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Chapter 1: The Life She Wished She Had…

Once upon a time, in a small town called Ferryport Landing, there was a family. This was no ordinary family, though. This family consisted of the decedents of the Brothers Grimm, the writers of many famous fairytales. These fairy tales were not just bedtime stories; they were also history, recorded and preserved for many years. They were also the residents of this town, making this peaceful place secretly full of magic and excitement.

Right now, the family was crowded around a magic mirror: Henry and Veronica, the two loving parents, standing near the back, Uncle Jake, Granny Relda, and Mr. Canis in the middle, and finally the four Grimm children in the front, closest to the mirror. Sabrina and Daphne, the two real Grimms, stood beside each other. Sabrina, the older sister (12 right now), was a very brave and responsible girl, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Daphne, the younger of the two (7 and a half at the moment), was a very kind girl who always had a smile on her face, and her beautiful brown hair in two braids. The other two children were "adopted" Grimms. Puck, more commonly known to himself as The Trickster King, was a very mischievous fairy who was always dirty and had a steady supply of goo balls with him, as well as curly blonde hair and green eyes. He and Sabrina didn't always get along, but they had their moments. Last but not least was a shy, beautiful girl named Red. She is more commonly known as the famous Little Red Riding Hood, and she was Daphne's age right now with curly amber hair that fell just past her shoulder.

Anyways, the family was standing around the mirror watching a girl Sabrina's age walking down a middle school hallway. There was a boy who called her over. She blushed slightly and ran down the hallway to meet him. She had very long dirty blonde (which, by the way, does not mean her hair is dirty) that went about halfway down her legs. She was very beautiful and seemed to be friends with everybody. Sabrina felt a little bit like a stalker, watching this girl 24/7, but it had to be done. Just like this was no ordinary town and no ordinary family, this girl was no ordinary girl. She was the daughter of Rapunzel and Prince Charming, and nobody had known about her until now. That is, except for Rapunzel. The story was that after they had gotten divorced, this girl was sent out. Rapunzel didn't want to be reminded of her failed marriage. This girl was a rare case, a human given birth to by two Everafters, and Baba Yaga had wanted to examine her.

Sabrina felt a mix of jealousy and pity wash over her. On one hand, at least this girl had gotten to live a normal life for a while and know nothing about the fact that she had such a weird family. On the other hand, the girl would be taken away from her family and friends and dumped into a weird knew life. Sabrina also hoped that maybe, just maybe, this girl could become her first real friend in Ferryport Landing.