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"Konoka…?" I called out to her.

She took one step, then another, then more until she was standing in front of me, still staring at my face.

Then, with a dream-like expression and a flushed face, she said. "I never told you this before Mina-kun, but you are just so cute."

And I…blinked…blinked again…and blinked one more time then, "Eh?"

All three of us looked at her with a confused expression on our face. What did she just say…?

Then, without warning, I was enveloped in a hug.

"Whoa! Careful there Konoka-hime!" I say as grab her to steady us. She didn't just hug me, she tackled me!

"Mina-kun…I love you…"


"EH!?" I yelled, my face burning in embarrassment.

As she rubbed her face against mine, I looked to Negi and Asuna for help… but they just stood there in shock…. My heroes….

"Konoka, are you alright? W-why would yo…!" The potion! "Negi! The potion! Don't look at any othe…"

I looked over to Negi to warn him… only to see Inchou presenting Negi a big bouquet of roses…

Then I noticed something that really scared me.

…Three love-struck girls peeking at us from over Asuna's shoulder…

"Negi…" I say as I hold off a love-obsessed Konoka from hugging me again.

"Yes, Minato…?" he says as he calmly takes a few steps back from Inchou. God, are those hearts in her eyes!?

"RUN!?" As soon as I yell this, both Negi and I dash out the door that Konoka had left open.

"Sensei, come back! You would look good in this shirt I made just for you!"

"Sensei! Please have some of this strawberry shortcake I made in Home Ec!"

"Mina-kun, wait up. I want to show you how much I love you!" ("Keep your love to yourself!")

Asuna sweat dropped as she saw the two idiots and their 'admirers' run out of the room.

'I can't believe it…That really was a love potion! And I gave it to them!?'

Asuna sighed as another plan to have Takahata-sensei love her was thwarted. She stared at the door they had left through. 'I should probably find those idiots before they do something stupid.'

With that thought, Asuna ran out of the room.

"Asuna-san! Help!" Negi screamed as we ran from the girls chasing us.

"I don't think she's going to help Negi!" I tell him and dodge Konoka's arms again.

"What else do you suggest we do!?" Negi asked and moved out of the way of Makie Sasaki's ribbon.

Who knew those things could be used capture somebody…

"The only thing we can do… Run like our lives depended on it!"

"I think at this point, they do!"

"SENSEI!" We heard behind us.

We screamed in fear of our innocence as we ran. My eyes widened as saw what was in front of us, and then I had a plan.

"Negi, look! The hallway split's a few meters ahead of us. You go right and I'll go left!"

Negi looks away from the girls and looks forward then nods. "We meet back up at the Faculty Office. I think we'll be safe there."

I nod back at him then run into the right path while Negi goes into the other one.

A few meters ahead, and I take a chance to look back. I expect to find at least Konoka chasing me, but no one is there for some reason.

I slow to stop and wonder in horror if Negi was chased by all the girls.

"Oh no…Oh no! What will Nekane says if I let those girls capture Negi… What would Aya do to me!" I pale in color at the thought.

"Huh? Chibi-san, wha-"

"I'm not that short!" I yell in reflex at the perpetrator of the insult.

Setsuna stares back at me with a smirk. "Really, you need to grow out of that height complex."

"Shut up. I can't help it. Your insults scarred me enough to hate my height." I glare at her.

"Yeah, yeah. Now, what were you running from? It looked like you were running from a ghost…" she asked me.

"I was running from three lovestruck students who wanted me." I tell th-

"Snkr. S-sorry… but that lie was bad enough that I couldn't help but laugh."

…At the very least, let me finish the dialogue or the story…

"I'm telling the truth! And how is hard to believe that I can get girls to like me?!"

"Because…!" All of a sudden, Setsuna's face became expressionless then she turned around and proceeded to walk away.

"Setsuna…" I was about to follow her, but the most horrifying thing I ever could have heard right now, stopped me.

"Minaaa-kuuuuunnnnn." I quickly turned and saw Konoka coming at me at terrifying speed.

