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The One to Fit My Better Half

Jacob rolled his shoulders, tapping the fingers of his left hand against the table top impatiently. He looked around the room he was sitting in—the private chambers behind the Throne room, reserved for the King to take breaks between meetings. He looked at the intricately carved wooden clock, tick, tick, ticking away at the table, almost seeming to mock him. He'd been sitting in the room since he'd been separated from Edward after their 'white' wedding, after the speeches and toasting had been done, after he'd danced with his Imprint in front of a crowd of a hundred and some people—he was glad that at least this part of the wedding had been reserved for invited parties only and no news and gossip column cameras were present for it.

The Prince already missed his Imprint, already missed the sound of Edward's voice, of his cute giggle as Jacob whispered sweet nothings in his ear as they danced and ate and danced some more. They'd been separated for a good twenty-two hours now and Jacob felt almost empty. He had one of Edward's scarves wrapped around his neck, to get Edward's scent around him so his Wolf wouldn't freak out at being separate from his Imprint so close to him being able to Mark and Mate, but it wasn't working as well as he'd like. It wasn't the same as it would've been if Edward was actually in the room with him.

But they couldn't be together, not tonight, not when they were so close to officiating the traditional wedding, to being united before the Spirits and the Old Wolves.

Jacob's primal side was on edge, the Prince could feel the Wolf side of himself almost scraping at the edge of his mind. His skin tingled and itched, the Wolf wanting to be let out, wanting to be with its Imprint, needing to Scent and Mark and Mate and Breed. It was insistent, almost too loud, just at the edge of Jacob's Human consciousness. If he, just for a single moment, lost himself now, the Wolf would be let free and there would be problems.

But that couldn't happen, Jacob couldn't lose himself to his Wolf side, not just yet, not till the traditional wedding, not till Jacob's Wolf had fully accepted its bond with Edward, not till their union was blessed under a Full Moon, been recognized by the Great Spirit and the Old Wolves. Jacob couldn't touch Edward intimately until the ceremony had been done. It would be too dangerous to do it before; too much could go wrong, especially for the fragile and very Human Edward Black née Masen.

Jacob growled, pushing his chair back hard as he stood. The chair banged loudly against the wall behind him but the sound went right over him. He started pacing, tugging at the scarf around his neck, clenching and unclenching his fist. Another growl escaped his lips. Edward's second-hand scent wasn't helping Jacob at all; instead it was making him itchy, making him crave more of his Imprint's scent. He wanted to wrap his arms around Edward, wanted to touch him, feel his cooler skin, kiss him; make love to him.

Again, Jacob growled.

"And once more with gusto."

Jacob narrowed his eyes, glaring at Leah who was sitting at the corner of the room where the secret door leading out to the Throne Room was. She was there to make sure that Jacob didn't try to use it to get out, make sure he didn't leave the one room in the castle that could keep a raging Wolf securely locked in. The room was well built, was hundreds of years old, as old as Taha Aki—the first Skin-Walker as they were called back then.

The room wasn't without its design flaws though; Jacob's Bloodline loved aesthetically pleasing things so the room was mostly made of beautifully carved wood—most of it carved by the very Alphas that used the room, Jacob himself had carved the clock sitting on the table the whole summer of his sixteenth year. Of course there was reinforcement steel behind the walls, keeping the table standing and such, but that didn't much help. There were scars on the table and the walls, of Wolf claws from times past, when a Black Alpha or two had lost their cool and had wanted an outlet. Nobody had bothered to fix the flaws, they didn't have reason to, not like it wouldn't happen again at some other point—Wolves could be very volatile.

The room was big though, large enough for a raging Wolf to do it's raging without feeling constricted—which would only make it angrier. Nobody else really ever came here except the Alpha, their second, the Alpha's parents and their Mate.

It was a good place for an anxious Wolf to lock himself away. Aesthetically pleasing and well-built to keep him inside even when his Wolf went loopy with need to be with its Mate.

"Go on," Leah said, rolling a stress ball around in her hands—being locked up wasn't doing her any good either, especially with the Full Moon coming out. It was calling to them, even in the deep confines of the room they were currently locked in. "One more to ease the stress," the woman said, her head tilted as she looked at Jacob.

Jacob bit back the growl he wanted to direct at her. She'd only give him a smug look if he did it, letting her win whatever this challenge was. He ignored her and instead concentrated on his pacing, on the scarf around his neck that was too quickly losing the thickness of Edward's scent. He was letting out way too many useless pheromones, wanting to impress his Imprinting, show said Imprint that he was good for Mating, was strong and powerful and whatever other junk that was supposed to attract a Mate. It was useless for Jacob though because Edward was Human and his scenting skills were meh at best.

"Edward is fine," Leah said easily. "He's in good hands."

Of course Edward was in good hands! Jacob trusted Emily and Sue with his whole life and then some. He knew that they'd look after Edward, that they wouldn't let anything happen to him. He didn't have a problem with that, with them being with his Imprint—not really—they needed to be with Edward now, more than Jacob, they needed to prepare him for what was to come, prepare him for the rest of his life.

Jacob was more of a danger to Edward right now than Sue and Emily. He was the one that needed to stay away, so he wouldn't hurt Edward. And he hated that he couldn't control his urges, couldn't keep himself calm enough to be around his Imprint. The Prince knew he didn't have any self-control, wouldn't have any self-control if he was left in a room with Edward. They needed to be separated, very, very separated. Which was why Jacob was locked up here and Edward was on the other side of the Isles with Sue and Emily.

