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SM: Excuse me? You think you can do a better job than me?

Luna: Well, yeah. First of all, Bella should have either been with Jasper. And she shouldn't have been so compliant.

SM: Jasper. Oh this I have to see.

Luna: Ok, but lets make this interesting. If they like my couple better than yours, then you have to tell everyone why in the hell you made them glitter!

SM: They don't glitter! They sparkle.

Luna: Whatever. Deal?

SM:(sighs) Yes Luna. Deal.

I'm frozen as Carlisle finishes stitching me up. The scene keeps playing in the back of my head, all of those black hungry eyes focused on my blood. But this is what is to be expected when you run with vampires. Sense my dreary mood is from the disaster that shall forever be known as my birthday party, Carlisle finishes quickly before telling Edward to take me home.

"I'm so sorry, my love," Edward gushes his face the epitome of the worried boyfriend. I smile thinly and take his offered hand. Where is Jasper?

The guy probably is out tearing his self apart for going at me. He should at least know that I don't blame him, he is empath after all. Not everything can be prevented; some things need to happen so that you can grow from them. And if you ask me Jasper restraint is amazing. I stretch out my body, letting a small yawn out.

I chuckle, "I guess being tossed through the air is finally catching up with me."

Edward obviously not finding my comical side the least bit funny. Well who pissed on his AB positive? He rests a cool hand on the center of my back and urges me forward. Why is he rushing to get me out of the house? As we turn the corner I crane my head around to catch Carlisle staring out the window, his face etched in concern.

"Carlisle," I call his pale face snaps around to look at me. Edward stops his curiosity getting the best of him. "Will Jasper-"

"Don't worry about Jasper, I won't let anything hurt you," Edward reassured me needlessly. I go to correct him but he is pushing me forward again and any conversation would be mute at this point. I will just have to catch Jasper another time.

The ride to my house is silent. Being with a vampire has it down sides besides the obvious, they can be completely still to the point you wonder if you just imagine they moved. When we pull up to my house the cruiser is parked, and you can see the television lights through the thin curtain.

"Are you coming up," The question is useless I can tell by his ridged stature. But I need to hear him say it. Edward turns to me not saying anything and I know this is one of the times he wishes that he could read my mind.

He shakes his head and my heart sinks. "No it's in your best interest not to be in my presence."

The next moment he is gone, what in the blue fuck? Leave it to Edward to just disappear after saying some of the most cryptic things. I scoff at him and climb out the car. I might be a complete klutz but I'm not hollow in my skull. Its not hard to figure out when I'm not wanted, but of course he will turn it around so that he is looking out for me.

When I get into the house, I move quietly so I don't disturb Charlie. I have yet to figure out how to explain to him about my latest injury. If the fates are on my side he will chalk it up to my normal behavior. Whatever my normal is, I don't even know anymore.

After dragging myself through the shower and the whole ordeal with clothes, I finally climb into my bed. My curtains are drawn to reveal the starry sky; I pull my comforter further up my body. There is a slightly chill in the air, and I feel it in my bones something isn't right. Maybe I should have asked Edward to stay; he could have snuck out after I slept. I can almost imagine him stroking my hair and humming to me. Thinking about my lullaby my eyes grow heavier and heavier and sleep welcome into its dark arms.

"Hey, Edward, look at this," I call over my shoulder bending down to pick up the lone flower. Cool arms wrap around my waist anchoring my fragile body to his. "Isn't it pretty?"

He nuzzles my neck. "It's beautiful. What are you going to do with it?"

"Preserve it," I smile brightly at him. "It'll be a permanent souvenir of our date."

"Its better off dead, what's the point of keeping it forever? You're robbing of its natural gift, death." His words hurt and I push away from him. Good way to kill the mood.

I stuff the flower into my pocket and glare at him. Edward is the love of my life but he can be so dense sometimes. Its like he refuses to live in the moment and act out of love. What would be the harm in preserving one little flower. The memories that it would remind me of is far greater than he could imagine.

"You don't understand, love," He soothes taking a step towards me.

"Then help me!"

He nods solemnly and turn on his heels. He strides away without a backwards glance. The butterflies in my stomach turn into angry bees. He isn't leaving is he? He can't get mad over one simple flower.

I start after him. "Wait! What are you doing?"

"Helping you, I'm too much of a threat."

"Edward, wait. I love you! Edward," I shout after him but to no avail he simply disappears.

I bolt up in my bed the sun just now peeking out of the clouds. "Wait, I love you."

My cheeks are wet from the tears, as if they know something I don't. That dream was too realistic for my taste. Realistic? Wait, I'm too much of a threat. It's not in your best interest to be in my presence. I'm too much of a threat. It's not in your best interest to be in my presence. I'm too much of a threat. No, he wouldn't.

Dashing out of my room I barely swipe my keys and slip on some shoes before I'm stumbling down the stairs. Charlie isn't visible and quite frankly that is the least of my worries. He wouldn't. He loves me, he has told me plenty of times.

