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Quote for the chapter:

"Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain"

- Unknown Person

Jasper was able to convence all of us that we didn't need to worry about Aro today. We just needed to celebrate me coming home.

Witch Jeremy took Kat somewhere and the imprints went to La Push to hang out at Emily's. The Denali's went to go swimming at the bottom of the ocean. Apparently they do that a lot. The single people went to Port Angeles. So us Cullens stayed at the house. Alice was telling the story of her seeing a vision of me the first time.

"And now look at you two" Alice said motioning her hand at us.

"Yeah I think we make a good pair' I told Alice.

"You think?" Edward asked.

"I'm still debating" I teased. He kissed my nose.

"Oh! You never go your birthday presents!" Alice said.

"Alice!" I warned. Emmett laughed

"Sorry Bella. Your thoughts are a lost cause" Emmett said between his loud laughter. I gritted my teeth.

"I'll go get them!" Alice sang.

"Alice!" Edward spat thru his teeth.

"Edward you we're going to give it to her a few years ago!" Alice pointed out.

"We need to talk alone" Edward told Alice.

They both stormed out of the house. I raised my eye brow at Jasper. He just shook his head.

"So Bella do you want some different clothes to wear?" Rose asked trying to ask me before Alice came back. I opened my mouth to reply.

"BELLA BARBIE!" Alice sang coming into the house.

"No." I told her harshly. Everyone's mouth dropped.

"Alice I love you but I have had people telling me what to do the past years and it's old" I said explaining myself.

"Ok" She said and I followed her and Rosalie upstairs.

I put on a pair of her jeans witch were way to small on my hips. So she gave me a pair that she ordered three sizes to small accidentally. And a tank top with a over sized sweater. We all joked. I was having fun actually. Me and Rosalie were the same sizes when it came to shoes so I stole her boots.

I heard Emmett yell at Edward. I gritted my teeth.

"I'll go get Emmett" Rosalie said and I followed her down stairs. Emmett and Edward were glaring at each other Jasper was giving Edward a weird look.

"What's going on" I asked.

"Nothing." All three of them said at the same time.

I just walked outside and sat near the river. The sun was hiding behind the clouds. I took a deep breath of fresh air. I sat there for god only knows how long. Then the sun poked out from the clouds. The sun went across the river making it glitter. The grass suddenly looked softer along with the trees. The sun made all of the difference. I held my hand out and watched it sparkle. I pulled my knees up and wrapped my arms around them.

I watched as a bird landed ten feet in front of me. I smiled it was not old but it was not young. I watched it's burgundy feathers turned colors from the suns reflection.

It made a chirping sound then it locked eyes with me. The predator in me told me to kill it. But that predator in me wasn't me. I tried to show the bird with my eyes that I wouldn't hurt it. For some reason I thought this bird would trust me. It brought it's wings out to fly. I watched the delicate feathers stretch out and change colors. It went to flap it's wings but instead it took a tiny step forward and it put its wings down. I felt a good feeling wash threw me. It wasn't scared of me. It took another tiny bird step never taking it's eyes away from mine. And it repeated itself until it was four feet in front of me.

I smiled softly not showing my teeth covered in venom. I glanced to the river. There was a tiny, tiny fish near the edge. I ever so slowly looked back at the bird and it took another step closely. Then I took a small breath and the birds wings started to flap and with that it was gone. Long gone.

The little fish was gone. And I was alone. The sun started to hide. I felt it coming, My power is like Katies but it was like Alice's visions, I could see the future but it was decoded, Foggy the visions were so damn confusing!

I was suddenly in a field. The one that the Cullen's played baseball in. I felt like I couldn't breathe.

"Jeremy! Edward! Alice! Katie!" I screamed. But suddenly I was on opposite side of the field behind Aro and the whole Volturi. All I saw was Jeremy standing with Edward.

"Edward!" I screamed and ran at him. But my legs didn't go fast they were human speed. I got grabbed from behind. "No!" I screamed.

Jeremy smiled while Edward screamed for me but a black figure held him back. Then I noticed Ally beside me.

"It's us or you!" Ally screamed.

"Bella!" Alice yelled suddenly in my face.

I pushed her backwards.

"Sorry I was daydreaming" I told her.

"Liar" Alice said.

"Oh! You should have seen this bird!" I told her try to change subjects.