"Your pacing is putting me on edge," Leah informed. She shoved her cellphone into the pocket of her tattered jeans and looked up at Jacob. "It's almost time to get ready."

Jacob turned to look at the clock on the table. It was almost six, he'd need to join his Pack in the woods soon, get ready for the ceremony. He couldn't wait to get lost in the feel of his Wolf, in the mind of it. It would probably be a lot better, losing himself in the rhythm and thoughts of his Wolf side.

"You look like shit, by the way," Leah added in the same tone one would use when speaking about the weather.

"Why were you picked to sit with me again?" Jacob asked though there was no real fire to his words, he just felt tired now, tired and just this side of depressed.

"Because I'm your second and it's my job."

"Sometimes I regret making you my second." A blatant lie, of course.

Leah saluted Jacob with her middle finger. They grinned at each other easily.

It was so easy being around Leah, it was always easy bring around Leah when the word 'relationship' wasn't in the mix. They were so much better as friends. Things between them were so much easier and calmer when they were just friends. Jacob would never admit it out loud but he didn't miss their relationship, preferred this easy friendship more than it. He was more than certain that Leah felt the same way.

"Anyway," Leah said, pushing herself off the floor and stretching like a cat. "We really should be heading out now, idiot. The others are headed out now, and Emily just texted that they were getting Edward ready."

Jacob nodded. The news of being able to see his Imprint soon seeming to ease the Wolf just the slightest bit, enough for it not to feel like the Wolf was going burst out of Jacob's skin without consent. Jacob fixed the soft Wolf pelt around his shoulders, making sure that the head was sitting right, always facing towards the skies.

"Let's head out," the Prince said. Leah nodded, pushed gently at the door and it popped open just the tiniest bit. She slipped her fingers into the slot that would allow her to pull the door open. The pair stepped out and headed out the room and into the Throne Room. The place was empty, but there were tells that there was work being done to the place—preparations for Jacob's coronation in a week—the fresh scent of paint and polish, the extra cleanliness of the place, everything shiny and gleaming.

Jacob took a deep breath, letting his Wolf come to the forefront of his mind, letting the Alpha side of himself take over. He pushed his shoulders back, standing taller, head held high, exuding Alpha at everything and everyone. Leah followed a step behind him and to his left—his weaker side. She kept her head high, her body straight, much like Jacob but with less everything. She was strong, second strongest among all the Packs, because of her determination to be the best at everything and also because of her status as Second to the Head Alpha.

As Jacob walked through the hallways and across the courtyard that led towards the forests, people stopped and bowed at him. He nodded his head in acknowledgement to his people. They knew what was going to happen tonight, knew that the Prince would be consummating his courtship with his Imprint. They knew how volatile the Prince could be so didn't bother him, stepping out of his way and respectfully bowing. They didn't fear him though, and that was the most important thing. They knew the Prince wouldn't hurt them, not on purpose anyway.

When Jacob and Leah reached the forest, Sam was waiting for them. Jacob's Third bowed low. Jacob touched the man's shoulder in acknowledgement.

"Everything has been set up, Alpha," the man said. "They await yours and your Imprint's arrival."

Jacob nodded. Sam and Leah stepped, Sam taking his position just behind Leah's left side and waited patiently while Leah helped him take off his Wolf Pelt. The Prince also pulled off the rest of his clothes, no shame in his body despite Leah being around—not that she hadn't seen everything before—and in the blink of an eye the Prince Shifted from man to Wolf. The large Wolf shook itself and turned to look at its Second and Third.

Leah and Sam were knelt down, keeping their heads bowed in respect to the Alpha. Jacob bumped his snout against Leah's shoulder and then Sam's. The pair looked at the Alpha and nodded. The pair stood and then proceeded to use leather ties to tie the Wolf pelt around Jacob's Wolf shoulders, making sure that the Wolf pelt's head was tied down properly and wouldn't fall onto the Alpha while he ran.

When the pelt was on correctly, Sam and Leah got naked and shifted quickly, Leah standing to Jacob's left, always just one step behind him and Sam moved to his right, two steps behind the Alpha, a step behind the Second. The Alpha nodded his head at his Second and Third.

"Try to keep up," the Alpha thought, a Wolfish grin on his face. His Second and Third grinned back and the three of them took off, in sync in their movements, Leah always a step behind the Prince, Sam two steps behind.

Edward looked at himself in the mirror. He pulled at the buckskin dress slightly, and tilted his head to the side. The feathers in his hair tickled at the back of his neck and the different coloured glass and wood beads clicked together. He definitely looked nice, dressed up in his wedding attire—the buckskin dress, the leather leggings with fringes along the sides, the moccasins, and the feathers and beads on his head. He didn't even mind that the clothing was traditionally worn by women; he understood why he had to dress this way, the significance of it. Plus, it suited his frame.

Edward had been up since four AM preparing, he'd been up for hours. The whole preparation was exciting though—maybe he could've missed the waking up at hell-no o'clock to go bath in a freezing river, but either than that everything else had been fun. There was so much that Edward had learned in one morning he couldn't believe that he actually still remembered it. Everything was still kind of spinning in Edward's mind.

He missed Jacob so much. He hadn't even realised how much he'd miss his Prince till they were separated. He missed Jacob's warmth, the way he smiled, the way he smelt. He missed being in the Prince's arms, couldn't wait to be wrapped up in Jacob's arms. Gods, he missed Jacob.

