Summary: Jacob Black the Prince of the beautiful unspoiled and wealthy Wolf Prince of La Push Isles who has yet to find his true mate and his father the King is ready to step down and enjoy a peaceful retirement. Only the King can't do that until his son is settled with his True Mate as it will lead to arguments between the heads of the different tribes which he rules over and make up his trusted council as each will expect Jacob to chose someone from their tribe to rule by his side. So Billy deiced that seeing as his son has never once shown any interest in any one on the Isles as a Mate he will send him and four Royal Guards of his choice to stay with his old friend Charlie Swan in America for one month.

If Jacob doesn't find his True Mate in that time he has to return home and the King will be force to use the Superior Imprint Order which is something the elderly King doesn't want to do as he fell in love with and married a Mate of his own choice.

Jacob although not happy at being given a time frame in which to find his Mate is happy about leaving the Isles because he's never seen any other part of the world unlike his father who did travel when he was younger that's how he meet Charlie.

Jacob then has to deiced which 4 Guards to take with him and finally chooses his best friend and cousin Embry Call his other best friends Paul Lahote and Quil Ateara and head of his personal guard Sam Uley.

Will Jacob succeed and find his True Mate, or will he fail while watching his brethern win instead?

A/N: New story :)). I still have stories I haven't finished… all in good time friends, all in good time.


Werewolves and Vampires still exist. Both beings have their own Kingdoms.

The Cullen's' are all Human and not related but know one another around town so they aren't related.

The Wolf pack is still Wolves.

Volturi are the main Vampire Kingdom, there are Vampires in others places in the world, but they all follow the rules made by the Volturi.

All of Billy's sisters (the oldest and the younger ones) will be his cousins instead of his sisters.

Jacob is an only child and Rachel and Rebecca are his maternal cousins or something.

Sexuality isn't really a big thing in Jacob's Kingdom; he marries who is most fitting for him - his Mate/Imprint.

The existence of Werewolves and Vampires is well-known even among the Humans. Most Humans prefer to not interact with the two species, but they don't mind they being around /they can't do much about it and they can't exactly try any hate crime type things unless they have death wishes.

Imprinting is a bit different here. The Wolf doesn't immediately Imprint on their soul Mate like in the books and movies, but instead the Wolf identifies his Imprint then woos them and when the Imprint accepts the Wolf then the Wolf Imprints.

During the time that the Wolf is wooing his intended, the Imprinted is referred to as a Mate until they accept the Wolf and then are Imprinted upon.




Some of the main characters who were originally Vampires are Human (Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle and Rosalie)

Excuse my lack of knowledge when it comes to the world of royalties, Google and movies can only give you so much *sigh*.

Characters: (who appear or will appear often)

William "Billy" Black

Jacob Black

Sam Uley

Paul Lahote

Embry Call

Quil Atera

Rosalie Hale

Edward Masen

Jasper Whitlock

Emmett McCarthy

Alice Brandon

Carlisle Cullen

Charlie Swan

Isabella Swan






Sam & Carlisle

Dedication: To Drpep Mrwater

Disclaimer: I do not in any way or form own Twilight, or the idea of this story, or the characters or... anything. The only money I have - no, let me not even lie, I have no money *sigh*

The One To Fit My Better Half

The sun is slowly setting, casting an orange glow over the horizon, lighting up the sky, making it appear as though it was on fire, yet making it still appeared so gloriously beautiful. The sun, like a large fireball in the distance was partially hidden behind the grey rain clouds, which were all splashed with the random colours of pinks and reds and oranges. Cool air whispered to the trees that danced swiftly to the music of the birds.

A Wolf-like beast the size of a full grown horse stood proudly at the edge of the forest, his head looking up at the sky, his russet fur being rustled gently by the wind. He was majestic, looking the epitome of freedom. The Wolf opened its mouth and let out a long, howl that reverberated through the forest and down to the shores that led to the wide spread ocean.

The Wolf shook its large head before it slowly began to shrink, its fur disappearing into skin, slowly turning into a body that looked very Human. In the place of the majestic Wolf stood a boy who leaned against a thick tree and watched the sun set. A breeze blew smoothly, blowing at the long, jet black hair that just reached below broad shoulders. Standing at 6ft7, the boy was large, taller than the average male. Not only that, but he was built like a wall, all broad shoulders, bulging biceps, large meaty hands and long, thick legs and all that strength.

