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Chapter Thirty Eight: Yell


The best thing about being in love with a witch is watching her.

Bonnie had never been in charge of anyone but herself before, I could tell, but she was handling it like a pro. We were in Roman's apartment sitting in various places around the living room. Melissa lounged on Roman's couch while Roman and Daniel leaned against the counter. I was standing with my arms folded and watching the witch, my witch, talk about her plans.

I wasn't listening, I was too busy watching. The way her eyes flitted to all of our faces as she spoke, to make sure we were listening. The way she kept her tone even and clear, so she wouldn't be misunderstood. She gave us our roles, our missions, and told us what she wanted. She gave us the big picture, the specifications, and the specifications of those specifications. I searched the bond between us for anxiety and found none. She was as calm as ever, confident in her abilities.

If she didn't stop looking at me, I'd have to adjust.

The way she stood in front of the window, the light of the setting sun outlining her in some kind of celestial glow just confirmed what I already knew. I was in love with a goddess, one that could do anything and everything she put her mind to. I could feel the power emanating from her. The same power that Kol and the Originals had tried to use against her. She'd gotten a handle on it somehow and I suspected it had to do with her plan. She wanted revenge and she would get it. She'd come up with a bat shit plan to achieve it. I saw the glint in her eyes, the small smirk at the corner of her lips.

This time I did have to adjust.

Compared to the girl I'd known two months ago, this one was someone else entirely. She'd eclipsed anything I thought possible and still amazed me more and more every day. She didn't hide behind unflattering clothes and messy hairstyles. She'd become set in the person she was and the witch she was meant to be. She was saying something I wasn't paying attention to. Her lips were moving and all I could think about was how they tasted.

She snapped her fingers and I was back.

"Are you even listening to me?" she asked.

"Not really." I admitted.

Roman shook his head. "Step away from the window love. Damon's dick can't handle it."

Melissa rolled her eyes. 'I could practically see the blood leaving other parts of his body."

Bonnie blinked and then smiled.

"Does everyone else at least know the plan?" Bonnie looked around at everyone.

Melissa stood in one fluid motion and tossed her hair behind her shoulders. "I'm in."

Roman and Daniel stepped forward. "We'll stop by the university first and then head out."

Bonnie nodded. "We meet at the edge of the city seven. Everybody stay close to your phones."

All except me nodded.

Roman hugged Bonnie and Daniel shook her hand. Melissa waited until they were gone before she circled Bonnie and looked at me. I expected Bonnie to cringe away like she usually did whenever someone paid too much attention to her, but she stood her ground. I wasn't a witch. Maybe they were circling each other like-

Bonnie gave me a look.

"I don't know what you've done, little sister, but I like it." Melissa purred.

"She's powerful, isn't she?" I asked.

"More than that, she's realized." she smiled. "Nothing greater."

Melissa was at the door, walking out of it before either of us knew what happened. Fun fact about witches. When they want to, they can move faster than any vampire. I wasn't so sure Bonnie knew that, but there had been a couple of times during our sessions in the woods where she was hard to keep up with. At the time it was frustrating.

Now I just wanted to touch her.

"Seven o clock, Bonnie." Melissa winked.

We were alone.

I started to say something but Bonnie held up her hand. "You didn't listen to my plan."

I shrugged. "I'm pretty sure you want to throw one of the first vampires in history into some kind of void of magical energy."

"I said that earlier." Bonnie told me. "The plan's gotten way more refined."

"Refined or crazy?"


I liked it already.

"I don't need to hear the plan." I told her. "I just need to trust you."

She rolled her eyes. "That's the cutest most annoying thing you've ever said to me. I put a lot of think time into this plan damn it."

"You just want me to hear it."


I smiled. "Fine. I'm listening."

Bonnie's plan sounded less like a plan and more like the supernatural version of Ocean's Eleven. Only not nearly as intricate and took less time. She wanted to summon a vampire from Kol's bloodline to Charm City, bleed him a little, then use the blood to summon Kol. When I asked her how she planned on doing all of that, she gave me a very Bonnie answer.

"Had you listened the first time I explained." She chastised.

Daniel was not only eager to help, but was one of the integral parts of what Bonnie needed. A picture of an original was a rarity. The last one I saw was of Klaus, Rebekah, and Stefan in the twenties. If you look close enough, really close, you could see Katherine lurking in the background. Sometimes it really unnerved me just how much we were all connected.