"We saw" Jasper said from behind Alice. If I was human I would have blushed! Edward was in front of me.

"Bella your so beautiful" Edward said his breath blowing across my face.

I breathed it in. I smiled my teeth showing.

"How did you do that?" Carlisle asked.

"Do what?" I asked.

"Get the bird to land on you?" He asked simply.

"Well it's wings started to flap..." I said sarcastically, Emmett chuckled.

"Hmm.. I will be in my office" Carlisle said with Esme behind him.

I looked back at Edward. I bit my lip. He smiled.

"I love that you bite you lip" Edward said. I smirked.

Edward kissed my forehead. I noticed all of the siblings left us alone. I laid in the grass I closed my eyes and listened to the river run along the bank. I swear I heard Edward say "be the death of me" but it was to low and jumbled. He laid next to me so I rolled over and laid my head on his chest and my put my right leg on his and laid my hand on his hip never opening my eyes. I listened to his breath as I savored his scent. Edward rubbed circles on my back.

I don't know how long we laid there but I could smell rain and it was dark.

"Bella we need to go inside" Edward said as it started to sprinkle.

I just shook my head and he went to say something else and it started to pour rain. The warm drops smacked my body. I sat up not wanting to move. I stood up. Edward's hair was dark from the rain holding little drops in his hair. Water ran down his nose.

"C'mon I have towels!" Alice yelled out the back door.

We ran to the door. We took are shoes off and stepped in leaving the door open. We took our towels. Emmett was laughing. Rosalie rolled her eyes as Jasper went to get more towels. I looked out the door the river was running faster due to the rain.

I heard the water from my sweater drop on the floor. I took off the sweater and threw it in the trash. Then I had an idea. I saw a flash from a camera behind me. I turned around and saw Esme with her face behind a camera and Carlisle was standing behind her. I smiled.

"I apologize in advance" I said. I turned and bolted for the river.

I jumped and wrapped my arms around my knees and came to earth with a big splash. I sunk on to the rocks. I watched as the dirty swirled around my in the water. The rain sounded so peaceful. I smiled and pushed off the rocks and headed to the surface. From my waste up was out of the water, I pushed the hair out of my face as the rain tapped on my head. I looked at my family.

Emmett and Jasper were rolling on the floor laughing. Esme was taking pictures of everyone's faces. Carlisle said something about me 'fitting in just fine' while Rosalie rolled her eyes disappeared and came back with more towels.

"You ruined toughs clothes" Alice said and glared but she was smiling and Edward was shocked.

"EMMETT! COME JOIN ME!" I yelled, lightly kicking my feet to stay afloat.

"Emmett McCarty Cullen!" Rosalie yelled when Emmett took his shirt off and started running to the river!

"JAZZY BOY! C'MON!" I yelled at Jasper. And before Alice could say a damn thing Jasper ran and cannonballed in the water. He caused a big splash. If I wasn't soaked already I would be. Jasper popped up out of the water.

"WELCOME TO THE WET SIDE SON!" I yelled in happiness and he slapped my hand.

"JASPER!" Alice yelled.

We laughed like to little kids that just got caught.

"Emmett is on a leash!" Jasper sang trying to get Emmett to come in Rosalie glared at him.

"It's ok we know he is weak!" I said.

"AM NOT!" Emmett argued back.

"Really cause I just kicked your ass less then 12 hours ago!" I said.

Jasper laughed.

"EMMETT CANON BALL!" Emmett yelled like a caveman and jumped in the water.

Water went everywhere. I laughed. Then I felt something grab my hips underwater.

I yelped.

Then I kicked Emmett and shoved myself away from him. Emmett raised out of the water laughing.

"EMMETT IS KING!" Emmett yelled and pumped his fist in the air. I rolled my eyes.

"ALICE YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!" I yelled at the elf.

"This bra came from Paris and this top is from TOPSHOP!" Alice yelled.

"So buy a different Bra and top!" I yelled at her.

She smiled and ran and jumped did a spin in the air then splashed into the water. I yelled then laughed. Her small head came out of the water.

"YOU GO DARLIN'" I yelled. Alice splashed me.

I heard Rosalie grumble something then there was a splash behind me. I turned around to see a soaked blonde girl behind me.

"HUG MY ROSIE!" I yelled we hugged the fist bumped.

I heard a tree branch crack under someone's heavy weight. I froze and braced for impact.

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