Quarter Mile (milestones). Stories of Dom and Letty throughout their relationship- filling in unanswered questions of how they got together, what happened after Lopac, and the events leading up to the first fast and furious and after. They can be read as one-shots, or a continuing piece all together. Rated M for language and eventual...situations.

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1st Quarter Mile, Chapter 1: Fast Lane

Doing a brief check in the mirror, Letty Ortiz shrugged and situated her beanie, so all her hair was tucked in. Baggy pants, boxer shorts, a sports bra and white wife beater were good enough for her.

She wasn't going to be a spectator on the sidelines tonight. She was racing. Her car was finally finished after doing her brother's chores for three months in exchange for his helping her trick out her Shelby cobra.

Being 15 was real drag. She wasn't legally allowed to have a car till next year, so if she got caught driving, that was her ass-not to mention racing.

Her older brother, Julian Ortiz, was 19 and worked in the Toretto Car garage part time, and their father had been a racetrack mechanic before he died. Needless to say-she loved cars and anything to do with them.

But lately, she'd grown impatient of watching these half-wit joders, granny shift into last place against the up and coming street king, Dominic Toretto.

Julian was a legend on the streets. He'd been street racing for as long as she could remember, all over California- his '74 Plymouth cuda, named 'Storm,' was a beast. When they'd moved here last year, he'd immediately made a name for himself.

But this year, after his decision to enlist in the Army, on his final race he subsequently lost to 17 year old up and coming Toretto, in turn reigning the Street King title over to him, and hadn't looked back since.

And that pissed her off. Everyone thought Dom was hot shit after he beat her brother. Hell, his ego inflated like a hot air balloon the more winnings he got under his belt. Dudes praised him like a God, and skanks fell over him like crazy.

In truth, she was no exception. Death would take her before she admitted it, but there was something about Dominic Toretto that fascinated her, ever since she'd first seen him race her brother for the title.

He was cocky, brash, and a smart ass to be sure. But she could see past all that bullshit. She knew he was someone she could see herself….

Woah. Focus Leticia. She thought to herself. Tonight was about winning and nothing more. It was going to be hard enough to be taken seriously because she was a girl. She didn't need to be sidetracked, by her Puerto Rican crush.

More than she wanted Dom, she wanted that title. That title that came with money, kick ass cars, and more importantly-respect. Even her brother still looked to her as a kid, and not serious competition. But tonight, their arrogance would be their downfall.

Grabbing her keys, she headed out the door. Determined to make a name for herself, while crawling from underneath her brother's shadow.

Dom stood by his red Mazda rx7, laughing it up with his boys. The races were lining up, and more than a few girls had shown up to wish him luck, in racer chaser fashion-a kiss for now, with the promise of a fuck later.

His friend Hector signaled from a distance that the races were about to start. Vince, his best friend since third grade, came up to him, giving him a brotherly hug.

"Finish strong brother. I got money on you tonight." Vince told him. It was senior prom in two weeks, and he'd be damn if he didn't take one of the Cullen sisters out for a night on the town.

"No doubt." Dom agreed. As all the racers came to the finish line, he noticed a new face in the crowd.

Hector was laughing it up, along with the rest of the guys at the new comer. As he made his way over, what he saw made him smirk.

"Toretto, you gotta hear this!" hector chuckled, waving him closer.

Dom came in the close circle of guys who'd circled her like a hawk. The lions den. Most guys were smart enough not to race against him when money was on the line. The new kid must be dumb as hell.

There to his right was a skinny tomboy, with grunge wrist bands and boy street clothes. Her breasts weren't impressive and neither was her body. At seeing the stranger's face, it gave him pause.

The girl was clearly rough on the edges with a chip on her shoulder and something to prove. He sized her up, looking into her eyes last. Her eyes are what haunted him. They like windows to another world-dark, smoldering.

"I want in." She said boldly, wasting no time with her demands.

Dom lifted a brow. "Do you now?"

She rolled eyes, taking out a wad of cash. "2 G buy in right?" she said, tossing the wad to Hector, who fumbled a bit with it, clearly surprised. No one said she was in!

One of the racers, named Zoom chuckled boldly. "This broad has lost it man! You think just because you come here with baggy pants and money, that you can race?"

