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Light shone through the blinds of the bedroom radiating warmth on the face of one Ash Ketchum. The sound of Pidgeys chirping signified the start of the morning and caused Ash to rustle in his bed sheets. His mind was filled with dreams of battling the elite five, he had returned to Pallet town after receiving a postcard from his mother and said goodbye to Brock and Misty as they too went to visit their own family. The travel had made him completely exhausted and as he slowly woke up from his long slumber the vivid dreams of becoming the next Pokemaster remained in his mind.

"Ash, dear it's time to wake up, I've made your favourite breakfast!" his mother sang as she lightly knocked on the door.

"Muuum, Pikachu and I were just about win," he sighed as the last remnants of his fantasy faded.

"I'm sure you were dear but I'm even more sure your pancakes are going cold, I might just have to eat them myself" she teased as she walked back downstairs.

"We're coming! We're coming!" Ash choked, he rubbed the sleep from his eyes and grabbed his hat from his bedside table "come on Pikachu, aren't you excited for pancakes?" he said looking at the side of the bed his Pokemon normally lay. "Pikachu?" he repeated confused. He noticed a rather large lump under the bed covers, a lump much larger than his usual small sized Pikachu.

His hand slowly went to peel the duvet off his body, a billion scenarios went through his nervous head but none matched to the reality, he was shocked to discover that he in fact had a blond, rather naked, boy curled up in a ball next to him. "Wahhh!" Ash yelped as he pushed himself of the bed and came toppling on the ground with a thud. The blond boy woke with a startle, his brown eyes wider than anime character and filled with what seemed like concern for Ash. They looked at eachother in silence for what felt like minutes but were merely seconds.

"Ash!" his mother called from the kitchen "Ash, are you okay?" Ash's mouth felt dry as he took in a deep breath

"Yeaaah! Everything is fine...I think" he muttered still on the ground looking up at the boy.

"Well, then come down to eat sweetie, I don't want to eat alone"

"Yeaaah!" Ash slowly rose off the ground unable to take his eyes of the boy, he took in a deep breath and let reality sink into him "Who in the world are you?!" he whispered loudly in fear his mother could hear

The blond boy's eyebrows scrunched in confusion, "I'm Pikachu!"

It was Ash's turn to have the wide eyes, he couldn't process what was happening but apparently his mouth was capable of moving on its own "Shhhh, please keep your voice down my mum will hear you" he crept closer to the edge of the bed "I'm sorry but you can't be Pikachu, I don't understand. Do you know how you got here?"

The blond boys eyebrows furrowed even deeper "I don't understand Ash, I'm your bestfriend, I'm Pikachu"

"then...then...then why are you human?" Ash asked, confusion swirling in the air. The other boy immediately looked down at his own body, fear written all over his expression, he glared at his hands for a moment before he shakily brought them to feel his face. The information was turning in head and then it all clicked, that's when the blond boy let out a scream that penetrated the whole house.

"Ash! Ash are you okay?! Ash! I'm coming!" his mother called as she ran from the kitchen.

"Oh no! Mum can't see you here...naked" Ash blushed slightly "You have to hide! You have to go under the bed, please!" Ash pleaded as he quickly leaped to the blond boys side and pulled him onto the ground. The sound of his mum charging up the stairs gave Ash enough time to quickly conceal the other boy. The door opened. His mum looked at Ash and then quickly scanned the room before pulling him in for a hug."Oh god, Ash, what's wrong, why did you scream?" she said words full of concern as she quickly inspected her sons body for cuts or bruises.

"Oh no mum it was nothing! I..I thought I saw a...Nidoran enter my room" Ash said, his eye glued to the ground as he gently rubbed the back of his neck.

"You thought you saw what!"

"A Nidoran but then I realised it was actually a...Butterfree, yep, a Butterfree...silly me huh?!" Ash said laughing trying to hide his lie.

"Then where's the Butterfree?"

"Oh right, yes, good question, very good question, I must say you are the best at asking questions, didn't you say you were going to be a detec..." "

Ash!" his mother pressed

"It must have scared it away with my scream?"

She walked up to her son gave him a long look before giving him another bone-crushing hug "At least your okay, even if you are acting a bit weird..." She sighed teasingly "Teenage boys."

She gave him a last kiss on the forehead, walked towards the door and just as she was leaving she popped her head back in "Your pancakes are still waiting when you're ready ...and I just thought you should know you really need to get better at lying" She quickly closed the door laughing about something that sounded awfully close to Nidoran. Ash was left dumbstruck, his mother was really something else, he considered himself blessed but he also blamed her for why he was confused 100% of the time.

The blond boy silently shuffled from under the bed and tapped Ash's leg. "Oh right, you're still here, I forgot," Ash said sheepishly as he stretched out his hand to help the other boy up. He knew in his heart this was Pikachu but now all he had to was convince his mind of that too.

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