Lies and a disguise

I pull my skirt down nervously; I've been ordered to wear a short skirt and a revealing shirt for this meeting. I have the name on a note which I carry in my handbag; Peeta Mellark. Of course I recognize the name.

The boy with the bread, the blonde haired eleven years old who threw me the bread has, twenty years, called the official Capitol Escort System under his own name asking for the least qualified woman for sex. And that woman is me.

Though I know I will recognize him, I don't think he will recognize me. Since I turned eighteen, I moved to the Capitol to be an escort so I could send money home to my mother.

Being an escort in Panem had a good pay, but a bad reputation; obviously. In the Capitol, every man or woman above 21 is likely to have used an escort at least once. I'm not sure where Peeta Mellark lives now – they never tell the escorts in case the man or woman receiving the sex rapes them and they want revenge – but it's likely to be in either District 12 or the Capitol.

The elevator opens on the top floor of an apartment block. I had to get a train here, but it was not a long trip; I'm guessing Peeta Mellark now lives on the outskirts of the Capitol. I walk slowly along the corridor; in our escort training, we're taught to memorize our surroundings so we know all of the exits, just in case we are held hostage and manage to escape.

I knock twice on the door that I was told to go to; 3rd door on the left on the 12th floor. I stand back nervously and then the door swings open.

Peeta Mellark; he has messy blonde hair and he is still handsome. He was in the 74th hunger games with my sister, Prim, who I let die. The sister who I could have volunteered for but didn't, and Peeta Mellark won.

"You're the girl?" Peeta asks, and I nod. "You'll do. Feel free to come in."

I walk in after Peeta and he closes the door behind me. Even with my first client, I have never felt as nervous as this. His apartment is nice, but very Capitol-ish. I'm sure he lives on the outskirts of the Capitol now.

"How long do I have your services for?" Peeta asks me.

"The entire night, sir," I reply, placing my handbag on a hook on the back of his door. "You have a lovely apartment,"

"Thank you," He says. "And if we have all night, I'll order some food, shall I?" He goes into his kitchen and flicks up a lid which contains a button. He presses it down and speaks clearly and slowly. "I'll have the two number fives, please,"

Seconds later, his kitchen counter opens up and two extravagant meals appear on two plates. Chicken drizzled in sauce with steamed vegetables and potatoes. He carries them both to his dining room table and I follow, feeling out of place in my slutty clothes, when he says, "You will eat naked, please." Peeta says. He doesn't sound embarrassed; he's done this before. "But leave the heels on, they are rather pretty."

I wiggle out of my skirt, pull of the lingerie shirt, and walk over to the dining room table completely nude apart from the shoes. His eyes linger on my breasts as I sit opposite him. He places a plate in front of me.

"So," He says, slicing the chicken into cubes on his plate. "Tell me about yourself."

"I don't have much to tell," I say honestly. The chair is high enough that my breasts almost rest on top of the table. "I'm from the Capitol but-"

"Liar," Peeta says, chewing his chicken. "I can tell you're from District Twelve; the hair, the eyes, the skin. I am, too. You lived on the Seam?"

"Yes," I say, taken aback. "But only until I was sixteen. My family and I managed to move to the Capitol under the president's orders,"

"Oh, really?" Peeta seems to believe this. "That is a strange request from the president himself. Is there any reason why he did this?"

"When I was sixteen, the president did a sweep of all of the women in all of the districts and apparently he thought I was willing to do anything to feed my family, which I was, so here I am," I bite into a potato and chew as I watch his reaction to my lie; he doesn't seem to think I am saying anything but the truth.

"Do you enjoy being an escort?" Peeta asks me.

I shrug. "It has its ups and downs, I suppose, but so does every job."

"We need to talk about your limits," Peeta says after a few moments of silence as we both eat. "Anything you are not willing to do. It did not specify your limits in your notes."

"I am open to anything as long as there is a safe word." I tell him; he sounds pleased at this. "What would you like it to be?"

"Bread," Peeta says, and my eyes meet his a second before they fall back to my plate. "Panem is Latin for bread, and it is a word that would not usually come up in sexual encounters."

"Perfect," I say, but all I can think of is the boy with the bread, and how in a few hours, we're going to be having sex. "What about you? Tell me about yourself."

He swallows and takes a sip of wine. "My name is Peeta Mellark; I lived in District 12 until I was entered into the 74th Hunger Games and won. I lived in Victors Village until I was twenty three before I decided that a move to the Capitol would be suitable for my business, so I did it, and here I am."

