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Chapter 4: Land of waves part 1

It had been a few weeks now since Naruto became a Genin and although he found the constant D-rank missions boring he didn't mind doing them since Zack figured out how to turn them into games for the three to two. Mostly a bet on who could finish faster than the other to which Kurenai and Hinata simply chuckled at how the boys were always trying to compete with Zack, Kiba and Naruto it seemed were determined to out match their super-soldier sensei which they didn't know he was. Zack had explained to them that the Fair clan was naturally stronger and tougher and faster than the average human but because of an ex-clan member who he never gave a name for besides white haired bastard they were all killed with the exception of his best friend a guy called cloud. But they didn't mind the fact Zack was tougher than them because it only made Kiba and Naruto only want to try harder to best him as they sped through so many D-rank missions finishing their current one an hour ahead of schedule. After getting a much needed thanks from the land lady about helping her with the gardening and repairing of a her apartment building Team 8 was returning to the hokage tower to do their initial report.

"Zack-sensei can I ask you question?" Kiba asked

"Sure thing kiddo whats up?" Zack said giving Kiba a massive grin.

"What was your old clan like since you seem to be really tough?"

"The Fair clan? Ha man I tell ya we were a tight knit kinda family and always had a tone of fun, I mean sure we had our share of hard times but we always relied on each other no matter what."

"Did you have any siblings?" Kurenai asked deciding to get in on the conversation since she didn't know much about Zack aside from what Aqua had told her.

"Yeah I did his name was Cloud he was a little shorter than me and had blond hair kinda like Naruto's only waaay spiker haha, anyway he was a quiet kid didn't really talk much but he had a good heart, man I can still remember how embarrassed he was when he first introduced me to his girlfriend a girl named uhh…." He stopped for a moment as he had to actually think for a minute recalling all the memories he had during his stay in Nebelhiem. Then he remembered her…the girl cloud adored even though he was embarrassed to admit it, the girl had a beautiful angelic face long brown hair in a way she was like Aqua in every way except one giant difference that every man could see. The ungodly giant rack on the girl that had every guy he was there with wanting to get into the girl's skirt however she had eyes for only one man and it showed with how affectionate she was with Cloud it made the man smile knowing his "little brother" had earned the love of a beautiful girl like her.

"Her name was Tifa lockheart a beautiful girl who was always taking care of cloud hahah man I can still remembered how red face he got when I asked him when I can expect nieces or nephews haha." The group sweat dropped at how embarrassing a moment that must have been for Zack's little brother finally reaching the Hokage's office they were ushered in and waiting there for them was Team 7 along with Terra, Naruto was instantly on his best behavior as anything he did here would represent the Keyblade clan. The hokage finished signing a few more pieces of paper before he looked up and smiled at the incoming team 8 getting the same respectful bow from them that was a nice change to Naruto's old way of just barging in and making noise.

"Ah good your all here now then I can begin…first off thank you for completing another mission for me Team 8, now after doing some evaluation and seeing how your team has progressed I think it's time I gave you all a much tougher mission a C-rank mission to escort one by the name of Tazuna a bridge builder in the land of waves…it's a simple escort mission but I want you going as back up for team 7 in case things were to go south." To which the only person to really grumble was Sasuke as he thought he was too good to need backup but he began thinking he could try and get Zack to train him as it was rumored he was almost as tough as Terra and since he couldn't understand Terra to ask him to train him he figured he could try and convince Zack to do it. After all who in their right mind would turn down training the last Uchiha his blood line practically made him royalty as everyone should already see it, However Zack wasn't fooled and just like Naruto he could smell the darkness coming off Sasuke in waves and it made him sick…even Terra was struggling to hold himself in check from outright demolishing the brat though the low growling coming from him did its job at intimidating just about everyone in the room except the younger kids who simply thought he may have just been hungry. Even Kakashi a well seasoned Shinobi didn't dare go toe to toe with Terra the lingering sentiment since he was certain he wouldn't last long against him and something about that constant growling made the hair on the back of his neck stand on edge. He had spoken to Hiashi a little after their battle royal previously and even with Chakra enhanced fists he remembered the Hyuuga telling him just hitting Terra hurt and the massive Chakra coming off of the man almost made him think he was a Jinchuriki like Naruto only the fact he didn't posses a tailed beast made him think otherwise so attacking him with Chakra enchanced tools or his Chidori which even though could prove dangerous. Sure he could get past Terra's armor with the jutsu but at the cost of his own hand? Not a chance besides Terra showed no signs of wanting anything bad to happen to the village and he was actually supportive of the idea that Naruto needed a father figure and he had to admit Terra was doing a great job of that.