The boy bent down, untying his cut-off jeans from his ankle and pulling them on. He let out a sigh as he stood up straight. Thick muscles rippled under dark russet coloured skin that glistened in the afternoon sun, almost shimmering golden. The boy was currently dressed in nothing but a pair of cut-off jeans, no shirt or shoes in sight. He didn't mind though, this wasn't unusual for him and his friends when they went on runs. They always had their cut-offs to hide their delicate areas but nothing else. It was less hassle for them when they Shifted.

Speaking of...

"Dude, you could at least try to slow down," a huffing and puffing male said. This boy's hair was cropped short, like most of the other males who Shifted. Three other men came behind him, one of them wearing a scowl that almost seemed to be permanently etched into his face.

"Dude, you need to learn to run faster," the long haired boy said with a cheeky smirk. He loved being in the outdoors, running through the woods with no restrain, it freed him in a way that nothing else could! It always got him in an excellent mood.

"You shouldn't run off like that," the oldest of the boys said – the One with the scowl on his face. "With the leeches trying to push for a war-."

"Man, relax," Jacob cut in, knowing what the oldest of the boys was going to say. He always said, even more so now that the threats from the Vampire Kingdom were pointed towards him. "I'm fine; nothing happened to me, nothing is going to happen to me. Okay?"

"No, not okay. Your father intrusted us to look after you, if you keep running off like this-."

"I'm fine Sam, really."

Sam Uley was the head of young Prince Jacob's personal guard, the youngest head guard to date. He was a no nonsense man who followed the rules and frowned at anyone who broke them or tried to sway them. Jacob could hardly do anything when the older guy was around, the man was always on his tail – excuse the pun – making sure that the boy didn't get himself in trouble. The head was always practically breathing down Jacob's neck, not wanting him to even be out of his sight, wanting to make sure that the boy was safe every moment of everyday.

Jacob didn't mind much, not really, but sometimes he just wished that Sam could let him breathe, that the man could pull that stick out his ass and live a little. Jacob was pretty sure that Sam had never taken a vacation time, too dedicated to his work. The Prince had asked his head guard about vacation time once, the guard's answer had been somewhere along the lines of: 'When Leeches drop dead from heart attacks', which basically meant never!

There were eight other people in the Prince's personal guard, but he usually spent time with his best friends – who were all in the guard – Paul Lahote, Quil Atera Jr. and Embry Call. They mostly let him get away with things, but tried not to be persuaded by Jacob to do things because they knew they'd always get shit from Sam and none of them wanted to deal with the head. The man had a way of making you feel like a criminal with one look for something as silly as allowing the prince to go into town without guards and such.

Sam was about to say something to the young Prince when they were interrupted by the sound of a breaking twig. In that instant, Sam was crouched low, ready to attack while the other three guards stood tense and ready. A small tanned boy rushed forward, huffing and puffing for air. The boy paused in fright for a moment at the looks of the guard before relaxing, they wouldn't hurt him.

"Seth," Quil said, sighing in relief. "Man, why must you scare us like that?" The young boy shrugged, still trying to catch his breath.

A few more minutes passed before Seth took a deep breath and stood up straight. "Jake, your father wants to talk to you," the boy said. The boy was too young to be part of the guard though he dreamed to be one when he was old enough. His older sister was part of the guard, she was fierce and fast, the only female in the group of men and very well proud of that. The guard and Seth were the only people who could pass with calling the young Prince 'Jake'. As much as Jacob would've loved for his whole Kingdom to call him that, he knew that with Sam and all the rules, people would never attempt to do it, maybe in the privacy of their homes, or when speaking to Jacob without his head guard around.

"'Kay Seth, be there in a sec," Jacob said with a grin. He made his way towards the kid and threw his arm over the kid's shoulder. Seth huffed as the large arm was thrown over his small shoulders. He was small for his age, but that didn't stop him from doing half the stuff he did. "Come on kid, let's get going."

"Aw Jake, I'm not a kid anymore. I'm fourteen, man!"

"Sure, sure... kid." Seth huffed in annoyance while Jacob laughed, as the both walked back to the castle. Sam and Paul phased into their Wolves while Embry and Quil stayed Human. Embry and Paul took the front while Sam and Quil walked behind the Prince. They followed the Prince and the young boy back to the castle.

