"Wow, Japan sure is crowded." said my companion. I looked him over and felt he hadn't changed much since I met him. Well except that he almost never pranks again. He was at my chin and wearing a brown coat, similar to mine, that most magi use when traveling. He had shoulder length red hair but tied it up in a low bushy ponytail

Negi Springfield, is his name. He has just passed his test to be a probationary mage, but unfortunately, his next test was to be a teacher in Japan. Yeah, doesn't sound so hard for a person that can use magic right? Well, Negi is actually only a 10 year old boy, so you see how near impossible that is. Oh yeah, there's also the fact that Negi was born and raised in England. So he is a little out of his element here. Luckily for him, he's got me, Minato Aoyama. I am fourteen and pretty short for my age, have a messy mop of black hair, though not as long as Negi's or Nagi's, and have blue eyes.

I was born in Japan and raised little of my life here. When I was four, a nice lady came and took me out of the orphanage I was staying at. Her name was Tsuruko Aoyama, and she is a great swordswoman, and the head of the Shinmei-ryu school of martial arts as far as I know now. Ever since I saw an anime, I had been practicing using a stick as a sword and usually trained in the backyard of the orphanage. Apparently, she had seen me practice and decided that I had great potential to be a swordsman, and even made me her first apprentice. I was honored and decided to do my best, though her sister doesn't take too kindly to me

Along with being her apprentice, she had asked me to take care of a little girl by the name of Konoka Konoe along with one of the students of the sword school, Setsuna Sakurazaki. Sensei said that she had faith in Setsuna, but she would be reassured if I also helped. I agreed and the three of us became fast friends. Of course, Setsuna and I were always teasing each other, yet we always spoiled little Konoka, even though she was our age…

After a year and a half of being with them, Sensei said it was time for me to continue training. I had a tearful goodbye with Konoka and even Setsuna, even though we both were a little bit embarrassed.

Even during our travels and training, we always stopped by and visited Konoka and Setsuna. They were always happy to see me.

After another year and a half of training, traveling and helping Sensei with missions, she decided that I needed to travel and do missions on my own. She gave me a katana specially made for me as a reward for enduring her training and as a going away present. I named it Hoshizora No Yozora, (Starry Night Sky,) thanked her and left, intending to come back and challenge Sensei when I became the best swordsman I could be.

I traveled the world by myself, honing my skills by challenging many kendo gyms and swordsmen, and surviving in dangerous places. Most people would call this crazy, but I just call this another Monday… I still visited the girls whenever I could and they appreciated it, until a certain incident occurred…

The result of this incident were the elders using magic to force Konoka to forget what happened, and Setsuna becoming a little distant from me, and creating a huge gap between her and Konoka. I decided to stop visiting the girls, thinking that it would be dangerous to have me near Konoka in fear of me triggering a memory relapse in Konoka. I hadn't seen them since…

After three years of traveling by my self, I met up with Negi's father, Nagi. He asked me if I wanted to travel with him, after he bailed me out of a big problem, and I decided to accept. He told me stories of his adventures and even confessed to me the existence of Magi. My traveling with him lasted about a year, during which I met his friends and helped people around the world. He even told me about some of his little adventures.

One day we came upon the village which Nagi's son, Negi, was residing in and found that demons were attacking it. Me and Nagi quickly dispatched every demon there was, though I was injured. That day Nagi gave Negi his staff and asked me to stay and protect Negi for him. As the man's friend, I accepted and ever since, had been living with him and Akane-chan. I had been curious if I could use magic and Akane-chan offered to teach me. My magic teachers were Negi, Akane-chan, and a girl about Negi's age named, Anya.

Two years later, Negi and Anya graduated the magic training academy and had gotten their scrolls that would be their next test to see if they could become full fledged Magister Magi. Anya's was a fortune teller in London and Negi's was… well you guessed it, a teacher in Japan. Most of us protested saying that Negi couldn't become a teacher but the headmaster would not relent. So, Negi decided he would do it.