Edward took a deep breath, a hand moving of its own accord to his stomach. He could still taste the disgusting elixir Sue had made him drink earlier. She said it would help when the time was right. Then she'd proceeded to explain exactly how it would help and Edward couldn't stop blushing. Even now, just thinking about what that disgusting stuff was supposed to help with made him blush deep red. It was a mix of embarrassment and something else Edward couldn't decide on, desire maybe.

He couldn't wait to be wrapped up in Jacob's arms again. He couldn't wait for a lot of other things that would be happening that night, but he didn't want to think about those things just yet because then he'd be a blushing idiot with a boner—it happened last night, well a lot happened last night too because Sue, with the straightest face ever, had told Edward to experiment, to prepare and had actually left him things to help him do just that. Edward's blush only seemed to deepen as he thought about the things, what he'd done the night before, experimenting and preparing. He knew a lot more about his body now than he had before, so it wasn't such a bad thing.

A soft knock on the door made Edward turn his head. Emily peaked in through the door, smiling. "Are you all right?" she asked, stepping into the room fully. She was also dressed in her traditional attire, minus the leggings Edward was wearing. She looked beautiful, although Emily always looked beautiful.

"I'm all right," Edward whispered. He was just this side of nervous, but he wasn't freaking out, not yet anyway, maybe when it was time to go.

"Are you ready?" Emily sat herself down on Edward's bed and looked at the copper-head.

"As I'll ever be," Edward responded, going to sit down next to Emily. He rolled his wedding ring around his finger nervously. A smile crept onto his face when he realised what he was doing. He liked having a wedding ring, showy as it was.

"Sue and I have prepared you as best we can. It's all up to you now."

Edward nodded. They'd been up almost all night last night going over everything, what Edward would need to know and do to satisfy his Alpha. Submit, Sue had kept reminding him, remember to submit. Butterflies fluttered in Edward's stomach, but he thought maybe it also had to do with the nasty stuff he drank. There was a lot that that thing was supposed to do for Edward, to his body.

"You sure you're all right, ready for this?"

Edward didn't take it the wrong way. He understood why Emily was asking. He'd freaked just slightly last night when Emily and Sue had been telling him everything he'd need to know, especially during the part where Edward would go into a sort of heat where his body would be attracting Jacob's Wolf, telling the Wolf that he was ready to be Mated, to be mounted, that he was ready to bear young for the Wolf. But he got over it, remembering who he was doing this for—the literal love of his life.

"I'm ready," Edward said with conviction, nodding his head, looking right into Emily's eyes, showing the woman that he was, that he wanted this, was ready for this and the rest of his life.

"Okay." That's all Emily said then she got up and held out her hand. "Let's go then."

Edward nodded, taking Emily's hand and letting her pull him up. He allowed her to pull him out the room and into the living room where Sue was waiting with Paul and Jared. The pair of Shifters bowed low at Edward and he didn't know how to react to it, he hadn't been read for that sort of reaction.

"Touch their shoulders in acknowledgement," Emily whispered, "Paul then Jared." The woman took a step back and let go of Edward's hand. Edward did as instructed, touching Paul and then Jared, keeping the status of the Pack intact. The pair of Shifters looked up and smiled at Edward.

"Are you ready to go?" Paul asked.

"As I'll ever be," Edward responded.

"You'll be fine," Jared promised with a gentle smile.

Edward nodded, smiling too. "Okay," he said. Paul, Jared, Emily and Sue all nodded too and then they all stepped out the house. Edward was surprised to see how dark it had gotten. The moon was out, on full display, the perfect circle in the sky. Emily and Sue grabbed lanterns so they'd be able to see their way.

Paul and Jared disappeared behind a tree and returned having Shifted into their Wolf forms. Edward, Sue and Emily walked down the three steps leading out the little cottage and they followed Paul who took up the front while Jared kept to the back. Two other Wolves joined them, Edward knew without questioning that the two Wolves were Embry and Quil. The pair had bowed low in respect, Edward touching their large Wolf shoulders before they'd all continued deeper into the forest, walking to the location where the traditional ceremony would take place.

When they arrived at the clearing where the ceremony would take place, Edward could see everyone, his family and Jacob's, all of them sitting patiently waiting for his arrival. From where he was standing, hidden from view by a large oak tree, he could see that the place had been set up much like any wedding venue, chairs on either side of an aisle—already filled with family members from both sides—and an altar where Old Quil was sitting, sucking at pipe. The man looked as old as ever, but there was an air of lightness around him, and a soft smile on his face. Edward remembered how much Old Quil supported Jacob's place on the Throne and how he'd been waiting years for the Prince to meet his Imprint and take his rightful place. This was a good day for Old Quil, for all of Jacob's supporters.

Edward looked at Jacob—standing at the altar, all broad and strong and Alpha-ish—and couldn't stop the smile that bloomed on his lips. Jacob looked amazing on his own traditional attire: his Wolf pelt wrapped securely around his bare shoulders, broad and glistening and making Edward's stomach flutter, a pair of tight leather leggings, Jacob's own not having any fringed designs on them, and a pair of moccasins. He looked good, looked like a Prince of the Old Days—Edward had seen tons of pictures of Jacob's great grandfather and every Alpha before that, archived pictures that only a select few were allowed to see, Edward now being one of them. He felt privileged.

Paul, Jared, Quil and Embry all Shifted back in to their Human forms. They nodded at Edward and then walked down the aisle to where Jacob stood. Edward watched silently as the four Shifters walked up to Jacob, bowed to one knee, waiting for Jacob to touch their shoulder. When the Prince had touched each person's shoulder—Paul's then Jared's then Embry's then Quil's—Paul got up and whispered something to Jacob while Embry and Quil joined the rest of the Pack just to the side of Jacob. The Prince's face brightened and a smile broke as he turned his head to look towards where Edward was standing, still unseen.

