Wow did this take a while to write up. This chapter is in Tailmon's POV and I found it to be pretty limiting since Tailmon spends 2/3 of the chapter underneath Saguru's bed... And I had to go back so many times because I kept typing Gatomon instead of Tailmon. :P Seriously, I did it like 5 times within just the first 3 pages when typing it out on Word! And then I found myself going back over and over again to make sure she didn't have any vocab that would seem out of place for a character experiencing the human world for the first time. Some of those parts got to be pretty fun though. I hope you all enjoy reading this chapter from her perspective. This is only the second chapter I've written in a Digimon's POV, so I hope I did alright! :D

Chapter 2: Getting to Know You

Tailmon woke up feeling content and warm. She was lying on something soft and she didn't want to move. She did open her eyes, however, and took in her surroundings. She'd never seen anything like the smooth, flat, and angular walls that made up the human's dwelling, or the strange grass that covered the floor. One of the walls had a square hole in it that allowed sunlight in and brightened up the space though, so she supposed that whatever this place was it wasn't so bad. She wasn't sure what she was lying on, but she did recognize the human boy from the night before lying next to her curled in on himself, but something wasn't right. His breathing was heavy and his pale skin was tinged pink.

Rising from the strange poufy thing she'd been lying on, Tailmon got up and made her way over to the human boy. She gently pressed her forehead against his and frowned when she felt how hot it was. The boy hadn't been this hot last night. Something was wrong with him. Before she could ponder what to do next, she heard the sound of heavy footsteps padding softly towards the rectangle of wood that blocked this chamber off from the other boxed spaces that made up the human's dwelling. Instinct took over and she jumped down onto the strange spongy grass, darting under the raised platform that she and the boy were on. She assumed that it had to be where one slept – the human equivalent of a nest.

A minute later another human entered the space. This one appeared to be female and was much older than the boy. She didn't look anything like him. She was short, and had narrow beady grey eyes set in her wrinkly face. She reminded Tailmon a little of the Babamon elders back home in the Digital World.

"Master Saguru, you should be up getting ready for school," the female human huffed. She crossed the room and pulled aside a hanging length of cloth that revealed another pair of wooden rectangles set in the wall adjacent to the one with the square hole. Unlike the rectangle of wood that she'd come, through, these two rectangles had panes of a clear material in them like the square hole and let in even more sunlight.

The boy grunted before letting out a series of loud hacking coughs that sounded like he was trying to throw up a hairball. From her position beneath the raised nest, Tailmon didn't know how the human looked, but she could tell that the coughing had left him winded as he wheezed in and out softly.

"Master Saguru!" the old female gasped rushing towards the nest. It was quiet for another minute before she spoke again. "You're burning up with a fever! How late were you out last night? Don't tell me you were out in that downpour."

"I'm afraid… that I… was," the boy panted.

"Well you lie back down right this instant!" the female screeched. "I'll call the school to inform them that you're ill and I'll be up later with something warm and light to eat."

"Thank you… Baaya," the boy whispered as the female bustled out of the chamber, shutting the rectangle of wood behind her.

Tailmon waited until she could no longer hear the elder human's footsteps before climbing out from her hiding spot and jumped back onto the raised platform nest-thing.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

The boy startled a bit, his head jerking in her direction. He stared at her for a moment before sighing and dragged a hand over his face.

"So last night wasn't a dream," he mumbled.

"I'm afraid not, human," Tailmon purred in amusement.

"I'm fine. …Tailmon, isn't it?" the boy asked softly. Talking in a low voice and soft tone seemed to help him speak without irritating his throat too much. It was no problem for Tailmon. She had exceptional hearing.

"That's right. And you're Saguru," she nodded. "That's what the female called you, isn't it?"

"Ah… yes," the boy nodded. "I didn't introduce myself last night did I? I – cough –apologize. That was rude of me."

"I didn't exactly ask for it," Tailmon mused. "And I think any rudeness on your part can be forgiven since you gave me shelter from the rain, washed my fur of filth, and let me rest in your nest."

"Nest?" the boy blinked in confusion.

"Your sleeping space," Tailmon elaborated, tugging gently on the cloth beneath her.

