Man I really need to stop coming up with new stories, but I really couldn't help this one. It combines my 2 favorite series (Detective Conan and Digimon) staring my current all time favorite character Hakuba Saguru from Gosho Aoyama's Magic Kaitou & Detective Conan series. This has been a side project that I've been working on in my free time when I'm not writing my other Digimon fan fics, or... shamelessly writing fics for my favorite yaoi pair, KaiHaku. Anyway, this is a fic I don't intend to write regularly unless it gets a major response or something. I WILL update it, just not consistently (not that the updates for any of my current works have been consistent as of late, but I digress). I suppose you could say that this is a preview of a fic that I DO plan to one day write regularly (maybe when I'm done with Fullmetal Wizard or Drowning Memories).

All the main characters in this will have their original Japanese names, and I'll do my best with the Digimon and their attacks, but I might use the English names for some of them (one example is actually introduced in this chapter).

Time-line wise, this fic takes place after the events of Detective Conan & Magic Kaitou (which I'm placing roughly 1 year after the start of DC) so because I figure that the MK cast is 1 year older than DC, Hakuba, Kaito, and Aoko are 18 (seniors) and Shinichi, Ran, Heiji, and Kazuha are 17 (juniors). As for the Digimon Savers aspect of this fic, this takes place roughly a year before Masaru meets Agumon and joins DATS. This fic will continue on though and follow events of the season to it's conclusion.

Chapter 1: Wet Fur

Hakuba Saguru wasn't sure which of the many Japanese Gods he'd managed to piss off this time, but someone up there hated him. It was pouring rain outside and he was without a ride, had no umbrella, and was covered in a thick coat of sticky gunk that he'd ended up drenched in during the latest Kaitou Kid heist. Even with the rain hammering down on him, Saguru found that the unknown substance wasn't coming off. Normally this wouldn't bother him, but tonight his fellow detectives Kudo Shinichi and Hattori Heiji had been in attendance at the heist as well. He didn't usually mind Kudo being there, but Hattori was a pain in the ass and, more often than not, Kudo backed up his hotheaded Osakan friend nine times out of ten. Hattori and Saguru simply couldn't stand each other.

Hattori seemed to be convinced that Saguru was a spoiled rich brat who was slow in his deductive skills, and therefore the lesser of the three genius teenage detectives. Saguru couldn't stand Hattori because of the teen's reckless behavior, hotheaded temper, and overly competitive nature. Now normally he wouldn't have much of a problem working with someone like Hattori – he'd had to do so many times in the past – but it was Hattori's dismissal of Saguru's deductive skills that offended him. He'd made one mistake in their first case together and had been dubbed a stuck up wanna-be detective by the Osakan. Saguru's mistake had been the result of the fact that he'd rushed his usually methodical and clinical process of analyzing the case in the heat of competition – which Hattori apparently thrived in. If Saguru had just stepped back from the whole case like he usually did, he'd have figured the case out before Edogawa Conan – whom he now knew as Kudo Shinichi after working with the other detective to help bring down the Black Organization. It had also been the only time that Saguru had been able to work with Hattori without much argument due to the seriousness of the case.

But even after helping his fellow detectives bring down the Black Organization, Hattori always seemed to look down upon Saguru because of his choice to handle theft, missing persons, and cold cases instead of working homicide. Kudo didn't really care one way or another about the degree of Saguru's deductive abilities or what kind of cases he applied those skills to so long as he remained competent, the case they were working on together got solved, and the right person went to jail. Thankfully since the takedown of the Organization Saguru only had the misfortune of running into the Osakan at Kid heists.

Speaking of heists, Saguru sighed in frustration as he tried to pick some of the gunk off of him. Hattori had found it hilarious that Saguru had fallen into one of Kid's more annoying traps. Giving up on removing the goop for now, Saguru trudged towards home. The only good thing about the stuff was that it appeared to be waterproof, so he wasn't quite soaked to the bone and still somewhat warm.