I take a sip of my own wine. "What does your business involve?"

"Mellark Industries is a company where girls are sold to wealthy customers as wives," Peeta says. I pretend to act as if this is the norm. "It is very popular among the older people in the Capitol."

"Have you found yourself a wife in your company?" I ask.

His eyes meet mine. "No," He says. "I'm still looking."

I take another sip of my wine to avoid his gaze. Is this what he does? Get escorts and decide whether they are marriage material? I never get the chance to ask, because he rises from his seat. "In the bathroom, you will find the items I want you to wear."

"Excellent," I rise from my seat.

"Hold on," He says, and he marvels at my naked body. After having a lot of men doing the same, it doesn't make me uncomfortable. He walks over to me and kisses me vigorously, and my tongue finds itself in his mouth, and one of his hands weaves its way between my thighs. After about a minute of this, he pulls away. "I'll give you two minutes, and in the bedroom, call me Mr. Mellark,"

I go into the bathroom and lock the door behind me. In the bathroom, there is nothing but a gag and a vibrator sitting on the toilet seat. I put the gag in my mouth, knot it at the back of my head, and switch the vibrator on, and push it into myself. I have to hold onto the shower curtain because the vibration feels so good, and then I unlock the door and walk towards the bedroom.

Peeta is waiting. The bedroom looks a normal space; two doors leading off into two separate rooms, one I assume is a bathroom. There is a sofa at the end of the bed.

"What a welcome sight," Peeta says. "Come here." I walk towards him and he pulls off his tie. He uses it to tie my wrists together. "No talking unless I tell you too." He touches the gag. "Not that you can,"

It occurs to me that with the gag in my mouth, I can't use the safe word, but there is something about Peeta which comforts me, and I'm not sure what. "Follow me," He says, and he opens the door to a room which is completely painted white apart from a painted red cross on the floor. There is a bed in the centre.

"Kneel," He says, so I kneel. "Hands behind your head, knees apart, and breasts pushed out." I do what he asks. The vibrator is making my vision go blurry; I've only ever used one before. The door closes silently behind us. I think the room is soundproof.

He opens a box I hadn't noticed he was carrying. It is large and painted white like the room. I see it if full of whips and sex toys. My heart beats with anticipation. He walks over to me and pulls the gag out of my mouth. "Are you okay with the use of sex toys?"

"Yes, Mr. Mellark," I breathe. He reaches to my sex and pulls the vibrator out; it is lubricated with my juices.

He then pushes it into my ass, causing me to gasp; when I do so, he slaps my ass, causing me to flinch, but I don't cry out again. He starts to slowly unbutton his suit pants. "I have sex in three stages," He tells me. "I first do oral; then vaginal; then anal. Understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Mellark," I say.

He pushes his jeans down, along with his boxer shorts. I hadn't noticed the raging erection there. He offers me his shaft, and I take it, sucking on the end, and then taking him deeper into my mouth, massaging his balls with my hands. "Oh, yeah, baby," He pushes himself further down my throat, and I almost choke on him, but when I make a slight noise, he slaps me again. "You can scream later," He whispers.

I start to pump my hand along his dick too, moving my head fast against his cock, and he moans, pumping his hips harder and faster so his dick is forced down my throat, and then, he erupts inside of me, and I swallow it, licking my lips.

"Excellent," He murmurs. His hands part my ass cheeks and he pulls out the vibrator. He tosses it to the other side of the room. "Now," He pulls my legs out from under me so I'm lying on the floor and roughly pushes himself into me. He presses his hand against my mouth so I don't moan in pleasure and his thumb stimulates my clit.

"Soon," He says. He is slamming into my with such force I can feel the pleasure at the back of my teeth. He puts my leg over his shoulder and slams into me continuously; my back arches and my vision blurs. I feel the build-up and he must sense it, too, because on the last second, before I explode, he slams his mouth against his, and I moan as I release.

"Round two, completed," He says, though I'm confused, because I could feel his build-up, too, but he never bothered to finish. Gasping from my orgasm, he puts the gag back in my mouth. "I don't use lube, by the way; grip onto the bed frame."

And he slams into my ass, over and over until I am screaming with pleasure, and he must like the sound because it makes him go faster, and then I orgasm, and then seconds later he orgasms, and then I collapse onto the floor.

"Done," He says. I have never felt so drained in my entire life. He lifts me up, pulls off the heels and yanks out the gag, and puts me onto the bed. "Night," and then the lights go off and I fall asleep in the strange room with the vibrator still buzzing on the floor.