Melissa was going to gather the onyx. It was important that she do it because she understood the significance of it and why it had to be specifically that stone. Because a vampire is dead, it holds no amount of life in it. Not even the magic that animates a vampire is true life. The darkness of the stone represented the void within the being. The stone itself represented the body. For Bonnie to summon Kol, she would need a decent sized amount of onyx and the time to break all of it down.

When that was done, Roman would come into play. Roman's task was to stay in the city. Melissa would make sure he had a car, but we needed him moving. Bonnie would do the locator spell and plant the location of the closest member of Kol's bloodline. I thought that part seemed pretty out there, especially with all of the vampires roaming around Charm City, but bonnie explained that that's what made it perfect. Vampires weren't a rarity. If there was one close by, Roman would find them, snap their neck, and bring them to the edge of the city.

Bonnie told me I was the most important piece.

Because she wanted to pace herself magically, most of the spell work and locations would be done through me. She would channel me to get used to the feel of having us intertwined during two back to back spells and would have to make sure my magic shielded me from Klaus. I asked her why that was necessary.

"Kol and Klaus may hardly act like it, but they're still brothers. If I do something regarding their blood the other one is going to feel it. Or maybe not. I don't know, but I don't really want to take the chance either, you know?"

"I know."

"Right." Bonnie exhaled.

I smirked. "So now that we have the place to-

Bonnie ran smack into me, throwing her arms around my neck.

Before I could say anything, I felt anxiety. Lots of it. Anxiousness and nervousness, but surprisingly it wasn't from where I thought it'd come from. The feelings that poured into me had nothing to do with Bonnie's witch abilities. As a matter of fact, the confidence she'd had in her abilities was still firmly intact. It was everything else she didn't trust.

And I couldn't blame her. Our luck, all of our luck, had been shit lately. Stefan going off the deep end and becoming a ripper. Elena's life on the line all the time. Everybody else being there and being annoying. I got it, I really did. Bonnie wasn't worried about the parties involved in this plan or our abilities. It was everything else. Maybe the city's magic could only be accessed by a certain kind of witch. Maybe an Original couldn't be tossed into something like that. The world had a funny way of screwing us over at the last minute. I knew why she was nervous.

"It'll be fine." I told her. "We're not in Mystic Falls."

She nodded. "It just happens all the time."

"I know, but it's usually because we overlooked something. You have the whole thing mapped out."

"What if I don't?" she asked. "Not magically or anything, but what if I'm overlooking something."

"If you were, don't you think Melissa would tell you?"

"Unless she was missing it too." Bonnie said.

I gave her a look.

"Okay you're right." She nodded. "I just don't want to screw up. Damon we actually have a chance at getting rid of the Originals and without it hurting you. Do you know what that means?"

"That my girlfriend is single handedly about to revolutionize what it means to be in a bloodline?"

She blinked. "Actually, yes. That's exactly what it means."

I kissed her neck. "If anyone can do it it's you."

She shook her head a little. "I hope you're right."

"You know I am."

"I want you to be."

"I already am."

Bonnie kissed me softly and pressed herself against me. My hands trailed down her back and settled on either side of her hips, rubbing them softly. My fingertips slid beneath the hem of her shirt and grazed over her skin, causing her to shiver. I moved my lips away from hers and went to the sweet spot just below her ear. She moaned lightly into the emptiness of Roman's living room.

The emptiness of his apartment.

That no one would be coming back to.

I had Bonnie on the floor in seconds, peeling off her clothes as she ripped at my own. In the familiar bond between us, I could feel that she needed me close. She didn't want to be worried, but some part of her always would be. The only time she wasn't was when she was with me. It was all she wanted right now. It was all the both of us wanted.

Fuck I loved her.

She raised her hips as I pulled down her jeans and reached up to unzip my pants. I didn't have the time to think before her hand was inside, freeing me of my boxers and stroking me softly. Bonnie's feather light touches and just right strokes had my head lolling back a little. How we'd only been having sex for short time but she managed to touch me better than anyone else, wasn't lost on me. Either she was the only one who was supposed to touch me or she'd gotten rather skilled rather fast.

