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It had been a moment of terror. Of anger. Of power. It had been a tumultuous wave of rage that had brought Guy of Gisborne to the King's feet, sword gleaming in the desert sun of Acre, eyes flashing with mixed emotions which even he could not define. He had seen the Sheriff loose an arrow at the Lion heart, England's one strength in adversity, except for Robin Hood of course. Guy had watched as the King had fallen off his horse and was unable to get up in his pain. "This is it", he thought, "I will finally have all the power and wealth that I deserve." Guy had strode willfully up to the unconscious Richard but he had been stopped by the voice of a woman. The voice of her. He felt tingles over his spine, followed by a quick succession of anger at the interruption to his chance for glory. She had appeared, dressed in nothing but a tight-fitting white chemise, her hair flew wildly behind her, her eyes filled with wrath and anger.

"Guy!" She had shouted as she ran up to him with her hands outstretched. "It is over, Guy."

He had quickly filled with impatience and had swung ruthlessly at her stomach, missing her by a hands breadth. "Marian!" He had shouted in anger, "Get out of the way!" he did not have to warn her; she saw it written in his eyes. His heart was set on killing the King and it seemed nothing would turn it.

She laughed with mockery, "All this time I have been fighting to save England." She backed away and he had followed, "Do you really think I am going to let you kill England?"

Guy looked into her eyes and immediately realized it to be a mistake as he felt his heart melt within him, "Marian-" he sighed, "I am going to do this and then we will leave all of it behind. We will be married and," he added forcefully, "We will be happy."

Marian shook her head, "We will not be happy, Guy." She saw hurt flash across his face. "Shall I tell you why?" She asked softly and Guy had not been able to tell her that he would not listen. She had continued, "If you do this now, there is no going back. You will be a killer, Guy, and nothing more. You will be someone who gains power only though evil. You will not be able to forget, Guy, but you will be haunted. I would not be happy with a man who killed England's best chance for redemption and salvation."

"Marian," Guy had choked, "Would you really be happy with me?"

"Only if you let the King live. Think, Guy." Marian had cautiously stepped closer, "If you kill this King, you may gain power and riches from the Sheriff. But with Prince John on the throne, it will not be long before England dies and so does all your wealth and glory. You will be just as bad off as you are now."

Guy seemed torn though he tried to conceal it from Marian. But Marian had seen the glint of guilt cross his face and that had given her the confidence to go on. She stepped up to him and gently placed her hand across his stubbled cheek. Guy had shivered at the contact.

"Guy," she had whispered, "Do not do this. Let him live, and help England."

Guy had trembled at the close proximity and the feeling of her breath on his lips. His own hand had dragged up to grab hers as he dropped his sword to the ground. He had leant down to kiss her but she had quickly withdrawn from his touch and had looked at him with sharp eyes.

"Well?" She questioned. "Will you kill him?"

"He will not have to." They both heard the all too familiar voice and turned to see no one else but the Sheriff striding towards them, an arrow readily drawn in his bow. "You see," he continued, "All I need to do is loose this arrow, and all of England is gone."

Marian started to run towards the Sheriff but Guy held her back, "Leave him, Marian."

"But he will shoot the King!" Marian struggled to be released from his grip but Guy was stronger. Just then, they heard the shouts of Robin as he ran towards them all, gang behind him. In frustration, the Sheriff had quickly shot his arrow, clearly missing the King. Making a run for his horse he jumped onto its back. He gave one sharp look to Guy before turning his attention to Robin. "Let it be known, Hood! I will have England!" And he had vanished and it was over.

The next few weeks had been a whirlwind of confusion for Guy, much of which he could not understand or even remember. He did remember Marian vouching for his safety and asking Robin that he join the gang of outlaws now that he had nowhere to go. He remembered them all bringing the King back safely to the camp in Acre and he watched as the outlaws buried their friend Carter. All the time, he thought of the Sheriff and his mixed emotions about no longer being in his company. He was free at last, free from the tyranny which he had been subject too; and yet he had lost all hope for wealth and position. He could not seem to care, though. He was in the same company as Marian and he hoped that with each passing day on the ship back to England that he was winning her heart even as his own softened.

This had been foolish thinking, Guy now thought as he stirred from where he had been sitting on a decayed stump. It had all been foolish and now he knew that Marian could never be his.

The gang had returned to England and to Sherwood Forest and the friendly camaraderie had soon resumed. Robin Hood and his band had gone back to stealing from the rich to give to the poor and on one such occasion they came upon a beautiful maiden. They had helped her and released her but Guy had recognized her face all to well. It was his lost sister Isabella and he had made it his priority to get as far away from her as possible. Later that night, he told the gang of his sister and how he had heard of someone in Nottingham who had been working for the Sheriff; he did not doubt that it was her, seeking safety from her husband. The gang instantly hated her for helping the Sheriff and it was this shared vehemence for Gisborne's sister, that finally allowed them to trust him. And Guy was beginning to warm up to the fellowship and absence of loneliness that he had long known. For three weeks it had been like this. Once he had even managed to get alone with his headstrong Marian. He had tried to kiss her, but she had refused. Now he knew why.

Guy spat on the ground as his thoughts went back to the image of Marian and Robin kissing underneath the forest leaves of a large oak.

He had come upon them unexpectedly while out for a walk and the sight had near broken his heart. He watched as he saw Robin's hands trail down Marian's back and stroke it softly. He stood dazed as he saw his passionate Marian grip fistfuls of Robin's hair in her hands. And he knew in that moment that this was not the first time they had had such an encounter. He had been foolish; trying to win Marian's heart when someone else had already conquered it. Within only a few seconds, he could not bare the sight, and he had started backing away. His feet tripped over a tree root and he had fallen to the ground.

The crunching of leaves had disturbed the lovers and Marian's face went white as she saw Guy's eyes wracked with pain and despair. She had called out his name but he had run from her. He had returned to camp but had ignored the friendly chatter of the outlaws as he grabbed a single knapsack and had stuffed it with food and provisions. As he had grabbed a filled wineskin, he had felt John's large hand on his shoulder, but he had growled and had pushed it away forcefully. Without a single glance at Allan or Much, he had run out of the camp and through the forest.

These past images flooded through his head as he now sat on that decaying stump, his heart heavy and thoughts wild, but yet he did not cry. His lips were only set in a thin line as he stood up and began walking down the leaf-covered ground, unaware of the golden sunshine streaming through the trees or the merry chirp of the birds in the air.

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