What's more is that she had her roller skates on… Oh, this is going to hurt…


"Ow… Konoka, are you alr-alri-al-alri…" …Pink…

Bad position… I really hope Setsuna didn't see that.

"Found you Mina-kun." Konoka quickly turned around and hugged me again.

…Not this again…

"Konoka-hime, could you please let go…" I ask politely.

"No… If I let you go, you'll just run away again.…" Konoka said.

Of course I'd run away… Your hugs- scratch that, tackles will end up breaking me…Now I just need to find an opening…

"Come on Mina-kun. Will you let me show you how much I love you." My face reddened as I saw her face getting closer and closer…

Konoka looked at her childhood friend and moved her face closer to his.

She watched his face grow red and couldn't help but smile at how cute he looked.

"Mina-kun…" she closed her eyes and closed the distance…

…Or so she thought.

She opened her eyes after she heard. "CHANCE! HAHA!"

She looked at direction she came from to see him running at full speed, laughing all the way.

Konoka couldn't help smiling again. He was such a kid… Getting embarrassed over a little kiss…

Well, she didn't mind him playing a little hard to get.

She got up and giggled a bit as she roller skated after him.

"Minaaaa-kuuuunnnn!" she called out.

Setsuna blinked. Rubbed her eyes. Then blinked again…

She hadn't known Ojou-sama loved the Chibi. Well, there were those times where Konoka would wait until midnight, to see if Minato came to visit. Those were on the days he would usually visit.

Had she really not paid enough attention to Konoka that she missed something like this?

…Or was it the work of that attraction spell that was placed on him?

Setsuna glared in the direction he had run off to. Oh, he would pay for making Ojou-sama into a love-struck idiot…

I laughed as I walked. I was able to get away, with not a moment to spare too. If i had stayed even a little longer, I would have been Konoka's first kiss…

Oh no… Memories resurfaced in my mind…

NO! Block it out…!

Okay, memories locked away again…

Once I got a hold of myself, I remembered my promise to Negi.

"That's right. The faculty office." I said aloud.

I turned left at the next intersection, that being the quickest route to the office… only to be face to face with two of the girls I had lost earlier…

"Uh o-"


I screamed and hightailed it out of there with the girls on my tail.

"Sensei, wait! We just want to love you!" one of them yelled.

"If you girls haven't forgotten, I'm your teacher. It wouldn't be appropriate!"

"So we meet again, my sweet."

I quickly whip my head around to my left to see… Konoka!

"How did you catch up!?" I yell in fear as she tries to hug me again.

I quickly take a fork in the hallway while Konoka keeps going straight. But the other girls follow.

"Damn it. What did I do to deserve this…"

Just as I turn left into another hallway, I see another girl. But I wouldn't mistake that purple hair anywhere.

"Sensei? Why are you running?" Nodoka asks and starts to follow me.

"Well, let's just say I'm playing a little game, and the objective is not to get caught by the girls."

Nodoka stares at me in confusion for a second, but then grabs my hand and suddenly takes a right turn.

"If that's the case, follow me."

Is she going to help me?

The place she takes me too ends up being the library. Duh! Why didn't I think of this before! This place is perfect to hide in!

"Thank you, Miyazaki-san." I say after catching my breath.

Man those girls made me run a marathon…

"I-It's nothing… I've locked the door, and I'm the one with the key, so we should be safe." she reassures me.

I nod at her then start to look around. This place is huge… I can spend entire year here, and still not be finished with every book.

"This place is amazing. Now I appreciate your gift even more now Miyazaki-san. I'll definitely come here again to check out a book." I tell her.

"Yes. The Academy has quite a history… It was established long ago by the people from Europe. Because of the long history, there should be more in storage. But, not even this measures up to the library for the University. Now that, is impressive." Miyazaki explained as I walked around the library.

"I see. I'd like to see it for myself. Maybe you can give me a tour Miyazaki-san." I ask her with a smile.

She looks at me in shock first, then her face becomes flushed. She takes a step and then another…wait, where have seen this before?

!? Konoka! Ah! The Potion is still in effect!

