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Chapter 1: a Knight rescues the Fox

The sky was the same as always and the mountains around him could only be described as bleak in a way, however in the center of these mountains lay a large amounts of weapons the likes of which were once capable of destroying the darkness that tried to obtain the light. In the center of all these key blades a suite of armor was kneeled on the ground in front of what one would assume is his weapon his key blade. This was no ordinary man however as his body and heart had succumb to the darkness after he had been tricked and betrayed by another…but the mind does not all ways follow the heart or body and even to the very end his mind resisted the darkness as his very soul somehow now inhabits the suite of armor making him sentient and also immortal. This man was known as terra as he became resigned to his fate of resting in this graveyard this final resting place of all key blades, though he could not die nor sleep or eat he felt at peace here as the graveyards guardian and safe keeper. Occasionally his mind would drift to his old memories and of his friends but sometimes the memories are all one needs in order to keep the sanity you have from slipping away, however his long immortal resting ground would be disturbed by a blinding light appearing in front of him. The wind blew around him as the world seemed to disappear from underneath him yet he did not move his armored head still lowered a warm light he could feel through his hollow body.

"Fallen knight of the light why do you reside here?" came a soft angelic voice which carried a gentle comforting tone to it. Terra didn't have a mouth anymore though he figured he could still talk if it was possible though he hadn't tried to in some time since he lost his body to the betrayer, not looking up he didn't respond.

"I can feel your sorrow and your pain my child…all alone and away from the people who gave you such joy and friendship." The voice spoke again this time a feminine hand appeared and stroked the side of Terra's armored face yet he could somehow feel it, which was odd considering he couldn't feel anything anymore. "But I can also feel the strength and power within your soul…the need to protect those who are innocent from falling into the darkness, tell me would you allow a child to be harmed and fall into the endless despair of darkness?" Terra wasn't stupid he knew he wouldn't allow a single soul to fall into the clutches of the darkness since he had experienced it first hand, although it granted him power at one point it was not worth the cost of your own sanity.

"Never." Was his only reply…hearing a giggle he finally looked up only to see a beautiful sight before him the likes of which he had never seen, an angel was his only thought as he gazed upon the woman her face and body were perfect as he was greeted by a pair of beautiful eyes that felt like they gazed into his very soul, long flowing hair with almost tribal markings adorning the parts of her body that were exposed from the pure white dress she wore.

"Who?" but before he could speak the woman silenced him as she now had a sorrowful look on her face, a look terra didn't want to see on her face at all. After a few minutes the woman spoke again this time he felt the need to want to serve this woman on some extent because the aura she gave off was almost heavenly…was this Amaterasu?

"Terra…wielder of the key blade and warrior of the light I beseech thee…there is a child I wish for you to protect, you have the right to say no as I will not hold it against you my son…for you have done plenty for the light as I do not hold a grudge against you. Though the silver tongue of Xehanort tricked you your heart and soul were always in the right place. Will you be my knight and protect a child who's heart is as pure as a newborn?" she asked and even though terra hadn't said anything to her he already knew he was going to say yes…having confirmed his suspicions about who she was it would be unwise for terra not to accept a mission given to you by the very god who is said to have given birth to all.

"I shall do as you ask of me my lady and shall not fail to keep the light and warmth you give safe." Terra responded to which she smiled a loving smile, stepping back she knelt on the ground so she was at eye level with terra before she began speaking again.

"Terra in another dimension and time there is a boy who I have chosen to look over and bless with my graces…he resides in a world made for ninja, the soldiers of ancient times who operate in the darkness and shadows, but do not mistake them working from the darkness for them working for it. Stealth is key for them in their world. However this boy is being mistreated by the very village he has been protecting though he is unaware of it, within his body he houses a spirit a great fox who has been corrupted and is now a demon. I do not wish to meddle any further than what I can in this world. Which is why I need you for this terra because you can aid me in this and help him grow to be a better person." She said to him calmly though the sorrow could be picked up on in her voice.

"Your majesty…forgive me for questioning this but what could I possibly do?" Terra asked her, it wasn't that he didn't want to help her it was just that he had no idea what he could possibly do since he had no real body aside from the armor he was currently in. she smiled softly at him as the markings on her body glowed and beside Terra rose the soul of Aqua a girl he had been his best friend for all time.

"I have summoned her here as well for she and one other will be your companions on this journey dear terra…as for the state of your body well…that can all be easily rectified my child." During her talk Aqua had opened her eyes and realized she must be dead given the fact she was standing before the creator of all things, and although she had questions she felt she didn't need to ask them. Turning to her right she noticed Terra kneeling down on the ground if his familiar armor was anything to go by, she knew he must be receiving judgment of some kind. However she wasn't expecting being told to watch over a kid who she had never met though she would not question the woman in front of her.

"Aqua…Terra." The woman begins again with a smile, "Thank you for taking this job for me…I have many things to tend to and I only wish you the best in your travels in this world, oh and before I forget please take him along as he will be the final partner in your quest." She says as she turns revealing a figure walking towards them as the light fades from around him Aqua is in shock…she sees standing before her none other than Zack fair only much older and handsomer than when she last saw him with a single white wing on his right shoulder, he looks at Aqua and smiles his usual goofy grin.