I tried to reach for her shirt, but she moved my hand away.

Bonnie pushed me gently to a sitting position and pulled my pants around my ankles. Her hand never stopped stroking me or lost its rhythm, even when she pushed her hair behind her ears and leaned forward slowly. I wasn't sure what she was doing, not at first, but I was admiring the way her ass looked this high in the-

I felt her tongue first.

As I stared down in disbelief, Bonnie's lips wrapped around me and she began to suck. She took me slowly, testing how far down she could go, and driving me up the wall at the same fucking time. The bond between us flared open and I could feel her inside my head. I couldn't remember ever asking her for head, I was pretty sure I never had, but I wasn't about to look a girlfriend in the mouth. Her head bobbed back up and my hips came back down. I hadn't even known I was moving.

I expected inexperience, but found none. I had a second to be pissed off about it before Bonnie's hand pumped my shaft with the same rhythm she sucked. Her mouth got wetter, the slurping noises louder. She moaned whenever her lips touched the head and had gotten comfortable enough to suck faster. I felt her tongue dart out at the very tip of my dick and swirl around it just the way I liked.

Just the way…

Bonnie was using the bond between us to get inside my mind. Fucking brilliant. There wouldn't be any inexperience because she knew what I liked. The second I thought it she slurped long and slow and got the loudest fucking moan I think I'd ever made. I leaned my head back and let it bump against the wall. My fingers found their way into her hair and I gripped it softly. Bonnie laid down on the floor completely, putting one hand on my thigh while the other stroked me. I bit my lip and lifted my head, staring down at her.

Look at me. I thought.

When I thought it, her eyes flicked up to mine and I was falling into a bright green orbs. Everything about her was turning me on from the way my hand was in her hair to the bit of spit that'd accumulated in the corner of her mouth. Bonnie sucked me so good my knees twitched and my toes curled. If I didn't stop her soon, I'd embarrass myself. I pushed her back gently.

She looked confused. "It wasn't-I mean, I didn't-"

I kissed her. "Do you trust me?"

She nodded. "Of course, why-"

Since we were acting out my likes. "Turn around."

Bonnie looked at me for a second and then, slowly, got to her knees and about faced. She tucked her hair back behind her ear and leaned forward on her hands, sensing my thoughts. Seeing her like this made me dizzy with lust and harder than I'd ever been before in my life. I came up behind her and eased her legs apart gently. I reached down and stroked her, slicking my fingers in her wetness. I grabbed my shaft at the based and eased into her slowly, the both of us sighing when I did.

My hands went to her hips as I thrust forward and guided her back. Bonnie moaned as my hips smacked the back of her ass and I pushed myself deep inside of her. I let my hands trail down the sides of her legs and move inside of her thighs, finding her and spreading her just a little. Her moans got higher as I fucked her, while my grunts got deeper. Like her mouth minutes ago, she got wetter and wetter.

Soon Bonnie didn't need me guiding her back, she did it on her own. Her rhythm keeping up with mine in the one specifically for us. She reached up and raked her fingers through her hair, moving it over her left shoulder. Her body rocked with my stokes and she gasped when I circled my hips. She relaxed more and spread her legs allowing for more access. It stopped being her whole body and just her ass slamming back against me. The chorus of her high pitched moans paled in comparison to my own.

I forgot who was fucking who.

My hand went under her shirt and pushed it up, exposing her back. Bonnie grabbed it front the front and took it off in one fluid motion. The red bra caught me off guard and made me thrust a little harder. Bonnie cried out and slid forward on her hands, torso leaning and back arched. My hands went back to her hips as my I went faster, gripping so hard she might have bruises. I was losing myself in everything, the way she was positioned, the smacking of me inside of her. I reached back between her thighs and flicked my fingers over her clit. She screamed my name and the bond between us flared even wider, intensifying pleasure I didn't think could get any better.

The both of cried out as we came together.

I felt a sense of weightlessness and dizziness I couldn't quite describe. My vision increased and returned to normal. I went from seeing the beads of sweat and strands of her hair to seeing her whole frame. I was still inside of her glistening with her juices. Her legs were shaking and my abdomen was still clenching. Ecstasy spread through my body like ripples in a pond, hardening my nipples and making me twitch.

"Still worried?" I managed to get out.

