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It's been two months since I last saw victor and Robert. Two months since Tasha tried to frame me of murder. Two months since Lissa became queen. That's all I've been thinking, everything was going great... Until now. I started to have bad dreams on how Robert would come back and take revenge for killing his brother. And how Tasha would break out of jail to come back and kill me while Dimitri just sat in a chair tied up. This was the first time the dream actually felt real. I was tied up in a chair in some dark basement, I was really beat up. Robert would tell me how he would kill me, every gruesome detail made me flinch but I never showed it. Being Rose Hathaway I never showed how much something would hurt me. After a wile of touché the dream vanished, and I was back to pitch black. I was feeling rested... That was until I dreamt of Tasha again. I saw the way she looked at me when she was about to kill me. Once again Dimitri was tied up and I was useless. I felt like she broke every bone in my body and I couldn't move. While she looked at me she started to talk to Dimitri "how could you love her? She's a blood Whore. She can't give you anything. She's just a useless child" she started at me with disgust, as much as I wanted to beat the living daylight out of her, I couldn't. That's when I heard Dimitri start to yell at Tasha. It's took me a while to process what was going on but after a while I felt warm liquid. That's when I noticed she was cutting me around my neck. I started to panic, poured in sweat, and tears in my eyes.

That's when I woke up. I didn't wake up screaming, I knew that Dimitri would ask what was wrong. He doesn't know about the nightmares I've been having nor do I plan on telling him anytime soon, well at least that's my plan. Dimitri woke up as soon as I did and looks at me with concern. He pulled me close to him and I relax after a while. He asked "what's wrong?" "Nothing it's just a bad dream" he knew something was wrong with me but knew not to push it so much. "Rose I know you too well to know that, that dream was nothing... I can tell something's bothering you... tell me, Rose" I was hesitant " I dreamt that Robert came for me to get revenge for Victors death, and after that Tasha trying to kill me all over again but this time it was worse... I can't believe that it's been 2 damn months and I still keep having these dreams" my voice was shaky. I can see in Dimitri's eyes, sadness "I won't let them hurt you again Rose. I promise. They'll have to kill me before they can get to you. I calmed down and started to drift off to sleep again. Being wrapped around in Dimitri's arm I felt safe. Before I feel asleep I told him something I will never get tired of saying. "I love you Dimitri" "I love you too Roza"...

Hours later I woke up again. Less stressed and a bit more relaxed knowing I was wrapped around his arms, I tried to wiggle out of his grip while trying not to wake him up. As soon as I started to shift around I noticed he stared to wake up and mumble something in Russian, I didn't bother to ask what he said because I knew he would still be kind of sleepy. Once I was face to face with him he woke up. "How'd you sleep after the nightmare?" He seemed worried. "You being here made everything much better" And it was the truth, whenever I'm with Dimitri I always feel better and safe. As soon as those words left my lips he relaxed. We laid there in silence for a while until my stomach started to growl, "Dimitri, I think it's time to get up." "I think so too" we both laughed while getting up from the bed. "Rose, how about you go shower while I get breakfast ready?" "I think that's a great idea Comrade. What are we going to eat?" "That my Roza is a surprise" That was all he said before walking away with a wink. "Hmmm I wonder what he means by that."

As I got in the shower I let the warm water hit against my skin, and started to think about the dreams I've been having lately. I started to think logically "Robert is long gone, haven't seen him in a while so I don't think he would come looking for me. Tasha is in prison with high security and there is no way out of there unless someone helps he break out. But it's imposable unless you have the friends like mine, and even then we had small problems to get through." Thinking through all that eased my distress more, when I rinsed the shampoo off my hair I got out and dried myself, I went back the room and decided to wear some gray joggers and one of Dimitri's shirts. (it was a Monday but Lissa decided she wanted to spend the whole day with Christian in their room doing god knows what but that also meant that Dimitri and I had the day off so we were ok with that). As soon as I stepped into the kitchen I noticed that Dimitri was nowhere in sight. Where could he be? I thought to myself, and in that second he walked in, he was holding a bag of "FOOD!" I helped him with the bag and put it down on the kitchen table. "What no oh Dimitri I've missed you so much where have you been? Or anything like that?" "First of all (putting one finger up) you made me sound like a damsels in distress, and you know I don't like that. And secondly I just got out of the shower no more than 1 minuet ago. But I will give you a reward for getting me food" and with that said I gave him a peck on the lips. "So what did you bring for us?" I asked as I looked in the bag. "I brought chocolate glazed donuts, sandwiches' and juice." "Yumm, let's eat!" Half way through our food there was a knock at our door."Do you have any idea who that could be?" I asked Dimitri, he shook his head. He looked as shocked as me. No one really comes to visit us without calling first. "Did Lissa call you?" I checked my phone "nope nothing." Worried flooded me. Since there is no longer a boned between Lissa and me I had no way of checking if she's ok. I ran to the door to see what all the fuss was about.

As soon as I opened it Lissa and Christian barged in along with two guardians. "Liss, what's wrong?" "I had a dream Rose…" she looked scared out of her mind, she stood quiet for a while like if she was lost in her thoughts "Liss… Liss… Lissa!" that's when she reacted. "Oh Rose it was horrible I could not stand it, I'm sorry I did not call I know I gave you the day off but here I am bothering you" "Lissa" I interrupted "You know you are never bother, but umm do you want to tell me about the dream?" she nodded. She started off with how Robert came back to take his revenge for killing victor, and how Tasha tried to kill me as well. When she was done I was gob smacked, it was the exact thing I had been dreaming for two weeks. I didn't know what to do so all I did was looked at Dimitri, I told him all of that this morning. As I looked at him he had the same shocked expression I had on my face but quickly wiped it off, he was able to speak before me "Well Lissa that does sound bad but I can assure you Rose is fine and I won't let anything happen to her" he promised. And Lissa seemed more at eased, after that she sent the two guardians' to stay outside. "Would you like me to work with you today?" she shook her head "can we just stay here and watch a movie or something?" "Sure thing kiddo" after a while I noticed she was fast asleep I turned to Christian "did she sleep at all last night?" he shook his head "she's been like this for about two weeks" around the same time that I've been having those dreams… impossible. "Rose, you ok?" Christian's voice brought me back "yeah, fine" I gave him a small smile to reassure him. After a while I noticed Christian had also fallen asleep; "Dimitri can I take to you?" he nodded and we stepped into the bedroom "Is it just me or is it weird that Lissa has been having the same dream around the same time I have?" he looked like he was trying to come up with an answer but came up empty. "How is that even possible?" "I don't know but I think it has something to do with spirit and Robert." With that said we went back to the living room to find that Christian and Lissa were waking up.

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