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Chapter Twelve: Change of Plans.

"Are you sure Hobbs?" Dom asked, but he knew. They stood in the kitchen, taking in the situation as it unfolded.

Hobbs handed him a black file. "Under the terms of your release, I have to keep tabs on all of you. This happened within the last 12 hours."

"Still baby-sitting I see." Dom half quirked before opening the file.

Hobbs watched him read through the report, not getting a clear vibe. But one thing was certain. Whatever Dom read, meant he wasn't going to take it lying down.

"The kid…" Dom raised a brow. "Han wasn't the big brother type."

Hobbs raised a brow. "A trait he picked up from you."

As Dom read a few more pages, his face hardened. "Owen."

"Yes. You remember Owen, well this is his big bad brother." Hobbs assessed. "But I've got protection for your family."

Dom glared at him before throwing the file on the table. "It ain't us who's gonna need it."

Hobbs watched him walk out of the house.

He heard a faint squeak on the steps, and smelt roses. He knew it was Letty. Her hair still wet from the shower, dressed in a black wife beater, and tan dickies, no bra.

She didn't speak, merely acknowledged him with a look before picking up the file and reading it. She cursed, before throwing the file back onto the kitchen table and going out the back door.

Hobbs sighed, going out of the front. He was next to Dom, standing like a soldier. " I can't tell a free man what to do. But you know, what's at stake here."

"The stakes haven't changed Hobbs." Dom stated, looking out at the neighborhood.

"Yes they have, brother. You've got a wife now. A chance to live a life free of conviction." Hobbs explained, but it fell on deaf ears. "If you go after him, you might as well pick a cell."

The California weather was warm, breezy. Perfect day...

"What are you planning to do with his remains?" Dom asked after a while.

"What would you like us to do with them?" Hobbs asked, knowing there was very little he could do during a murder investigation.

"Bring 'im home." Dom told him. Hobbs nodded. "Consider it done." He turned to leave, knowing Dom would tell the others.

"One more thing." Hobbs turned back to hand him an evidence bag. "This was found by his car. Police questioned some of Han's crew. They say it didn't belong to him, maybe it was Owen's."

Dom opened it, taking out the silver chained cross. It looked half tarnished. Probably from the car explosion, he examined.

"It's clue." Hobbs guessed. Dom shook his head, before glancing at him. "A warning."

"Dom, your call." Hobbs said. "But know-second chances don't come for men like you. It's a harsh fact- no matter how noble the intentions."

He left Dom to think over what he said, knowing the next few hours were going to determine if Toretto lived a free man, or died a convict. He would do all in his power to help keep them safe. He owed Dom that much.

Dom found Letty in the garage, loading her guns, checking its accuracy.

He placed the necklace on the table. "I told you it would find its way back."

Letty paused in her actions, fighting back tears as she tentatively touched the pendant. She cleared her throat and resumed working on her guns.

"Owen's brother is Deckard. "And he's not coming for just you." Letty spoke without making eye contact. "He knows the necklace belongs to me."

"Not gonna let it happen." He assured her. "I just got you back."

Letty lifted a corner of her mouth. "He won't stop until he does. If losing my life means that you, Jack, Brian, Mia, and everyone else doesn't, then I'll take that road."

"No, you won't." Dom told her seriously. "We didn't spend half our lives running and evading the law, pushing the limits, only to give up now. Ride or die remember?"

"Going up against Deckard is a death wish." She responded skeptically.

"Like I told Shaw, I'm ready to go any time." Dom said, "And when I do go, I'll know what it's for."

"Don't let it be for me." Letty pleaded. She was less than worthy of that kind of loyalty. Not after all she'd done for Owen. Not after all she had done to Dom.

"You're my wife-you're more than worth it." Dom stressed to her, kissing the top of her head. "Looks like the sins of London have followed us home."

Letty smirked, resting her head against his chest. "Yeah, no shit."

A Week Later.

The news hit everyone like a tidal wave. Heaviness lingered in the air. As promised, Hobbs had delivered Han's remains to be buried. But not before being critically injured. Dom knew something was wrong. They wouldn't let him talk to Hobbs or even see him.

Mia arranged the funeral, and friends from Tokyo and America attended. It was a bitter afternoon.

Tej, Roman, and Brian watched as Dom walked up to the casket.

Roman just shook his head. "I can't do no more funerals."

Tej nodded. "First Han, then Hobbs is mysteriously laid up, of all people? We're being hunted."

"He's out there somewhere." Brian said solemnly. That bastard was going to die. There wasn't anything else to it.

"Watching our every move." Tej said, his expression, upset, pissed, tired.

"Good. Because we'll be waiting for him." Brian promised.

"Are y'all not hearing me? I'm not going to another funeral." Roman reiterated, clearly pissed that Brian was acting deaf.