At that moment the Hokage waved his hand and an elderly man who was surprisingly drunk if the tint in his cheeks was anything to go by as he looked over the group lazily. "So this is my escort a bunch of kids some woman and a guy who is clearly overcompensating for something." He said making a notion at Zacks sword, "If this is my escort I think I should take my business elsewhere Hokage." However he was almost scared sober when he looked at Naruto glaring at him for insulting Zack only his eyes had once again taken on the bright neon yellow tint the hateful death glare was enough to silence Tazuna as well as Sakura who was once again fawning over the Uchiha.

'Geeze what's with that kid?...all I did was crack a joke.' Thought Tazuna to himself as Naruto's eyes returned back to their normal ocean blue color as he turned his attention back to the Hokage, who simply coughed at the situation.

"I assure you Tazuna my ninja are all very capable of defending you on your trip back to wave now then you all depart tomarrow."


Konoha gates the next morning

Aqua was walking with Naruto and Zack as she was going to see them off but not before making sure Naruto was well packed with everything he was going to need for a trip outside the village. She didn't need to do the same for Zack as he was fully capable of taking on just about anything since he told her in secret about what happened during his final moments fighting Shinra, in her book anyone who could take down an entire army before finally being overrun is strong in her book. Reaching the Gates they found Tazuna team 7 and the rest of team 8 waiting for them with Terra standing there as well…Also standing there was a few friends of Naruto's including Ino who although she still had a crush on Sasuke was good friends with Aqua and Naruto and didn't mind him. She knew he had asked sakura out on one occasion but when she bashed him over the head for it aggressively he instantly destroyed any crush he had for the pink haired girl and now he just didn't plain like her, even though Ino did managed to convince him she wasn't all that bad she was horribly obsessed with Sasuke.

"Hello there Naruto are you all ready to go?" Kakashi asked looking at Naruto from him book with an eye smile he received a nod, Naruto was excited this would be his first time leaving the village on his own…well technically on his own since he still had Zack with him but it would be an adventure none the less. Aqua walked over to Naruto and gave him a hug and a small kiss on his forehead which embarrassed the boy but he didn't mind as she patted his head however she blushed a bit when she walked over to zack.

"You take care of yourself and Naruto alright Zack." Aqua told the man blushing a bit

"Hey don't worry about us me and Naruto here can handle anything the world throws at us." He said before he made Aqua blush a massive crimson red when he gave her a kiss on forehead making a few of the people chuckle a bit although Sakura commented on how romantic the scene was and dreamily pictured her and Sasuke like that someday, Terra meanwhile was having his own secret conversation with Naruto as he was kneeling before his son he pulled out some sort of necklace from within his armor he still had on him. It was a small star like necklace made out of sea shells he had received from Aqua when he was still a keyblade trainee.

"Naruto this is a special item to me given to me by your mother…I want you to wear it. It will keep you safe and no matter where you are this will always remind you that you will always have a family to come home to. Your mother would have been so proud of you if she was alive I just know that you will do her proud on this mission my son, always remember that the blood of key bladders runs through your veins now and no matter what they will always be watching over you." Naruto was a little stunned by what Terra said but as he placed the necklace over his head with the star resting against his chest he could almost feel generations of Keybladers before him smiling down on him and he couldn't help but smile and in his own mind he could almost picture a beautiful woman smiling at him who he would assume was Terra's wife and it made him want to cry but he held it in since he didn't want to appear weak.

As everyone said their goodbyes and headed off with Tazuna along with them Terra along with Aqua headed back to the main compound to attend their daily duties Terra could still sense the darkness within Kyuubi and knew Naruto was having problems dealing with Darkness much like he had in the past but this time he was going to make sure Naruto was prepared and the first thing he was going to do was expel the darkness from Kyuubi since it would greatly aid with Naruto's own struggle. Back with Naruto and the others they continued their travel with guarding Tazuna as Kurenai chatted with Zack a bit asking him a few questions about this and that since the two got along really well and were good friends, of course he occasionally poked fun at her but it was all in good fun even kakashi managed to strike up a conversation with the older keyblader mostly with the two discussing a few good books that wasn't smut since Zack felt it was inappropriate to discuss something like that with kids around.

A few hours passed as they continued their walk and Kakashi noticed a large puddle of water off the side of the path they were on knowing full well it hadn't rained in days, Naruto and Zack sensed it as the darkness emanating from the water may as well have been a giant beacon saying "hey look I'm obvious." Even Kiba and Hinata noticed it if only barley since unlike the key bladders they couldn't sense the darkness as good but thanks to some of Aqua's teachings they could get a feel of what such malevolent energy felt like. No sooner had they left the puddle behind that two ninja known as the Demon brothers sprung their trap as their connected spiked chains wrapped around Zack restraining him however he just cast them both a bored look, he had been in better traps before and this so called trap was something he would normally laugh at if it wasn't so damned pathetic.