The other racer, Sky looked her up and down. "You got some balls for a chick, I'll give you that- but you're out of your league. Go home kid."

"Why don't you put your money where your pussy is?" She snapped at them both, growing tired of their insults.

Dom lifted the corner of his mouth. So the girl was fearless. She also had heart, which she would definitely need when he smoked her.

"What'd you say bitch?!" Sky raised his voice, anger radiating. He took a step forward, but Dom stopped him with a look.

"Watch your mouth." He warned, causing retreat his advances. Yeah, the girl needed to learn her place, but he wouldn't tolerate her or any woman being disrespected in his presence.

Turning his focus back to her, "That yours?" he asked, nodding in the direction of the decked out yellow Shelby cobra.

Letty eyed him a moment before giving a small nod of confirmation. "Yeah, why?"

"Show me how you drive your car," Dom remarked, as he circled her vehicle, admiring it with a gentle sweep of his fingertips. "And I'll show you, who you are." He finished, and winked at the hotties as he passed, causing them to giggle.

"Alright braveheart, you're in-on one condition." Dom said, as he made his way back around her.

She took a defensive stance, ready to kick ass if he alluded to anything vulgar. "Yeah, what's that?" she asked, raising her eyebrow.

"Keep your money. I'll race you for your car." He finished, hearing surprised gasps and whispers amongst the crowd.

The girl's face had fallen a bit in defeat, and he smirked. Yeah, you're out of your league kid. He thought. For some reason, he liked her, and didn't want her to be humiliated on her first race.

After eyeing her a moment, he chuckled and walked to his car, giving the signal for the other racers to do the same.

"I'm in." she called out, making Dom pause mid stride.

"What was that?" He asked, walking back to her. She leered crossing her arms. "It's going to be such an honor to have the car of Dominic Toretto as my fucking trophy."

"You got a lot of balls stepping to me." Dom shot back, a bit heatedly. Why couldn't she see he was trying to give her an out?!

"No need in flattering me, now." She spat back. Taking out her pink slip, she held it between two fingers. "Ride or die." She challenged.

Dom nodded, as hector came up and took the pink slip from her, handing her back her 2 grand. Sky and Zoom went to their cars, but Dom shook his head. "This one's on me, fellas." He called out.

Sky and Zoom smiled understanding as they removed their cars from the race.

The kid went to her car and pulled up to the starting line, revving her engine, allowing it to purr as Dom roared his.

One of his racer chicks, Candy came between the car with her revealing glitter halter top and go-go shorts, and red heels.

He saw her roll her eyes out his peripheral view. Smiling to himself, he mumbled, "Maybe in a few years, kid."

Candy gave the signal and as her hands touched down, he sped off like a rocket, the kid not too far behind.

They raced through the streets, defying all traffic regulations and odds. Dom laughed as he gained a clear lead over her, two cars ahead, and already planning a new color for his car.

The finish line was close, but not close enough. The girl had somehow shifted through the obstacles and was at his side once again. Defying death, Dom raced on the wrong side of the road, causing her to be a bit worried.

They crossed onto the connecting bridge, the kid trying to focus, while Dom just relaxed. At the end of the bridge was the finish line.

"Don't box with Ali, kid." He muttered to himself, as he weaved in and out of oncoming cars. When a truck briefly obstructed his view, he cursed as she took the lead.

"Shit." He cursed. He would NOT lose to this broad. He couldn't. Turning on his NOS, he sped up with determination. But the oncoming Mack truck had been too close for him to move quick enough.

He swerved to the right, the traction in his wheels losing its grip as the NOS still raced his car beyond odds.

Dom tried to steady of the wheel, but is side rammed by an opposing car. "SHIT" he screamed, his car was letting out of control on a 100 feet bridge, over nothing but water and rock.

He put all his weight into the door, but it's jammed. "Shit." He cursed, panicking. The car astro-planed closer to the edge of the bridge, and Dom could see his end nearing.

An oncoming car accidentally shoved his vehicle, causing it to spin out of control. Out of the wreckage the yellow cobra appeared forming a blockage between him and death.

They smashed hard into each other, before Dom's car halted to a stop, the yellow cobra flipped three times, landing on its hood. It looked like shit after being smashed between his car and a guardrail.

