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I sat in my bedroom, I wish I was at home as in Forks, Washington and that he was holding me tight in his arms, But he's not and Im not home. Im in Italy. I was kidnapped 3 years 11 months and 13 days ago. But I was not kidnapped by a random person (I wish I was that lucky) I was kidnapped by the Volnturi. And Alec is the one who brought me here. He was ordered by Aro to bring me here because my "gifts" Aro and his gaurd to shame.

I smirked as I looked at myself in the mirror. Red eyes looked back at me. I always wanted to be a vampire but not this way! I threw a bottle of nail polish across the room. I have never killed a human. I owe my famliy to much to do that. Aro brings me Blood in a cup. I went 23 days without feeding once I awakened as a New Born. Then Aro had the cup idea...And I couldn't..Not drink it. I was kidnapped on my 19th Birthday.


"ALICE!" I whined as we headed to ANOTHER clothing store at the mall in Seattle.

"Bella stop! Were going to find your perfect birthday outfit. I've seen it on you and it looks Fabulous!" She sang and spinned.

"Alice you know what I really want for my birthday" I urged. I am turning 19 today and im still a freaking human! "Bella.." Alice trailed off.

"Yeah I know! No talk of becoming a vampire on my birthday, You and Edward made it clear" I said making hand puppets that looked like they were nagging. Alice glared. I looked to my left and saw a Coffee shop.

"Alice can I go in there and get a drink, PLEASE!" I whined. She purched her lips.

"Fine, go. But if you try to run, I will know. I'm going to be in the store next door" Alice said.

PSHHT, I would never think of running away...Ok I did, But..I don't have a car to get home in. Bummer. Me and Alice parted ways. I walked into the Cafe. It smelled like Christmas. I walked up to the counter.

"Hello what can I get you?" An older lady asked.

"I'll have a Maple Latte and a Peanut Butter cookie" I said.

"One sec" She said and went to make my Latte. They had a shelf of books so I went to go look.

Then a rag got shoved in my face and everything went black.


I started to cry. Witch was horrible because I had no tears. I heard someone coming to my room. I swear if it's Jane I'll kill her. There was a knock. I smelled the air it was Sulpicia, Aro's mate. I opened the door.

Did I mention I HATE Sulpicia?

"Aro wants you" Sulpicia said. I perched my lips.

"Well tell Aro that I said he can go to Hel-"

"There are vistiors" Sulpicia said cutting me off. If my heart were beating it would have stopped. My thoughts went to Edward. I followed Sulpicia down the hall and into the "Lobby" It was the same room me, Alice and Edward waited to go home.

The friends I made while stuck here were in the lobby to. There were more people kidnapped like me trying to break free. So we kinda stuck together. But some have been here longer then me.

"Wait here" Sulpicia said and left the room.

I stood by Taylor, He's a good guy. He's half Vampire half Werewolf. I see him as a little brother. My nickname for him is York like the dog: Yorkie. He's been here for 3 months 2 days.

"Who is it?" Taylor asked. I shrugged.
But I let that spark of hope back in my heart.

"Think it could be the Cullen's?" My cloest friend Jeremy asked.

He knows everything about me and my past. His "Gifts" were that he could make duplicits of himself. But like Jane's 'gift' it was all in your head. So I never have seen the duplicits...But we didn't let Aro know that.

"I hope" I muttered so Gina wouldn't hear. Im shocked that she's still here and Aro hasn't killed her.

"Im so sick of Aro's bull, He can't keep us here forever" Kat said.

She has been here longer then all of us. She's also Jeremy's mate. Her 'gift' is she can turn people around her invisble.

"'Bull' Oh your bad Kat" Katie said.

She remined me of Jake, except she was a vampire. Her 'gift' was she could see the reason's behind peoples actions. But she's still learning how to do so.

"Good one" Ally said then high fived Katie.

She was human. Younger then Taylor, She was 20. Taylor was 21. Her mom was Aro's barbie doll. And was Felix's "Mate" witch I didn't buy. Im pretty sure her mom has slept with everyone here. But the funny thing was is that me and Ally knew each other before this we used to be best friends when we were younger. But she moved away and we lost touch.

"I really hope it's Edward" I told Jeremy.

Jeremy hugged me.

Then John and his goonies came in. Like I said there were more people like me who got kidnapped. John and his goonies But, They wanted to be part of the Voltri when we did not.
Me and John were close when he first showed up but we're not anymore. He snorted but didn't say anything. If he did I would rip his balls off and feed them to the rats.

We didn't let John know how strong our powers were. I was the most powerful. I could take other people's 'gifts' and they could still keep there 'gifts' if I wanted them to. But that was just the tip of the ice burg.