The place was packed with people from all over the Kingdom, all preparing for the Prince's twenty-first birthday. It was a huge thing for the Kingdom because this meant that the young Prince was at the age where he could take over the Throne. The Kingdom, especially the Quileute part of the Kingdom, were excited since they knew the Prince, had watched him grow into the pleasant young man he was and were happy to have him crowned as King.

"Your majesty," Emily Uley, who had been the Prince's nanny since his mother passed, said. The woman bowed respectably while handing the Prince a red robe which was embroidered elegantly with gold and a pair of shoes. Jacob nodded at the woman and took the robe, pulling it on and putting the shoes on too. "The King is waiting for you in the Throne room, Sire."

"Thanks Emz," Jacob said, smiling at the woman before him.

The Prince had told the woman countless times to call him Jake, to relax and act normal with him. By now he knew it was a lost cause, Emily was Sam's sister-in-law, she'd been around the head guard for years, known him for years. Emily's husband – Sam's older brother – was sadly no longer alive. He'd been killed in action fighting a coven of Vampires that had been attacking a few tribes in some parts of the Kingdom a few years ago.

Sam treat Emily as a sister, he loved her as one and protected her fiercely. Many people of the Kingdom thought the pair was in some kind of secret relationship, but there wasn't much proof to the elongations and the pair didn't deny them or entertain them.

Jacob nodded at Emily and his guard before walking to the Throne room. He almost rolled his eyes as he saw Sam follow a bit of a way behind him, he knew it was necessary precautions, but he just wished Sam would relax, just for a moment.

The two guards standing at the door pushed the doors open, bowing low as Jacob walked passed them and into the large and elegantly decorated Throne room. He frowned when he saw all the members of the council congregated before his father's Throne, sitting in chairs. There was a path running between the chairs; that led to the Throne.

The council – which consisted of all the eldest members of all the tribes in the Kingdom – all stood as the young Prince in and bowed. Jacob straightened his back, shoulders back, walking talk, not giving anyone any doubt that he was the Prince, power and authority radiating off him. He nodded his head in acknowledgement as he walked past each row. He noticed the way some of the council members looked triumphant about something, while others looked weary and apologetic, these were mostly the members of the Quileute and a few of the tribe members that were closer to the Kingdom. The Prince wondered why they would look at him in this manner, but he let the thought go.

Jacob threw a quick glance at his father's personal advisor, Harry Clearwater – who also happened to be Seth and Leah's father – and saw that he too had a troubled look. Jacob knew that things must've been bad; he just hoped that no new threats had come from the Vampires.

"Leave us," the King said, his voice ringing clear in the room. The council members bowed at the King and his son before leaving the Throne room. The doors were pulled open, allowing the council members out, and when they'd all left, the doors were pulled closed, leaving Jacob with his father. The Prince turned to the King bowed to his father then straightened up, looking at the older man expectantly.

"You wanted to see me?" Jacob asked slowly, noting the look his father had. His father looked worried, and extremely tired. He'd been cooped up in the Throne room all morning and most of the day and Jacob had a feeling that it had something to do with him what with his birthday coming up.

"Yes Jacob," his father said. The elderly King let out a sigh and sat up straighter on the puffed chair – designed to bring comfort, specifically for long days such as these. "You remember I told you the rule about a Prince not being able to take his place on the Throne if he does not have a Mate?" Jacob nodded slowly, fighting a frown that was trying to make its way to his face. "The council and I have been discussing this all morning and have finally come to a conclusion."

Jacob nodded, swallowing thickly. "And?" the Prince asked slowly.

"And the council has decided that the rules still stand." Jacob puffed out a breath. "You still need to find your Mate before you can be officially crowned King. I tried to convince the council members that you didn't need to get married in order to become King, but they argued that the law had been put there for a reason. They made it clear to me that if you don't find your Mate the I would have to use the Superior Imprint Order and I do not want to you that to you because I too found love and married the person I was meant for.

"Some of the members agreed that you could be able to run the Kingdom on your own, mostly the Quileute members and members of neighbouring tribes, but most argued that you wouldn't be able to run it on your own, that you need someone to share the load, that you need your Mate."

"So now what's going to happen?" Jacob asked, he too suddenly feeling as tired as his father looked.

"You've been given a month from your birthday to find your Mate and marry."

"Wait, what?!"

