It was almost midnight, and both boys were beginning to settle down from what had been a long day. Ash strolled into his bedroom, head leaned back as he brushed his teeth. Pikachu, having gotten ready earlier, sat cross-legged on the bed waiting contently for Ash to join him. It went without saying the extra laid-out mattress was now irrelevant in any sleeping plans, its only good use was acting as a trampoline-like-flooring which amused both boys to no end.

Whenever Ash had a moment to himself, he often deliberated whether it's was okay to share a bed with Pikachu, since they had several other options, but even he had to admit he couldn't exactly sleep without someone by his side. After doing so for so many years, he didn't see the point in making boundaries which in his eyes, were unnecessary and would most likely disrupt his day to day activities with lack of sleep. Yeah, that was exactly why he looked forward to being close to Pikachu, Ash couldn't afford to have his health comprised, it wasn't because he had taken a liking to Pikachu's cinnamon scented shampoo or anything *coughcough*.

"Ash?" Pikachu spoke up, interrupting Ash's train of thoughts.

Ash abruptly removed the toothbrush, holding in the minty foam in his mouth. "What's up?" he gurgled.

Pikachu went to speak but instead let out a light laugh. "Ash, you have a little something on your face," he pointed out, tapping on his own chin.

Ash furrowed his eyebrows, only understanding when he caught his reflection in the mirror, trickles of foam making their escape from the corners of his mouth. Hastily, he tipped his head back and charged to the bathroom to spit, his mum would not find tooth paste stains on the hallway carpet funny, he knew well from experience. Ash rinsed his mouth and dried his face of with a towel. When he returned to the bedroom, Pikachu looked as amused as ever.

"I'm glad my life entertains you." Ash spoke, shutting the door firmly behind him.

"My pleasure."

Ash only caught a brief glimpse of Pikachu's grin as he made his way to the clothes drawer, he selected his last clean pajama shirt which was one size to big and his underwear briefs. Ash looked up when he heard Pikachu's voice calling for him again.

"Uhh Ash, I wanted to ask you something." Pikachu spoke, flopping to the side so he could be stretch out and lean on his elbow.

"Oh really, was that when you were laughing at my toothpaste riddled face?" Ash joked, his voice muffling as he went to uncaringly pull his t-shirt off, discarding it on the floor.

"Umm, yeah.." Pikachu's replied, words dying on his tongue as he averted his gaze from Ash who's main focus was unbuckling his belt.

"So what's your question?" Ash pressed at Pikachu unprecedented silence. Ash brought his eyes up from where he was pulling down his trouser zip, when he got not further reply. At first he was confused at why Pikachu looked mortified, not quite understanding the flickering glances and reddened cheeks; but after a hard moment of thinking and looking down at his almost half naked body he kinda understood. "If you want I can leave?" Ash offered politely.

"No-no, you don't have to, I'll just look away." Pikachu squeaked, planting himself face first into a pillow. "This way I can't see anything, mhmm it's all darkness right now."

Pikachu's voice was barely audibly and Ash let out a low laugh at the boy's reaction, he really was too innocent for his own good. "Well okay then, I'll tell you when it's safe to look up." Ash did a quick change of underwear and yanked on his black pyjama top on, he didn't bother with bottoms; it was either one or the other, never both.

Ash padded towards the blond boy who was almost embedded in the mattress and ruffled his hair.

"Is it safe?" Pikachu cautiously mumbled.

"Mmm, it's safe." Ash answered, giving his shoulder a quick nudge.

Pikachu waited a moment, slowing lifting his head, peeking up through the strands of hair that lay in disarray. "You lied, you aren't wearing pyjama trousers." His voice muffled against the pillow.

"Yeah but you've seen me like this a trillion times. Well I guess if I'm too much of a distraction, I'll put them on for your sake." Ash explained, lounging back.

"Wait, no, don't do that. I don't care what you where, it doesn't affect me either way." Pikachu defiantly spoke, despite his evident effort to avoid eye contact.

"And you call me liar." Ash laughed.

"Whatever." Pikachu childishly stuck his tongue out.

