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Well it turns out Jacob imprinted on a girl named: 'RoseMae' but he nicknamed her Nessie. She was shy and nice. But Jake said I was 'Still hot as hell' I laughed and Edward growled holding me closer.

Embry imprinted on Katie.. Witch I know they will get along perfectly. And Seth imprinted on Ally...

Tough Luck. I feel bad for him.
Tanya came back and gave me a fake 'Sorry' and then eyed my man. But I was happy I was home so me being a good person nodded my head instead of using Jane's power upon her. And she went to a room upstairs

I've been home for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

"So, How'd you become a vampire?" Emmett asked.

I gritted my teeth.

"Here let me go first" Kat said. I sighed.

"It was about 8 years ago they sent someone to kidnap me, I was human" Kat started.

Carlisle went to ask a question but she held her finger up.

"I was so lost a confused. But Aro told me that he was going to change me into a Vampire. See I was a college student I was going to be history teacher. I was doing research on different vampire myths. So I figured I was dreaming. Or it was a prank. He laid me down in a bed and bit my neck before I could even scream. After 3 days of being in a lake of fire. I prayed to god if he made it stop. I would help at my mother's soup kitchen more often" Kat let out a small sigh.

"Once I woke up Aro explained rules. And told me I have 'gift' now I needed to help him. I didn't help. But I did feed. On innocent humans.." Kat got a guilty look in her eyes and I looked away.

"I mean what else was I supposed to do? I couldn't not feed. I still regret that. Finally Aro threatened me to hurt my family. So I worked with him. And I realized I had a gift. But Aro wanted to use it for bad things. But I refused to use it for his wants" Kat said and I looked at her she was smirking.

"He was mad, No he was furious. Then more came all of them with gifts. Some already vampires some not... If they refused to help they'd go in the cage" Kat said.

I went stiff I so did Jeremy and Katie we have been in the cage.

"What's the cage?" Jasper asked sensing my fear.

"It's a horrible place. I have been in there more then anyone" I said my voice breaking.

"It's a cage it'd made out of stuff that not even vampires and break and powers don't work outside of it. Then lock you in with nothing to do but get lost in your thoughts. And it was horrible for me because all I had was memories and.." I stopped and took a deep breath to keep me from crying.

I let out the air shakily.

"They would set blood far enough where you could smell it and see it but you couldn't get to it, You'd be stuck there for a long time. Sometimes a rat would come by, So y'know" I added and wrinkled my nose.

"Rats are disgusting" I said.

I heard Jake gag.

Then Kat carried on.

"But everyone they kidnapped wanted to join them. And then Bella came. And Aro was more interested in her then the rest.. She was horrible.. Broken. A few days after that Jeremy showed up and we fell in love ASAP. We decided we didn't want to be part of Aro's games. Then Bella tried to kill herself" Kat stopped talking so everyone could absorb that.

There were gasps and 'oh no's I glared at the ground.

I felt Edward's grip around my waist get stronger. If I were human it would have broke every bone in my left side.

Kat took a breath and went on,

"And then me and Jeremy tried to help the young girl. She wouldn't eat. She would just stare at the walls. After a few days she said 'Hi'. And one day Jeremy was saying how he didn't like to feed on the humans and Bella's eyes- For the first time- turned happy. She replied. "You don't have to" and launched into the crazy story about feeding on Deere and elk and when she said mountain lion she smiled."

When Kat said that Edward kissed My hair.

"And a few days later tried to kill herself again" Kat added voice getting softer.

I swallowed hard and I heard Esme and Alice crying faintly.

"Bella how about you tell your story" Kat said voice cracking.

I looked up and met eyes with Jeremy and he nodded his head.

"Well it was my 19th birthday. I was at a mall with my boyfriends annoying little sister" I started, trying to lighten the mood.

I even smiled at my own joke.

"That morning I was bugging Edward and Alice about being a vampire. Me and Edward got in a fight. And when I knew he won I said 'Bite Me' and Emmett thought it was funny as hell" I said laughing at the memory.

"Then I was kidnapped. When I woke up I saw Aro's face. I screamed. And he told me-" I cut myself off knowing that if Edward knew some of the stuff those guys said to me. He might break something or do something stupid.

"Well I didn't eat. I wouldn't talk to anyone. But there was this kid named John who would bug me. And I started to nod my head when he talked. Then he- He uh- Um.." I trailed off.


I haven't even told Jeremy. If Edward finds out he'll shit.

"What Bella." Edward said thru his teeth,

"Hekindatriedtorapeme" I said fast making my words blend together.

"HE WHAT?!" Edward yelled letting go of me. I looked up to see all of the boys looking beyond pissed. And Rosalie was.. I don't know how to describe it.

"I DIDN'T SAY HE DID!" I yelled when Edward almost thru the couch into the TV.


And the it hit me. Everything that has happened to me in the past 3 years hit me like a bus. I put my head in my hands and started sobbing.