"Oh… it's called a bed, actually," the human informed her. "Anyway, forgiven or not, I really should – cough – introduce myself properly. My name is Hakuba Saguru. It's nice to meet you, Tailmon."

"The pleasure's mine," Tailmon smirked. "You really are a strange human. You're nothing like what I'd expected humans to be like. You're certainly a polite one at any rate. Are all humans like that or is it just you?"

"Well, no," Saguru sighed with a light cough. "Sadly not all humans are polite. In fact, some are just downright rude, but we're not all bad I suppose… There are lots of nice people out there too, some far nicer than I am, I'm sure."

"Well that's good to hear," Tailmon mused. "You humans have a rather beastly reputation amongst us Digimon. I was not expecting any kindness from your kind, so I was surprised with how well you've treated me."

"Well, human or not, you are a sentient being with intelligence whom I've brought into my home," Saguru stated, clearing his throat before continuing. "You are a guest here and, as my guest, of course I would treat you as one should treat a guest."

Tailmon smiled at the human boy and allowed herself to curl up beside him where he could still see her without much trouble.

"Is something wrong with you? The female appeared to be distressed about your condition," she said.

"Ah… I – cough – appear to have a bad head cold," Saguru coughed out before sniffing miserably. "Ugh… Spending all that time out in the cold rain will – achoo! – do that to us humans. Don't Digimon ever get sick?"

"Sick?" Tailmon mused, tilting her head. "Sometimes, I suppose. It's not uncommon for an Agumon to eat too much food and get a stomachache, and some of the younger Digimon get sniffles and sneezes when around too many of the plant Digimon, but few of us ever get sick with fever like you. We Digimon have more sense to stay out of elements we are unsuited for."

"Well excuse me for not thinking about getting out of the rain during our mad dash away from the sewage monster," Saguru huffed, but the boy was smiling so Tailmon had to assume that the boy was simply being a Wisemon and trying to make light of his present condition.

Tailmon leveled an amused look at the snarky human as they continued to trade bantery dialogue. She found that she liked Saguru and hadn't thought about leaving once since she'd first woken up. She did, however, duck back down under the nest-thing that Saguru had called a bed when she heard the woman coming back.

"I made some chicken noodle soup for you, Botchama," the old human announced as she reentered the chamber with a tray. "I've also brought some cold medicine for you to take. I don't want you leaving your room at all today. You are to remain in bed and rest, only getting up to use the toilet."

"Yes, Baaya," Saguru sighed.

"Good," she said crisply. "Unfortunately, I received a call from your father and have to go run some errands. I expect I'll be gone all day, but I'll try to stop back around noon to give you something for lunch."

"I'm not a child anymore, Baaya," Saguru protested. "I can get up and make my own lunch. You just go and take care of those errands. No sense in making Father mad at the both of us."

"Your father is not mad at you, Botchama," Baaya said sternly.

"No, just disappointed that his no-good son has no sense to stay out of the rain after chasing the Kid all night again," Saguru huffed bitterly.

The old female only sighed in reply to Saguru's statement and left the chamber without another word. Tailmon waited until she couldn't hear the elder human again before climbing back onto the bed-nest. The boy was sitting up now propped up by many poufy things like the one she'd slept on, but he looked a little depressed as he stirred the contents of a broth in a strange looking bowl; it didn't look like it was made out of wood or stone.

Saguru looked like he was in need of a distraction, so she decided to ask him what the various items situated on his lap were and about the other things she could see in his chamber. This seemed to cheer him up a bit as he went into a kind of lecture mode as he answered her questions and explained about the various things in his personal chamber that he called a "bedroom." He even offered her some of the broth that he'd been given by the human female – Baaya – who was his caretaker of sorts. It tasted pretty good, even though it was lacking in anything of solid substance. The noodles and small chucks of meat that did occasionally appear in the broth were hardly enough to fill even her stomach. How he was supposed to get well drinking only broth was beyond her. If anything, it only made the boy's nose run more.