Leah went over to Edward's father, whispering something to the man and indicating towards Edward. Edward remembered that this time only his father would be permitted to walk him down the aisle, traditionally giving Edward away to his soon-to-be-tradition husband. Edward Sr nodded his head and got him, kissing his wife's cheek gently before following Leah over to where Edward was standing.

"Teddy," the older man said, eyes glistening with fresh tears.

"Don't cry dad because then I'm going to cry and we're going to be a mess and mom's not even here to put us together," Edward said to his father, feeling his own eyes prickle with tears.

"I know, I know." Edward Sr rubbed at his eyes then took a deep breath. "It's going to be real official tonight, huh?"

"Yep. This is going to be it. After tonight I'll officially be part of the Pack, part of the Tribe."


"A little bit, yeah."

"Edward," Emily whispered quietly. Both Edwards turned to look at her. She smiled at them. "Sue and I are going to sit down now, are you two going to be okay?"

"We'll be fine," Edward promised.

"Leah's going to take good care of you."

Both Edwards nodded, looking at the strong woman who was smiling gently. Edward liked how not awkward things were between them despite the fact that Edward was essentially marrying Leah's ex. It was nice knowing there was no jealous or bad vibes between them because of it. Emily kissed Edward's cheek and she and Sue walked away, Sue taking her place beside her husband and Emily sitting down beside the woman.

Leah turned and waved a hand at someone and then a moment later someone was beating on a drum, one beat every few seconds, and everyone in the clearing rose to their feet. Leah nodded at Edward and indicated for the Edward to take his father's arm. Edward did just that, holding on to his father. Leah nodded then turned on her heals and started marching down the aisle, following the beat of the drum. The Edwards followed behind her, following her steps.

When they got to the head of the aisle, Jacob turned and bowed his head at Edward's father, the Alpha showing his respects to the man. Edward Sr nodded his head but didn't touch the Alpha, it was not his place to do so.

"I, Edward Anthony Masen Senior, give my son to you, to love and to protect, to respect," Edward Sr recited, having memories the words the night before, practicing them over and over until his wife had resorted to smacking him with a pillow and telling him to go to sleep. "May our families forge an alliance unbreakable by man, and may our friendship last a lifetime and then beyond, the Spirits be willing."

"I will love, protect and respect your son to my last breath and beyond," the Alpha promised, "the Spirits be willing."

Edward Sr nodded, tears heavy in his eyes as he took his son's hand and placed it in the Alpha's awaiting hand. The Alpha bowed his head again, thanking the man for giving away his pride and joy.

"Look after him, Alpha," Edward Sr whispered so that the words could only be heard by Jacob and Edward.

"I promise it," the Alpha whispered back, looking right into Edward Sr's eyes, conveying the truth of his words.

Edward Sr nodded, satisfied and stepped back from his son and his son-in-law then turned and went to sit down beside his wife who had tears rolling uncontrollably down her face. He held the woman in his arms, kissing her forehead as the tears he'd been holding back finally won the battle and rolled down his own cheeks.

"Hello Imprint," the Alpha whispered gently, a smile present in his words.

Edward smiled too, his head down, submitting to the Alpha without needing to think about. He hadn't thought it's be this easy, but it came as naturally as breathing. "Hello, Alpha," the copper-head whispered back. The Alpha's hand tightened just so in Edward's as they both turned to look at Old Quil.

The old man sitting on a wooden chair pulled at his pipe slowly before letting out a long breath of smoke and looked first at Jacob and then to Edward, almost analysing them. The Alpha didn't squirm under the scrutiny, head held high, exuding confidence in everything. Edward didn't squirm either because he knew why he was here, what he was getting himself into, why he choice this, but the look was intense.

"Do you both understand what you are about to do?" Old Quil asked, his voice unwavering and loud and clear, for the crowd, the witnesses. "Do you understand that once the ceremony has been completed there is no going back? Do you understand that you are tying yourselves to one another in a deeper level?"

"We do," Jacob and Edward replied.

"Do you understand that in the Spirit World you will forever be tied? That remarrying is no longer an option for either of you after this ceremony?"

"We do," Jacob and Edward repeated.

"Edward, are you prepared to renounce your old name, to join your husband's family, and become a part of his World, his culture, his tradition?"

"I am prepared, the Spirits be willing," Edward replied with confidence he felt deep in his bones.

"Are you prepared to serve your Alpha and his Pack, to love and to protect each and every one of his members to the best of your ability?"

"I am prepared, the Spirits be willing."

"Are you prepared to birth Heirs for your Alpha, ready to be mother to Alpha Heirs, to assist in the continuation of a powerful Bloodline?"

"I am prepared, the Spirits be willing."

"Alpha Jacob, are you prepared to take Edward to be your wife, to protect, love and serve him to the best of your ability."

"I am prepared, the Spirits be willing," Jacob replied.

"Are you prepared to put your Imprint before yourself, to listen and learn from him as he will learn and listen to you? Are you prepared to submit to your Imprint?"

"I am prepared, the Spirits be willing." No hesitation in the answer. I would do anything for you, Jacob had whispered to Edward the night before as they swayed on the dance floor.

Edward was surprised. He hadn't known, hadn't realised. He was Jacob's Imprint, Jacob would do anything to make Edward happy, even give up his own Pack. Edward hadn't even realised how much power he actually held over his Mate. That much, so much. Edward would never use that against his Mate though, never ever, as much as he knew Jacob would never use his title or power against him. They were equals.