Bonnie shook her head quickly. "I'm good now."

I leaned down, my torso against her back, and kissed her cheek. She turned and met my lips, tongue sliding between them and seeking my own. I pulled out of her and turned her around to face me, pulling her into my lap. She was still shaking a little as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer.

"I love you." She whispered against my lips.

"I love you more." I said automatically.

An hour and a half later, the both of us were showered, dressed, and out the door. We held hands in the elevator and I rubbed my thumb over her knuckles. She leaned her head against my arm in thanks, but her mind was elsewhere. It was six o clock, just an hour before show time. Bonnie went over the plan again and again in her head, covering all the basics. Melissa texted me with the info on the onyx, Daniel had made his way to being with Melissa, and Roman was in the heart of the city somewhere. We all had our places and roles and were fulfilling them.

I had to admit, the more I looked at it, the more surreal it felt. We had a plan that would actually carry through as one. No one had ulterior motives, no one was trying to protect one person specifically, and everyone was on the same page. We had two witches, two vampires, and a human with a protection spell on him. All of us were aware of everything, no subplots or side deals. The feeling was weird. I couldn't decide whether to be happy or nervous.

"Welcome to my world." Bonnie said.

We hit the freeway taking us out of Charm City and into just beyond it where Melissa had arranged for the spell. She didn't want Kol, a known witch lover, anywhere in a city filled with them. Even if he had respected them at one point or another, Melissa wasn't opening up her followers to whatever mood he might be in. I understood it completely. Bonnie was in the passenger seat with her palm extended, magic floating in it. She closed her palm and reopened it, coming up with stone. She repeated the action and came up with dust.

"Did you just-"

"I'm an earth witch." She winked. "It's not hard."

If she winked like that again, I would be.

I got off the exit and made a left. The spot Melissa wanted us to meet her in was specific, mainly because she and Daniel had mapped out where a Ley Line was. I sped along the road while Bonnie practiced magic beside me. For a brief moment, I wondered if it would be like that all the time. Me driving, her riding. I hated thinking about long term shit, but Bonnie made me want to. I still meant what I said to her this morning about the both of us leaving. She'd never go for it until she finished school. After graduation, I wanted to take her to see the world.

Maybe we could go to London or something.

"Here," Bonnie pointed.

I parked alongside the road and killed the engine. The both of us got out of the car and I could hear Bonnie's pulse increase a little. She was ready and anxious, the mingling of the two buzzed in the front of my mind. I was beside her in a flash and holding her hand. We both walked into the woods where we'd find Melissa.

Bonnie led the way, head tilting every so often. Her fingers danced and her lips moved slightly as she followed whatever magic trail Melissa left for her. I increased my vision and kept a look out. When we got closer, I could feel the magic getting thicker. It wasn't until bonnie stopped that I noticed Melissa and Daniel standing right in front of us.

"If we were snakes we'd have bit you, Damon Salvatore." Melissa said.

"Me maybe," I replied, "But not her."

Bonnie let go of my hand and looked at Daniel. "Did you get the picture?"

He nodded. "I got you two, just in case."

"Helpful." I commented.

Bonnie looked at Melissa. "Did you find enough onyx?"

"Oh I did better than that." Melissa smirked, "I even found you the ground up version."

"You're a lifesaver." Bonnie smiled.

"If this goes well, you will be too."

Bonnie took a deep breath, raised her right hand, and swiped at the air like one would when wiping a windshield. I didn't know what the hell she was doing until I heard her ask a question.

"Roman are you set?"

I could hear music. Thumping music.

"All set, love!" he yelled.

I looked around. Daniel jumped.

Bonnie lowered her arm. "Let's do it."

"What did you just do?" Daniel asked. "It was like I was in the car with him."

"It'd have taken longer to try to feel his mental signature to communicate telepathically." Bonnie responded. "I just kind of worked around it."

I shouldn't have been so proud.

Melissa gave Bonnie the ground onyx and a bowl and stepped back. Bonnie sat cross legged on the ground and set everything out. Daniel gave her the pictures, one a drawing and one an actual photograph, and stood closer to Melissa. Bonnie poured the onyx into the bowl first and put her fingers deep inside. Her eyes closed and her magic came to life within me, radiating through my body and causing the spell to flow through my mind. Bonnie's eyes went to the sky as her voice got deeper. She was searching and beseeching, asking nature to help her do its bidding. A light wind picked up, but nothing more than what it usually did whenever she did magic.