Ash sighed, "Come on, tell me what you've been wanting to ask me for the past hour?"

"Oh right, yeah I was just wondering if I could bring my Pokemon out?"

"Is that all?"

"Yeah, I can always wait until morning if you don't want to."

"Uh no, I don't see a problem with it as long as we keep quiet." Ash advised, he didn't want a lecture from his mum about how he ruined the critical scene in her tv drama, its happened before and it's an hour of his youth he will never get back.

Ash padded over to where his rucksack laid on the desk and retrieved Pikachu's pokeball, throwing it to him in a low underarm.

The ball landed on Pikachu's lap and he pressed the button, the flashing light momentarily tinting the bedroom walls red. Rattata appeared on his lap, looking up at his trainer, sniffing the air vigorously.

"It's kinda weird to have..." Pikachu thoughtfully paused, " have a Pokemon of my own, when I'm a Pokemon myself."

Ash looked at the boy sitting by his side, registering the slight guilt in his expression. He watched as Pikachu's hand gently petted the purple fur of his Pokemon.

"Pikachu, you shouldn't feel weird about it, we don't know if you're gonna ever become a Pokemon again. It could be permanent so until that day just consider yourself a human." Ash comforted, nudging at the blond boy's shoulder.

"Yeah, but that's just a lie, I'll still know the truth." Pikachu has kept his gaze on the small animal in lap, scratching under it's chin.

"Whats the lie though?"

"You know what I mean, Ash."

"No I don't. To me...right now...all I see is a human."

"On the outside maybe, but deep down you know I'm not."

"Oh really. So these very thoughts your having right now aren't human? I've never seen a Pokemon majorly stressed out over moral issues." Ash spoke, poking the blond's head for emphasis.

"Quit it." Pikachu called, rubbing at the poked location.

"Are you telling me that that emotion of annoyance as I poke your head isn't human?"

Pikachu looked to his lap again, "Pokemon do feel emotions, you know," he mumbled.

Ash lifted Pikahu's chin up so their eye could meet, " Yeah, I agree with you there... but I think there are some exclusive emotions that only humans feel, don't you think?"

Pikachu's heart raced as he felt Ash's fingers touch his skin. He couldn't help but silently nod, yeah there was definitely weird feelings he was experiencing that he had never come across as a Pokemon.

"See." Ash spoke slightly smug, "And I'm sure you have the same reflex reactions as a human too."

"Huh?" Pikachu questioned.

"Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if you were very, very ticklish." Ash laughed before launching himself at Pikachu. The Rattata on the the boy's lap scrambling to side as Ash climbed over him.

Pikachu who was pinned to the bed felt nothing but shock, and the instinct within to push him away was strong but Ash held his ground. Ash fingers crawled under his shirt and began squeezing at his ribs. Pikachu felt electricity as he let out an involuntary stream of laughter. The unrelenting fingers continued to apply torture onto his body, and Pikachu began to feel the ache in his muscles as he tried to gasp for air between laughs. Pikachu wanted to kick and punch Ash but his body was restrained as Ash kept him pinned.

"Stop!..Ash-Ash-shhhahaah! Please. Stop!" Tears came streaming from Pikachu's face as he continued to laugh.

"Not until you tell me you're human." Ash ordered, grinning mischievously at the squirming boy.

"What?" Pikachu gasped in laughter.

"You heard me."

"Okay! Okay! I'm human!" Ash pleaded.


"I'M HUMAN!" Pikachu cried out, shoving at Ash with all his might.

"Ash!" Ash's finger immediately stopped when he heard his mother's voice calling from downstairs. "Just what do you think your doing up there?!"

Ash froze in position, looking down at Pikachu's wide honey eyes, "Uhhh, nothing, mum!"

"Well, it doesn't sound like nothing!"

"Uhhh.." Ash hesitated not knowing how to reply.

"Just try to keep it down, son. It's late night and I'm trying to watch my novella, okay?!"

"Okaaaay, mum!" Ash called, letting out a half laugh / half sigh as he flopped onto his back beside Pikachu.

