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Haven leaned over her adoptive father's shoulder, watching as he drew a sketch - looked kind of like a map. Hard to tell.

'What are you doing?' the nine year old asked curiously. When her 'father' didn't look up, she allowed a lock of her raven hair to tickle his hand. 'What are you doing, Da?'

Aura looked up from the television. She stood and marched up to her younger sister. She knew what their 'father' was doing, all right, but that didn't mean Haven had to know.

Despite the fact that she'd find out soon enough, anyways.

'Come on, Haven,' Aura chided, starting to tug her sister away. 'Leave Mr. Jaime to himself, he'll tell you when he's ready.' The twelve year old tugged her sister out of the room and into the courtyard.

'Why wouldn't you let me see?' pouted Haven, casting a glance at the shut door behind her. 'What if it had something to do with Faith?'

Aura winced. When Mr. Jaime - although Haven didn't hesitate at calling him Da - had taken them from District Eleven, he'd left their oldest sister, Faith, behind. Faith was sixteen, and what Mr. Jaime was designing could kill their sister. 'Why would he be drawing a map to bring Faith here?'

'I dunno, maybe because Da - '

'Da is dead!" Aura said harshly. 'Da is dead, and so's Ma!'

The look of utter incomprehension that passed over Haven's face was utterly heartbreaking. 'But...he is our Da now. Da back home didn't want us anymore, so he gave us to Mr. Jaime - our new Da. But he wanted Faith. So he kept her.'

Aura didn't even know if Faith was still alive or not.

A few months ago, she and Haven had been huddled in a gutter, waiting for Faith to come get them. In Aura's mind's eye, she could still see Ma and Da getting gunned down by the Peacekeepers. Haven had not been there - she thought Ma and Da were still alive. Then the door had opened,, and the sisters had looked up hopefully, sure it was Faith.

It was not Faith.

Instead, a strange man peered down at them, sympathy lighting his gaze. Out of instinct, Aura pushed Haven behind her.

'What are you kids doing down there?' the man asked kindly. 'The gutter's no place for two young girls to hang about.'

Haven said nothing, and Aura felt a burst of pride towards her younger sister.

'Are you hungry?' the man pulled some bread out of his pocket. Even Aura couldn't hide the flash of, indeed, hunger in her eyes.

The girls climbed out and they huddled there as the man gave them each a big piece of bread with butter. All manners were forgotten as they tore into it with their teeth.

'What are your names?' the man pressed.

'Haven," Haven answered. 'And she's Aura.'

Aura looked away. She knew that, for Eleven, she and her sister had very unusual names.

After that, the man took them away to live with him in the Capitol. Haven begged him to take their biggest sister, Faith, but he said later. Now the most important thing was them, he'd said. He'd told Haven and Aura their mother and father no longer wanted them. Aura knew it was a lie, for she'd seen her parents killed, but Haven lapped it all up.

Aura didn't like Mr. Jaime - after all, he was a Capitolite - but it wasn't like they were better off back home.

Especially when he announced the Hunger Games.

As it went, the President came up with the idea, and he asked Mr. Jaime to design the arena.

Haven soon come to calling Mr. Jaime Da.

Likely story.

That night, when Haven was in bed, Aura wandered over to her Da. 'You know I don't like you.'

'Yes, Aura. I know that.'

'You know our sister, Faith?' Aura asked coldly.

'Yes, yes, what about her?'

'She's sixteen. Old enough to be in your dumb Game. And we'll get her out if she's picked. And we'll run away. And you won't have us. I don't even know why you want us. Me and Haven, that is.'

'Your sister's name is not in the bowl.' said Mr. Jaime tiredly. 'Now, Aura, get yourself to bed.'

'I still hate you.' Aura retorted, ice in her voice. She tossed back her dark hair and went into her bedroom. She'd never had one of those before. Back home, she'd had to share with Faith and Haven.

She slammed the door.