! What about me?" She wailed, snap-kicking he vampire high in the jaw. "This is about me! Okay, got that? Me!" She kicked him hard in the torso; Crunch! "Me!" She repeated the action. Crunch! "Me!" Crunch! The vampire fell to the ground.

Willow laughed in short hysteric bursts as Cordelia tackled the creature. She was atop of it now, punching, blocking and hitting it in any way she could. She looked exhausted.

Cordelia froze mid-hit. The vampire looked at her into surprise.

"Just go," She whispered, panting hard. Her make-up was halfway down her face and her breaths were far to shallow to be healthy. She rolled off of the demon and splayed herself onto the ground.

Not noticing the vampire bound away, Willow crouched next to Cordelia.

"Err…." She hesitated. "Thanks for the saving and all."

"Don't mention it." Wow! This really wasn't like Cordelia! Usually she leant you a pencil (not that Willow had ever been so careless to forget a pencil; she had just heard from rumours.) and you'd hear about it for weeks. You never wanted to owe Cordelia Chase. But here she was; on the ground, about to pass out having just saved Willow's life! Willow couldn't believe what was happening! This was so strange, maybe even more so than the whole 'vampire-thing'.

She'd almost forgotten about that! Vampires! Willow must be going mad.

And Xander! …Jesse. They'd been taken! Captured.

Cordelia dragged herself up. Even lifting her body, was the hugest of efforts. She did it though.

"Cordelia," Willow snivelled as she caught up to the sprinting Slayer. "What's happening?"

"You really want me to answer that?" Cordelia stated; more similarly to her old self. Her voice even sounded… Spiteful. Willow shook her head.

They walked briskly for a few meters, perfect silence. Cordelia wanted to demand Willow to leave but the prospect of simply talking mentally drained her. So she focused on finding the others.

It was pitch black as they darted in and out of the gravestones. Cordelia's vision was blurring and her hair, were still falling in front of her eyes. Thinking about it properly, amongst all of her other pain, Cordelia's eyes were stinging like mad. They glazed over.

"Xander!" Willow exclaimed, breaking into a run. Cordelia followed, still not seeing properly. She stopped behind Willow, between a set of gravestones as she finally reached Xander. And he wasn't alone. In fact he was being dragged away by two of the burliest looking vampires. They snapped their heads to face her.

"I think I missed my queue…" Cordelia sighed, shoving Willow out of the way. Her body felt heavy, as did her eye lids. The vampires growled as she barged up to him.

"I'll tell you nicely," She said crudely. "Let him go."

The vampires looked at each other laughing as she stepped confidently closer. "Your loss." She sneered. "So you think you're tough? Take me?" Cordelia regretted her statement. "Uh-oh!" The vampires charged at her. Cordelia shoved Willow out of the way. She let out a small whimper.

Cordelia shot over the gravestone. She threw several punches and kicks, finally getting the hang of fighting (or there about.)

Willow clambered to Xander. She realised he had passed out. Had she not been so worried Willow really would have wished they'd stop doing that.

Cordelia continued to fight; loosing completely. She high punched the tallest vampire, his porcelain skin crunching under her knuckles. Or maybe it was her bones. She side-kicked the other. Cordelia took the few seconds to form a plan. She quickly made a decision.

'…Use everything and anything as a weapon… Take every opportunity…"

She scanned the graveyard. And she knew what to do.

Cordelia baked up against a tree. The vampires came at her again but she wrapped her fingers around a stray branch. It was dry and dead and stung her wounds but she didn't care. Cordelia could take these freaks! She snapped it as hard as she could. The make-shift stake came away in her hand. Cordelia smirked coldly; the same smirk she shot so many people everyday. People who weren't cool enough, or good enough, and now, alive enough.

The first vamp stepped up. They fought a while, buying time before Cordelia plunged the stake through his heart. He exploded into ashes.

"Cordy: Two. Vamps: Nada!" She spun around on her heels, dirt and bramble sticking into them. She stepped over to Xander; feeling short. The second vampire scarpered. She folded her arms; proud but too tired to display it.

"Are you alright?" She asked, in a steady, almost emotionless voice. She looked better now, her haziness had either faded or she'd became all the more determined.

Xander nodded in complete bewilderment. "Uh-huh." Willow grabbed his hand sympathetically. The pair looked terrified.