As he was passing an alleyway though, there was a bright flash of light that made him pause at the entrance. For a moment Saguru wondered if he was dreaming because there were a bunch of pulsing rings whirring in the air hovering roughly three stories above the ground. Saguru stared, entranced for a moment until something dropped out of it, landing in an open dumpster. Then with another bright flash the rings were gone, returning the alley to its dark and dreary state.

Unable to reign in his curiosity, Saguru approached the dumpster and peered inside to see what had fallen out of the strange apparition. In the poor lighting and the heavy rain, Saguru could only make out a vague shape that didn't appear to be another garbage bag. It was a sizable shape, but nothing too big. He was about to reach in and grab it when the shape suddenly moved and hissed at him. Startled, Saguru stumbled backwards with a yell and fell onto a stack of soaked cardboard boxes.

When he looked up he saw a white cat glaring at him from where it now perched on the lip of the dumpster. It was the strangest looking cat he had ever seen. Its front paws were covered with clawed green gloves that had orange stripes on them. Its tail had purple stripes with a purple tuft of fur at the end. There were purple tufts on the tips of its ears as well. The strange cat also had the sharpest pair of blue eyes he'd ever seen. Saguru frowned for a moment before shaking his head and stood back up. A soft ripping sound informed him that some of the cardboard had come away with him sticking to his backside. He grimaced as he tried to pry it off. The cat made an angry noise low in its throat at him.

"Ok, I don't blame you," Saguru chuckled bitterly. "I wouldn't want to be touched by me either. Not with this shit all over me. Damn Kid."

He tried to pull off a bit more, but only succeeded in transferring the wet paper to his hands.

"Screw this!" he huffed before sneezing violently, causing him to growl in miserable frustration.


Saguru froze momentarily before rounding on the cat and looked into those blue eyes. If he didn't know any better, he'd say that the cat had just laughed at him and looked amused.

"Great. Just great," he grumbled. "I'm catching a cold and hearing things. I'm gonna kill the Kaitou Kid the next time I see him."


Saguru frowned again, glancing back down the alley. He could swear that he'd just seen another flash of light. The cat was hissing again, it's hackles raised as it stared down the alley as well.

"So you heard it too, huh?" Saguru frowned.

There was another clanging sound and Saguru began to weigh the pros and cons of checking things out. He was only a few more blocks from his house. He could go home, take a warm bath, scrub the gunk off of him, and eat something… Or he could remain out in the rain, go check out this second disturbance, and catch his death of pneumonia. With a groan and cursing his curiosity, Saguru headed further into the alley. He saw a streak of white fly by him and noted that the strange cat was coming too, staying a few steps ahead. After maneuvering around a few more dumpsters, Saguru and the cat entered an intersection of alleyways. Saguru strained his hearing for a minute or two, but he couldn't hear anything over the pouring rain as it crashed nosily down on the metal lids of trashcans and dumpsters, and thumped heavily on wood, pavement, and the surrounding buildings.

"I don't suppose you can detect anything?" Saguru asked the cat.

The cat looked up and stared at him, cocking its head to the side, blinking curiously at him before nodding and heading off down the alley on their left. Saguru froze for a second and stared after the cat, wondering if he was already really sick and hallucinating now. He considered going back and getting home like he should, but some instinct told him that he needed to follow that cat. Something was going on and he needed to find out what it was. He didn't know how he knew this, but he sensed that the world as he knew it was about to change. He wasn't wrong.

Saguru followed the strange cat down a series of alleyways until they came upon an uncovered manhole that led into the sewers. The cat wrinkled its nose as it stared down into the hole. Saguru frowned as he knelt down and inspected the removed cover. He lifted it up a little to get a better look at something on it in the streetlight, but dropped it in alarm as his hand heated up. Bewildered, he stared at his hand as the goop that coated it melted away and left light minor burns on his hand. A burning smell soon reached his nose and he realized that it was coming from the manhole cover. Looking at the cover, and comparing it to the size of the manhole, he realized that it was a little smaller than it should be.