Pikachu's hair was all askew as he lay on the bed panting for air, completely wasted. With what seemed like a lot of effort he brought his arm up to rub away the tears that had escaped during his attack.

Ash felt the urge to tease him and was about to, but felt a pang of pain in his left arm when he adjusted himself. Ash looked down to see some the cuts from this afternoon had re-opened and were now trickling blood onto his black shirt. "I should've been more gentle." Ash muttered.

"Well, it's too late to try and apologise to me now." Pikachu replied, collecting the Rattata that had curled up in a ball, the Pokemon had only just survived while the two boys were scuffling. "You've traumatised my Rattata."

"Uhh, I think I might be bleeding again." Ash gently pressed, using a tone that implied he was serious.

Without a moments word, Pikachu sat straight again turning his attention to Ash. "Let me see." Pikachu bid, frowning at the results of his observation, Ash would definitely need some dressing. Pikachu picked up the Pokeball that lay discarded on the floor and Rattata disappeared in a flash of light. "Ash, I'll be back with some bandages."

Pikachu left the room as quick as possible, making his way to the next door bathroom. He turned the taps on and pumped soap into his cupped palms. As he scrubbed at his hand, the symphony music from the film drama emanating though the hallways, from the intense violin playing he wondered if Delia had already taken out some kleenex tissues.
Once he was done drying his hand, he opened the mirrored cabinet above the sink and withdrew the packaged bandages; he also searched a bit for a disinfectant he could use but ended up remembering it was in Ash's backpack.

Returning to the bedroom, he saw Ash calmly lying on the duvet, humming to himself. Pikachu securely shut the door and went straight to the green rucksack. "Sorry, I took so long, I washed my hands. I didn't want to dress your arm after having touched Rattata." He spoke whilst rummaging through the bag,

Ash's gaze was planted on Pikachu, observing his almost nervous movements. "It's cool. You don't have to worry too much, it's just a few cuts."

"I know, but if I don't do it now you'll bitch about it later." Pikachu responded, walking back to Ash now he had the ointment in hand.

"Hey, don't say bitch, that's not very Chansey of you." Ash laughed.

"Yeah and I'm not gonna wear a Nurse's uniform either."

"Ohh but what if I ask very nicely." Ash laughed, clearly joking.

Pikachu rolled his eyes and sat on the edge of the bed beside Ash. He opened the bandage packet and unrolled it on the bed, placing the plastic on the bedside table.

"Hold on a sec." Ash interrupted, pushing himself up with his good arm, making sure his other arm didn't spill blood onto the the white duvet. He pulled his black shirt from over he head and laid it across his lap, allowing his injured arm to rest on it.

Pikachu held down his blush at Ash, it sort of looked like he was naked by the way the black shirt covered his midsection. Pikachu shook his head to rid himself from those thoughts and coughed. "Uhh, lets get started then."

Pikachu began by gently dotting the disinfectant cream onto the cuts, trying his best to ignore the way Ash flinched with discomfort.

"Ouch, that kinda stings." Ash commented.

"It means it's working." Pikachu replied, blowing on the skin to relieve to ache.

"Well, I better not get hurt any more tomorrow."

"Are you hinting were going Pokemon catching again?"

"I guess so, you've definitely got to get a second one. I mean Rattata is a good staple Pokemon but it's quite basic."

"Hey, don't be mean to my Rattata. It's got potential, okay." Pikachu countered, lifting Ash's arm to wrap the start of the bandage.

"Your right, your right, but let's try and get something a little more unusual tomorrow."

"Hmmm, I don't see why not."

"It will be a little hard considering route two isn't that exciting, but hey Professor Oak found you in route two so we might find something special like he did."

"I hope I do." Pikachu took a momentary pause to place the final clip which would hold the bandage together. "I've finished your dressing, Ash," he announced.

"Thank you." Ash replied, throwing his dirty shirt to the corner of the room.

Pikachu wasn't so successful covering his blush this time as he saw Ash lying on the bed with nothing but his black briefs. "Uhh Ash, why did you take your shirt off?"