"Great." Cordelia bounced around them. "I'm looking for my stalker. Terrific."

"Cordelia?" Xander started. "What's….?"

"Do you remember what happened to you?" She asked absent-mindedly. Cordelia, though her vision was still off, looked across the grave to search for Jesse.

"I think…. Something hit me." He mumbled .

"Where's Jesse?" She interrupted.

"I'm not sure…." Willow began. "They surrounded us,"

"That guy grabbed him and took off." Cordelia nodded. "There was a girl, she spoke to him for a while but then she left. On her own. She looked… Angry." She considered. All the vampires she'd encountered were men. Really badly dressed undead men, but still men. Except…

"The girl? The one I was fighting?" She grilled.

"I don't know." Xander sighed. Cordelia moaned. He was useless!

"No." Willow crooned. Cordelia perked up. "She had dark hair."


"I don't…." Willow shook her head, turning paler at the thought of vampires. "She… She was strong though," Cordelia wished she was still in a state of ignorant bliss. But the more she thought about, sadly, the more it made sense.

They were all pale, Cordy presumed. Willow certainly was and Xander had been unconscious. She looked down at her arms and scraped and bloody though they were, they were white as paper.

"Which way?"

"I don't know." Xander said, looking down. He blamed himself. Willow muttered some friendly words of sympathy but Cordelia didn't care.

Cordelia cleared her throat and rose. She took her usual bitchy stance but life as she knew it was over. And Cordelia was going to have to accept that. "JESSE!"

Giles continued to explain to these… for lack of a better word children, about the world, mythology and demons. He was well aware the Slayer was not supposed to have 'friends'. Of course, Cordelia had made it brutally clear that they weren't her friends upon entrance, but it still remained unorthodox for civilians, school children at that, to be involved in such matters. Still, he reminded himself, Cordelia had come back. And that had to count for something. He made his way to the study table, sharing a private joke with himself.

Forgetting the situation for a mere second, Giles smirked as this was the fullest he had seen the school library since he had started.

"This world is older than any of you know. Contrary to popular mythology, it did not begin as a paradise. For untold eons demons walked the Earth. They made it their home, their... their Hell. But in time they lost their purchase on this reality. The way was made for mortal animals, for, for man. All that remains of the old ones are vestiges, certain magicks, certain creatures." He paused. Cordelia yawned.

She herself was perched on the actual table as apposed to sitting on the chair. Heaven forbid! She'd been seen as a peasant, sitting among such average people. Giles mentally scolded himself for bad-mouthing (or was that bad-thinking) his Slayer.

"You mean like vampires, the pointy teeth, eyebrow guys? Those creatures?" Giles sharply nodded. "Yeah we'd noticed."

"Okay," Xander began. "This is where I have a problem. See, because we're talking about vampires. We're having a talk… with vampires in it."

Cordelia rolled her eyes. "Well done genius," She was as sarcastic as ever, Giles noted but something, the tiniest thing seemed to be different.

"We did see them last night, Xand." Said Willow softly. She looked up at Giles for confirmation. "Right?"

Cordelia scoffed. "Ya think?" Willow blushed. "If she get's to deny it, then I want to! The first time I saw a vampire you all said I was raving mad! Nobody spoke to me for weeks! It's real, dumb-ass! Deal…"

"Oh, I-I need to sit down." Willow gushed.

"Oh my god, I can't deal with this," Cordelia threw her arms up in frustration. "You are sitting down!"

"Oh. Good for me." She said shakily; oblivious to Cordelia's spiteful sarcasm. Giles shot her a look, but Cordelia too, was unaware.

"So vampires are demons?"

"And the dumbest question of the hour award goes to Xander Harris! Would you believe it, three years in a row!" He looked at her blankly. "Duh!" Giles shot the Slayer another stern, warning glance. She rolled her eyes but hushed.

"The books tell the last demon to leave this reality fed off a human, mixed their blood. He was a human form possessed, infected by the demon's soul. He bit another, and another, and so they walk the Earth, feeding... Killing some, mixing their blood with others to make more of their kind. Waiting for the animals to die out, and the old ones to return."

Cordelia recoiled, but she had to stay ahead of the conversation. Keep cool. They had no idea how strong she was being. "Well, it sounds like they were having a real blast."

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