Once everything in the room had been explained, he reached over the side of the bed and pulled out a flat rectangular device that he opened and turned on. He called it a laptop computer. Tailmon found this to be the most intriguing device she'd seen thus far because it showed her many things. With it, Saguru was able to show her various kinds of human dwellings with many types of rooms, people, and some were of lands outside of the one they were currently in. They were in the land known as Japan, or something like that. A lot of the images that he showed her were from the boy's homeland, London, where his mother lived – she was very pretty and Saguru looked a lot like her. Tailmon was fascinated by all of the different "kinds" of humans out there (though they were only differing in size and skin tone and not as various in appearance as Digimon were) and how big and vast the human world was compared to the small pocket of the Digital World that she knew.

Saguru looked like he was growing tired though, so she asked him if he could show her how to use the laptop so that she could explore it's contents on her own. Unfortunately, she didn't know the human's writing system, so the laptop was useless to her without Saguru's help. He did pull up a few series of moving images – videos he called them – for her to watch while he slept. She found them to be entertaining enough. The first one was an informative video of some sort on Japan, explaining the culture and its people. The second video was a language video. It made her realize that the language that she had been speaking with Saguru was called Japanese, and that this video was teaching her English, the language of Saguru's homeland. The third and final video was a rather strange one. The people in it didn't look real and it had these strange creature things called spirits. It was amusing though, and she found herself caught up in the story of this little not-real-but-still-human-child Chihiro as she found work at a spirit-run building called a bathhouse…

But before she could find out how the girl's first night working at that place was, she heard the sound of footsteps approaching from outside the rectangle of wood that she'd learned was called a door. There were two pairs of footsteps this time, and neither of them were old Baaya's shuffling gait. She paused the video she'd been watching, folded the top half that displayed the images back down onto it's bottom half, and set it back inside the bag that she'd seen Saguru pull it from. She then nudged the sleeping human awake.

"Someone's coming," she hissed, "and it's not Baaya."

Saguru blinked sleepily up at her, coughing into one of his hands momentarily before turning his head towards the bedroom door. The metal insert that opened the door rattled and Tailmon dashed back under the bed as the door began to open.

"Kuroba-kun? Aoko-kun?" Saguru's surprised voice called out as Tailmon saw another human boy and a human girl enter the room. Both looked to be around Saguru's age, but both had dark blue eyes, messy brown hair – the girl's was longer – and wore matching outfits. Twins perhaps? They certainly looked alike enough to be family.

"Hakuba-kun!" the girl gasped, rushing over to Saguru's bedside. "You look awful! What happened?"

"A Kid heist followed by a rainstorm," Saguru coughed.

"What were you doing out in that downpour?!" the girl cried rather loudly. Tailmon flinched at how loud she was compared to how quiet Saguru had been when they were talking earlier.

"I couldn't get a cab or take a bus," Saguru sighed. "I was covered from head to toe in Kid's slimy mess. Anything I touched stuck to me like glue, and I didn't want to make an even bigger mess by getting into someone's vehicle so I walked home last night. All my clothes were ruined and I had to throw out my favorite coat."

Tailmon's eyes narrowed when she noticed the subtle fidgeting of the boy who'd remained by the door. He looked nervous… no… not quite nervous. Guilty perhaps? She couldn't tell. The boy's expression cleared too quickly for her to be sure.

"You must have taken the long way home then, Haku-baka," the boy snorted. "It didn't start pouring until an hour after the heist. You should have had plenty of time to get home before then."

"Ba-Kaito!" the girl screeched. "Isn't it obvious? Hakuba-kun stuck around late to help my dad clean up Kid's mess again, and even so, it was raining pretty hard even after the heist ended. Being out in the rain for any extended length of time would get anyone sick. Even you had the sniffles this morning you idiot."

"I'm fine, Aoko-kun," Saguru sighed. "Really. It's just a head cold."

The girl huffed and must have sent an angry look at the other boy because he was fidgeting again.

"I'm just a little surprised that you two are here," Saguru coughed, the bed creaking and informing Tailmon that he was moving. "I must have slept for quite a while since it appears to be a lot later than I thought it was upon waking."

"Well that's good!" the Aoko girl said encouragingly. "My Otousan says that one should get lots of rest when they are ill."

"Well I think I've had plenty for a while, if it's already after four," Saguru sighed, bed creaking again as he moved.

"Oh, you needn't get up!" Aoko protested. "If you need something, I could get it for you."