"Oh, I got some blood on it and I didn't want to sleep with it on. Could you get a new on from the dresser for me?" Ash asked.

"Why can't you do it yourself?" Pikachu spoke, still embarrassed.

"Because my arm hurts sooo bad, pretty please."

"Fine, I don't understand how having a hurt arm affects your legs though." Pikachu mumbled, as he travelled to the drawers.

"Well, actually, the truth is I'm just very, very lazy."

"You don't have to tell me what I already know" Pikachu replied, his mind more clear now he was facing away. He opened up the second drawer down where Ash left his pyjamas and found it pretty much empty. "Ash, there's no t-shirts in here." Pikachu informed.

"Ah crap, that was my last clean pyjama top. I forgot to put my clothes in the washing basket." Ash spoke, slapping his forehead with almost no force at all.

Pikachu returned to edge of bed, trying not to look at Ash's body. "That's why you should always listen to Delia, Delia knows best, Delia is basically God."

"I don't think God spends its afternoon crying over romance novels. It took her about a month to get over 'The Notebook'."

"Don't tease your mum." Pikachu scolded, poking Ash's shoulder as he sat next to him in bed.

"Sorry, sorry. I should've known you'd be on mum's side, kiss ass." Ash teased.

"Shut up. I'm on your side every other time, even when your wrong." Pikachu replied poking him again, but harder this time.

"Well, I don't think that's enough, you owe me."

"The only thing I owe you is revenge, Ash," and with that Pikachu held his breath, as his hand began tickling Ash's bare torso.

Ash being slightly stronger than Pikachu, managed to grip his wrist. "Not when a man's injured."

"Ugh, you cheater." Pikachu pouted, blowing his blond hair from his eyes.

"How is being injured considered cheating?" Ash questioned, taking his bandaged hand to brush Pikachu's blond hair behind his ear.

"I don't know but somehow you've managed it, cheater."

"Don't call me cheater."

"What you going to do about it, cheater" Pikachu challenged, sticking his tongue out.

Ash rotated his position so that he know lay on top of Pikachu, keeping his weight off his injured arm. "I'll do this."

Their bodies were pressed together and their faces were centimetres apart. Pikachu went bright red at their proximity, eyes caught in the raven's steady gaze. Ash felt amused by the boy's reaction, there was nothing stopping him from kissing the boy underneath him, but he couldn't ignore the nervousness dancing in his honey eyes. Ash knocked their foreheads together, waiting for the moment their breathing became even to gently kiss the tip of his nose...I guess, he couldn't hold back completely.

"Let's get some sleep, okay." Ash suggested, rolling to the side and pulling at the bedside-table lamp switch.

The room was dark but Ash could hear the rub of material as Pikachu nodded. Ash lifted the duvet to cover both of them and made himself comfortable. Ash was watching the glow of the stuck on stars on his ceiling when he heard Pikachu's voice emerge from the silence.


"Mmmm." Ash hummed, lolling his head to the side to see Pikachu's shadow.

"Will things ever be the same again?"

"I'm not sure of anything really, I don't understand how this began in the first place but...but I like human you."

"Really?" Pikachu asked with a slight doubt in tone.

"Yeah, I mean it. Don't you?"

"I...I think so."

"You don't sound so sure." Ash spoke, voice sounding sad.

Pikachu couldn't make out his expression in the dark. "No, I do like being human but I miss the things we used to do."

"We do everything the same, I least I think we do." Ash replied.

"No, Ash, things are different now. I miss being close with you, we were almost like one person and I'm too shy to even hug you."

Ash could hear the honesty but also the nervousness that came with Pikachu being so open. Ash looked on the boy's silhouette fondly, "If you want to hug, we can, you're not the only one that misses that."

"But we're boys. It's always a boy and girl that hug in the movies."

"It's okay. For now, we don't have to think about that." Ash comforted, shuffling closer to Pikachu, draping his arm around the boy, feeling him relax into the hug. "I guess you've never seen Brokeback Mountain then." Ash whispered.