Sulpicia walked back in.

"You may go see Aro, Now" Said Sulpicia.

"We may? You may have my foot up you a-"
"Katie" Kat said cutting Katie off.

Yes just like Jake.

Taylor grabbed onto my hand as we followed Sulpicia out of the Lobby and into the halway. My tummy was doing flips. What if it was Edward? or Alice. And just as I thought her name I caught her scent. Another one of my powers I could catch peoples scent better then any other Vampire. I went to run and push Sulpicia out of my way, but Taylor's hand reminded me not to be to hasty. That could mean trouble. Sulpicia opened the doors and I stopped breathing. I scaned the room.

No Alice.

I gave Jeremy a warning glance. I watched as Caius, Jane, Felix and Demetri join John's group. I growled slightly. I hated them. The "Anklebitters" as me and Jeremy called them.

No Alice, I wounder if it's a trick. At least I won't have to suffer anymore.

"Isabella" Aro said..I think he was trying to be..Sexy? I snorted.

"What game are you playing now?" I asked Sarcasm filled my tone. I heard a snort.

I looked to my left and saw him. His golden eyes.

It wasn't a Cullen, but aparently he was a Veggie like the Cullen's. He had black short hair he wore a long black Winter coat with jeans and hiking boots and a sweater. Must be from somewhere really cold, Like the north pole. I tried harder to remeber him. Our eyes met and his grew big, like as if he were starstruck. But controlled his face before anyone else noticed.

Then I noticed his fingers were intertwined with a girl with long wavy brown hair in a fur vest and a white long sleve under it with boots and skinny jeans. Then I realised that it wasn't exactly Alice I smelled. The girl smelled...Like Alice but wasn't. But the Alice smell was there like as if she was wearing her headband or belt or something.

I straighened up and Jeremy gaved me a look I shook my head. Not the Cullen's. We may have not been standing right next to each other, But my friends were postioned to back up my flanks. John snorted and Jeremy growled.

"Now my old friend and his mate" Aro coutiuned as if I hadn't spoken and nothing happen.

"Has come here as guest's and told us that there are a uprising in Paris. Something about a 'new born army' as he put it" Nodding to the guy and the girl who smelled like Alice. "Something about an Maria" Aro added.

I sucked in a breath.

I figured the Volnturi killed her off ages ago. Aro tilted his head at me. I flashed back to when Jasper told me about his past.


I sat on near Edward back facing the Piano. as Edward played a random melody on his Piano.

"It was long ago. I was stupid, But I don't regret it...No I never could. I wouldn't have ever met Alice if things didn't turn out that way" He told me.

Then Alice kissed him. Emmett made a fake gagging sound and we all laughed.

"ISABELLA!" Aro yelled snaping me back out of my memories.

And to my surprise I felt my face pulled into a smile. Jeremy had the weirdest look on his face. And my friends wore shocked faces, I don't think they've ever seen me smile, As in a real smile not forced.

"Sorry..Daydreaming" I said.

"You know about this Maria?" Caius asked.

"Well yeah, Well I've heard stories" I said. The vistor with the dark hair gave me a look. My gut told me not to tell them Jasper told me this story.

"From who?" Caius asked.

"Um, It was about a year or two ago. A man came in and told me old war stories his name was Pete." I said changing Peter's name fast.

I've never met him but I knew he was a friend of Jasper's.

"And said around the time of the Civil war, More or less. It was around Mexico? A women called Maria and her sisters Nettie and Lily"- Again I lied, Her name was Lucy- "And I think she killed them anyways..She started a army of new borns" I said.

"And?" Aro asked telling me to go on.

"No clue, Said he left when things got out of control. Now he's a nomad. Ask Jeremy he was there" I said.

Like I said Jeremy knew everything about me.

"Yeah, But I thought he said 'Texas'?" Jeremy said playing along. I smirked slightly.

"He said 'Mexico/Texas'" I said.

"He still said Texas" Jeremy said starting a fake fight.

"Yeah, He also said Mexico" I said my vocie getting louder.

"Enough." Aro said stopping things. Me and Jeremy fake glared at each other trying not to laugh. So it looked like we ere pissed.
Aro purched his lips for a secound. Caius glared at us.

"Well were leaving" Aro said.

My dead heart sunk. I heard Katie gasp. Things must be bad. If we leave we can plan an Escape Route. I can head home. I can see him. I was about to scream with joy.

"And, Chelsea, Renta, Corin, Gina, Katie, Taylor, Jeremy, Kat, Ally and you Isabella will stay. And if Elzear and carmin want to stay that will be fine" Aro said.

And with that, My hope shatered.

"You may be dismissed" Aro said.

What he really means is get out or you'll be put in the cage.

