Five Years Later~

All five of the remaining survivors were able to move to the same state and find houses that were all relatively close to each other. They were all like a small family almost.

Ellis and Zoey moved in together, and got married. Ellis was able to find a job as a local mechanic, something that he loved to do. He insisted that Zoey not get a job, and that he wanted to take care of her. They had their first child shortly after they got married, a little boy, and now Zoey is pregnant with their second kid.

Francis and Rochelle are engaged. Francis didn't want to get married, so Rochelle asked him to marry her. That was pretty funny because she did it in front of all their friends. They are getting married soon, and Rochelle is expecting a baby. Francis works at a bar, and often stops to pay Ellis a visit at work.

Coach is retired, and is happy to see that things worked out for all the survivors. He likes to spend time with the kids.

Author's Note: This is probably the shittiest ending I've ever written for a fic. I just got really bored with this, and I wanted to end it. Sorry if I disappointed anyone.