The finish line was less than 10 feet away. Racers came running, after witnessing the new kid practically save Dom's life.

Dom climbed out through his window and ran to her car. She was struggling to crawl out, her beanie forgotten as her hair tumbled out over her shoulders.

"Fuck!" She heaved as she coughed up smoke. Her right hand tried to find safe ground to balance herself.

Rushing to her side, prying open her driver door. "Shit." He swore out aloud, as seeing a huge chunk of glass deeply embedded in her left wrist, her shoulder dislocated.

The girl coughed some more, as Dom pulled her small frame out of the car, careful of her left side. "I got you." He assured her as he bared most of her weight.

Vince was the first to reach him, informing him that the medics were on their way. "I don't know who she is, but from what I saw, looked like she saved your ass brother."

Dom gave a slight nod of acknowledgement. Whoever she was, she'd earned his respect, and his loyalty.

The girl eyed them both for a moment before her eyes began to roll to the back of her head. "Whoa, no, no, no." He tapped her face. "Hey, come on, stay with me ."

The girl opened her eyes briefly, giving a small smile. "I almost had your sorry ass." She whispered.

"Almost." He admitted with a small grin. "You upshifted too early, though."

"I…I was hoping your crazy ass would break." She gasped, a bit, the pain making her wince. Dom whipped some tendrils of hair from her face. "You've got heart, kid. I owe you one."

"Does that mean….I can keep my car?" she hacked. Dom smirked. "Yeah, you can keep your car."

The paramedics sirens could be heard in the distance. She closed her eyes again, and Dom shook her a bit. "Not yet, you might have concussion." He explained when she had the nerve to look pissed.

"What's your name?" He asked after a while. All this time, they'd challenged each other, pushed each other's buttons, he'd threatened to take her car, she'd saved his ass without hesitation, and he hadn't bothered to ask for her name.

"Letty…Ortiz." She softly admitted. Dom eyed her with confusion before the realization of who she really was set in. This was Julian's kid sister. No wonder she could drive with the big boys.

"Well braveheart," He said gently, "nice car." He watched her smile at his compliment-her smile was gorgeous.

With tired breath, she muttered, "Thanks" as the paramedics came and took her from Dom's embrace.

Vince pulled up in his blue Nissan. "Come on man, your dad just called. He's fucking pissed."

Letting out a tired and aggravated sigh, he got into the passenger side of the car, and sped off before the police got the chance to interrogate him.

-A month later…-

Letty mingled around the crowds, everyone noticing her, giving props where it was due. Obviously, she wasn't racing, but she still came to make her presence known.

Thinking back on it, it had been a crazy past two weeks. Needless to say her mother nearly had a heart attack when she'd gotten the call from the doctors.

Julian was even more furious. One, because she'd gone and did exactly what he told her not to do. And two, she'd gotten hurt. He chewed her ass a new one when the doctors released her from the surgical wing into an out care patient room.

Her arm had been dislocated in three places, and her wrist was split to the bone. The doctors later explained that she was lucky she hadn't lost her whole arm, once they put surgical pins in her wrists.

Dom had shown up two days later, bringing her some car magazines. Letty laughed, relieved that someone actually brought something useful, other than dead ass flowers that reminded her too much of funerals.

She let him know that she hadn't narked him out to the police. And he informed her that her car had been totaled out, but managed to save a Nissan cobra, from the junkyard. It had been a total of 1200$, and his dad was making him work overtime at the garage to pay for it.

All in all, it could have been worse than a fucked up wrist and three days in the hospital. Especially since the paramedics claimed that she did have a concussion, and if she'd had fallen unconscious, she might have ended up in a coma.

She was working at the garage every night on her car, learning all she could from Adrian Toretto, while she surprised him with her vast knowledge about the engine. He deemed her a good enough mechanic, and offered her a job. She'd been there ever since.

More and more, she'd become a part of the Toretto crew. Skanks parted like the red sea when she showed up, because they knew she was about that life. Making her way over to Dom's younger sister Mia, she smiled.

"How ya livin' girl?" Mia asked, embracing her into a sisterly hug. She and Mia had gotten extremely close ever since the accident. Her father Adrian, was the first of the Toretto's to visit, and Mia was the second.

