Chapter 1-

(The story will always be written in Tris`s Pov) ~

When my shift at the tattoo parlor finally is done I decide to go to the dining hall to eat. As I'm walking out and down the stairs I hear Christina, "Tris! Me, Zeke, Will, Shauna, Marlene, Uriah and Peter are gunna play Candor or Dauntless wanna come?" I had never played the game before so I just nodded.

"Oh and bring Four too, meet you in 10 minutes! Bye!" she leaves as quickly as she came in; all exited and went to get the others


When Four and I get to Zeke`s apartment Uriah explains the rules to me, " It's a game of truth or dare , but; whenever you don't do anything asked you have to take off an article of clothing off…. It cannot be a shoe or a sock." He explains

"Mmkay," I Mumble through the cake I was eating. "So who`s first?" Marlene asked. "I'll go." Shauna says, Zeke candor or dauntless?"


"I dare you to get your worst fear from your stimulations tattooed on your ass." We all go and watch Zeke get Zombies eating him alive on his left butt cheek. Tori was not pleased. "Tris C or D?" I scoff… "Where am I again?" Zeke laughs…"I dare you to go ask Eric to marry you, see what he says and then, if he says yea go around the pit and scream at the top of your lungs… "I'm gunna Marry Eric!" if he says no. go around yelling Eric's a meany pants cause` he won't marry me! And you have to have a straight face" we all laugh, including me, this is going to be fun…


I walk around for a while trying to find Eric. I finally find him going to eat lunch I stop him, mid dining hall. "What do you want, stiff?" he scoffs, I feel my friends watching me so I get on one knee and in a singsong voice say, "Oh my dearest Eric, I will say this in the most sincere way possible. Will you marry me Eric? He looks at me like I'm an annoying puppy he wants to kick, "Get outta my way stiff." He turns and leaves.

I walk out into the pit and start to run along the side screaming at the top of my lungs to whoever I see, "Eric's a meany pants beacause he won't marry me!" Everyone laughs and as soon I get through the doors of Zeke`s apartment I start to have a super long laughing fit with four.


"Mmkay, Peter Candor or…" I start. "Dauntless" he snaps. "Fine." I lean over to four and ask him what to say… He whispers to me "dare him to go and let Zeke give him a makeover and make Zeke choose his clothes that he has to wear for the rest of the day." I chuckle.

"I dare you to let Zeke choose some of Christina's clothes that you have to wear for the rest of the day, and then you have to let Four give you a makeover." He sighs and Christina leads them away to her apartment.