Emma was not paying attention to anyone. Her eyes wondered to the window, there was a slight breeze that could be noticed in the distance. She was silent, which was not normal for her in this class. She was always the first one to raise her hand to answer a question, or she was just talking to Gia.

Gia turned her head around to ask Emma a question when she noticed she was incoherent. A smile escaped her lips, and shook her head. She took in the view of her girlfriend. Emma hand was supporting her head, her nails were painted a crystal blue, and her hair was in curls. Gia knew she would get blamed by Emma if she didn't get her to pay attention. Gia rose her hand and make light taps on Emma's table. It went unnoticed. She took her pen she was using and tossed it at her body, making sure to miss her face.

Everyone heard the pen drop and looked over to Emma giving Gia a dirty look. Gia smiled at her and mouthed words. "Pay attention, you need to know this for the test on Friday!" the teacher made an announcement which was heard clearly. Gia turn back around knowing Emma is going to scold later on. What was Emma thinking about when she was looking out the window? Gia knows she needs to ask, so she ripped out a piece of paper from her book and wrote in cursive.

"What were you thinking about babe?"

And she put her arm around her back and placed it on the table behind her.

Gia looked at the clock and in her head all there was were celebrating, and yelling. There is only 2 minutes left of class. She likes school but she needs to be with her girlfriend. The bell rung and everyone was leaving like it was the end of school forever. Gia stood from her chair and looked back at Emma. Emma held her hand out for Gia, and she didn't refuse. Gia pulled up Emma and gathered her books for her. They walked out of the class holding hand. They still get the looks but it doesn't bother them as much anymore; only when they get the comments "I can make you normal" or the "you just didn't have the right man?" is when it gets to both of them.

"So babe, what were you thinking about in class?" it just rolled off Gia tongue. They were at her locker grabbing books for next class. Gia looked at her with an arched brow. "Babe, you okay?" she asked, finally Emma turned around.

"Yea, sorry just doing some thinking, what did you said?" why wasn't she listening is all Gia could think.

"I ask what you thinking about?" she asked again but with a bit of hurt.

"I was thinking about how we came to be a couple, how I found out" Gia's heart sunk, she knew that wasn't the way she wanted Emma to know about her crush. But she happy she found out.

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