"I know, I'm sorry" I said.

I felt guilty.

"Bella" Edward sighed and had his arms around me in a half second.

"Shh, It's ok" He said as he rubbed my back.

"I know I should have saw it coming, It's all my fault" I said while I let Jasper's powers calm me down.

"It's not you fault honey, You couldn't have stopped him you were only human" Edward said and kissed my hair.

I finally calmed down.

I pulled away and I looked for Taylor. I knew he'd be hurt.

Tears were running down his face. I was like his big sister, He was my baby brother.

"Come here, York" I said and pointed to the ground. Taylor walked over and I hugged him. he needed me right now I could feel it.

I let go and held his hand.

"Well after that I tried to kill myself.. It didn't work. So these two love birds started bugging me, They were weird so I told them about being veggie. And a few days later I heard Aro talking about how I had powers that could rule the world and shit like that so I tried to kill myself. And Aro changed me that day. When I was getting changed I didn't scream, I didn't move. It hurt, It was down right painful but I lasted thru it. Then a few hours before I woke I heard two voice's talking non-stop. Telling me random things that didn't matter. Then a male's voice started talking about music. And he started sing-" I said and cut myself off laughing.

"I started singing Def Leopard: Photograph and Bella started singing with me. Kat was amazed then when the song ended she opened her eyes." He and Kat started laughing.

"And after that we swapped stories but I refused to drink human blood" I said and smiled at Carlisle.

"All I kept thinking is what would Carlisle do?" I Added and he smiled.

"But I came up empty. So I thought what would Edward do? Well as we know Edward would just smolder the women and walk out of there. So then I had to think what would I do? And I wouldn't feed for 20 odd days. Then Aro brought me Blood in a cup, And that is why my eyes are red, Sadly" I told them honestly.

"I tried to break out, Escape. But I got put in the cage, Time after Time. After about a year in a half I gave up. I started telling Jeremy anything and everything I could. That way if Aro decided to kill me because I didn't obey. Then he could Escape and tell you guys I never stopped loving you" I said and looked at Edward he looked like he was about to cry.

"After a few more months Katie showed up. And on her 2nd day she walked up to me and said 'I'm sick of those posers, Let's be friends' So we let her join our group. Then I said let's all work on our powers so we can maybe one day Escape. Well I realized what Aro was talking about. I could easily take him down. But I kept working. The plan was to break out on my birthday this year. Then a few weeks later after Katie showed and Human family arrived. Felix fell in love with a human and brought her family in. That's when the biggest surprise came." I said.

"WHAT!? WHO IS IT?!" Emmett yelled.

"Ally." I said simply.

"Ally? Really?" Alice asked.

"Well we've known each other before I met you guys. Well since we were babies" I said honestly.

"Shut the front door!" Seth said.

"Yeah so it was nice to have something from my past." I said.

"Then a few month's later, Taylor showed. And I took to him as if he was my Baby brother. Well we all did. But, I made sure no one even looked at him funny. But a few months after he showed I escaped and was able to come back where I belong" I added happily.

Edward picked me up and kissed me.

We pulled apart after someone cleared there throat.

"Yeah, But Aro only took those that had 'Gifts'" Jeremy said.

"What's your gifts, then?" Jacob asked.

"Taylor, Come" Kat said then Kat turned him invisible.

"Can't see me can you?" Taylor asked.

Although I could see him fine.

"Where is he?" Esme asked.

"Right there" I said pointing at him.

"Where?" She asked.

I went over to him and touched him with my finger. Then I guess Kat stopped using her powers.

"OH!" Everyone said.

"And as for me?" Jeremy said then I guess made more of himself but I couldn't see them.

"And I can't see his doubles" I added while Everyone stared at the left wall.

"And not seeing them can be a bummer" I whispered feeling like the odd ball.

"And I am half Vampire half Shape Shifter" Taylor said.

"How'd that happen?" Sam asked.

"The first time I started to turn into a wolf a Vampire bit me at the same time. So I am now a half-breed" Taylor said.

"Taylor's not one with words" Ally said.

I laughed.

"And I can see reason behinds people's action's sort of like Alice's visions. But if someone ignores me I know why there mad stuff like that" Katie said.

"But it has to have already happened for her powers to work" Kat added.

"What about Bella?" Edward asked.

"YAY!" I said and skipped to the middle of the room.

"Everyone knows I have a shield. Well with my shield I can project it around someone and make it come back to me real fast. While doing that I can take there 'gifts' or if I was to do it to a shape shifter I could turn into it. And protect people from other people. It's sooooo cool" I said.

"God, I love you" Edward said and kissed me.

I smiled against his lips.

"I say we all go have sex!" Emmett said.

If I were human I would have blushed.. Hard.
I felt something hard come from the crotch of Edwards pants.

I turned to look at Emmett.
"I'm so glad you haven't changed a bit" I said and laughed freely.

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