I awoke on Jon's chest, who was sitting against the wall of the conference room sleeping. I stood up and walked to my Dad's office seeing a picture that was years old.

"I remember how much you hated taking that picture, and the only person who got you to smile was Austin." Dad said handing me a cup of coffee, "Last night was eventful, no?"

"Don't. Just don't." I took a sip, "Where's Keller?"


"What?" I asked almost choking on the coffee, "What do you mean gone?"

"Keller never left Russia, Keller never appeared in the U.S.. Keller is still in prison. Whoever's after you, isn't Keller."

"You think it's Sam don't you?"

"It adds up. Do you know where he is?"

"No, he's not answering me."

"Not to interrupt, but where's my sister?" Jon asked entering the office.

"I had Diana take her to a safe house with a few more agents."

"Not according to this text." He handed me the phone.

"I'll get her back." I said.

"We'll get her back." Dad corrected.

This is REALLY short… Writer's block was practically killing me -_- I'll probably wrap this up in two or three chapters. Anyway, Happy New Year!