"HAHA hey aqua sorry I couldn't go on that date I promised you, being dead and all can kind of put a damper on how things turn out huh?" He joked though he knew full well why he was there, Aqua blushed at Zack mentioning the date he wanted to go one with her while Terra didn't move since he didn't really care…he was her friend and he knew Zack was a good person so he could trust her with him. Gaining everyone's attention Amaterasu coughed a bit and smiled as the three stood before her Zack wearing his soldier armor from Shinra, Aqua and Terra wearing their key blade armor as well all of them with weapons in hand.

"All of you…when you find the boy you will know it is him because of the evil people chasing him…raise him, treat him like family…because being alone should never happen to a child no matter who they are." All three nodded in agreement. In a flash all four of them are gone from the spot they were all previously in with the three headed to their destination…neither knowing was would take place afterwards.


Land of ninja that night

Young Naruto uzumaki was no older than 5 years old as he ran from a mob of people wanting his death, he was only five and couldn't understand why these people hated him or wanted him dead. He made a silent prayer as tears ran down his eyes to be saved by someone anyone, all Naruto ever wanted were people to truly love him and care for him like family…though he found a grandfather in Sarutobi Hiruzen he wanted a true family with a mother or a father. Running into a clearing Naruto stopped and looked around having nowhere else to run or hide he knew he was done for this time, suddenly the wind picked up and a tornado of earth formed in front of Naruto as he shielded his eyes. When the wind finally died down he saw standing before him three figures wearing strange armor he saw a man with a large sword on his back and a goofy grin on his face and a woman with odd blue hair and a loving smile on her face, however before Naruto could ask who they were the sound of the mob closing in startled him and he instinctively ran towards the people and hid behind them. Aqua noticed Naruto hug her leg with tears in his eyes and blood on his body showing signs he had been beaten which angered the woman and infuriated the zack questioning who the heck could do something like this to a child. As the mob drew closer finally entering the clearing of the forest they all stopped and eyed the three people with Naruto, one of the people in the mob possibly the leader a well armed man possible jounin walked forward.

"You three there…hand over the demon brat, no need to protect a monster." The man said with extreme venom in his words. Zack was going to say something back when a hiss came from Terra, very few could understand Terra with his hollow voice…(AN: think the meta from redvsblue) But Zack and Aqua knew what he said even if the others couldn't as Aqua picked Naruto up in her arms cradling him and Zack standing next to her he patted Terra's shoulder.

"Show em that power your famous for Terra." Zack said never taking his eyes off the tall man armed with swords and kunai, as Aqua and Zack carried Naruto to a nearby tree and tending to his wounds. One of the females in the group yelled in protest to Aqua's motherly treatment of Naruto, but her words were ignored as another growl came from Terra.

(Start song rage awakened)

Terra raises from his kneeling position to his full height his armor making the usual noises as he moves, he eyes the group in front of him his key blade still stuck in the ground with a deep almost demonic growl Terra pulls Ends of the earth from the ground holding it in his battle stance. The crowed of Ninja/civilians rush Terra all calling for the death of those who aid the demon, Aqua quickly presses Naruto's face into her bossom to cover his eyes from the bloodshed as Terra rips apart all who tried to not only kill him but Aqua, Zack and the boy he would come to call a son…Naruto. As screams of terror filled the air as Terra slashed at the mob, one of the ninja in the group tried attacking Terra with a nagato but the blade broke on Terra's armor as terra simply grabbed the man by his neck easily snapping it before tossing him aside like trash. As Terra was making quick work of the mob he didn't notice the leader sneak past him and bull rush Aqua and Naruto with swords drawn ready to kill both the boy and the woman, However he didn't get far as a quick blur appeared in front of the man catching him off guard as Zack now wielding the buster blade slashed the man making quick work of him as terra finished off the last of the mobsters.

(Song ends)

As Terra pulls his key blade from the body of a now dead ninja he turns and looks at Aqua who was still holding Naruto in her arms like a mother would a child, walking over to them he stands tall with Zack at his side as Aqua sets him down and stands in front of him as well. Naruto clears his tears and looks at the three people in front of him both in slight fear and some respect as the giant full moon shone behind them giving them an almost other worldly look, however it would be terra he would have the most fascination with. Back at the orphanage he once read a book of people in armor who protected the innocent and those who had no one to call family, knights they were called if he remembered correctly, however his thoughts were interrupted by Terra who spoke in a voice only Zack, Aqua and Naruto could understand.

"Do not be afraid of us for we are here to help you." Terra said

"Who…who are you guys." Naruto asked his cheeks still a little puffy from the crying.

"Us? Well were heroes' kid…and from this day forward your new family. That's right because from now on were gonna be a family…I'm Zack." Zack said with a goofy grin on his face.

"Hello there Naruto…my name is Aqua; it's good to meet you." Aqua says kneeling next to Naruto smiling warmly at him which earns her a smile from Naruto; finally he turns and faced Terra. Something about the man intrigued Naruto that he decided he wanted to try and be as awesome as he was even if he thought his sword was a little strange looking.

"I…am called Sentiment as my old name is not worth remembering." Terra said having cast aside his name long ago for his failure to resist the darkness within his heart, Naruto looked at him with awe and smiled before jumping up and down finally finding people who he could call family. He would have to tell the hokage about his new precious people but figured he would wait until the next morning as sleep finally caught up to the tired boy as he fell over only to be caught by Aqua who held naruto in her arms as he slept. Looking at each other it was decided they were going to train Naruto to better defend himself and stand up for himself though secretly Terra wondered if the boy had the potential to wield a keyblade like he and Aqua could. But that would be for later…..


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