"Acid?" he murmured out loud, slipping his hand into his coat sleeve before handling the lid again.

The acidic substance wasn't as affective on his coat due to the combined efforts of the rain and sludge coating his attire, but it still ate away some of the gunk on him. Instead of scaring him, Saguru found himself intrigued as to what could have possibly made up the substance coating the sewer lid. He took out a small specimen cup from the inside of his coat and managed to scrape a sample off from the manhole cover. Surprisingly it didn't melt through the plastic. Strange. Just to be safe though, Saguru put the small jar inside one of the bigger containers he carried and sealed it in an evidence bag.

After pocketing his find he left the lid alone and moved to crouch beside the cat. The smell was horrible and he knew he was going to regret this, but he lowered himself into the hole anyway. Just before he could disappear down the manhole completely, Saguru felt a weight latch itself onto his shoulder. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted the strange white cat.

"Oh, now you're willing to get near me," Saguru snorted before continuing down into the sewer. "All right, hold tight."

He could feel the cat's claws digging into his coat as he slowly lowered himself deeper into the filth filled underground part of Tokyo. Once he reached the bottom he dug through his pockets to pull out his flashlight, thankful that it had survived Kid's tricks and had mercifully remained relatively gunk free.

"Thank God for small miracles," he murmured as he turned the high beam light on. He stared in shock when he saw great smears of a grey substance on the sewer walls that seemed to be creating gash-like marks in the brickwork. "What the hell?" he frowned as he cautiously pressed a part of his sleeve into the substance and watched as more of Kid's gunk melted away. "Same acidic substance that was on the man hole cover," he mused, as he looked at the cat still perched on his shoulder. "Now what do you suppose did this?"

The cat blinked at him and looked like it was shrugging.

"…I'm talking to a cat," Saguru sighed, looking away. "Oh, Hattori would love to see me in this sorry delusional state. It's not like you can talk back to me. Whatever. Lets find out what the hell is going on here and then I can lose my sanity from the comforts of home."

The cat seemed to purr in amusement at his comments while Saguru examined the direction the smears appeared to be going in. He carefully walked along on the walkway ledges lining the sewer as the gushing river of filth and rainwater rushed past them. After an hour of navigating through the city sewer system Saguru and his feline companion came upon a tunnel that led to an intersection of sorts where they spotted this mass of filth, slim and debris trudging along into the intersection. It surprised Saguru to see the mass move as if it were looking around and trying to decide which direction to go in. He couldn't quite hold back a soft gasp as the… whatever it was, turned it's great bulk and he saw that the thing actually had eyes and a gaping mouth in what he supposed was a head.

"By God in heaven… What is that thing?" he breathed softly, which turned out to be a bad idea. The thing stinked and made him gag a little. "I think we ought to get out of here." The cat gave an uneasy sounding growl, head bobbing in a nodding motion that he took to be a sign of agreement. Gulping and trying not to throw up, Saguru backed away slowly. Unfortunately his footing slipped on something and he found himself falling off the ledge and into the sewer water with a loud slash, somehow not loosing hold of his flashlight. When he surfaced with a gasp, he saw that the sludge creature had noticed him and let out a roar as it approached him with surprising speed.

"Don't just stand there gaping! Move your tail!"

Whirling around, Saguru spotted the strange cat that had been smart enough to jump off his shoulder when he'd fallen. It was standing on the walkway still relatively dry… on its two hind legs like a person… and it had spoken to him.

"I said move it!" the cat hissed in a young woman's voice before turning away to stare down the sewer creature that was still raging towards them. Saguru decided that now was not the right time to question his sanity as he climbed back onto the walkway. The cat meanwhile launched itself at the sludge monster and punched it in the face right between the eyes with its clawed gloves.

"Neko Punch!"

The creature fell back, roaring angrily as the cat jumped back and landed in front of Saguru with her back to him, still facing the thing – at least he assumed the cat was female since it had a feminine sounding voice.