Old Quil nodded, humming quietly as he sucked in another long breath of smoke before letting it out slowly. It had a certain scent to it; one Edward wasn't familiar with but was more than certain was appropriate for the ceremony.

"Prepare the Alpha," Old Quil said.

Jacob nodded and turned to look at his father who stood with the grace of a King. The Alpha followed his father, Leah and Sam into the large tepee setup for the preparations. They weren't gone for long before the Alpha stepped out of the tepee, now in his Wolf-Skin and re-joined his Imprint at the altar.

"Alpha," Old Quil said to the Alpha, "do you accept Edward as your Imprint, as your Mate and equal? Do you accept that Edward will now be responsible for carrying your Heirs, will be responsible for the continuation of your Line? Do you accept him as your wife and partner, as your life Second? Do you accept him into your Pack, into your life?"

The Alpha turned to his Imprint and bowed his head to him. Edward held out a hand and touched the Alpha's head gently, non-threatening. The Alpha leaned forward, his snout touching at Edward's feet, bowing his consent at his Imprint—I accept you.

"The Alphas may step forward," Old Quil said.

The Alpha Shifters stepped forward, all now in their Wolf-Skin. Edward hadn't noticed them before, not till now. There were a lot of them. There were bears and a mountain lions, and other animals too, all of them large, to show their status within their individual Packs. But none of them were as big as the Alpha, standing tall in his Wolf form, non-threatening as ever. But they all knew that if they so much as threatened the Alpha's Imprint they could very well end up dead. If they did not approve of the Alpha's Imprint none of them showed, not today anyway.

"Do the Alphas accept the person the Head Alpha has chosen as his Mate?"

The Alphas bowed their heads to Edward. None would challenge the Alpha; they respected the Wolf, the man, enough not to try anything today.

"Do you promise to protect and respect the person chosen by your Alpha?"

Still the Alphas kept their heads bowed: acceptance. Old Quil hummed again, sucking at his pipe before blowing out a thick cloud of smoke.

"The Head Alpha's Pack may step forward."

Jacob's Pack stepped forward, all now having Shifted into their Wolf-Skin. Old Quil repeated the same questions he'd asked the other Alphas and the Pack all kept their heads bowed to him, a show of acceptance, of their respect and allegiance to their Alpha's new Mate. The old man nodded his head and the Pack stepped back. Old Quil turned to Edward and Jacob.

"The Spirits as witnesses, the Spirit willing, I pronounce you husband and wife. May your days be filled with happiness and love, may you grow old together, may you respect one another and keep each other safe, may you remember the vows you have pledged to one another and may the Spirits guide and keep you always."

A single moment of silence fell around the place and then the Alpha lifted his head and let out one long howl. Slowly, one by one, the other Shifters howled, or growled or roared too, until the forest was filled with the sound of all the Shifters.

When the howls came to an end, a Spirit Man began to beat at his drum, a rhythm that seemed to hit at the soul. Then quietly he began to chant. Another Spirit Man joined, and then another and then another until the chant was a harmonized chorus. The Alpha nodded once at Edward then turned and disappeared back into the tepee, Leah and Sam following silently.

Old Quil announced that the ceremony was over and that everyone could enjoy the food prepared for them. Staff came out of nowhere with trays of food. More staff members stepped out and started packing chairs away, making more room for the guests to stand around and mingle. For a moment everyone was kind of awkward, Edward's side of the family not sure exactly how to approach royalty not having been exposed to it enough. But Jacob's supporters were nice and they immediately floated towards members of Edward's family and started talking to them.

Long tables were set up and all sorts of foods were placed on them. Servers dressed in traditional attire walked around with champagne flutes on trays, handing them out to anyone that wanted a drink.

Edward Sr and Elizabeth hurried to their son who was quietly talking to Old Quil about nothing much. The old man nodded at the pair before slowly getting up and walking towards Billy and Harry.

"How are you doing, sweetheart?" Elizabeth asked her son, taking his hands into hers and squeezing tightly.

"I'm all right," Edward said, all honesty. He really was all right, despite the butterflies that were currently having world war three in his stomach. He didn't exactly feel like he was about to throw up from nerves, which Edward figured was a big ass win.

"It's all official now, huh?"

"Mostly." Edward blushed when he realised what he'd just admitted to. Edward Sr cleared his throat awkwardly while Elizabeth giggled, elbowing her husband.

"What?" the man asked.

"Nothing," his wife replied, rolling her eyes. "Your seanmháthair wants to see you by the way. She's wanted to see you all day. Said she wants to give you something."


"You should probably go speak to her before she gives us the death glare," Edward Sr joked. Edward grinned at his father. He kissed his parents cheeks before heading towards his seanmháthair who was sitting on a chair, looking out at the crowd from her spot.

"Seanmháthair," Edward said. The old woman look at him and a smile broke out on her face. She patted at the chair beside her and Edward sat down. The woman took his hands, her own soft and leathery.

"Look at you," the woman said quietly. "Look at you. You look beautiful, ua."

Edward blushed, smiling bashfully at his seanmháthair. "Thank you."

"I am so happy for you, my sweet Mathúin. I have been waiting for this day for a very long time."

"So have I, seanmháthair, so have I. I never thought it would come."

"Oh, I always knew. I knew you were always meant for great things."

"You did, didn't you?"

The woman grinned. "Ah!" she said, remembering something. She patted the little bag she always had hanging around her neck and pulled something out of it. It was a coin, one that had a hole drilled into it so it could hang from a chain.

