A/n: I truly appreciate all the reviews, but seriously, to all these "guest" reviews bashing the story?! Get a life dudes! Its fan fiction! I cannot stress that enough! I dont have to make the characters true to the movie, bc its MY STORY. If you'd like an in depth look into the characters and their FICTIONAL LIVES then call the writers of fast and furious! I repeat, GET A LIFE!

-And to one reviewer about their ethnicity, dude the director of fast and furious wrote- "I believe they are of puerto rican decent. Originally they were meant to be cuban." Either way, the only reason they even use italian references is because VIN DIESEL is half italian! NOTICE HOW NO ONE ELSE USES ITALIAN WORDS? maybe YOU,GUEST, should pay closer attention.

-And as far as Letty is concerned, I try not to make her a slut bc michelle rodriguez says that she portrays her character LETTY as a hard, tomboyish and in your face kind of chick. NOT a girly girl. Besides its my fiction and if I want to, she can wear a clown suit. Dont insult me by saying I dont watch the movies. Im a fan too ya know. Hence the FAN FICTION.

-And first and foremost, being a stipper in that particular kind of club is prestigious work, moron. They dont accept just anyone and you have to have supreme appeal to do it. That is what the compliment was for. Not that Mia couldnt have any job she wanted. Dont believe me, look it up. Dont bash what you dont know and cant begin to comprehend.

-As far as the rape goes, most women dont report rape-its a fact. And does letty look like the kind of person to go to the cops? Really.

-As far as dom and letty goes- their relationship is complicated, its layered, its messy and not all lovey dovey for public display. We all know they are in love, but love isnt perfect. You gotta work for it. The point I was hoping to portray is that they are together. And when they arent together, they are counter parts of each other. Thats how I PERSONALLY saw their relationship in the movies, & thats how I wrote it. And do keep in mind that its always complicated in the beginning when youre in a relationship. Things dont come easy for any of these characters as we all know.

-And seriously, my low opinion of women?! Im a woman! Get over yourself! Dont be so judgmental over a damn story!

- As far as the birthday, it was meant as a yearly thing. And it was a new tradition. I truly apologize for the confusion.

I was intending to post the last chapter sooner, but seeing as I had to take a break due to my own family members passing, not to mention my lovely Paul Walker sudden death thst just broke my f****ing heart, I havent had the chance. But coming back to this is just ridiculous. If you think you can do better, then I suggest that you write your OWN fiction, AND POST IT.

And for that reason, I wont be updating this story- sorry. Some people are just horrible! I am pleased that people are drawn in, but everyone is taking this particular fiction a little too literal for my taste. HOWEVER- To all my lovely devoted readers, WHO HAVE BEEN AMAZING, if you want a copy of the last chapter, message me your email and I will send it to you! I wont punish everyone for a few clowns.

To those who have asked me to write more fast and furious, and have given me great ideas, I thank you so much, and have actually written more stories. But...after all this phenominally scrutinizing attention with my FIRST fast and furious, im not sure I want to post them. Doesn't seem worth the headache to read people's criticism of the imagination.


- R.