Chelsea gave me a look.

We weren't 'Friends' but we got along. She didn't want to be here either. I rolled my eyes at Aro.

I looked at the man and his mate. His gold eyes stuck to mine. Who was he? We will have to speak later because Jane was dragging him along with Aro. And Demetri was pushing us out. We all ended up in my room.

"It's just a spark. But I think those old friends of Aro's may be our key" I said to Jeremy.

Aro and everyone left a while ago to stop the 'army'. John told me the strangers left so I stood there doing nothing.

All my hopes crushed. I was so sitck of NOTHING!

I eyed the door. I grabbed my dresser and thew it at the door and the flew across the halway. I ran to Jeremy's room. Maybe if I begged they'd kill me. If they wouldn't I would make sure Aro did.

I bursted into the room.

Jeremy, Kat and Katie were having a glareing contest.

"What's wrong?" I asked my vocie sounding weird to me.

"John was telling us Bull Shit about the vistors. But im trying to see the reason behind his bullshiting and I can't. And Jeremy pissed because I can't see John's reasoning" Katie said.

Taylor ran into the room out of breath with Ally on his heels.

"Come now." Ally said and I gave Jeremy a look.

And I put Ally on my back and Taylor climbed on Katie's. Ally told us where to go.

I walked into a room in Gold and Silver walls with bookshelves taller then houses. And a drum set in the corner. With a table in the cinter of the room. Chelsea stood near the table in the middle of the room.

"What's going on?" Kat asked while me and Katie dropped the people on our backs.

"Time to Escape" Chelsea said handing bags to us.

I took one slowly.

"What?" I asked dumbfounded.
"You want to go to the Cullens it's time" Chelsea said.

I swear 40 tons fell off my back. I felt like I would float.

"How do we know it's not a trick?" Katie asked.

"I've done this before with: Barris, Manchester, Pippy, Molly, Victoria who all our all nomads that the Scum has never found" Chelsea said while Heidi came up beside her.

Then the Guests came in the room. My head was swimming.

"Hello Bella!" The 'Guest' girl said hugging me.

"H-how do you know me?" I asked.

"Oh dear, Were the Cullen's cousins. Esme sent us here. Let me tell you this was hard to pull off." She said.

"Esme!" I yelled grabbing her arms.

"Ow." Carmin said and I released.

"Irina is waiting we have to go" The man said.

"And that is my hubbie Elezar" Carmin said.

My face fell.

"As in Tanya's coven?" I asked.

"Yes" Carmin said.

"Freedom is soon sister" Chelsea told Heidi they hugged.

"Follow us" Chelsea said.

And we did. My mind is scatterd everywhere. How is this happening. It's to fast. I didn't even realise Ally was on my back until we reached a window.

"Okay we are going to jump out of this Window. Those of you who want to live as nomads follow me and Heidi West. Those of you who want to go to the Cullen's or Denali's got North-East. Keep running 'till you hit Ocean and swim in'till you hit England. Swim around it. Then follow the waves and you should hit Flordia and run in'till you hit Texas. Then swim to washington. And go from there." Chelsea ordered.

I nodded. She jumped out the window.

"Im with you" Ally whispered reminding me she was on my back. I gripped the bag.

"Don't look" I ordered I felt her head in my back so I jumped. I ran as fast in'till I hit Ocean. Then I realised I wasn't on my own and I waited for Elezar and Carmin.

Jeremy ran up beside me, Him being one of the fastest vampires. Kat was on his back.

"Guys.." I trailed off.

"We're with you" Jeremy and Kat said at the same time I heard Carmin beside me.

"Ally I will swim up near the surface so your head can stick out to breathe. Hold on thight" I said and I jumped in the water letting he shoulder and above stick out and swam.

We finally hit Flordia. I made sure Ally was on tight as I still gripped the bag. Then I realised the bag.

"WAIT!" I screamed. I pulled out the papers out of the bag and checked for a tracker as did everyone else. It took us all about 48 secounds to do a good search.


"Im so tired" Ally whisperd. I put Ally in my arms and held her like a baby as she held our bags.

"Let's go" I said. We ran in silence to Texas.

Then I saw a blonde at the edge of the water of Texas.

"IRINA!" Carmin yelled. She nodded and with that she dove in the water.

Then woke Ally up and told her to hang tight and we were in the water again.

We finally hit the bottom of Washington. I got up on shore and let Ally sit.

Then I realised who was with us.


I looked at Taylor, Katie, Jeremy, Kat, Ally, Irina, Elzear and Carmin. The only person who wasn't here was Chelsea and Heidi. My friends were all here. We gave Each other the same looks.

I picked up Ally and we headed to the Cullen's house.


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