"CAT" by Alessandra Azzaroni

© 2002 by Alessandra Azzaroni aazzaroni@hotmail.com http://au.geocities.com/vcastairwaytoheaven/index.htm



Written in Australia. Please send me an email if you would like to know when this story is updated.


I was a happy person once. Smiling, carefree… it seemed like nothing could ever bring me down. I floated above the world on Cloud Nine, the only cloud with a silver lining. My mother had led me to believe that I was on a higher level that other people just couldn't reach. Maybe I was arrogant to think it, but I truly felt that I was above my peers.
Perhaps I thought this because I was raised as an only child, and therefore got more attention than a number of my peers did. My mother, strangely, had very few friends, but they weren't close, so it sometimes seemed that my father and I were her only dependable allies. It was my mother who led me to believe that I was special.
And I truly did want to be special, as special as my mother was. Even though most people were uncomfortable around her, they were drawn to her. She didn't mean to make people feel uncomfortable, but she possessed some kind of otherworldly power, I thought. Wives were always doing what they could to keep their husbands away from her, and when we went to social gatherings, my father kept a tight grip on her; with a slight fear that one day she could be tempted away.
Mama was aware of the attention she got, but she didn't know what to do with it. She told me I would be special, too, and in my impressionable child mind, I believed it. Everyone wants to be special in some way, and I was no different.
But different I became, when I found out the dark truth about myself. Nothing could have prepared me for that. And I was prepared for seemingly everything that came my way.
I disliked clichés with a passion, but I had to admit that some of them rang true. "Not everything is quite as it seems" was particularly clear in my mind. I felt like I was led on by foolish beliefs, and not much more. It was my way of life.
But maybe once I really was special. That's how I felt when I floated on my cloud. And my cloud could cool the heat, and bring wherever I wished it to. I was in control of it.
And one day, I wanted to rain on someone else's parade.