Title: When in Paris

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Chapters: 21

Genre: Drama Free!

Words: ?

Pairings: Edward—Bella, Alice-Jasper, Carlisle-Esme, Emmett-Rosalie, Elizabeth-Edward Sr.


Chapter 1

Bella's POV

A couple hours later, we lay in the bed, just cuddling. I was engaged god….I could not believe it at all. I had stared at my rings for what felt like hours until my fiancé…..god it feels good to think that dragged me in our bedroom again. I had text Alice almost immediately taking the photo of my ring, and she wants to start wedding planning right away but I did not want to start right away.

Of course, we are going to wait it out and let Alice do her big fancy celebrity-wedding planning. Being engaged is new to me for once, but to Alice it is not. First thing we have to do is tell Renesmee, we cannot just leave her out of nowhere and have Alice or any other person in the family telling her. I do not know if Renesmee already knows because who knows who Edward told or how long he has been planning this.

"Did you plan this ever since I came to LA?" I asked randomly

"No, I've wanted you to be my wife ever since I laid eyes on you back in Seattle" he said

"Even when you were mad at me?" I asked

"Always Bella, I may have been mad you kept Renesmee from me but my feelings never ever disappeared," he said

"How about Renesmee? Does she know anything about this?" I asked

"No" he said

I do not know if it is a good thing or a bad thing Renesmee does not know about the ring or Edward going to propose, but I have seen how sweet it is when the kids ask the mother to marry them. It looks cute….

"Why?" he asked

"It doesn't matter, I was just thinking," I said

"Tell me baby," he said

"I've just seen the child knowing all about the proposal before the mother does, I just wanted to know if Renesmee knew," I said

"Well I didn't do that but if I knew you liked that, I would have thought of that baby," he said

"It doesn't matter Edward it's over now, and we can't change it," I said

"I know," he said

I smiled at him and he gave me a quick kiss, which I soon returned. Our kiss depended until I broke away from him and put my head back on his chest and he snaked his arm around my waist kissing my cheek. It was fun having it this way and not having to worry about much anymore.

~-hours later-~

I soon fell asleep after Edward and I kissed last night, still with my head on his chest. We woke up to the pounding of little feet at 8:30 in the morning and the knocking on the door, begging daddy to open the door. It leads us to where we are now, sitting in the big kitchen watching Jeff chop up the vegetables for breakfast. We were having something he made back in Britain. It is a casserole and I could not believe how nice it smelled after being in the oven for an hour, it was called Cheesy Amish Breakfast Casserole and it looked delicious!

I wanted to cook because it was normal when I was with James because he could not cook like crap, and I can cook but I was swatted at when I tried to make something. I think of it as ridiculous that I cannot cook in my own new kitchen. Edward told me Jeff left at 3'o clock so I would be able to cook after her left but I said it was not fair. He chuckled at me shook his head, and walked off to take a shower.

He had a meeting with his agent today regarding the movie in New York and since he got out of the shower that is what we have been talking about.

"I can't stand to see you go away in New York," I said

"I wouldn't go without you baby," he said

"We can't move Renesmee again, see's basically moved 3 times now," I said

"I know that, but I can't just leave you two here without me for 7 weeks, who knows what could happen in 7 weeks" he said

Plates were set in front of us seconds later, and Jeff nodded at us. I looked down at the casserole and it did look very good, I took the fork and took a bite of the casserole. It tasted delicious and I felt like I had tasted nothing better in my life.

"It's very good," I said

Edward smiled at me kissing my hand, my hand with the ring on it. I smiled right back at him as Renesmee walked into the kitchen from the living room. She sat on the chair next to me looking at the plate in front of her, and then looked at me.

"Try it Renesmee, you don't know if you hate it until you try it" I said knowing that look

It was not Momma's egg, toast, and sausage breakfast when getting up but instead the wonderful casserole. Edward looked at Jeff and waved his hand and he left the room, and we looked to our daughter when he was out of sight. She was picking at her food

"Renesmee" I said

She looked up at us; how we were supposed to take our daughter, we were engaged?

"Renesmee I asked Mommy to marry me last night" Edward said

Her eyes lit up like a bunch of Christmas lights,

"Really?" she asked

"And I said yes" I said

Her eyes widened again, I think she knew what we said to her. For being only 3 years old, she is smart.

"Does that mean we're going to be a family?" she asked

"We're already a family Renesmee," I said

"But a real family Momma, with everyone together" she said

"Yes Renesmee, we will be a real family," Edward said looking at me smiling

I smiled back at him as his phone went off, and he checked it letting go of my hand.

"I gotta go, I'll see you later and we'll talk about this okay?" Edward said standing up

"Okay, I love you" I said

"I love you too," he said

He gave me a quick kiss, and Renesmee a hug saying he would be back later. She nodded and he left grabbing his keys and jacket before getting in the Aston Martin and driving off. I looked to Renesmee and smiled,

"So what are we gonna do today?" I asked

"Can we go over to grandma's?" she asked

"Sure, let's take care of this mess and then get ready okay?" I asked

She nodded her head, and picked up her plate helping me put things away. This week could not have started out better.

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