The Bloodbath: Blood of the Tribute

WARNING: the following chapter contains scenes of violence. (of course) In fact, the entire bloody thing is violent.

Disclaimer: The pedestal idea was inspired by the amazing Kate-the-Great-and-Powerful, also the creator if our very own Phineas! I got her permission to use it, so thanaks, Kate!

Enlai Li, 18, District 3 - The Orphan

The tube shuts itself around the pedestal I stand on. With wide, horrified eyes, I spin to look at my stylist. Her name is Ginevra, and I absolutely can't stand her. She's arrogant and bland. Now, she smiles and gives me a thumbs-up while sipping a glass of wine. I shake my head. Oh, God, I can't stand her.

The pedestal begins to rise. I look up and squint as sunlight shines directly into my eyes. I fear I may go blind from the brightness of it, but my eyes recover.

This is for you, Mai-Yee. With this, you will be well again.

The first thing I notice is an immense golden horn, a cornucopia. It's such an immense structure, I feel as if it's some horrible creature come to get me. At the mouth of the cornucopia, sit an array of various weapons and survival supplies.

I look around the arena. It seems to be an enormous wheat field without a tree in sight. Around me, other tributes rise from the Earth. We form a circle around the Cornucopia, all facing it. Facing the weapons.

And it's then I realize.

They want to draw us in. A bloodbath, it's what they want. Dear God.

If you do this, Enlai, Mai-Yee won't be sick any longer.

I catch sight of Nicole, but Sue is nowhere to be found. I can only pray neither of my allies will perish in this...monstrosity.

And then, the countdown begins.

Light 'Low' Harlow, 16, District 6 - The Protector

It's all on some huge clock, the countdown. Tick-tock, tick-tock.


Oh, help me. I can see Ava, looking horrified three pedestals to my left. Tears streak her little cheeks.


Only one of you can make it out, Low.


Oh, shut up.


The Capitol are sick bastards.


I have to get some supplies. Not many, just a few. Enough to survive.


My God my God my God my God my God my God my God!


I'm going to die...we're all going to die...


I can't do this.


You signed up for this, you have to be ready.


Oh, help! It's going to happen now.

'Ladies and gentlemen, let the very first annual Hunger Games begin!'

Mint 'MT' Talton, 15, District 7 - The Social

Not a soul moves. Everyone stays on their pedestals. Nobody wants to do this. Not even the impulsive girl from Four moves a muscle. There is only the wind, rustling the grass of the field.



A scream emits from the girl from Twelve. She has leaped backwards from her pedestal and now sits on her bottom, whimpering in shock.

Her district partner, the irritating little boy, has just been blown to bits.

The girl from Twelve's pedestal explodes too. She stares at it from her spot, utterly horrified. Now there is panic. All the tributes stumble forwards, me included.

Yes, let the Hunger Games begin.

Susan 'Sue' Maryfield, 15, District 1 - The Sister

The action breaks out after the poor boy from Twelve dies. We all understand, understand fully: it was a warning.

I spot a spear and I dart forwards, my fingers closing around its comforting, cool, metal handle. I toss it in the air, catch it, before taking a blue backpack and swinging it over my shoulder. My eyes search around madly for Enlai and Nicole, but I can't find them.

Where are you?

A blond head and blue streak. Nicole! I go running towards her, but not before Glint pins her against the Cornucopia and presses a knife to her neck.

Glint! Oh, no.

'Geroff, you arse!' she snarls.

I'm surprised when my district partner does. He backs away from her and drops his knife before stumbling away, looking confused. The knife, meanwhile, lands, blade up, in the earth.

Nicole shakes her head. 'What was that?'

I, too, give my head a shake. 'Dunno.'

We spot Enlai and begin running, fast as our feet will carry us, away from the hell and screaming behind us.

There. You see, Dryad, I've made it through that. I'll come home to you, I promise.

