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*Elisa"s POV*

"Hey Elisa, getting ready to head home?", asked Matt Bluestone, glancing over his shoulder from his desk. Stopping in her tracks, the weary detective, looked over at her shoulder with a casual smile at her partner

"Sure am, Matt. Been having some restless nights lately and right now my bed is calling my name", she replied lightly, with a small wave 'good night', she pushed open the doors of the police station, walking out into bustling streets of Manhattan.

As she made her way to her car, the sounds of the ever-busy city floated around her. Backed up rush hour beginning to clear out, children heading into their homes, and the baying of hungry, stray mutts in alleyways. Despite it being early summer, the temperature dropped just enough for cool breezes to pass through the streets; whisking up light debris and fallen leaves. Reaching her car, she glanced up at the ancient clock tower that presided over her workplace.

"Goliath and the others should be waking up soon enough" she muttered as she looked at the dusk evening sky, the sun slowly descending into to darkening horizon. As she turned to open her door, her ears perked at hearing a small boy's voice.

"Mom! Mom! Look it's a shooting star!" Sighing tiredly, Elisa turned to see what the boy was going on about. Her eyes widened at what she saw. At first it appeared like a shooting star, but as she watched, it grew bigger and bigger as it hurdled through the sky. Elisa looked around at the crowd that gathered to watch the cosmic spectacle. Children 'oohed' and 'aahed' as the unexpected projectile flew overhead.

"Somehow I don't think that was a shooting star", Elisa said as she got into her car and made her way towards Staten Island.

*Meanwhile at the Xanatos Estate*

"Sir, I think you need to see this", said the stoic voice of Owen, Xanatos's ever-present assistant, as he reached for a remote. Turning on the tv, to the news as a female announcer was mentioning the sighting of what appeared to be a meteor.

David Xanatos grinned mischievously, as he interlaced his fingers together in front of his mouth, pondering at the idea of a random meteor suddenly appearing.

Owen pressed a button on the remote, causing the screen to go black.

"Sir, despite the excitement of the recent news update of unusual weather occurances, I think we both know that it wasn't an ordinary meteor"

Xanatos gave a light chuckle at his assistant's obvious remark.

"Obviously Owen. It's very unlikely that a random blazing rock would appear without reasonable explanation", he said as he stood, facing the huge window, behind his desk

"Perhaps an investigation is in order, sir?" Owen inquired, as he fiddled with his handheld notepad.

"Perhaps", he replied, casting a nonchalant glance over his shoulder "Besides, whatever this thing is, we wouldn't want it getting into the wrong hands, now would we?"

*Elisa's POV*

Driving through traffic took longer than expected, but as she drove on the highway, she suddenly realized how dark it hard gotten.

"Sheesh, been working nights for years, and I suddenly feel spooked", she muttered to herself.

As she continued down the road, she kept her eyes open for any sign of where the supposed "meteor" landed. Suddenly in the beams of her headlights, she saw the silhouette of an airborne creature heading straight for her! She immediately started pounding her hand on her horn, hoping to scare it out of the way. Suddenly the creature flapped it's huge wings, sending it soaring over the head of her car hood. Slamming down on her brakes and jerking the wheel sharply to the left. The car swerved in a dangerous U-turn to face where the creature flew off. Shakily gasping for air, Elisa opened her door, to peer out in the dark night air for any sign of what nearly had a head on collision with her car. Though it was already far off, the head lights of her car allowed her catch a glimpse of the flying creature turning to face her direction. It's eyes glowing a vicious bright orange, like fire. Then as suddenly as it appeared, with a few swift flaps of it wings it was off, headed for the wooded park area.

Elisa shook herself from her frightened reverie, shocked at what she'd seen, trying to make sense of it.

"But that thing looked like a gargoyle, but it can't be. Gargoyles don't fly, and their eyes definitely don't glow like that" she said to herself, as she climbed back into her car. As she started up the engine, and drove back to New York, she glanced back at the dark woods where the creature flew into.

"Goliath and the others will definitely need to see this thing for themselves"