"Nah man, we got one more." Brian vowed, keeping a lethal eye out for trouble. "His."

Letty had opted out for attending Han's funeral. She would visit later when the crowd was gone and people weren't still gazing at her like the ghost of Christmas past.

She'd read the file over and over, and matched it up with Hobb's condition. Deckard was on some kind of timeline.

She had only met him once, and he had sized her up as something that could easily be disposed of.

She heard footsteps in the background. "How was the funeral?" She called out.

"Real dignified if you ask me." An eerily familiar voice answered.

Letty didn't hesitate, grabbing her gun, pointing it right at Deckard's skull.

"Oh love, I wouldn't." He advised, his smile disappearing, replaced with an expression of pure disgust.

It was then Letty noticed three glowing dots on her chest, right on her heart.

" I warned Owen about you. That people with no history, are time bombs. Beautiful Latina in the middle of London, no memories, good with cars. You belonged to someone. Not a good asset." Deckard spat venomously.

He walked over to the table, seeing the tarnished necklace he had threw down over Han's body.

" I see you got my message." Deckard smirked. Letty kept her focus on him, her face void of emotion.

"If it's one thing I detest, is a traitor. And you Letty, are treacherous- a loose end." He said, coming to face her again.

"Then what are you waiting for. " Letty sneered, ready for whatever. She knew he would come for her and she was ready to die for her family.

"I'm going to kill them, Letty. Dominic, Brian, Roman, Tej, Mia, and baby Jack, all of them." Deckard vowed casually. "And I want you to be here to see it. Because after I done with them, I'm coming for you."

The evil in his voice rang to be pure of painful intent. Letty knew the Shaw brothers well enough to know they make good on their promises. But Dom wouldn't go down easily, none of them did.

Deckard watched a small knowing smirk appear on her face. "Good luck." she replied.

He gave a frown, before nodding his head and leaving.

The three glowing darts disappeared, and the engine roared as the car whipped down the street.

Letty exhaled, finally relaxing her grip on her gun. "Shit." she cursed.

Dom approached the casket, placing an old picture of Giselle, by the memorial photo of Han. He exhaled. Another burden his heart had to bear.

He heard an engine in the background, foreign. His peripheral caught a glance at a white male, cruising by the funeral.

Dom knew it was Deckard. Rage evoked him. The bastard was there to gloat. He quickly advanced to the street, ready to bring whatever pain needed to make his point clear-you did NOT fuck with family.

The car sped off, south towards the city. Dom knew that he had come from a back road. A back road that hadn't led to anything but a bunch of houses.

"Letty." Dom mumbled out loud.

Brian glanced at the sped off car, then at Dom, coming to the same conclusion before both racing to their cars.

"What the hell...Brian!" Roman called out catching the tail end of both men running to their cars.

"Watch Mia!" Brian called back before getting in his skyline, whipping off, not too far behind Dom.

"They have seriously lost it." Rome grumbled, but none the less, went to find Mia in the crowd of mourners.

Letty didn't stop working on the engine of her 1969 BOSS. It was the one thing she had requested from Europe, be brought stateside. She kept thinking of what Giselle had told her in London. The guilt plaguing her.


"How is your head? Dom broke your fall, but you still landed pretty hard." Giselle asked.

Letty rolled her eyes to the sky. "I still don't know why he's here. I'm not who he thinks I am."

Giselle watched Letty struggle to make sense of her life-especially the most dramatic display of Dom's affections to prove his love to her. She remembered Letty from when they were in Los Angeles. She was tough, determined, smart.

Recalling back on it, she had to admit, she'd never seen a woman handle a car, the way Letty had. When Fenix reported back to Braga, saying he'd handled it, she knew it was only a matter of time till he met his death. Letty was special to someone, and she hadn't been wrong.

Giselle walked over to her, leaning against the examining table. "When I first met Dom, I was working for a man named Braga."

Letty looked over to her, her eyes filled with suspicion and speculation. She knew that name- and she somehow knew the woman in front of her. But her mind just couldn't formulate the pieces.

"He was handsome, mysterious. Just the kind of man I thought I needed." Giselle recalled with a small laugh. "In a club, I asked him to describe his taste in women."

Letty cut a glare at Giselle. She did not need to hear about her and Dom's sex life. She didn't know why it pissed her off, but it had-extremely.

'Skank.' Letty thought automatically, then paused. Skank-another trigger word.

"He told me, it started with the eyes. She had to have those kind of eyes, that could look into a man's soul-see straight through the bullshit. He said she was 20% angel 80% devil, down to earth, and not afraid to get a little engine grease under her fingernails." Giselle told her, indicating to Letty's hands that were indeed stained from working on her engine.

"I knew he wasn't taking about me." She finished, with small smirk. "I don't know how, call it intuition, but I knew he was the one there to avenge you-and I vowed from that day to help, in any way I could."