Stitch 'Wev' Wevner, 18, District Eight - The Patient

I'm trying not to move too quickly. Slow and steady wins the race, after all. My knife sits in my hand, it wasn't too far from my pedestal. I also found a white backpack, which I saw had a first-aid kit poking out of its overfilled body.

The knife that hits me in the back seems to come out of nowhere.

Molly Grasses, 13, District 2 - The Determined


Hugh has pulled me into a secluded corner inside the great horn. He's currently sprawled on the grass by my feet. He tugs at my leg.

'Please, Molly.'

My heart is pounding. My eyes sting and prickle with the threat of tears. 'N-no. I c-can't. Please, Hugh. P-please.'

'It'll be quick,' he murmurs. He reaches for my sword and presses its tip against his chest. 'Molly.'

I shake my head. 'No. I can't. Not me, don't ask me.'

'Molly...' He strokes the blade of my sword. 'For me?'

I'll never forgive myself for what I do. I nod. 'Fine. I'm sorry.' I raise the sword and plunge it into his stomach.

I run before I can see his blood. But I think I may have seen a trace of a smile there before I killed him...

Annabelle 'Annie' 'Belle' Greene, 12, District 5 - The Innocent

Never before have I run this fast. I am gasping for breath, tears streak my cheeks. I just saw Matt die.

I just saw Matt die.

I'm running. I run run run run run run run...

My foot catches on a yellow backpack lying on the ground and i go tumbling to the ground with a wail. A sharp, searing pain explodes in my leg. My God, what is this? I'm scared, I'm so scared...

I try to rise, but the pain in my leg makes it hard for me to think clearly as it worsens. I struggle, but it only gets worse and worse and worse.

I look and gasp.

A knife has been embedded into the ground, blade up, and its blade has dug into my leg. As I move, the blade twists and twists.

I writhe and struggle, but it only make it all hurt more and more. I don't want this.

A foot steps over me, then another. I reach wildly and cling onto the leg as my eyes well up with tears. 'Please help me.'

The tribute leans over. It's the girl from Four. She holds a knife, its edge stained in a deep crimson blood. She frowns, before nodding and whispering to me, 'Sorry, kid.' And she thrusts the knife into my chest.

And she is gone.

It doesn't hurt. Even the pain in my leg is fading. And in fact, so is everything else. It's...all...fading away...

Sebastian Hozuki, 17, District 10 - The Klutz

Janice, she got away. She escaped. I saw her run. I told her to. She read my lips and I told her to. She ain't gonna die, least not today.

Now I got them supplies and I'm running. Runnin' to that field where Janice got to.

And I trip.

I fall flat on my goddam face, too. That kills. But it don't kill as much as the knife that jams into my chest.

So I can't do nothing but lie there. Watch the blood spread over my shirt. I never even caught a goddamn glimpse of who killed me. I think it were the girl from Twelve, but I ain't sure.

I ain't sure o' much o ' anyfink right now...

Acacia 'Casey' 'Cacia' Marks, 13, District 11 - The Loyal

I've got no idea if James made it out or not. I took some supplies and ran fast as I could, away from the bloodbath.

Night has fallen, but there are no stars or moon in the arena. The bloodbath ended a few hours ago. James still hasn't found me, but he saw me. He saw which way I went.

Maybe he got held up. Maybe he went to look for food to bring. Maybe he got lost. Maybe -

Np. No, he isn't dead. Of course he isn't dead.

I know he's not.

I hear the Capitol anthem play. I raise my head as the seal flashes in the sky. I remember this; the escort told us something about it on the last day.

Every night, they'd announce the fallen.

And the faces begin to show, as well as the names and Districts.

Ender, Hugh - District 2

Greene, Annabelle - District 5

Downe, Matthew - District 5

Wevner, Stitch - District 8

Bright, Tyler - District 9

Hozuki, Sebastian - District 10

Please. Just one more face, the face of that boy from Twelve. He died.

My prayers are not answered. The boy from Twelve's face isn't the next to show. Instead, it's this:

Greggor, James - District 11

I don't stay conscious long enough to see the face of Jack Ostin, the last fallen one today brought.