She claimed that she'd liked Letty because she had the courage to stand up to her brother, and she'd seen the whole thing. Letty wasn't used to girl time, but Mia was tolerable because she talked about more than just the mall.

For instance, she immediately caught on quickly that Letty had saved her brother out of more than just martyrdom. "You don't send a Shelby cobra flying into a guardrail unless you like them."

But that secret had stayed between her and Mia that day.

"Hey girl, how ya livin'?" Letty replied back to their usual greeting. Mia shrugged. "I can't call it. My brother is off fucking around. I wish he'd hurry up, though."

Letty raised a brow. "Got somewhere to be?"

Mia blushed. It was then Letty noticed her outfit. A black glittering top with criss cross spaghetti straps on her back, a pair of white skinny jeans, and open toe boots to match. Her makeup was pretty basic but her hair had been all pulled to the side, curls flowing to her rib cage.

"Shit, you're meeting someone?" Letty asked her as if she'd lost her mind. Mia could be outrageous sometimes.

Mia looked around. "Yeah, I'm meeting up with Jordan tonight, and we're going to hit Burger Planet after he races."

"But jeez, Mia, here?!" Letty nearly shouted, and Mia shushed her, looking around to make sure no one heard them.

"Don't shush me!" Letty argued, but nonetheless lowered her voice. "When your brother finds out he's going to eat Jordan alive, after he puts you in the truck of his car."

"If he finds out." Mia said with a meaningful look. Letty took a step back in retreat. "Oh hell no! I'm not getting in the middle of this."

Mia's eyes grew big with desperation. "Come on Let! I can't have him chasing away every guy who finds me attractive! I'll be a virgin forever!"

Letty snickered at her whining. "Jordan's 16 Mia. And you're 14."

"And you're 15 and Dom's 17. Your point?" Mia shot back, ignoring Letty's glare. She knew Letty understood her reference on numbers.

With a sigh, Letty looked towards the ceiling. "What do I have to do?"

"Dom's racing last, and Julian is first. I just need you to keep him preoccupied and not looking for me." She explained quickly before Letty had a chance to change her mind.

"And how do you suppose I do that?" Letty asked. " Just tell him I'm sick, or have cramps or something." Mia suggested lamely.

"God, this isn't going to end well." Letty sighed looking at her watch. "Fine- you've got two hours before Dom races. If you're not back here before Dom crosses the finish line, we're both dead."

Mia nodded, understanding. Dom always made Mia count his winnings after every race. He'd notice if she wasn't there.

"What about Vince?" Mia asked after a moment. "Dom makes him my own appointed bodyguard."

"Easy, we'll throw skanks at him." Letty shrugged, and then asked. "How did you get here so early?"

Mia smirked. "I hang around with sophomores remember? My friend Jessica dropped me off. You?"

Hooking her thumb over her shoulder, she pointed at a black guy with braids. Mia knew him-Edwin. Talked a lot of shit, but was pretty funny and cool for the most part.

"Edwin picked me up and dropped me off." Letty explained anyway. "I hope you enjoy your date girl, because when Dom catches you in this outfit, he's going to flip his shit."

Mia eyed Jordan getting out of his Toyota supra, smiling brightly as he winked at her. "Yeah, but it will be worth it."

Letty rolled her eyes, but she couldn't help the small smile that came to her lips. The engines were roaring and Jordan brought his car up to the starting line.

Mia and Letty dipped to each other at the same time-it was go time.

The plan had been working pretty good within the first hour and a half. Letty had asked a favor from a few chicks that she knew from school, that weren't complete sluts.

They had preoccupied Vince easily enough. It was Dom that she was struggling to maintain. He'd already asked about Mia earlier, revealing that he knew her friend Jessica had given her a ride here. She'd given him ten different scenarios in the past 30 minutes.

"She went to find a bathroom. Something about her makeup being ruined." Letty lied, trying to sound like she didn't care. She couldn't think of anymore decent lies to tell, so she used some of Mia's.

Dom eyed her for a moment, and she eyed him back. Damn, he looked good tonight. Black wife beater, black leather jacket, and jeans that seemed to cling to his body in all the right areas

"WHAT?" she snapped after she caught herself ogling.

Dom didn't say more, and that pissed Letty off a bit. "I'm not her fucking keeper, ya know. That's Vince's job." She turned the heat to Vince, who was still occupied with some red headed skanks.