"Huh?" Pikachu mumbled against Ash's bare skin, clinging to his heat.

"Uhh nothing." Ash spoke, laughing inwardly at his joke. "Goodnight."

Nothing else was said, both boys drifted off to sleep more calmly than ever,the sound of their paced breathing filling the room.

Morning came, and a stream of light intensified against Ash's face, beating against his eyelids. Ash slowly adjusted his face away but the pressing light remained. A small groan of annoyance escaped his lips as his eyelashes gradually fluttered open. The first few moments of day were disorientating but he slowly pieced the situation together as he felt a boy nuzzle into his chest.

Ash was laying on his side, his arms embracing Pikachu who was also laying on his side facing him. Ash froze as he looked down to them both together, though the duvet was covering them he could feel their legs entwined. He felt his body ease when he reminded himself of his own consent he gave yesterday but he slowly began to regret not wearing a shirt or even pyjama bottoms as he flopped his head back down on the pillow. What was he going to do? It wasn't like he exactly planned for this but he also far to comfortable to even consider moving. Some things never changed, and being close to Pikachu was one of them, though he was going to have to explain some of societal things sooner or later.

Ash grumbled at the thought of that conversation, he didn't know how he was going to broach the topic about girls and relationships and marriage. He didn't know about half of it himself so how was he meant to teach it, and that would probably mean the end of their closeness. Ash turned into the pillow, scrunching his eyes shut, "Why am I acting like thats a bad thing?" Ash whispered into the fabric.

Ash felt Pikachu adjust himself, pulling up closer, nuzzling into the crook of Ash's neck. He felt the gentle breath blowing on his skin and Ash wished his blush away. Why was he reacting like this? Why did Pikachu make him feel like every bone in his body was jelly? Ash tried his best to push down the needless nervousness, this was an innocent hug, well actually ,maybe more along the lines of an embrace between couples but, really who cares about the fine details? Still, nothing but an innocent hug.

Ash nodded contently as he calmed down, looking out of the window to the cherry blossom tree shivered in the breeze. The sky was a cloudless blue, and the sun was steadily beginning to rise. There was a silhouette of a soaring Pidgey past his window, the sounds of its caw catching in wind.

Ash looked at the blond haired boy beneath him, his eyebrow furrowing. Ash wasn't quite sure but he could of sworn he heard a slight whimper against his skin. Ash paused for a moment feeling his heart pick up ever so slightly, he waited to catch another sound but Pikachu remained silent against him. "Huh?" Ash breathed, it must have been his imagination. Just as he felt himself return back to normal he heard an unmistakable noise, the noise of a slight moan escaping past Pikachu's lips.

Ash froze, was Pikachu awake? Ash lowered his gaze to boy below him but could only see a blonde head of hair, he leaned back to get a better look of Pikachu's face. The boys eyes were shut, his eyelashes fanning across his cheeks, and appeared very much asleep but Ash couldn't help but catch the blush dusting across Pikachu's face, the almost missable laboured breathing.

Ash's mind had short circuited as he heard another whimper, Pikachu's hands that had laid quite innocently at his sides were now snaking behind Ash's back as he adjust himself closer, their legs tangling. Ash held his breath, he should be stopping this, most people by now would have politely moved away, this was clearly crossing the line but Ash remained and what's worse was the feeling of anticipation he felt thrumming through his body, the heat that came from touches on his skin.

Soft lips began brushing along Ash's collarbones, and in the silence of the morning the groan he heard against his skin is one that he cannot mistake as a sleeping mummer. The sound was low and needy and it triggered an illicit reaction in Ash. The raven haired boy swallowed deeply has he felt a swooping sensation in his lower abdomen, the constriction forming in his black briefs. It was too late for Ash. Another soft brush, another heavy breath. The dream Pikachu was having, was obviously a common one amongst teenage boy, but how was that even possible? Pikachu was the most innocent thing Ash had ever seen and yet here he was panting against his body.

Ash knows he should've of stopped it there and then but he didn't, and that's when he heard it...his own name.