Tears blur my vision as I drive down the familiar road. There is no way in hell he is breaking up with me over a single accident. Oh, please let me not be too late. I shove the pedal harder eager to get to the house. Edward is going to be waiting on the porch, ready to chew me out for not waiting on him to come but lets face the facts I will be happy to see him.

My trucks thunders down the road and I'm a bundle of nerves. When I pull up to the house there are no cars our front and my stomach automatically drops. Robotically I step out of the car and walk up the steps towards the mansion. Why hasn't anyone one came out to say hello. Taking a deep breath I push open the door, and suck in a huge breath. The air is empty, the furniture is still here but I know they are gone their presence is lacking.

The piano is uncovered standing out in its glory. I settle down at the bench running my hands over the pristine keys. When one of my fingers slips a note plays out in the air. After it finally cease I break down. Heart wrenching sobs rips out of my body.

I don't know how long I sat at that bench sobbing uncontrollably when I heard his voice. To me time didn't matter anymore, before it was like a time watch was winding down above my head.

"Bella," I turn and stare at his tall frame.

His shirt is off showing his well defined muscles. Something I can admit Edward didn't have at all. Jasper shoulders are wide and his chest is hard and sculpted with muscles. He had to be in fit condition when he was turned because there is no way venom made muscles that perfect. I follow his chest down until it starts to curve into a 'v' and them my eyes fly to his golden ones while my cheeks flame.

I offer him a weak smile. "They're gone, aren't they?"

"Sorry darlin'," He nods but he still keeps his distance. Maybe my emotions are too much for him to deal with right now.

"Why didn't you go?" I ask bitterly turning back to the piano.

"The same as you. I wasn't invited," I can hear him chuckle but I know he isn't humored in the least bit. "I endangered their favorite person."

Upon hearing his words I whirl around on my seat and glare at him. His tone doesn't sit right with me at all. In the next moment I find myself on my feet, glaring daggers at him.

"Don't you even think that," Anger pulse through me as I listen to his words again in my head. "You are a vampire not to mention an empath. I am a human. You were fine when I sliced my finger and I know you were fine when I went flying into that glass. While everyone eyes were black yours were golden! There were six hungry vampires in the room and you still managed to control your thirst but what sent you over the edge was that my blood is especially potent to one vampire in particular. Edward. If someone endangered me it was him."

Jasper looks at me curiously and he has yet to move. It's oddly comforting to see him act so natural, so vampire like. I know last night I said that it freaked me out when Edward was so still but that is because it seemed so force. With Jasper it's like a second nature to him.

"You're not scared that I will drain you dry while you are out here by yourself," I laugh at his words even though they chilled me a little they are still funny.

I shrug. "Jasper if you wanted to kill me you would have done it by now. There is an air about you that gives off dangerous vibes. You are the ultimate predator, if you wanted my blood nothing could stop you not even the Cullen's."

The next second he is in my face. My heart rate increase dramatically and he grins. Stupid vampire speed. I stuck my tongue out at him and take a step back only to be jerked to his body. He stares into my eyes searching for something.

"If you're so smart, why in the hell were you dating Edward?"

I huff but I don't look away. "Because he looked at me. He saw me when he didn't have to. I wasn't plain ole' Bella to him, I was the lamb to his lion."

"So you enjoy being defenseless," He says this with obvious distaste.

"No, Jasper, I don't," He looks down at me once again. "When everyone was fighting James for me, I wanted nothing more than to help. You misunderstood me. Edward looked at me and saw something worth fighting for, and for that he will always have a place in my heart."

Jasper frowns at me and brush some hair out of my face. He looks and deep thought and immediately I start to panic. Does he think that since he doesn't have to conform to the Cullen's lifestyle he can drain me? Though right now I'm not so sure I mind. I wasn't good enough for Renee, I was a fool to believe I was enough for Edward, what is there left for me? Nothing but a life of half fulfilled expectations because no man will ever compare to the beauty that the males in the Cullen clan possess.

"Stop, whatever you are thinking," Jasper hiss and then the next instant he is back to the arch of the doorway. I let out a necessary breath before taking a seat back down on the bench. "You should go, Isabella. There is nothing left here for you, go be the human Edward wants you to be."

My hands curl into fist and I want very much to sucker punch Jasper. Where in the hell does he get off telling me to be something I'm not? Wait? Is it true that I'm not what Edward wants? I mean we constantly are at a tug of war with my humanity. Edward wants me to grow old and always remain defenseless and I want to join him in the undead and be his equal. I've never no matter what he says been his equal. Does jasper thinks that I want a life where I'm not on the same playing field as my spouse?

"Fuck you, Jasper," I glare at the blonde haired beauty in front of me. He might be the dangerous creature ever but he is also the world biggest dick. "If you don't want me to bother you then fine but there is no need to be such an ass about it. "

He smirks at me. "Have a nice life, Isabella."

Stalking pass him I make sure to conjure as much anger as I can and hit him full blast with it. The answering snarl warms my bones as I skip down the remaining stairs. As soon as I am in the safety of my cab the events of today consume me. My love, the man I promised myself to, left me under the pretense most likely of saving me. Doesn't he know there is no life for me but by his side?