I had a feeling that was coming next.

Bonnie grabbed the two pictures of Kol and snapped her focused on them intently. When she cocked her head, both pictures burst into flame and she dropped them into the bowl of onyx. She reached out slowly and put her hand through the flame and back into the onyx, stirring it over and under the picture like one would do flour. The flame burned brighter, the pictures turned to ash, and I could feel the exact moment when Kol became the thing Bonnie wanted to locate. It was like a snapping of the fingers that the spell caught onto.

Bonnie's face went to the sky, there was a stronger gust of wind, and I felt the magic leave me.

She raised her arm again. "Roman, did you-"

"Holy fuck!" he shouted so loudly it almost hurt. "What did you do?"

"I put the location in your head." Bonnie answered. "Did you get it?"

"I got them all, love." He replied. "I know where all of them are."

"The closest one, Roman dear." Melissa said. "I know the magic feels nice, but focus."

"Right then." Roman went quiet. "The nearest one isn't too far actually."

"How far outside of the city?" I asked.

"Not outside of the city." Roman corrected. "He's here. He's on the corner."

Everything went still. Melissa walked up to me like she was walking up to him. "What the hell do you mean?"

Daniel spoke up, albeit nervously. "Is that a bad thing? I mean, every vampire comes from one of the five."

Melissa shook her head. "Not in my city. You're either of Finn's blood or Elijah's. None of the others."

I looked at Melissa. "What do you mean none of the others? Why just them?"

"In case you haven't realized," Melissa said, "Vampires always take on a trait of their bloodline. For Finn's bloodline it's objectiveness. For Elijah's it's a sense of morality. For Klaus's bloodline, it's impulsiveness and anger. Kol's is chaos and strife. Rebekah's is ruthlessness."

I was ashamed of how much that explained.

"So for one of them to be here isn't a good thing, I'm taking it." Daniel said.

Bonnie was knocked backwards.

I was at her side in seconds. "What happened?"

"Roman!" She hissed. "Something's wrong."

Her eyes blanked over as she gripped me, using the magic inside to go inside of Roman's mind.

"His neck was snapped." Bonnie turned to Melissa. "How do we find him?"

"We don't." Melissa replied. "If they've snapped his neck, they know what he's doing. All we have to do is-"

"Wait." Another voice said.

Kol stepped out of the woods with a grin on his face. It was the wide kind that only mischievous motherfuckers like him wore. I knew the look well.

"Bravo with the locator spell, Bennett." Kol winked. "I always loved a good spell."

"Would you like to see more?" Melissa asked in a deadly voice.

"Maybe another time love," Kol winked. "One witch at a time. She's the one I want."

"Fuck off!" I spat.

"If it's half as good as what you and Miss Mystic Falls did earlier, then I just might."

I took a step and bumped into a wall.

I turned to look at Bonnie and she shook her head. If she felt any embarrassment about what he'd just said, I couldn't tell. She got to her feet and folded her arms.

"What do you want?"

"You of course!" Kol said excitedly. "You know Nik's been waiting for you? Told Rebekah to find your father, but imagine her surprise when she couldn't track him. Whatever did you do?"

"You're worried about the wrong thing, Kol. It's what I'm going to do you should worry about."

"So when we couldn't find your father, we decided to take a friend." Kol said. "And trust me we looked. The funny thing about is none of them could be found either."

I looked at Bonnie. She let me inside her mind.

Earlier, after we'd gotten dressed, she'd sent a text message to Alaric to round up everyone and go to the house. Prior to that, before we left to come to Charm City, she'd casted a concealment and protection spell on the property. An Original could come right up to the door and not only not be allowed to enter, but wouldn't know anyone was inside. From what I could gather, everyone was there and had been since we left.

Bonnie shrugged. "Maybe you suck at hide and seek."

"Rebekah was always best at that." Kol admitted. "She could climb a tree better than any monkey."


"So I decided to follow you." Kol continued. "I'd been watching you and Mr. Salvatore here and I heard the name Charm City come up a few times. Everyone knows about the land of witches."

"Then you should know it's nothing to fuck with." Melissa's eyebrow raised.