Letty felt a wave of emotion sweep over her, but she shook her head, stubbornly. "I don't know who or what everyone else believes, but whoever it is, she's NOT me."

"Now, that really pisses me off." Giselle told her, straight out.

Straightening, she explained coldly, "Dom is not the kind of man to drag us out here for nothing. And I would hate to think that I risked my life, and by extension my future happiness, for anyone less than the woman he described that night."

Letty watched her walk off, feeling trapped in her own thoughts. She knew Giselle had a point. Dom didn't seem like the kind of person to risk another's life if the cause hadn't been worth it. She meant something to him-but what?

The feeling was there- the attraction, the want, the need, the trust…but she couldn't remember why or how those feelings came to be. How was he so sure, she was whom he was searching for?

Roman, who had been eavesdropping on the conversation, walked passed her casually stating, "I'll tell you one thing girl; you must've had some bomb ass coño for him to jump out of a speeding car into a tank. Believe that!"

Tej walked in behind him agreeing, "That's for damn sure. I know you don't know, but you have to be somebody. I mean, the man intercepted your ass like Adrian Foster. Black, white, Puerto Rican or polka dotted-no man, does that for woman who ain't worthy."

Letty barely heard the engine of a GTO and the gentle roar of the skyline.

Her mind was in kill mode. A thing she learned from Owen-prioritize, plan, execute.

"Letty!" Dom's voice roared throughout the house.

"Let?!" Brian called not seconds later.

She knew she should answer, but she couldn't bring herself to speak. She had to figure out a way to save them-to be worthy of their love.

"Dom, she's out here!" Brian called, running up to her. He concealed his gun and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Letty, you alright?! Was he here?" Brian demanded to know in a panic.

Letty was frozen. Dom approached her carefully, to see her hand slightly tremble while holding onto her gun.

He took her elbow in his steady hand, calmly sliding it down to her wrist, before taking the baretta away.

Dom handed the gun to Brian, and embraced her in a hug. It was then Letty released a breath she hadn't realized she was holding.

"We don't have much time." Letty told Dom after he released her.

Brian and Dom exchanged a hardened glance. Before anyone spoke, more engines could be heard in the driveway.

Roman, Mia, baby Jack, and Tej joined them in the garage, everyone on edge, wondering what the hell was going on.

"Shaw is here." Brian broke the bad news.

Mia gasped. Roman blinked, in frustration. " You mean here as in U.S., or here as in California."

" 'Here' as in he just paid me a visit 10 minutes ago." Letty told him.

Tej cursed. " Fuck man! This close to home and no one saw a damn thing."

"Hobbs did." Dom stated putting the pieces together. "He was trying to catch Deckard before he touched ground, but was ambushed."

Roman spared a look to Dom. "Man, you know I want to help. Han was my boy. But I keep telling y'all- personal and business don't mix. This is NOT what we do!"

Tej spoke up. " Revenge jobs get messy. If we go, we'll have to be stealth."

"This isn't a truck heist. Deckard Shaw will kill you. He makes no effort to hide that he's after blood." Letty indicated with a glance at Han's file.

Roman nodded. "I agree."

Tej scowled and gave him punch in the shoulder, "Don't be a punk man!"

Rome shoved him back. "Look around man! This shit is real! He don't want our money or our damn cars. He wants us! When the collateral damage outweighs the rewards, you back off the job! In THIS CASE, it could be anyone of us, hell all of us!"

Taking a breath, Rome continued. "Dom, every time we do this, we lose a man. Vince, Giselle, now Han. Who's next?"

Brian ran his hand over his face. "But there's no way to walk away. We invaded Owen's territory, shut down his operation, stole his girl, and then killed him. You think his brother's gonna just let that go?"

"No." Mia spoke out. "He isn't. He's going to make this as painful as possible."

" So this is what's going to happen." Dom commanded. " Rome is right-you are all staying. This wasn't set out to be a recon mission."

Brian looked enraged. "Hell no! I'm not going to leave you to face him alone. If he's anything like his brother, hell no."

nodding in agreement, Tej reminded them, "Yeah, Dom. We ain't walkin' away. Han was family, and we ain't gonna let you take on the devil by your damn self."

Mia touched Brian's shoulder and gave her brother a determined glare. "We do this as a family, and we kill that son of a bitch."

"Can we please, AT LEAST have a plan, before we go all terminator!?" Rome asked.

Brian Shrugged. " Simple. Find Shaw's base of operations, demobilize it, find Shaw, and kill him."

"Sounds real air-tight." Rome rolled his eyes.

"Only one problem-Intel. That was always Han and Giselle." Tej reminded them.

" I got someone I can call." Dom told them.

"Deckard works out of the middle east. Its his home base for Operations." Elena explained the charts.

" Abu Dabi." Brian read the coordinates.