But you were never going to be by his side, bitter Bella coos into my mind. I grind my teeth together not admitting anything to myself. It's only when I'm pulling up to my house do I realize that I left before the sun rose and now it's seven in the morning. When Charlie steps outside on the porch, his eyes red rimmed and his hair in disarray, I know I'm in a fucked up position.

"Isabella Marie Swan," My father calls into the morning air his face set in fury. Uh-oh. "In the kitchen NOW!"

Obediently I follow him into our quaint kitchen. His shotgun is lying carelessly on the counter next to a pad filled with scribble. I pull out a chair and fling myself into it waiting the coming lecture. Charlie moves around the kitchen silently as he begins making him some coffee. It's too silent, he isn't Charlie right now he is a mixture of Chief Swan and over concerned parent.

Once his cup is filled he leans against the counter. His brown eyes are hard and non-warming nothing like I am used to. Has Charlie finally reached his limit in the things he is going to condone? There is only so much a man will take from his daughter and sneaking off in the wee hours in the morning doing god knows what isn't one of them.

"So you want to tell me why I woke this morning to an empty house," He asks as he takes a sip from his coffee. The message is clear, tell me the truth or else.

"Edward and I broke up."

Charlie nods like it all makes sense. "So I'm guessing you came home to pack a bag and storm off in a whirl of teenage emotions, leaving me here to pick up the pieces?"

I flinch from his comment, its worse than being smacked. Did I really come off as that immature when I left here? It never crossed my mind that Charlie would actually suffer emotionally from my departure.

"No," I wrap my hands around my torso to keep the underlying pain at bay.

"Then what, Isabella," He shouts at me as he slams his coffee mug down. Brown liquid stains his white shirt and falls on the floor. The offending liquid rolls down the cracks in the tile going to an unknown destination. "Isabella!"

"I don't know," And its true I don't know what to do.

He looks at me in disgust. "How can one boy have this much control over you? You are my daughter, I raised you to think on your own, logically too. But, god help me, if you aren't acting like your ditzy mother. You're just like her and it scares me."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. You are turning into your haired brained mother. I've kept my mouth shut; stupid of me I see that now, because that boy made you happy. Even when you decided to take him back for some unfathomable reason, I kept my mouth shut. But you listen to me and you listen to me good. If you think you are going to sit around here depressed over some boy that was controlling and had complete disregard towards your opinion you have lost your goddamn mind. Cry, moan and groan but you will get over it. Because if you don't you're going to live with you mother. And that's after you get over this little obsession."

I snap. "Its not an obsession, I love him!"

"Isabella, do you even know what it means to love someone romantically? No? Well, let me give you an idea. When you love someone you give them room to grow. When you love someone you allow for them to make their own choices. When you love someone you respect their opinion. When you love someone you don't turn them into a nonfunctioning person when you aren't around! You weren't in love with Edward, maybe the idea of him, not him. You couldn't love him because you don't love yourself."

"Is that what you think of me?" I whisper my pain becoming unbearable.

"Yeah, I love you Bells honestly I do. And part of being a father is knowing your child. When you got here, you weren't a teenager; you were an adult because you took care of your mother. Because you were forced to grow up so much, it ruined your image of yourself. You were never comfortable in your skin much more so when you were with Edward. You worshipped the ground he walked on because you deemed yourself unworthy-"

"Like you did with mom," I shout jumping out of my chair tear streaming down my face.

Charlie looks at me as if I lost my mind. "I never thought I wasn't good enough for your mom. Part of loving her unconditionally was realizing that we weren't good enough for each other that's why allowed for her to go. But Isabella, when you come to your senses you will see that your relationship with Edward was bullshit from the beginning."

I shake my head and turn on my heels. Charlie has lost his mind. He should have comforted me not sat there judged me. Now he tells me how to cope with my break up when he did worse when mom left? He can feed me all that loving unconditional bullshit but it doesn't erase the fact that he still is a middle aged bachelor because he is in love with Renee.

"Oh, and Bells, leave your keys, you either get dropped off in the cruiser or carpool," I nod without turning around and stalk up the stairs to my room.

My life has just spiraled down the drain in a night. How can one accident cause so much heartache? And to top it off, no one gets it. Edward left me! Why isn't as earth shattering to everyone else? Maybe I was the fool for believe that he was going to wait for me. Why wait for an eighteen year old nobody when you can have any human you want?

The day passes in a blur. Charlie leaves for work without saying anything, not that it mattered much. We aren't even on cordial basis with one another right now. Its going to be a long time before I can forgive him for treating me the way he did. He should have wiped my tears and told it's going to be okay, not pour salt on an open wound.

The night is even more uneventful. Nightmares plague every minute of any sleep I tried to get. Charlie tried to hold me the first time, but I fought him off. He doesn't understand the pain rippling beneath my skin. But to his credit he doesn't leave, he sits in Edward's rocking chair. If possible that makes the nightmares worse, reality sets in. Edward isn't coming back, I am on my own.