"Ah…" Saguru stuttered. "That isn't necessary. What I need at the moment isn't really something you can help me with."

"Why not?" the human girl asked.

"Aoko, he's been in bed all day," the other boy snickered, rocking back onto his heels.

"So?" Aoko asked.

Some sort of silent conversation seemed to be going on between the three humans because neither of them spoke for a few awkward seconds. Tailmon couldn't see Saguru, Aoko was too close to the bed for her to see anything above the girl's shins, and she couldn't really decipher the other boy's expressions other than his smirk. Finally, Aoko gasped.

"Oh! Um… Right! Sorry. Ah…"

"I-It's quite alright, Aoko-kun," Saguru stuttered behind a couple of coughs. "If you two could excuse me for a minute…"

"No rush," the other boy – Kaito, Kuroba, Ba-Kaito, whatever he was called – snickered.

Saguru's bare feet hit the floor and made their way towards the other door in the chamber that led to the room that Tailmon recalled being washed in last night. A "bathroom," she believed it was called. That had been a fun room to learn about, because Saguru got really flustered when trying to explain the thing called a toilet. It was what the humans apparently used to relieve themselves and dispose of their excrement.

"Really, Aoko?" the messy haired boy chuckled softly once Saguru was out of the bedroom. "You couldn't tell he needed to use the restroom?"

"Shut up, Ba-Kaito," the girl grumbled, moving around to the other side of the bed. There was a clatter as she moved a few things around before she was heading back towards the door they'd come in through carrying the tray of dishes that had contained Saguru's previous meal.

"This soup has gone cold. I'm going to go make something else for him," she announced.

"Good idea," the boy called after her. "I doubt he's had anything since breakfast."

Tailmon then heard a whooshing sound come from behind the bathroom door and a minute later Saguru reentered his bedroom.

"Why are you here, Kuroba?" Saguru sighed, sounding irritated as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I'm hurt, Hakuba," the boy – Kuroba apparently – sighed, hand reaching up to clutch at his chest. "Can't a friend check in on you?"

Saguru didn't respond, and the way Kuroba was shifting uneasily again made Tailmon want to see what kind of look Saguru was giving the other human male.

"Ok, fine. We're here to drop off your missed schoolwork and to check up on you for Baaya-san. She called my cellphone and told me where we could find the spare house key to get in… so I didn't break into your house!" Kuroba added quickly at the end. "We entered the premises through legal means with permission!"

"Like Aoko-kun would have let you pick the lock anyway," Saguru huffed.

"You'd be surprised with what she lets me get away with these days," Kuroba chuckled.

Saguru didn't respond and the silence and tension was thick between the two human males.

"Look, I'm sorry," Kuroba sighed. "I didn't mean for you to get caught out in the rain. When we heard that you called in sick, Aoko ripped me a new one all morning."

"I'm sorry I missed that," Saguru said, sounding amused. "How have things been now that she knows that you're Kid?"

"She ignores it for the most part unless something happens with her dad, or if someone gets hurt – honestly, she has had no faith in Kid's No-One-Gets-Hurt Policy ever since she found out that I'm Kid," Kuroba grumbled. "Or, in your case, when someone gets sick. You must be a special case though, because I heard from Ran-chan and Kazuha-chan on our way over here that Kudo and Hattori got sick too, and Aoko's not chewing me out over them!"

Saguru snorted. "What's their excuse for getting sick? Granted, Kudo lives on the other side of Tokyo, but they weren't covered in your sticky slime. They could have taken public transportation."

"Dunno," The other boy shrugged. "Whatever happened, it's apparently Hattori's fault. Kazuha-chan sounded quite livid on the phone when talking to Aoko."

Saguru chuckled.

"…Did the slime really ruin all your clothes?" Kuroba asked.

Tailmon perked up during this part of the conversation. She wondered how much Saguru was going to tell this boy about what had happened last night.

"Basically," Saguru answered. "The rain helped run it into the under layers. I suppose I could try to salvage the dress shirt, but I feel that it would be more trouble than it's worth for just a shirt. The pants and my jacket are completely ruined, however."

"Was that jacket really your favorite?" the other boy flinched.