"Heh you're in our trap now…fool?" One of the demon brothers began saying before his words despaired from his mouth as Zack instantly began fighting against the chains his super soldier body more than a match for the chains as he broke free easily by simply flexing, following up by grabbing the ends of what was left of the chains that were still to their gauntlets. The demon brothers struggling to free their chains from Zacks grip but were finding themselves being pulled the powerful man as their feet were literally digging into the ground just trying to stay away from the man. Finally breaking their ends of the chains off they swing around in a giant circle attempting to get at Tazuna their claws bared, Sakura and Sasuke were instantly in front of the elderly man. As one of the Demon brothers closed in on Tazuna he was suddenly blindsided by Naruto and Kiba who ducked under the attacking man launching him into the air with strong kicks, they had learned this trick from Zack and Kurenai who wanted them to function as a team better as the two boys placed their hands together with Hinata landing on them as they launched her high into the air. Centering herself so her feet underneath her she spiraled into the man's gut rocketing them to the ground hard as she had a softer landing on the man's internal organs knocking him out cold. Sakura was actually impressed at the teamwork team 7 displayed as she looked at her two team mates Sai and Sasuke who were still guarding Tazuna and wondered if they would ever be able to pull off something like that, mean while Sai was impressed at the way they executed team dynamics while Sasuke still cast jealous glares at Naruto and Kiba since in his mind he still believed he was the best of the best. However before the other Demon brother could retaliate he was immediately closed lined by Kakashi and was knocked out cold as the group tied the two up Kakashi narrowed his eye at Tazuna to which the man probably at this point figured out his little secret was out now that these two ninja were registered in the bingo book were after his tail. Deciding to set up camp for the night so that they could interrogate and rest Kakashi decided he would get proper information out of the demon brothers and Tazuna. After setting up a camp site Kakashi, Zack and Kurenai all pulled Tazuna to the side all three surrounding the man with no so happy looks on their faces.

"Okay Tazuna you have 5 seconds to tell us whats really going on or else we leave." Zack said not to happy that the man had more than likely lied to them about the seriousness of this mission. Holding his head down low Tazuna sighed knowing he was found out as he began telling them about how poor the land of waves was and that with the completion of his bridge it would help his country stabilize and depend on themselves for once since at the moment they were under the rule of a greedy business man named Gato of Gato industries. For Zack this hit home as he remembered the Shinra Company always hounding his ass along with cloud and could understand where this man was coming from though he didn't like being lied to he hated the idea of oppression even worse.

"So what do you think Kakashi I mean I hate being lied to but I also don't wanna quite the mission." Zack asked as Kakashi thought for a moment.

"Why don't we ask the kids after all this is their first mission so lets ask what they wanna do." Kurenai suggested, the two thought it over and decided that maybe it would be a good idea to ask their opinion since it was their first ever mission it would be wrong to cut it short and besides with the three of them there it couldn't go too bad. Zack nodded in agreement as did Kakashi as they walked back to the main camp with Tazuna as Kakashi gathered Team 8 and 7 together all of them wondering what the adults had in mind before Kakashi spoke up.

"Okay guys because certain information was withheld from us this mission has gone from a simple C-rank mission to an A-rank mission so our question to you is do you feel you can go on ahead with this mission?" Kakashi asked leaving the question hanging in the air as the teams looked amongst each other each having their own thoughts on the matter. With sasuke the chance to finally prove that he was the better of all the idiots surrounding him was too much not to pass up so he was obviously going to go ahead with the mission, Sai didn't mind as he was secretly apart of Danzo's root operatives so he would complete any mission given to him no matter what…Sakura on the other hand was scared shitless but didn't want to appear weak infront of Sasuke so she nodded saying she was going to if only because she wanted to prove to sasuke that she was a girl he would desire and want to be with.

With Team 8 however the thoughts were entirely different Hinata ran the scenarios over in her mind and although an A-rank mission was a step up in difficulty she was confident that with the adults there it wouldn't be too difficult plus it would help her test out a few more tricks she had been thinking about doing with Naruto and Kiba since their latest attack wasn't really named but it was a good attack. With a soft smile she nodded signaling she was all for going ahead, Kiba had a fire in his eyes that showed he was ready for this kind of challenge as he had been wanting this kind of thing so he could show off his families abilities plus like Hinata he too had a trick up his sleeve he wanted to try with the help of Naruto of course. Naruto on the other hand was thinking seriously about this for the first time…sure a C-rank mission was well and good and a good way for him to show he was a capable ninja however taking a look at his necklace that hung on his neck he remembered what Terra had told him and after giving it a soft squeeze closing his eyes in thought he could actually feel their presence within him. All the generations of previous keybladders coursing through his veins as he smiled softly to himself not wanting let Terra down or any of them down he opened his eyes with a renewed fire in them that they almost resembled Zack's mako infused eyes as he too nodded with a confident grin on his face.