The headmaster made a deal with me by saying that if I were to accompany Negi, he would consider me a probationary magi, having learned that I was learning magic, he made me take the test to which I barely passed with my limited knowledge. So, I would have the same assignment as Negi, as well as the privileges of being a probationary mage. If I am able to help him pass, he would pass me at the same time. It was a win-win situation for both of us. I would help and protect Negi for him and in return, he would help me become a Magister Magi. I guess even the headmaster, Negi's grandfather, was worried for him.

So here we are on a train heading towards Mahora Academy.

"Hey Negi. Did you notice that we are the only males on this train?" I asked as I look around. It was true I hadn't seen a single other guy enter or leave this train.

"Now that you mention it, I suppose you are right. But remember that Onee-san told us to be polite to women during our stay here." he said, right before he was squished between to girls.

They saw him and me and started whispering and giggling before they smiled at us.

"Hey are guys new here? Cause the only stops left are the middle and high schools. So, your little brother might have missed his stop." said one of the girls.

"Uh…no…um." was Negi, trying to answer her. As I was about to tell her about our little "job" transfer, Negi started preparing for one of his mage sneezes. Now Negi is still young so he can't really control his magic yet. Because of that, when Negi sneezes he accidentally lets out some of his magic by creating a gust of wind.

"Achoo!" Negi sneezed… in a train cart full of middle and high school girls… you can probably tell what happened but I''ll tell those who don't. Negi's sneeze unfortunately sent a gust of wind, blowing all the girls' skirts up.

I looked on shocked and flushed in the face and only snapped out of my stupor when I felt the killing intent of the girls in the cart. I felt something trickle down my nose and instantly found out that I had gotten a nose bleed… in front of a cart full of girls…well…damn.

"Damn you, Negi." I hissed right before I was punched, slapped, kicked, stomped, and mauled by thirteen or so girls. To make matters worse, our stop arrived. I cursed Negi as I felt the feet of 100 or so girls stampede over me. I dragged myself out the exit and checked to make sure the sword on my waist was secure. I found Negi waiting for me next to the train with an apologetic smile over his face. I waved him off as I stood up and dusted my self off. I would take a lot more than a couple of girls stomping me for a full minute before I kicked the bucket. Sensei beat the endurance right into me.

I looked at my wrist watched and cursed. "Come on Negi, were going to be late!" I told him, and we used Shundo speed us up. Shundo is just focusing magic to the bottom of our feet and using it to give us a boost of speed.

As we were running, Negi perked up and looked in the direction of two girls. One had two long orange ponytails and the other had long brown hair. Negi started running up to them and I ran after him. The two took notice of us and we both gave them a smile.

"Excuse me." he said to the one with orange hair, "Your love will be unrequited." he told her.

"Eh?" she responded, shocked, as I face faulted. Negi!? Do you have a death wish!?

Now Sensei didn't just teach me how to fight. No, she also taught me the inner workings of a maiden's heart, though it is still a mystery to me, and that is something you should NOT say to a girl. Thinking back on it, I should have taught Negi the same thing Sensei taught me…

"Wh…Wh…" she stuttered before she completely exploded at Negi, "What did you say you, brat!?"

Negi yelped and took a step back. I looked at the girl as she started yelling at Negi. It seemed she has heterochromatic. Her right eye was green, while her left was a dark blue, almost violet. Huh… darn she was a bit taller than me. I hope I'm at least taller than her friend. I looked over at her and noticed she had been staring at me. She looked away with a small blush on her face. Hmm… it looks like were about the same height.

She had dark brown hair, and chocolate eyes. All in all, she is pretty cute….and for some reason familiar. She looked back at me and I had to look back at Negi and the other girl while trying to hide my blush.

"Hey, come on, Asuna he's just a kid and look, his brother is right here." the girl with brown hair said. The other girl now dubbed as, Asuna, whipped her head towards me.

"You," she said as she grabbed my shirt and pulled me towards her, "tell your little brother to take back what he said to me." she said as she shook me.

"What are you doing here little one? The primary school was at the previous station." the girl not trying to kill me said to Negi.

Asuna then let me go and turn back to Negi, grabbed him by the head and lifted him up…Impressive.

"That's right, this is the all girls school in the deepest part of Mahora Academy District." she said as she put Negi down and grabbed the front of his shirt. " So that means BOTH of you have got to leave now." she said, emphasizing the both in the sentence.