"Acid Sludge!" the creature belched as it vomited a grotesque projectile at them.

Saguru was reacting more than anything as he grabbed the cat by the scruff of her neck and bolted as fast as he dared to go down the sewer tunnels and around the nearest corner. He managed to miss most of the attack but from the burning smell, he could tell that some traces of that acidic sludge had managed to hit the back of his coat. He and the cat weren't out of trouble yet though. The ground beneath his feet shook and nearly sent him falling back into the sewer river again. He let the cat go when he felt they were a reasonable distance away from the sewer monster, only for her to jump up onto his shoulder again.

"Don't stop, keep moving!" she yowled as the rank smell of the sewer intensified in its foul odor meaning that the creature wasn't that far behind them. So Saguru kept running, taking directions from the strange talking white cat wearing green gloves on his shoulder. Saguru nearly cried with relief when he spotted a ladder that led to the surface. He tucked away his flashlight and climbed as quickly as he could without slipping while the sewer monster gained on them. Just as he was beginning to wonder how he was going to lift the manhole cover in time to escape the creature, the cat jumped up off his shoulder and punched the sewer lid off.

Not looking a gift horse in the mouth, Saguru scrambled up the last few steps out of the sewers and back into the fresh air and stormy weather. The cat jumped back onto his shoulder as he took off out of the alleyway they had found themselves in and ran as far away as he could from the manhole and the sewer creature it contained. He didn't stop until he came to a park and leaned against the nearest lamppost, panting. His lungs were heaving for air as he nearly bent himself in half, bracing his hands on his knees.

The cat jumped off his shoulder, landing on her two hind legs like a person and looked around at their new surroundings warily.

"What… the hell… was that?" Saguru wheezed.

"I'm not sure," the cat sighed. "But it's a Champion level Digimon. One I'm not strong enough to defeat on my own."

"What are you talking about?" Saguru gasped, looking at the cat incredulously. "Just what are you?"

"I'm Tailmon, a Digimon," she stated plainly. "I'm from the Digital World."

"And what is a Digimon?" he asked.

"Digimon is short for Digital Monster," the cat explained.

"And you're from another world." Saguru shook his head wondering if he wasn't just hallucinating and imagining this whole thing. Maybe Kid had gotten him with knockout gas after all and this was all just a bad dream. "And that thing back there… it was a Digimon too?"

"Yes, that's right," Tailmon nodded. "I don't know what it was though because I've never seen that kind of Digimon before. I'm from a very secluded part of the Digital World. I was just taking a stroll through the forest when that thing attacked me. I ran to try and find a better vantage point to fight it off when I fell through a hidden portal. It must have followed me through the rift between worlds that brought me here to your world. To the human world. …It's not quite what I expected it to be."

"You should see it during the day when it's not raining," Saguru sighed as he straightened up to his full height.

"You're a funny human," Tailmon smiled, looking amused. How had Saguru thought that this creature was merely a goofy looking cat? It had too many human-like expressions and mannerisms to be normal.

"Well you're a funny looking cat," Saguru sighed, hitting his head back lightly against the lamppost he was standing under.

"Well at least I'm not the one stuck to a light," the cat grinned.

Saguru blinked then groaned when he realized that he was in fact sticking to the lamppost. To his surprise though he came off easily. He took a look at himself and found that most of Kid's goop had been removed from his person. Then a blast of wind hit him and he shivered, teeth chattering together.

"Uh… lets get out of the rain," he stuttered, looking around for landmarks that would tell him where they were. The cat Digimon creature nodded, jumping up to perch on his shoulder again. He would have protested, saying something to the effect that he wasn't a pack mule, but her body was keeping some part of him warm at least.

Thankfully the park they were in wasn't too far from his house and after a half hour jogging through the rainstorm he made it home, entering through the back door that was next to the laundry room. With a relieved sigh he removed his heavy rain soaked jacket only to cringe when he saw the singed back. The sewer creature's acid may have removed the gunk Kid had covered him with (at the heist that seemed ages ago now) but it had ruined his jacket beyond repair. After emptying it of its contents Saguru mournfully threw it away. He'd really liked that jacket too.

