Author's Note: Hey guys! I haven't had the best of times lately and this chapter is short but it's all I've had time for, and I like to thank all you guys for the great reviews! ;D

Lara P.O.V
I went back to Garth's apartment. He answers the door and he was just about to leave.

"What do you need now?" He asks me as he locks the door.

"I need more time to get the job done. Some thing has... got in the way." I lie.

"Fine, you have three months, no more." He replies and walks away. I leave the building and start to walk back to Nathan's when Nathan meets me.

"Where have you been?" He asks me.

"Out." I reply.

"Cut the shit Lara, why were you coming out the same time Garth did? Are you seeing him?" Nathan says as he watches Garth.

"No, just calm down Nathan. Come let's go home." I say as I put a hand on his chest.

"No, I've got work and I won't be back till late so don't do any thing stupid." He replies before kissing me and then leaving me. Great now I have time to plan.

"Lara!" Bruce calls me. Okay, maybe no time to plan.

"Lara, come on. I know I've been a cunt but I'm going to make it up to you." Bruce tells me and drags me into the car where Alfred sat in the front seat.

"Where we going?" I ask.

"Where do you want to go?" Bruce replies with a question.

"I want to go to the new diamond place, I was meant to help with a job there but you don't need to know about it." I reply.

"With who?" Bruce frowns at me.

"Listening to the rumours that Batman bangs her, you should know I mean." I reply and tap him on the arm.

Four hours later...

"Wait, wait. So you fell off the horse?" I laugh.

"Yeah, I thought standing on it was easy but I guess not." Bruce replies. We both laugh in the coffee shop as we sit at a table in the farthest corner of the place.

"I have to ask this though. Why did you choose to become Batman?" I whisper.

"I saw what it was like to lose people who were close and I didn't want anyone else to have the same done to them." He sighs.

"So you have gave your life to the people who you don't know, who probably wouldn't care if you did die and the people who don't even need you?" I ask.

"The people deserve a hero." He replies.

"What they deserve is to get off their back sides and do it themselves. Don't ever worry about dying? Think about what that would do to Talia and Damian." I tell him. Bruce looks over my shoulder to a group of people who were looking over at us.

"Do you know them?" Bruce asks me.

"They work with Joker, they like to follow me and get to Penguin." I reply.

"And do they?" Bruce asks again. I nod my head and smile.

"Hey girl why don't you ditch that rich boy and join us?" One of the men calls over to me.

"Sorry boys, but I'm fine here." I smile back at them. Bruce kicks me under the table and I shoot him a glare.

"Don't even try it Lara." He warns me. Me and Bruce walk out the coffee shop to be met by a load of reporters and flashing camera's.

"Bruce who is this lucky lady?"

"Is she the new Mrs Wayne?" Bruce pushes past them and I stand on the steps of the coffee shop.

"No I'm his sister, I'm his older sister and if you have any questions then you better keep them to yourself or your teeth are going up your ass." I say and then walk with Bruce to the car.

"Why did you tell them that?" He asks me.

"Because, the people need to know what Bruce Wayne has kept from them and that he has a big sister." I reply.

Nathan P.O.V

I sit in work, worrying about what Lara could be doing. Ever since I've seen the weapons and saw her leaving Garth's apartment I've felt the need to tell Bruce. I'm worried she is going to do something stupid. I get up from my chair and go to Garth's office. I go in and shut the door behind me.

"Tell me why Lara was coming out of your apartment?" I ask him.

"Oh the girl who likes me, is she with you? I wouldn't trust her if I were you." He replies.

"Why?" I ask him.

"The way she acts, she's a weirdo all right." He chuckles. My hands clench into fists and I feel my body shake.

"Don't say that about her. You don't know her like that." I spit at him with as much anger as I can.

"Do you even know her? The woman who has killed most of her life, killed, just for the fun of it?" Garth chuckles.

"She's not like that!" I snap at him.

"But is she?" Garth laughs as he stands up. I leave his office and leave the office for the day. I walk home and down the alley Lara is normally in.

"Hello handsome." She whispers in my ear from behind me. She comes in front of me and she smiles at me.

"Don't call me that." I tell her and push past her.

"What's got your dick in a twist?" She asks me. I turn back around to face her.

"Been seeing Garth have you? Been with him?" I ask her.

"What?! No!" She replies.

"Don't you dare lie!" I snap at her. I walk up to her and pin her to the wall to our right.

"Nathan what the fuck has gotten in you?" Lara asks me.

"Just tell me the truth." I tell her.

"What truth? That I got the weapons from him or what?" She asks me.

"He gave you the weapons." I gasp. I let her go and step back.

"Nathan why do you care?" Lara asks me.

"It doesn't matter." I sigh and continue my way home. Lara walked right behind as I got to the door she pinned me against it.

"What did Garth tell you?" She asks me.

"He said that you like him." I reply. Lara's face turns pale.

"You seriously thought that I liked him?" She asks me.

"I don't know. It's just after I saw you come out of the hotel with him I don't know what to think. I'm not going to lose you to that." I reply and put my hand on her face.

"Unlock that door and let me in." Lara grins. I turn around and unlock the door and let Lara in and as soon as I close the door she pulls me onto the couch. She pulls my shirt and my lips are attacked by her lips. She sat on my lap and I lay under her. Her hands twisting and pulling at my hair. My hands slid down her back and getting a pleasured moan from her made me sure she was going to let me do this.