"I know it's not enough time Jacob, but that's the only time they'd allow otherwise they would've refused even that."

"How do they expect me to find my Mate in a month? And we've already had all those balls and all that stuff they demanded for and I didn't find my Mate anywhere in the Kingdom, they even went as far as hoping my Mate was one of the People(1)!"

"I know Jacob. That's why I have decided to send you to America."


"The council has agreed to let you go there in hopes you'll find your Mate. We think maybe your Mate is not here, but maybe somewhere else. It will be good to get away from the Kingdom before having to take the Throne." Jacob nodded his head. He knew that even if he wanted to protest there wasn't much he could do. With so talk of war mixed with the fact that some of the Council members were pushing for one of the King's young cousins to take over the Throne, if the Prince didn't find his Mate there would be problems within the Kingdom. Jacob knew that he didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

"Is that all?"

"For now yes, everything else will be discussed fully once the celebration is over. Oh yes, and you are expected at the ballroom for the beginning of your birthday celebration."

Jacob nodded though the excitement for the celebration had been damped by the fact that once it ended he'd need to leave the only place he'd ever known and go on to live in some country he'd only ever read about.

Jacob bowed and was dismissed. He walked down the long hall dejectedly. Sam and another of Jacob's personal guards Jared followed silently. It was times like these that Jacob was glad Sam followed the rules. The man never spoke unless spoken to and even if Jacob did strike up some conversation Sam would just answer what he was asked and nothing more.

Jacob sighed as he reached his room. He turned to the two guards and nodded his head at Sam and Jared and they stayed outside while Jacob went into his room, shutting and locking the door behind him. With a tired sigh Jacob pulled off his robe and dumped himself on his plush king sized bed and fell asleep.

It was hours later that Jacob was woken by Emily – who'd long ago been given a key to the Prince's room – telling him he had two hours to get ready for the beginning of the celebration. Jacob had long ago made the rule that he would get himself ready and that Emily would just evaluate to make sure he was set.

The Prince dragged himself out of his warm bed and went to the bathroom, locking himself in it. He pulled off his cut-offs and stepped into the shower, turning on the taps and adjusting the water to his liking before letting the warm water fall from his head and down his body. He grabbed his shampoo and squeezed some into his cupped hand. He put the container down and rubbed his hands together before lathering his mane of hair thoroughly before rinsing off.

Once he was sure his hair was clean, the shampoo completely washed off, and smelling pine-fresh, he grabbed the coconut flavoured body wash. He squirted a dollop into his hand, putting the tube away then scrubbing his body before letting the water rinse off the suds.

Done with his shower, Jacob switched the water off then stepped out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and dried himself before wrapping the towel around his waist. He grabbed a smaller towel and dried his hair. He stood before the mirror, wiping off the steam, before grabbing his toothbrush and toothpaste.

It was then, while brushing his teeth, that Jacob actually realised something and dread instantly flooded him so much so that he even let out an annoyed groan. This week was going to be the last chance for Dukes and such of the court to try and get Jacob to pick their children to be his Mate or partner. He was sure royals from other countries were attending the weeklong celebration too and they too would try to push their children to getting Jacob's attention.

"Great!" the Wolf Prince muttered to himself. He let out a sigh then spat out the paste, rinsed his toothbrush and mouth then walked out the bathroom.

He found the clothes that he was expected to wear already sitting on his bed. He blow-dried his hair first, combing it back and tied it back into a low ponytail. He got dressed quickly, putting on an expensive custom designed Armani tux that sat on him like a second skin, show casing his beautiful body. He also put on his accessories which included golden howling Wolf cufflinks and a Rolex watch. He grabbed his tie and placed it around his neck before opening his bedroom door to find Emily waiting for him.

His surrogate mother smiled bright at him before stepping forward and doing his tie for him and fixing his shirt. She made do a 360 turn before nodding in approval.

"Your mother would be so proud," Emily said, tears glistening in her eyes. Jacob smiled at the woman, pulling her into a bear hug. Emily allowed it. Jacob finally pulled back with a sigh. He stopped Sam and Paul waiting for him and with a sigh, nodded at Emily then walked off to the dining hall.


So… What'd'ya think? Good? Bad?

I did consider making the Kingdom struggle when it came to income but then thought, nah, not this time, so no struggling Kingdom this time 'round.

(1) Common folk… like me!