Making sure that he wasn't making too big of a mess, Saguru headed upstairs to his room with Tailmon still perched on his shoulder. His first stop was the adjoining bathroom where he striped out of his clothing in the shower while Tailmon sat on the counter next to the bathroom sink. He made sure to thoroughly scrub the remaining goop off his person and out of his hair. His hair was the most troublesome bit. Luckily, being experienced in predicaments like this, Saguru had a bottle of vinegar in the shower that helped work the rest of the strange substance out of his hair and off his skin. Something about vinegar broke down the chemical make up of whatever the Kaitou Kid made his slime out of. Of course now he smelled of vinegar, but at the moment he really didn't care. It was better than reeking of garbage and filth. Then he proceeded to scrub himself down until his skin felt raw. He'd been down in the sewers after all and had even fallen into its rank waters. He made a mental note to just go ahead and toss out the entire outfit he'd worn that night. It would take too much effort to salvage it anyway. When he was finished he grabbed a towel, wrapped it around his waist, and got out of the shower.

Tailmon had apparently fallen asleep while he'd been showering so he let her be and prepared the bath for a nice soak, even adding his favorite smelling salt to the bath water. While the tub was filling up he decided to dispose of his ruined attire and put on his rarely used swim trunks. When the tub was full he woke up the slumbering feline and eased into the nice warm water with her. She resisted at first but when he began to wash the muck out of her fur and massaged circles into her tense muscles, she purred up a storm. When he was done cleaning her, he leaned back and just allowed himself to soak and enjoy the nice bath that was washing away the smell of vinegar. Tailmon was curled up on his chest where he continued to pet her as she drifted off to sleep. When Saguru felt himself begin to nod off he got out of the tub, drained it, and proceeded to dry himself and the cat off. She roused a bit during that but fell right back to sleep as he carried her into his bedroom.

Now there was nothing Saguru wanted to do more than to follow the feline's lead and go to sleep, but the stubborn part of his brain insisted that he clean up the small mess he'd made when he came home so that poor Baaya didn't have to do it and his father wouldn't get mad and yell at him. So it was with great reluctance that he headed downstairs after setting the Digimon cat down on a pillow on his bed. He got out the cleaning supplies and spent the next hour cleaning up the trail he'd made from the back door to the laundry room and upstairs to his room and bath. He even cleaned up his bathroom just to be thorough. He also took care of the items that had been on his person during his trek through the sewers, disposing of any and all ruined articles, and setting aside the specimen jar he'd collected with the sample from the manhole cover. For the first time ever, Saguru was glad that his classmate, Kuroba Kaito, had nicked his favorite pocket watch and had yet to return it. He would have been devastated to have had his prized possession ruined in the sewers.

It was around 4 o'clock in the morning when Saguru finally crawled into bed exhausted and wishing that the night's events had been nothing more than a bad dream.

So that's what I have so far for The Digimon Detective! If you think I should write more please let me know in a comment or something! Otherwise (with the rate I've been updating lately) it could be forever before I update. I plan for Kaito and Aoko to be in the next chapter.

Oh, and as for couples in this fic it's going to be ShinRan, HeiKaz, and it'll start out with KaiAo, but it'll eventually branch out and become KaiHakuAo. I had originally planed for this to be only KaitoXAoko since I plan on using canon relationships, but I'm a huge fan of HakubaXKaito and recently have fallen in love with the HakuKaiAo threesome and because there is hardly anything out there, I decided that that was the pairing I was going to go with. The romance won't be a major component in this fic (at least not for a while yet) or even completely evident. There might be come comforting, snuggling and maybe a rare kiss, but other than that I don't plan to go into anything explicit in this fic, so if you don't care for it... it's not going to be a real issue until way later in the story if at all. :P