"You're hiding something." He said, and walked off towards Vince.

Letty cursed under her breath. Where the hell was Mia? Dom's race was in 15 minutes, and she hadn't shown back up.

After another five minutes, Letty took out her phone, sending Mia an angry text, which she didn't respond to. Now, she was worried. She didn't know jack shit about this Jordan dude. Only he was good looking and on the junior varsity football team.

"Hey!" An arm grabbed her shoulder. Letty spun around to see a very happy Mia, panting a bit.

"'Hey'?" Letty snapped quietly. "Where the hell have you been?!" Mia blushed brightly. "We were making out in his car and lost track of time."

"Making out?" Letty asked suspiciously. Mia nodded vigorously. "Nothing more, I swear."

Letty eyed her closely, seeing her lips were a bit chapped, her hair slightly disheveled. "Fix yourself up girl. Your brother is on his way back over here."

Mia took out her compact mirror from her purse and fixed her hair. Applying some lip gloss, she closed it, spinning around just in time to meet her brother's pissed off face.

"Where the hell have you been? I've been looking for you for over an hour!" Dom demanded to know, watching her every move.

"I was hanging out with some friends from school! Is that a crime?!" Mia shot back, her voice rising to a screech.

Dom calmed a bit, taking in a deep breath. "I was worried about you Mia. That's all."

Mia relaxed too. "I'm fine bro. I was just in the bathroom not too long ago, fixing my makeup."

"You're always fixing your makeup." He accused lightly. Mia shrugged. "It's not a crime to want to be attractive Dom."

It was then Dom noticed her outfit. Letty whistled lowly, taking a safe step back. 'Here we go…'

"What the hell do you have on, and where the hell have you been?!" Dom roared, seeing through all her lies.

Mia's eyes bulged before she could think of a good lie.

"I swear Mia, if you tell me another lie, I'm going to-" Dom threatened, but was cut short by Vince running up to them.

"Race is starting brother." Vince said, pausing to eye Mia's outfit. "What the hell do you have on?" he demanded to know, crossing his arms.

"Clothes, you moron!" Mia shot back, clearly not liking the change of events. Vince sent a glance to Dom. "They're waitin for ya."

"Watch 'em." Dom gave the order and Vince gave a nod of agreement.

"Hold up? Why me?" Letty objected. Dom wasn't her older brother! He had no right to say what she could or couldn't do, with whomever she wanted.

"Birds of a feather." Dom spat back, and disappeared into the crowd.

Needless to say, Dom won the race, hands down. But anyone could tell his heart wasn't truly in it tonight.

Tonight, he was pissed off big brother, hell bent on getting the truth from Mia, and strangling Letty.

Letty felt a bit guilty for lying to him, but Mia was her only true girlfriend. If she didn't show solidarity to her, then who?

But still, Dom was…..Dom. It hurt like hell when he gave her that look of skepticism, doubting every word she said from this night forward.

Letty watched him approach, so pissed off he might well have been on fire. Vince spoke first.

"Pool party at Spank's." Vince told him, reading the text message from Edwin. Dom smirked. "Let's go then."

"We're going to Spank's party?" Mia asked tentatively. Dom glared at her. "No, we're going to Spank's party." He indicated between him and Vince. "After we drop you two clowns off at home."

Mia groaned, crossing her arms. "This is so not fair Dom!" That seemed to add fuel to a forest fire.

"NOT FAIR?!" Dom roared at her, making Mia shrink a bit. "What's not fair is having my own sister dress like a slut and lie to my face, while her friend sends me on a wild goose chase every ten minutes!"

Her friend? Now she was just Mia's friend? Letty felt something crack, and she could only assume it was her ego, or her heart.

"So yeah, you being out past curfew, on a school night and not ratting your ass out, seems more than fair." Dom continued, and Mia whipped the tears from her eyes.

Letty watched Dom ease up at seeing his sister's tears. He sighed. "Get in the car Mia."

Mia didn't say anything as she walked to Dom's car and sat in the back seat, her body shifted to look out of the small window.

Letty walked past him, pausing just to say, "You could have kept the 'slut' comment to yourself." She didn't care what he did at that point.

She got in and put an arm around her friend.

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