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"I see the bridge up ahead!" Coach yelled to his three other teammates, Rochelle, Nick, and Ellis. Well, the four weren't really teammates, but more like friends since these months of the zombie apocalypse had occurred. They relied on each other, and had trust, which was important in a disaster like this.

The group of survivors had been traveling for a while now, searching for some kind of escape camp, but found none. They had been to big and busy cities, but the camps had been cleaned out and looked desolate. Currently, because of a recent radio broadcast that Ellis heard, they were now traveling to Florida, where an evacuation camp was still running. However, the survivors still had a long way to go.

"Hurry!" Rochelle yelled only to be hushed by Nick, afraid that the older woman would startle a hoard. Ellis chuckled, Nick was always so bitter. Nick seemed to be the arrogant one of the four, just because he was dressed in a suit and the other three wore normal clothes. The group continued to walk, bridge in sight, and luckily no one was injured. Finally, they reached the bridge with no infected to be seen.

"Dammit!" Coach yelled as he examined the bridge.

"What's wrong?" Rochelle asked and Nick sighed.

"The damned thing needs lowered." Nick revealed and the four survivors were definitely in a hunch.

"Now what the hell are we gonna do?" Coach asked, a rhetorical question obviously. Suddenly, that's when they all heard a very unfamiliar voice.

"Hello down there!" They heard, and all four survivors looked up. It was another person! He was a dark man, wearing a button up and tie. You couldn't really see anything else because it was starting to get dark.

"Howdy!" Ellis replied back in that southern drawl of his. He was the friendly one in the group, and quite charismatic too. Once Ellis greeted the dark man, a woman came up beside him and yanked him aside.

"Louis? What the hell are you doing? They could be infected!" The woman scolded him.

"Zoey, I-"

"We ain't infected!" Ellis yelled up and that's when the girl, Zoey was her name, turned and looked down to face him. "Oh my Gosh... That is the prettiest girl I ever seen." Ellis whispered to himself taking in Zoey. She was skinny, black hair in a pony tail, and wearing a pink hoodie. To Ellis, she was beyond beautiful. He couldn't stop staring at her and he couldn't talk to her anymore.

"Are you going to talk to her anymore?" Rochelle asked but she was ignored by Ellis. The group chuckled and Rochelle finally decided to step in. "Hi!" Rochelle said, "I'm Rochelle, the guy in the suit is Nick, that's Coach, and over there's Ellis." She continued, pointing in their directions. Ellis smiled and gave a friendly wave.

"I'm Zoey." Zoey replied. "That's Louis, and we got another guy named Francis." Zoey explained and Ellis couldn't help but to feel a little jealous as he heard Zoey speak of the other two guys. But hell, he had just met the girl.

"Could y'all lower the bridge for us? Then we'll be right along our way." Coach asked and Zoey merely shrugged.

"Are you sure you're not infected?" Zoey asked again and Ellis laughed.

"We ain't darlin'. Promise." He answered and he heard Nick scoff behind him.

"Oh quit flirting." He mumbled under his breath and Ellis gave him a dirty look.

"I guess I can let you all pass. Just give me a sec to turn on the generators. I'll try to help cover you!" Zoey called back out and began to lower the bridge slowly. The lowering of the bridge was loud, and soon the too familiar roar of the hoard sounded, and Ellis took out his axe, while the rest of the group readied their weapons too. Although they were fighting, Coach with a shotgun, Nick with an SMG, and Rochelle with a small knife, Ellis couldn't help but to look up at Zoey who was shooting from the top of the bridge with her double pistols.

"Man, she looks good with a gun." Ellis said and couldn't help but smile. Coach laughed at Ellis' infatuation with Zoey already. "Hey Coach?" Ellis asked to Coach who was still shooting infected.


"Can Coaches marry people?" Ellis asked and Coach just laughed.

"Just shut up Ellis..." He scoffed. A few minutes later, the infected was cleared out and the bridge was lowered.

"Hurry on up!" Zoey called out. The four survivors then ran up to where Zoey was standing, and were greeted by Francis and Louis.

"Good shooting." Louis commented.

"Damn, it's just the four of you?" Francis asked. "I hate this damn apocalypse."

"We had four, but we lost a guy..." Zoey added. "So I guess you'll be on your way now?" She asked.

"Thanks for the help." Coach said. "I wish we could give y'all something, but we're short on supplies."

"It's fine." Francis said, waving it off. It was quiet then between the two groups, and one question lingered in the air. Finally Ellis decided to break the ice.

"Do y'all want to come with us?" The southern man asked, but this of course pissed Nick off.

"Hell no they can't come!" He yelled.

"Shut up Suit!" Francis retorted. Zoey shrugged.

"I don't know." She answered. "Depends, I guess."

"On what?" Rochelle asked.

"Where you're headed." Zoey replied and Ellis answered before anyone.

"Florida. There's an evacuation camp down there." He said. "You're welcome to join us if you'd like. Don't worry 'bout Nick. He's just a little cranky."

"Fuck off." Nick sneered.

"See?" Ellis asked. "He's always like this. So what do you say?" Zoey contemplated for a moment, and then discussed it over with her Francis and Louis before she was able to give them a proper answer. Finally, she spoke.

"We'll come." She agreed and Ellis couldn't be happier. "Although, we should probably stay here tonight since it's already dark."

"Good idea." Rochelle agreed, and the two groups had now become one big group of seven people. They were in for one hell of a journey.

Author's Note: To be continued...?