"Seanmháthair," Edward started, but choked on the word. He'd seen the coin before. It was old, had a long story behind it, something to do with the first member of the O'Grady clan stepping onto a ship on the long voyage from Ireland to America, but the basic of it was that it was supposed to bring luck—the luck of the Irish, his seanmháthair always said. It had been in the family for as long as Edward could remember, being passed down to each generation. Ruth O'Grady had presented the necklace by her husband on their wedding day.

The woman now handed the necklace to her great-grandson. "You give this to your husband," she said quietly. "Tell him this is from the O'Gradys and the Masens, that we accept him too, that he is part of our family now too."

Edward nodded, unable to hold back the tears that burned hot in his eyes.

"No crying now," the old woman said, wiping at her great-grandson's cheeks. "This is a happy day. You married the love of your life and all your dreams will come true."

"I know." Edward still couldn't believe it.

Ruth touched her great-grandson's stomach. "I can't wait to meet them," she said, a certain wonder creeping into her voice. Edward couldn't wait either; he was excited—nervous as hell, but also very much excited. "Now then," the woman said. "Help me up, I'm going to find that handsome fella that officiated your wedding."

"He's old!" Edward joked though he got up and helped his seanmháthair to her feet.

"So am I!" she replied. They laughed together as Edward slowly led her towards Old Quil.

"Ruth," the old man greeted as though he were greeting his oldest and greatest friend.

"Hello again, Quil," Ruth replied, much in the same manner. Edward helped his seanmháthair sit beside the old. "Don't forget that necklace now, Mathúin," the woman said to Edward. The boy nodded then left his seanmháthair with her new friend.

Edward walked over to one of the tables that had an array of chocolates. He picked one up and popped it into his mouth. Edward grabbed a flute of champagne as a tray passed by him. He took a sip of it before putting it down. He was suddenly feeling hot. Not horribly so, but enough for him to notice. Edward knew it had nothing to do with the clothes he was wearing and everything to do with that nasty stuff Sue had him drink earlier. She had said that he'd enter a sort of heat, had warned him about it. Edward still wasn't quite prepared for the actual feeling.

Edward turned and looked towards the tepee that Jacob and his Second and Third had disappeared to. They'd been gone for some time now and Edward wondered what was going on in there. He picked another chocolate, this one tasting both sweet and salty. He liked it enough to grab another one.

Jacob finally stepped out of the tepee dressed once more in his traditional attire. Something deep in Edward's stomach fluttered and he breathed in deeply. Jacob basically swaggered towards Edward, a lewd smile on his face that held promises, clear promises. Edward couldn't stop the blush that bloomed onto his face as he watched his Mate walking towards him, looking at him the way he was, like he were the tastiest treat in the feast.

"Hello, Imprint," the Alpha greeted.

A shiver crawled down Edward's spine at the way the Alpha spoke, his voice dripping sex. If they were alone right now, Edward was more than certain he would've fallen to his knees at the sound of his Alpha's voice.

"Alpha," the red-head replied. He sounded breathless and he knew that he was releasing an unbelievable amount of pheromones. He didn't need Sue's rancid elixir to help get into the mood of things with him husband, he was there in no moment at all, ready to be devoured. It should've been an awkward feeling, but with the way the Alpha was looking at him, well Edward wasn't one to complain.

The Alpha stepped forward, bent just the slightest so his lips were pressed against Edward's ear, and the Alpha whispered, voice oozing sex, "I would like to take you, Imprint, make you mine."

Edward, honest to the gods, moaned, feeling like he could cut diamonds with how hard he was. Gods he was so turned on at that moment he would literally climb the Alpha like a tree, right then and there.

"Please," the copper-head whispered, his head bowed in submission, feeling his body burning with want, with need. He wasn't even sure what he was asking for, all he knew was he wanted to be naked with the Alpha.

The Alpha growled, a low rumble coming deep from his chest. Without warning the Alpha picked his Imprint bridal style. "We are leaving now," he announced to the crowd in general and didn't wait for any goodbyes or good lucks or anything of the sort. Nobody tried to stop them either, knowing that the Alpha now had a one track mind. Anyone that did try to stop them—those of Edward's family—were stopped immediately, not a good idea, they were told, let them go.

The marriage cabin where Edward and Jacob would be staying for the week was conveniently placed a walking distance from the clearing where the ceremony had taken place—convenient because Edward wasn't sure he would've been able to survive not being touched for too long. And with the way the Alpha was walking the pair of them reached the cabin in no time. The Alpha carried his Imprint through the threshold and straight to the bedroom. Edward's skin was tingle, feeling hotter than it ever had. Spirits, he wanted his Alpha, now.

"Imprint," the Alpha said, taking a single step back, giving Edward space to breathe, to think.

"Alpha," Edward replied, his head bowed at his Alpha. A gasp left Edward's lips as he felt the Alpha's hot hand touching his chin. The Alpha tilted Edward's head up so they were looking at each other. Edward made to look away but the Alpha stopped him.

"No," the Alpha said gently. "Look at me."

So Edward did, green eyes locking with brown. Fuck! Edward's stomach knotted and he took a deep breath in. He could smell his Alpha, like earth, like rain, like the wild grass. He smelt like wild freedom.

"I will not touch you unless it is what you truly want it," the Alpha said. "Is this what you want from me? Do you want me to touch you?"