" Hobbs and I were tracking its shipments to and from the U.S. That's how we knew he was here. He's exporting something ." Elena told Dom.

" We have reason to believe he is moving the Intel tonight. We don't know its location so we can't make a move unless he is does." She sighed.

She was tired and worried about Hobbs. When she got the call from Dom, she knew Hobbs would want her to help.

Elena's phone rang. "Pataky." She listened for a moment before she answered. " Are you sure?...Thanks."

"Who was that?" Brian asked.

"A lucky break. I have a few agents on border patrol. They say they have been tracking a single Tour bus heading for the border. they are 12 hours out." Elena told them.

"If they get they get across that border, we won't be able to stop them. We won't have coverage." Brian explained the politics of law and borders.

"So we don't let them cross." Dom reasoned. "Simple extraction."

"How are we going to get over there in less than 12 hours?!" Roman asked.

"I'm on it." Brian told them, whipping out his phone, leaving the room.

"Even if we get over there, we need the cars for it. We don't have time to street race." Tej reminded everyone.

It was then, Letty took out her cell and left the room.

"Any more questions?" Mia asked with a smirk before leaving the garage with her baby.

Roman shook his head and glanced at Tej. "Nah, that was it."

Tej patted Rome on the back. " Come on, lets go pack."

" Pack for what?" Roman asked, but still walked out the garage.

Letty came back into the room, along with Brian. She turned to him. " I called in favor. We'll be up in running less than 10 Hours."

"Got us an air space cleared. Cargo plane, thanks to Trinh." Brian included. "Only problem, we can't cross Mexican airspace."

Letty nodded and took out her phone again, updating whoever it was on the other end.

When she left the room again, Dom spared Brian a glance. "Who is she talkin' to?"

Brian lifted a shoulder. "Some SWAT officer named Street. I'll run a profile on him later."

A tinge of old fashioned jealousy rose in Dom before it settled again. "Don't bother. I know who it is. Ten hours huh?"

Brian nodded, still a bit puzzled as to who Street is. " Ten Hours. Let's get ready to kick some ass."


"Alright, lets get to work." Dom instructed over the walkie talkie. He glanced at Letty giving a small wink.

Letty smirked.

Tej glanced at Roman from his rear view.

" Rome, are you freakin' out?" he asked over his walkie.

Roman huffed and curtly answered, "NO."

Tej rolled his eyes. " Yes you are."

Brian chuckled.

The airplane alert siren went off, giving the signal for the port opening.

" Just when you think it couldn't get any better huh?" Brian spoke out, using his Bluetooth.

The engines revved.


Dom laughed, before reversing his car out of the plane, Letty, Brian and Tej following close behind.

Roman wept a bit, doing a cross over his body, praying for grace as he reversed out the airplane.

The cars touched down, releasing their parachutes.

"Ah HELL YEAH!" Tej screamed, getting into formation behind Brian.

The truck's side panels lifted, revealing machine guns. "Oh shit!" Tej outburst slowing down a bit.

Brian's car took most of the hits as he swerved out the way.

" hook 'em up!" Dom called over to Letty on the receiver.

Letty positioned her harpoon and fired. Dom did the same. They both break hard, the back on the bus coming out without much trouble.

" Brian, you're up!" Dom instructed. He glanced out his rear view to see Brian already in position.

Tej gave him a boost, ramming his hummer into the back of Brian's car. Brian jumped on the bus as his car side rammed into the mountain.

He took out the first two guys without much effort, shooting the third. " Dom I'm clear." he called, heading to the back cage. There was a person locked in a cage, black bag over its head.

"Whatever Collateral Shaw wants, it's not a what, it's a who." He reported. He opened the cage and pulled off the black bag.

What he found was a young woman, about 25, middle eastern. " I'm gonna get you out of here."

The frightened girl didn't get to register much as Brian pulled her up and towards the back of the bus.

"You're gonna have to jump!" Brian commanded.

The girl looked at him like he was crazy, shaking her head negatively. Dom was waving for her to come on and jump.

Brian went ahead and pushed her. Dom drifted off. Letty positioned herself to take over.

Brian saw Letty's expression change. "LOOK OUT!" she mouthed, but it was too late.

The bus driver tried to tackle Brian down. They fought, feeling the bus rickshaw off the mountain.

Brian took the guy by the collar throwing him out of the bus, his body collided with the mountain.

The bus turned sideways, and Brian watched it slide towards the cliffs. "Shit." he panted, trying to back away as much as possible.

The bus coasted to a stop, teetering on falling off. He made his way gently to the front climbing out the front window.

Letty saw the bus start to tilt, Brian running for his life on top of it. She sped up, bringing her mustang all the to the limits before drifting, praying to Heaven he caught the wing flaps.

He did.

End of Story. (At least until the movie comes out April 2015)

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