"It was my current favorite, yes," Saguru sighed. "Mother had gotten it for me the last time she was in Paris."

"Why the hell were you wearing a designer jacket to a Kid heist?" Kuroba scoffed.

"It wasn't designer, believe it or not," Saguru sighed. "It was from your run-of-the-mill department store and was on sale because it was part of last season's line of clothes. She thought that I might like it because its design looked like it was based off of Sherlock Holmes' iconic trench coat. And as for wearing it at your heist, I honestly never thought that I'd be drenched in your miserable concoction. Drizzled with it – yes; splashed – highly likely; covered – possibly; but drenched to the point that it was dripping off of me like molasses? No! If I am happy about anything that occurred last night, it is the fact that you stole my pocket watch again and still have it in your possession… You'd better still have it in your possession, Kuroba."

The Kuroba boy was fidgeting again, a hand going inside his clothes to pull out a circular thing with a long chain attached. Kuroba tossed it to Saguru.

"I was up late trying to scrub every last bit of that gunk off, you twat," Saguru huffed, coughing a bit at the end. There was a click, the sound of ticking, and then the snap of something closing. "Thank you for keeping this safe for me. I suppose I should say that much."

"…Would it make you feel any better if I told you that the trap was meant for Hattori?" Kuroba asked sheepishly.

"…Maybe. It would have if I hadn't fallen for it myself," Saguru grumbled. "Hearing that I've fallen for something that was meant for Hattori of all people actually makes me feel a little worse about the whole debacle."

"Oh come on, Hakuba!" Kuroba whined. "I didn't mean for all that to happen last night!"

"It didn't stop you from laughing your fool head off about it," Saguru huffed testily.

"It would have been weird if Kid hadn't laughed," Kuroba pouted, sounding sincerely sorry. "You have a history of being Kid's biggest and longstanding rival. You're considered the Kid expert in the Task Force and out of the three detectives that chase him, you know the most about his activities. We may be friends, but you and Kid are rivals. You chase, he runs."

"There you go speaking in third person again about your alter ego even though we're the only two here," Saguru sighed.

"Habit," Kuroba bit out, exasperatedly. "Look, Hakuba, I really am sorry about what happened last night."

"I know," Saguru hummed, sounding amused again. "It's just funny to see you actually trying to apologize to me when not even a month ago you'd have taken great enjoyment out of my misfortune. I suppose I'm still getting used to us being actual friends."

"Sadistic prick," Kuroba grumbled before sighing and walking over to the bed.

He must have plopped down and dragged Saguru back with him, because the bed lurched, Saguru let out an indignant squawk, and Tailmon couldn't see either of the boys anymore as Saguru's feet disappeared from her sight over the edge of the bed. The two human boys began to trail off into amusing but uninformative banter, so Tailmon settled herself deep under the bed and decided to take a little nap. She'd have to ask Saguru about the two human children after they left, but she was content to know that he knew them both well enough that the two of them being in his home wasn't a problem, and that he wasn't in any danger. She could now hear the two boys chuckling about something concerning that Hattori person they'd mentioned earlier – it sounded like a revenge prank of some kind like the ones she was used to the Gazimon planning back home. With a fond smile, Tailmon curled up on the soft grass – carpet! Saguru had called it carpet – and fell asleep, dreaming about the little prankster Digimon back home picking on a strange distorted looking human girl in pink wandering around a bathhouse and of Saguru who was washing her fur again in one of the big round tubs.

Writing Kaito and Aoko was a lot of fun. :) Sorry if any of the MK characters are OC (especially Saguru), but I tried my best to keep everyone in character. As a reminder, this takes place AFTER DC & MK events, so Aoko knows about Kaito being the KID (how she knows will be explained in a later chapter). And just so that everyone is on the same page; Shinichi, Ran, Shiho/Ai, Heiji, Kazuha, Saguru, Kaito, and Aoko all know about KID and Shinichi/Conan (this will also be explained later). For now that is all you need to know. Hopefully I'll be able to introduce Savers characters next chapter! For now, I hope you've enjoyed curious!Tailmon and fluffy Hakuba and Kaito snark - they are quite chummy now because they've been through quite a bit together by now.

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