Okay, everybody calm down, I know you're upset. A new chapter for Together Forever will be up in a few days, I will explain my absence then. In the meantime, I came up with this idea and I had to get it posted. I hope you guys enjoy street racing teens from Berk!

It was Hiccup's junior year of high school, had been waiting for this day for forever. He had finally passed his driver's test and he had gotten his license. As he sped down route 405 at 98 mph, he thought about his first tries. He had failed the first three attempts for several reasons, illegal car modifications, speeding, and drifting into the parallel parking spot. This time, however, he had toned it down a bit, and passed with flying colors, albeit his picture was atrocious, but it went perfectly overall.

The thing that was so important about having his license was that now he could race. Yes, racing was illegal, and yes, it was dangerous, but it was just so damn fun!

Hiccup had grown up in the racing scene. His dad, Stoick owned a garage in Santa Monica that specialized in modifications of questionable legality and had quickly become the epicenter of Los Angeles's underground racing world. Stoick's garage named "Berk's Garage" for reasons unknown, often organized and hosted racing events ranging from drag races down Hollywood Boulevard, to drifting in Beverly Hills, to rally cross in Death Valley, Hiccup's dad had his fingers in every pie.

Hiccup was born with motor oil in his veins, he could take apart and rebuild an engine block by the time he was 7. He had been put behind the wheel as soon as he could reach the pedals at 9 years old. By the time he was ten, he had perfected manual transmission, instinctively double clutching and shifting perfectly.

When he was 13, Stoick had given Hiccup his first car, a 1993 Mazda RX-7 that he had won from his friend Gobber in a race. Over the years, Hiccup had modified it tremendously, the day he received it, he installed K&M cold air intakes, a new HKS intercooler, and a Borla exhaust. Over the course of his first year of high school, he replaced the stock single turbo with an HKS dual turbo, widened the chambers on the engine block, given it four inch pistons, new valves and a new camshaft. He had also added a rear spoiler, a new hood, a roof scoop, a bodykit, and a rollcage. On the inside were Bride racing seats, a Momo steering wheel, nitrous oxide, and hiccup had removed anything unnecessary from the interior such as the spare tire and rear seats, although he had kept the sound system and replaced it with higher quality speakers. Under the car were Eibach lowering springs and performance shocks, Brembo brakes, purple neon underglow, and O.Z. Superllegra wheels. Everything on the car was black. Over the course of the previous year, Hiccup had systematically removed every single body panel from the car, molded it, and re-cast it in black carbon fiber, with three extras for each body panel that he made. He had named the monster "The Nightfury" and his license plates said NITEFRY. His car could top 196 mph and go 0 to 60 in 3.7 seconds, running a quarter mile in just over 8 seconds, the nightfury was pretty much unstoppable. And now it would finally be revealed to the world.

Okay guys, that was just a short intro blurb, depending on your reviews and PM feedback, I will decide whether to continue the story or not. Don't worry about Hiccup being too strong or anything, he's still a dweeb at school ;-).