Thorin's Heart ~ Epilogue

The days grew sweeter as the years passed by. The kingdom of Erebor was the most magnificent kingdom in middle earth and its halls were full of laughter and hope. Kale's belly had already begun to grow with a promise of another little one in their future. They walked in her forest holding hands as their children danced around them. Kieran was just as sweet as Kale and everyone, including the animals, adored her carefree loving spirit. Her song was just as beautiful as her mother's and she would sing to Thorin every night lying in his arms.

Thalon was proving to be just as strong and courageous as his father, already at 4 years old, he was a skilled bowman and strong swordsman. Kili and Fili would practice with him every day and Thorin would let him know how proud he was of him. As he watched them, he knew as the years passed, his kingdom was secure in such a strong line of Durin.

The day she had them the kingdom rejoiced. It was awful and just about killed her but nothing she wouldn't do over again to bring them into the world. It was spring and they were walking in the forest letting her pick flowers. Thorin had sat under a tree sharpening Orcrist keeping her in his sight. He had stopped to just watch her not being able to focus on what he was doing. Her little body had filled out some and her belly was round and precious. It made her more beautiful than ever. He loved the look of her carrying their babies. He was silently thanking God whenever he saw her basket of flowers fall and she doubled over in pain crying his name. He picked her up swiftly and carried her all the way back for help silently praying that she would be alright. They were anxiously ready for this day but scared at the same time. Gwaihir had sensed her pain and was there swiftly to add them but Thorin was already at the gate. He told Thorin he would travel swiftly to go get Brakin and Rafe.

Dis had helped deliver a baby in the Blue Mountains and was there to help. Dwarf fathers were not usually present in the rooms of their wives while having babies. Even the strongest of them would crumble at such pain. Thorin demanded to be by her side the whole time and the hours were long and fierce, but he never let go of her hand and encouraged her to hold on.

The sound of their cries was heart stopping and Thorin remembered Gandalf saying it was their love brought to life. The old wizard could never have been more right as he held his life in his arms. He held them both all night while Kale slept and recovered. He could not bear that she had been in such pain, but was so honored to have such a wife that would give him these blessings.

Kale awoke the next morning to see Thorin asleep with them in his arms and her heart had never been filled with so much happiness. Everywhere they went from that day forward they had the twins in their arms. It was a joyous day in the kingdom whenever Thorin announced their birth. It brought the kingdom to their knees as they bowed before the heirs of Durin. Kale stood by Kili and Fili and watched Thorin hold them up before their people. She was moved to tears at the sight of her husband and had never been so proud of the father he had become. These days of their life, was heaven on earth.

As evening drew in, they made their way back into the kingdom for supper and then to their chambers. He held Kieran in his rocker as she sang sweetly to him twirling her fingers in his hair and then as she would yawn, he would sing to her in return until she closed her eyes. After he knew she had fallen asleep he lay her in their bed in a room that joined to theirs that he had built before they were born. He lifted a sleeping Thalon that was in the bed beside his mother and smiled as he thought to himself, their bed had been full since the day they had them. He had never felt so blessed and loved as to wake in the night with their babies between them and see her asleep with them in her arms. The peaceful nights seemed precious as he kissed them both saying a prayer of protection over them and then he blew out their candle and made his way back to their bed.

Kale smiled sleepily at him from under the covers and curled around his body to feel his warmth, as he snuggled into the bed. He kissed her softly cradling her into his arms and then softly rubbed her belly praying for their new baby warm inside. He looked at her necklace that she never took off, like his ring. He had made it for her madly the night she left, melting and pounding pure gold into a heart shaped piece adding faucets of jewels that were his mother's. He designed it in the shape of a bird encircled in a crescent moon and chiseled on the back of it said, Thorin's Heart. Besides his ring, it was the only treasure she ever wore since their wedding day. Kale loved it because he had made it for her but she refused to ever enter the treasure chambers again, scared of the power it held.

They talked about the happiness of their day and the promise of their future. As night wore on and he blew out the candle beside them, he surrendered himself to her as he did every night before consuming themselves in love, and praying that the rest of their days would always be as precious as his family was to him. They would forever be, Thorin's Heart.