"Nothing indeed. And I promise not to bring utter and complete ruin to it if Miss Bennett leaves with me."

"No deal." I growled.

"You're not going to be happy until I snap your spine are you?" Kol asked.

I heard a car door slam in the distance.

There were feet running, too fast to be a human but weighed down by something. Not hard enough to be a werewolf, but slightly as noisy. I heard the trees groan and twigs snap. More than that, the last sound crept up on me so suddenly, it was jarring. it didn't belong out here with an original and the darkness of a forest.

It was laughter.

The culprit came to a stop next to Kol and held Roman up by the back of his neck. He smiled mischievously, just like Kol, but more so at me and Bonnie who gasped. Daniel took a step forward, but Melissa grabbed him and pulled him backwards.

"Who are you?" Melissa beckoned.

"Oh I have many names," the vampire said. "But lover knows me as Alex."

Fucking Dorian.

"You're Kol's bloodline?" I asked. "I'm not fucking surprised."

"What would surprise you, Damon?" Dorian asked. "Certainly not me pretending to be a high school student or working for Klaus."

I shook my head. "None of them."

"And surely not me playing with your little witch, there."

That didn't surprise me either.

"How do you surprise a century old vampire these days?" Dorian looked at Kol, who shrugged, and then beamed. "Oh! I have an idea."

He moved quickly. His fist exploded through Roman's chest.

Three things happened.

Daniel screamed, loud and ragged, and fell to the ground. His eyes were wide and blank as he looked at Roman's lifeless form. A small wind flew right past my head and collided with Alex, sending him flying backwards. When I looked, it was Melissa with her arm outstretched. Her other arm was on Daniel's shoulder and I could see the pentagram etching itself into the earth under him. Nothing would touch him.

Bonnie charged Kol.

He reached out to grab her and she sidestepped it, punching him in the face and shoving him back with her magic. I sped forward to where he would fall, brought my foot back, and kicked when he got close enough. My foot connected with his back sending him flying forward. I was getting ready to attack him again until a fist to the face caught me off guard.

Dorian grabbed me by my shirt and slammed me to the ground so hard my ears rang. I head butted him and slugged him in the side of the face. I brought my legs up, knees bent, and kicked out with my feet. He grabbed my foot and laughed, swinging me into a nearby tree. I was on my feet and ducking as his foot collided with the bark just above my head. My fist shout out and caught him in the gut. I curved my arm upward and delivered a solid uppercut.

Bonnie was holding her own too.

She blocked Kol's punch with magic and jumped when her tried to trip her. She shouted a spell, which he dodged, but followed it up with a physical attack. Kol grabbed her wrist, twisted, and yanked her forward as he punched her to the ground. Something inside me snapped. I was away from the tree and speeding towards Kol when Dorian grabbed the back of my jacket and sank his teeth into my neck.


I jerked my elbow back and twisted out of his grip. I felt my fangs extend and my vision sharpen. Dorian licked his lips and puckered his lips at me.

"If I'd known you tasted like this, things would've been different."

"Yeah," I replied. "You'd have been dead a lot quicker."

We rushed at each other.

My fist connected with his jaw at the same time his knees went into my stomach. I swung and caught him in the side of the head, and he used the momentum to twist and back fist me across the face. I went low to sweep his legs from under him and he jumped and brought his fist down on what would've been my face if I hadn't moved. I blocked his blows and she shoved my leg back down when I tried to kick him.

I heard a series of spells.

Melissa had joined Bonnie in the fight against Kol and if I wasn't so fucking occupied, I would've watched it all day. Melissa was all arm movements and turns, dipping and twisting like a dancer. Her spells caught Kol off guard while Bonnie shoved her fist into the middle of face. When Bonnie decided to use magic, Melissa went physical, grabbing Kol's arm, twisting under it and kicking hard right in his back.

I avoided Dorian's advances and chopped him right in the throat. He spit in my eyes and tackled me to the ground. Before I could clear it out he was punching me across the face left and right. I brought my fist up, but he grabbed my arm and snapped it. I growled at him, fangs bared before he struck me again. My other arm shot up and I grabbed a fist full of his hair, yanking his head back. I sat up quickly and tore into his jugular, ignoring his moans.

Someone shoved me away from him. It was Roman.

