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The Awkward Moment 2

Tests. What was the point in them really? So teachers could see how well you were doing? But they did that anyway in lessons. If people would maybe just learn to think that way, he wouldn't have to put up with Sorbet nagging about revision and Chai worrying about his grade and Zara feeling sorry for him whenever he had another detention for his poor grade and Mokka saying that; "if you carry on like this you'll be repeating third year again."

He was just so fed up with it all. At least Lavender didn't care one way or another what happened to him during those tests. "Why should I care what someone else gets?"

So here he was now, staring at his test paper, wondering what the point of all this was while hoping the answers would just jump out of thin air. Then, when he looked at the whole thing in a different perspective, he just laughed. He laughed so much other people started looking at him.

"The awkward moment during a test and you don't know any of the answers so you just start laughing because you know you're screwed. That is what happened to Pico" Mokka scribbled on his test so the teacher would know… as if they didn't already.