Edward looked at him, into his eyes and then he knew, with certainty, that there was no difference between Jacob and the Wolf, that person who would be touching him, making love to him, would not just be the Alpha, laying his claim, but would be Jacob, the Alpha, the Wolf. The whole time he'd been thinking that the Wolf and Jacob were two different people, two different beings—maybe it was easier for Edward to imagine them as two different beings. But really they weren't. They were one. Jacob was the Alpha, the Wolf, and the Alpha was Jacob. Jacob may have existed without the Alpha but he wouldn't be Jacob, he wouldn't be the Jacob that Edward fell for, the one he fell in love with. The Alpha would not exist at all without Jacob, not in this lifetime anyway.

"I want you to touch me," Edward whispered, looking to the floor, not able to help himself. He felt Jacob stepping towards him but still didn't look up. He sucked in a long breathe when he felt the Alpha's burning hand touching his neck, a thumb rubbing at the hollow of Edward's neck.

"Are you certain this is what you want?"

Edward looked into Jacob's eyes and nodded his head. "This is what I want," he said, certainty thickening his voice.

The Alpha growled, low and filled with want, then surge forward, his lips pressing against Edward's. A whine escaped Edward's lips. He wrapped his arms around Jacob's shoulders and pulled himself closer to the Alpha. He could feel Jacob's skin, burning hotter than it ever had, even hotter than his. Fuck, fuck.

The kiss was nowhere near graceful, all prying tongues and hands roaming restlessly. Edward allowed himself to be stripped, shivering as burning hands touched at smooth, pale skin. He couldn't stop the moans that left his mouth, being swallowed down by Jacob's hungry kisses. But he wanted more, wanted so much more. His body was hot, burning, dick at attention and aching. Gods, he wanted Jacob so badly.

The Alpha Prince stepped back for a moment and Edward whined losing body heat and the pleasure of being touched by his Mate. He looked at the Prince, vision swimming just slightly. He took a deep breath, blinked once then looked at Jacob. He moaned, he couldn't help it. The way Jacob was looking at him…

Without much warning, Jacob picked Edward up, hands cupping Edward's ass. Edward wrapped his arms and legs around Jacob, face pressed tightly against Jacob's shoulder, breathing in his earthy scent. He smelt so damned good.

Jacob walked to the large bed and gently dropped Edward onto it. The Prince stood at the edge of the bed for a long moment, just looking at his Imprint. He was beautiful, unlike anything Jacob had ever seen—soft copper hair, an attractive mess atop his head and emerald green eyes hazy with lust. Jacob couldn't wait to have his wicked way with this man, couldn't wait to Mark and Mate and Breed.

The Wolf growled; a low rumble deep in his chest. He couldn't wait to sink himself into his Imprint, finally consummate his love to his Soul Mate, be connected to him in the most intimate way possible. But before that, Jacob wanted to know the taste of his Imprint on his tongue; he wanted his Imprint to beg for him while he ate him out. Jacob didn't think about it for long before he crawled onto the bed.

He didn't crawl up Edward's body as the red-head had expected, instead the Prince lay himself lower down the bed, kissing teasingly at Edward's stomach which jumped and coiled in excitement as the prospect of being touched by Jacob like this, finally. The man breathed through his nose, loud and deep. He looked down at Jacob with hooded eyes, watching as the Prince grinned up at him impishly.

The Prince wrapped his arms around his husband's thighs, pushing them up with his shoulders and kissing and biting at Edward's inner thighs. He threw another look at his Imprint before his warm tongue licked not-so-teasingly at Edward's hole. Edward whined, dropping his head back onto the pillows, hips jumping, moving down of their own accord. One hand moved to wrap itself into a fist in Jacob's hair and another gripped at the cream coloured bedcovers.

Edward gasped and whined and let out choked-out sobs, back arching as Jacob growled between his legs, lapping at Edward's hole, tongue rolling into the man's holes, sucking and kissing at it as it quivered under the pleasurable attention. Edward couldn't speak; any word he tried to say being broken off before he could finish it.

A finger soon joined the party. At some point Edward's fingers left Jacob's hair and he held the soft covers of the bed in a death grip, gasping and moaning as pleasure rolled and crashed over his body in ways he'd never felt before. A second finger pushed into him and Edward rolled his hips down, to meet the slow, measured thrusts and the hot tongue still lapping at his hole. A third finger was added and Jacob teasingly brushed against Edward's prostate, a whisper of what he could do, would do to his Imprint.

"Fu— fu— —" Edward gasped, pushing himself on one elbow to look at Jacob, rolling his hips a little harder. He needed more, needed so much more. He need Jacob, needed him right now. "Jay— plea— fu— —" Edward felt as though his whole body was on fire, as though he was going to literally combust, the fire starting deep in the pit of his stomach. "Plea— plea— —"

Jacob bit teasingly at Edward's inner thigh before pulling away from him, removing his fingers. Edward whimpered at the loss of warmth. The Prince grinned as he slowly got up and off the bed. Edward watched him, pupils so dilated that only a thin ring of green appeared. Edward bit his lip, watching as Jacob slowly and oh-so teasingly undid the leather straps of his leggings before pushing the down his hips, revealing his erection, sitting heavy and thick against his thigh.

"Fuck," Edward whispered, staring at the thing. His hole clenched as he imagined the thick girth sliding into him. He squirmed against the bed, rubbing his thighs together, feeling hot everywhere—these bedcovers were definitely ruined.

Jacob climbed back onto the bed, moving slowly, keeping his eyes on Edward as though Edward was the prey and he was the hunter. It made Edward burn with fire and need. He wanted Jacob so badly he thought if he didn't get him he'd just die, just completely combust.