Roman's fist pounded away at Dorian's face like a hammer at a steady rhythm. One, two, three, four. When Dorian tried to grab him, Roman planted his foot in Dorian's chest and stood above him, still punching like nothing happened. I could see the fury in Roman's eyes, the blood all over his mouth. I looked over to where the pentagram was and saw that Daniel had somehow gotten out of it and was now laying where Roman had been.

"I'm going to rip your fucking heart out through your throat!" I heard Roman hiss.

"No!" I called. "We need him alive, remember!"

Roman twisted around to where his feet were on Dorian's back. Before he could move, Roman grabbed both arms and yanked them backwards, holding them just a few inches shy of popping out of the socket. I hopped up and punched Dorian in the face, left and right. Roman screamed at me to go harder, faster, to not give the motherfucker any kind of mercy.

There was a scream. It was Kol's.

Melissa had lodged a thick piece of wood into Kol's back and was pushing it in with her heel bit by bit. She and Bonnie were scraped and bloody, especially Bonnie, but the bother of them looked ferocious. This was what it looked like when witches worked together, I noticed. This was power.

"Do it, Bonnie!" Melissa shouted. "Now!"

The magic was instant.

Bonnie held out her hands, one at me and the other to her right. I felt something bursting within me, bubbling up and boiling over inside of me. It was as if a floodgate had opened and the waters of my witch's magic were filling me up. I could feel everything almost to the point of feeling nothing. I could feel the trees getting life for the earth, I could feel the rain three cities over. I rocked back on my heels away from Roman and Dorian and fell flat on my ass as the magic took me over.

This was true channeling.

I could see Bonnie being caught in wind as she tore a rip in the world. She was so beautiful with her hair whipping at her face and her clothes billowing around her. Her feet had come off the ground, her head thrown back. I was witnessing magic in its purest form. I was seeing a witch, my witch, truly be in her element. I was in awe of everything. Bonnie's head snapped up and she brought her palms together with a loud smack.

She snatched them apart.

The glow of energy formed like a chasm between Bonnie and Kol, dividing us on either side. I could see Kol's stunned face as I fought to sit up, and watched it turn to fear as Melissa raised him off the ground. Her arm was outstretched behind him as he floated in front of her, towards the Ley Line. Bonnie was floating in midair like a goddess, eyes glowing green and hair flying.

Kol struggled. "You'll pay for this bitch! Mark my word as a Mikaelson, you will pay!"

Bonnie's head tilted and she blinked. "No, I won't."

Her hand went out to Kol and she made a swiping motion with her arm.

Kol fell into the Ley Line.

Bonnie squeezed her fists shut and brought her arms, trembling, back together. The energy chasm in the middle of the earth began to seal itself and the magic that had taken me over began to subside. I couldn't feel nature so much anymore, but Bonnie was everywhere. she was the sky and the trees and the ground. I could feel her thrumming through me and everything else out here. She was a witch, the true definition of it.

Only she didn't serve nature. Nature served her.

The Ley Line closed and Bonnie fell to the ground. I got up slowly to go to her, but Melissa was already there, helping her up. Someone grabbed me from under my arm and helped me up. It was Daniel with blood smeared on his mouth. He had healed from Roman feeding on him. I could hear his heartbeat. Roman still had a death grip on a now shocked Dorian.

One that was still alive.

"I'll be damned." Daniel said. "It worked."

"Never doubted it would." I said, looking at Bonnie.

She walked, with the help of Melissa, over to Dorian and stood in front of him. She looked him over twice and shook her head.

"I'm getting tired of you showing up when you're not wanted." She said in a monotone voice. "Maybe I should do something about that."

"Maybe you should, bitch!" Alex shouted at her. "Come on baby, let's see what you got!"

Bonnie stared at him.

"Come on!" Dorian screamed, face bloody and eyes wild. "You think you can hurt me? You're nothing to me!"

"I got some really great advice from a friend once. Would you like to hear it?" Bonnie asked calmly.

"Oh really?" Dorian ran his tongue over his teeth and spit at Bonnie, missing by inches. "And what's that."

"Never let a vampire yell at you."

I felt a surge of magic, I saw Bonnie move gracefully, and I was suddenly looking at the second flayed alive vampire I'd seen in my life.

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