"M-Miyazaki-san…" I back away slowly.

She follows me, a cute smile on her face.

"Minato…sensei…" Oh no…

"What do you mean he wasn't at the faculty office!?" Asuna yells/asks Negi.

"I meant what I said. Minato's not there. Auuu… I hope he's not in trouble…" Negi says and starts to panic a bit.

"Calm down. He couldn't have gotten that far. Now let's go look for him. I don't want him causing trouble to any of the othe-"

"Minato-sensei!" Asuna is interrupted by a voice.

"Th-That was Honya's voice. Come on!" Asuna yells and runs of in the direction of the library.

Negi follows, all the while wondering. 'Who is Honya?'

I start to back away faster as Nodoka starts to advance faster. The look on her face… Yep, that's the same love struck look on the other girls…

"Miyazaki-san, calm down. You're not in the right mind…" I try reasoning with her.

"Minato-sensei." No good… She won't listen…


I look behind me to see I had walked backwards into a bookshelf… And now, said bookshelf appears to be tipping over, ready to squash us both…

"Miyazaki-san!" I jump towards her and feel the bookshelf smash against my back.

…Ow… That was like taking a hit by Tsuruko-sensei…

When the dust settles, I see that Nodoka is under me, staring at me again… Though in this current position, I can't move without the bookshelf, that is crushing my back, also crushed Nodoka.

"Miyazaki-san, are you alright?" I ask, worried.

"Yes, I am…" She says, and…starts leaning her head forward…

Oh no…Is she going to…? Damn it! I can't move!

"Miyazaki-san, you're a really good girl and all, but we are teacher and student! It wouldn't be appropriate to do this!" I say, my voice cracking.

"Yes. I completely agree…" So why are you still leaning forward?! "I'm sorry, Sen…sei…"

She grabs my head and closes her eyes. She leans in and starts to close the distance left between our faces.

…Then, without warning, I see the door fly off it's hinges and go straight for us.

Oh, today is not my lucky day… Is the last thought to cross my mind as the door smack me straight in the head and knocks me unconscious…

"Honestly, I thought I was going to die…" I complain and rub the bandage on my forehead.

"Oh, quit complaining already… I said I was sorry." Asuna says.

Well, after I woke up again, I learned that it was Asuna that kicked the door to the library. I'm starting to believe that she's not human… I mean, seriously, who kicks a door with that much strength…

"Now, now, come on now, no more fighting. It all worked itself out, didn't it." Negi said.

True. We were lucky the potion's affect only lasted a short period of time. After I had woken up, everyone was back to normal, including…

"Hmm… I can't really remember what I did today… I must be really out of it." Konoka said with a relaxed smile.

"We all have our off days, Konoka-hime." I say.

She nods and runs ahead to talk to Asuna. I look back to see Negi writing something on the class roster.

I peek over his shoulder to see he has written, 'Has strong kick', near Asuna picture.

"I'll say. She nearly sent me into the afterlife with that kick to the door." I say and Negi chuckles. "Anyway, can I borrow that?"

He nods and hands the roster and pen to me. I write my own little message in the roster near Nodoka's picture.

'Really cute'

I smile and give it back to Negi, who looks at the message then smiles and nods on agreement.

"What did you write?" Konoka asks.

They had both stopped and looked back to see what we were doing. Konoka is smiling, but Asuna is glaring at us.

"You better have not wrote something bad about me in there!" Asuna yells and lunges for the roster in Negi's hand.

"Well, you'll never find out Bells." I say and grab the roster right before she can take. I then proceed to run away laughing while trying not to get hit by a very miffed Asuna.

As I am walking back to the dorm, I see Setsuna leaning on the wall, her sword in her hands.

"Setsuna-chan? What are you doing here?" I ask and approach her.

"Chibi. I would like to ask about this afternoon." she says and gets off the wall.

…Why do I not like the look she's giving me…

"Stupid, Setsuna… I try to explain it to her, but nooooo, she just goes ahead and blames me for it." I complain in bed, rubbing the new bandage on my head…

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