'What a violent girl. I thought all Japanese women were supposed to gentle and kind.' thought Negi.

"Well we have things to do now so you two have a safe trip home." said the brown haired, GENTLE, girl.

"Good bye, brat" Asuna said to Negi. "Good bye, brat's brother." she said to me.

"That'll be enough, Asuna." said a voice coming from the building behind us. I recognize that voice!

We all turned around to find a man with spiky short light brown hair, but if you looked closely you could see graying hairs. His eyelids drooped halfway down his eyes, giving him a laid back sort of appearance. This was Takamichi Takahata.

"Hey, Negi-kun, Minato-kun." he waved at us. Instantly Asuna let Negi go and bowed to Takamichi. With a flushed face I might add. The other girl did the same, minus the flush.

"G-ood morning." "Good morning!" they both said.

"Takamichi, you old nut, how's it been." "Long time no see, Takamichi." Me and Negi greeted him.

"Y-You guys know each other!?" asked a shocked Asuna.

"Welcome to Mahora Academy. It's a nice place ins't it…Negi-sensei…Minato-sensei?" Takamichi asked.

"Eh…two…sensei?" the brown haired girl said.

"Ah, that's right." Negi coughs, "I will be teaching English at this school. My name is Negi Springfield." he says as he bows, and I take over.

"And I'm the assistant of the little professor here." I say and pat Negi's head. "My name is Minato Aoyama."

A few second later… "EH?!" yells Asuna, though the other girl looks shocked too.

"Wait a minute! These two brats are teachers!?" she says and she grabs us both by our shirts.

"Hey! Who you calling a brat?! I yell as the other girl tries to calm Asuna down.

"Don't worry Asuna they're both actually pretty smart." says Takamichi.

"But sensei…" she tries to talk but Takamichi continues.

"It also seems that from today onwards, they're going to be taking Class A instead of me."

Asuna seemed crestfallen at this bit of news. While the other girl just looked my ways.

"You've got to be kidding me! I don't want these two! Just awhile back the smaller brat said 'Lov-…um… something really rude to me!"

"Ah, but, it's true.." says Negi.

"It's not true!" she yells as she grabs Negi by the shirt…again. "I hate kids! Especially annoying fleas like you." she yells at Negi.

'Ah, that was rude. And I was nice enough to tell her, her fortune…' Negi thought before the end of Asuna's hair tickled Negi's nose.

'Ah. This isn't going to end well…' I thought as I grabbed the other girls arm and pulled out of Negi's blast zone. She looked like she had a confused look on her face.

"Achoo!" he sneezed and blasted…more like shredded Asuna's School Uniform.

I looked away from the sight of Asuna in her bra and…panties.

'Bear panties?' three people thought, as Asuna dropped to the ground, covered herself, and screamed.


"Principle! What is the meaning of this?" asked Asuna, now clad in her gym uniform.

"Ah, if it isn't Asuna-Chan." said the near bald principle. Me and Negi explained our circumstances, omitting the magi parts.

"I see…your training was to become a teacher in Japan… and yours was to help young Negi here." he said as he stroked his beard. "They've gave you two quite a task. But first you must gain some practical experience… Let's make from today to March." he said and we both nodded.

"By the way Negi-kun, Minato-kun. Do either of you have a girlfriend yet? What do you think of her?" he said gesturing to the brown haired girl. "She's my granddaughter. Konoka Konoe.

My heart just stopped when the old man said her name. I knew why she was familiar…She had definitely grown from the last time I saw her that's for sure. And if she's here, then that must mean…

Konoka grabs a hammer from out of nowhere and strikes the principle's head. Although, Konoka had looked at me for a bit before striking her grandfather. Thankfully, I made sure to keep my face normal to make sure Konoka didn't see that I recognized her.

"Wait a minute, please!" said Asuna. "I… isn't it kind of odd for a kid younger and somebody our age doing the job of a teacher. And our homeroom teacher too."

The principle looks at us and starts, "Negi-kun, Minato-kun… This job will probably be very difficult… If it is too hard, you both will have to return home. There are no second chances. Are prepared to accept that."

"Yes sir." "Y-yes! I'll do it!" Me and Negi reply.