"Ash." Pikachu moaned, moving himself closer almost as if to rub their bodies together. Their bodies touch and Ash feels a hardness against his own; a friction that feels so good he bites his lip. This was way past the point of innocent but Ash is long past the point of caring. Ash wants to roll his hips, he wants to feel it again and he's second away from it, when he hears a loud blaring fill the room.

Like a bucket of cold ice, Ash feels himself awaken from his hazed mind as the sound of the alarm clock makes its mark. Oh shit, oh shit, oh crap, oh no, was Ash's thought process as he pulled away from Pikachu as quickly as possible.

Ash franticly leaned towards his bedside table, gripping at the alarm clock and he came toppling to the ground with a thud. The blond boy falling on top of him.

"Ash?" Pikachu spoke, startled. No doubt to whether the boy was fully awake or not.

Ash lay on his back, his head fuzzy from the hit he got from the floorboard, cringing at the continued alarm he had yet to stop. He blindly grasped at the clock, slapping the off button with the intention of killing it and groaned with pain he felt from his bruised arm.

"What are you doing, Ash? Why was the alarm clock on?" Pikachu grumbled on Ash's bare chest.

Ash remembering the incident from before and what he was currently hiding within his briefs, he scrambled to his feet like the floor was on fire, earning himself questioned stare from Pikachu.

"Uhhh...I...I set the alarm last night so we could leave early...and" Ash explained, making sure his hands were covering the obvious bulge. "I'm gonna take a quick shower, I'll be back in a sec." Ash needed to go and he needed to go as soon as humanly possible, he was about to reach the bedroom door when heard Pikachu's voice call him.

"Wait...Ash...d-don't go." Ash turned at the sound of fear. " Ash, I think there's s-something wrong with m-me."

Ash looked onto the boy, who's face had turned a shade of pink. "What is it, Pikachu?"

"I don't know. body hard."

Ash felt the air knocked from his lungs, I guess he should've expected this but the nervous cough made it evident that he hadn't. "Oh, oh that. Umm, that's normal for boys. It''s called morning wood." His voice breaking at the final part.

"Oh." Pikachu was fell silent with thought. "Why...why do I have it? It's making me feel funny."

Ash sighed, roughly rubbing at his eyes. This definitely wasn't the kind of thing he wanted to explain, especially when he had his own red alert situation in his briefs; but if he didn't explain it now Pikachu would be uncomfortable until he did. Tell him quick and painlessly like a plaster.

"Uh, Pikachu boys get these things called erections and they're necessary for sex." Ash frankly stated. He had barely began but Pikachu's face had already reached dangerous shade of red,with eyes shimmering with nervousness. "You have one right now and you get them when your touched in a pleasurable way or sometimes in...dreams. It's okay though, they go away naturally."

Ash hesitated, he pondered telling him about masturbation but from the shocked expression on Pikachu's face he feared it would be too much information, and to be honest it wasn't something he was comfortable with explaining just yet. "You can get rid of it faster if you picture something completely unattractive like, um, I dunno, Professor Oak in a skirt rubbing burritos on a clown." Ash laughed inwardly at the Pikachus traumatised expression. "Or, um, some people like, uh, taking cold showers...personally I think their more affective."

Pikachu's eyes widened, "Wait, Ash, you get them too?"

"Uh yeah, I told you there normal, stop looking at me like that." Ash mumbled, looking down at the floor. "Come on, go take a shower."

"Wait, what, are you sure? I thought you wanted to go first." Pikachu questioned.
"I, um, don't need it." Ash rushed, turning away so Pikachu couldn't get a look at him. He walked to his drawer as he spoke, "Come on, go."

There was a moment of hesitation from Pikachu, "Uh, okay."

From the reflection in the mirror Ash could see Pikachu grab the towel hanging on the chair and make his exit from the bedroom. Ash pretended to rifle through his draws to avoid any eye contact and only caught sight of Pikachu as he left the room. Ash gripped tight the top of the cabinet and sighed with frustration.

Professor Oak in a skirt rubbing burritos on a clown! Professor Oak in a skirt rubbing burritos on a clown!

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