"Please," Edward said, keeping to a whisper. The Prince smiled at him then knelt by Edward's feet. He licked his lips, slow and teasing, then pulled apart Edward's legs. He hummed appreciatively, staring down at Edward's spread legs. Edward couldn't help blushing. He tried to pull his legs together again, but Jacob's strong hands kept him open.

"You are beautiful," the Prince growled, a hand stroking Edward's thigh teasingly. "Absolutely stunning."

"So are you," Edward said.

The Prince looked at his Imprint. "I love you," the Prince said, his voice gentle, soothing.

"I love you too," Edward promised.

Jacob smiled and leaned forward, drawing Edward into a searing kiss that had Edward lost, brains seeming to shut down for a just a single moment. Jacob pressed down on Edward, his body hot and firm against Edward's, making the copper-head moan into the kiss that had gone from passionate to dirty.

"Please," Edward whispered against Jacob's lips, spreading his legs just that much wider. "Please."

Jacob growled, pleased with his Imprint's reaction to feeling him against his body. He couldn't wait to sink into him, to feel Edward wrapped around him, body hot and ready, just for him. He didn't waste time, didn't want to wait any longer to finally be connected to his Imprint this way. He shuffled onto his knees, gripping himself. Edward hummed against his lips, not seeing what was happening, but knowing what was to come, ready for it. Jacob grew excited, stroking himself, making sure he was wet enough not to hurt Edward, though he was more than certain that Edward was ready for him.

The Prince aligned himself to Edward's hole, growling as he felt the sphincter flutter against his head. Edward was muttering, begging Jacob to enter him, to fill him. He didn't want to disappoint his Imprint, not on their first night especially. Carefully, and with a slight push, he breached Edward, feeling his Imprint's body open up, let the head in. They both moaned, Edward at the feeling of being stretched, Jacob at the feeling of his husband's body yielding to him.

He moved slowly at first, sinking, inch by inch, into his husband, feeling the heat of Edward's body surrounding him, gripping at him hungrily. He loved it, loved the feeling so much. It felt amazing, felt so good, he needed more.

When he bottomed out, his balls pressed snuggly against Edward's ass, they both breathed. Edward was looking up at Jacob with a dazed look, a lazy smile on his face as he breathed in and out slowly. Jacob liked the blissed-out look, wanted it to stay on Edward's face forever. But he also wanted to see his Imprint's face contort in pleasure, wanted to see what wonders he could do to his new husband.

And so he moved, slowly and carefully at first, mindful of this being Edward's first time. It didn't take long though, Edward's body adapted so wonderfully to Jacob, moulding around him snugly, gripping at him in the best way. He moved fast, pistoling into his husband, striking at the bundle of nerves inside Edward, teasingly biting at Edward's shoulder, loving the way Edward wrapped around him, whispering pleas and other such breathless nonsense. Jacob wanted it all.

He was close, Jacob, could feel his balls tightening, the heat of pleasure pooling deep in his belly. Edward was there too, begging Jacob for release, blunt fingernails digging into Jacob's back, as he moved his body against Jacob's as much as he could. Jacob kept going, faster, harder, deeper. Together, he wanted them to cum together. He kept going, Edward's begging stirring him on. The fire in his belly burnt hot, moving, shifting within him until he was ready to burst.

"Fuck," Edward gasped, over and over and over again as Jacob moved. "Fuck, fuck, yes!"

Jacob growled deep within his chest as he spilled deep inside Edward. The Prince's eyes went completely black and his canines and his lateral incisors extend. He tried to fight off the animal instinct begging to Mark, but knew he couldn't, he was too far gone, too deep in it. With another deep, feral growl, the Prince bucked into his Imprint before leaning forward and sinking his teeth into that perfectly exposed pale neck.

Edward gasped, body shaking as he found release, his eyes rolling back as he felt the sharp teeth break the skin at his neck. His hands scrambled to grip tightly at Jacob's biceps, his heels digging into the Prince's back as he came, spilling hot between himself and Jacob. He held on, feeling Jacob bucking into him, a little slower now, but not any less deeper and everything around him seemed to slow down and disappear. His body felt cooler, more sated. He felt good, floaty, but good.


When Jacob came back to his senses his heart almost stopped. He looked down at his Imprint and could see, clear as day, thick bite marks on his Imprints neck. They were deep, an almost dangerous deep, looking red and angry, and still bleeding, but only a little. They'd definitely leave a mark when they healed, a big one too judging by the size of it.

The thought was appealing to the Prince's Wolf side but the Prince still couldn't help but panic a little. Edward was Human—fragile and delicate in that way Humans were—and Jacob couldn't be sure how his Imprint's body would react to being Marked. He wanted to wake Edward, make sure he was all right, that Jacob hadn't done any damage to his Imprint, hadn't hurt him in any way.

But when he looked at him, the lithe Human looked so at peace—there was the slightest smile on his face, airy and calm—that Jacob didn't have the heart to actually wake him. But he still wanted to make sure his Imprint was okay, so instead he listen to the other man's heartbeat. It was beating hard and just a little bit faster than normal, but it was nothing alarming, nothing unexpected after what they'd just been up to together.

He was fine, Edward was going to be fine. He was Marked, Mated, Breeded and sated. He'd be fine.


Wowowowow, okay, so that was pretty damn long. See all the creative liberties I took? Shocking stuff! But anyway, it's done now, they're married and consummated the whole. They're official now, no turning back! My sister said she liked the chapter, but then she also said that it's probably coz she likes the story in general so she's being biased. But ah well, she said she liked it so I take that as a win. I enjoyed writing it too and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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