After sealing the Demon brothers in a scroll Kakashi had the group settled down for the night as they had started up with a camp fire Naruto decided he would do a quick patrol through the woods as he stayed on guard before coming to a clearing in the forest where he noticed a small pond that seem to reflect the moon over head perfectly as he sat down on a log looking at the water, fireflies were moving about as he relaxed a bit looking at his necklace given to him by Terra just admiring it. His thoughts immediately began to wonder to what his mother might have looked like, he was fully aware she wasn't his true birth mother much like Terra wasn't his biological father but after being an orphan for so long he was just happy to have them and besides with the keybladers blood flowing through him they now were his real family though he was still sure his original parents blood coursed through him still if only a little now. Still he wished he could have known the woman Terra would tell him stories off he had pictured in his mind what she may have looked like many times as a beautiful woman who was both kind and gentle and was the epitome of beauty. He didn't notice that a soft fog was forming around him until it was too late when he noticed he surrounded by it however sensing no ill intent coming from this fog he kept his senses alert until finally he began to hear footsteps they were soft but he kept his ears alert until a faint light began to shine through the fog.

"who's there?" Naruto asked drawing his key blade Fox Fire and armor as he looked around before finally appearing before him a sight he didn't expect…a beautiful woman with long flowing hair dressed in a pure white Kimono. He blushed as he took in her features hair that was sun kissed blond hair with bright ocean blue eyes and soft facial features. Her body was one that any woman wished they had with a perfect hour glass figure long slender legs and a large bust, she smiled softly which made Naruto blush a bit more as he put away his key blade feeling a sense of warmth from this woman.

"Hello there little one." The woman spoke in a soft voice as she walked a little closer to Naruto still smiling. "I have been watching you from above for some time now."

"You…you have?" Naruto asked confused.

"Of course…after all I am well aware of what my husband has been doing and that him and I now have a new child among us." Her sentence caught Naruto off guard for a moment when his eyes widened when he realized that he was seeing before him what could possibly be his father's wife.

"K…kassan?" Naruto said softly as the woman nodded her head softly smiling once again.

"yes my darling…I am Terra's wife…my name is Ama, I don't have much time as my connection to this world is very limited but I had to see you at least once. Terra has done a fine job of raising you I only wish I could have been alive longer to meet you under better circumstances." Ama said as she walked over to Naruto embracing him in a warm hug Naruto began to tear up as he returned the hug meeting the woman he knew was adoptive mother was a dream.

"Kassan…im so happy to have met you I truly am….I have so many questions I just…I just." Ama placed a gentle finger on Naruto's mouth to stop him from talking as she sat down on a log that was available sitting him down with her.

"Naruto I want you to know that you are my son…I don't care about what you have inside you or what has happened to you in the past…just like Terra I love you very much and you are never alone my child. Like your father I was a key blade wielder as well…and he and I were a great pair as we never left each other's side…I loved your father very much during my time alive and I never regretted being with him ever."

"Kassan…how come you and Oto-san never had any children of your own?" Naruto asked curiously.

"I was unable to give birth to a child Naruto…but Terra didn't mind as he loved me deeply and we managed to make do without a child so long as we had each other's love, but I know he is suffering on the inside and I can only pray for him to find love again as no one should be alone as they are now." Naruto nodded thinking how his father really could use the company of a good woman since he was a good man.

"Kassan…oto-san said that flowing through my veins is the spirit of keybladders who came before me and him…what was the keyblade clan like?" Ama smiled softly at her son as the fog around them seemed to get thicker for a moment as the wind blew past Naruto as his vision was suddenly engulfed in light as all around him the ghosts of the past were seen before him, he saw various men and women all wearing different types of key blade armor wielding different keyblades some even wielding two at a time and Naruto could only feel pride inside himself.

"The Key blade clan was a mighty group my son…we served the light loyally protecting it and keeping it safe so that all could bask in its heavenly glow. What you are witnessing before you is the clan members who came before you and died protecting the world from the darkness that wishes nothing more than to harm this world and its inhabitants. Their dreams and hopes are now yours my son…we will always watch over you and you will never be alone my son." With that Ama stood and walked a short way from Naruto as she turned to face him again, "I must go now my son my time here is over but always remember that you are a strong man and I will always love you no matter what." With that the image of his mother sealed into his brain as the images of the clan members disappeared from view the fog disappeared as well leaving Naruto alone again in the woods. Looking down at the necklace again he smiled real big as he turned and ran back to the camp sight with a new found fire under his feet. He would not disappoint the fallen clan members and he would find a way to keep the clan alive, perhaps the CRA wasn't such a bad idea after all but he still wanted to fall in love properly.

Meanwhile in the shadows a distance away from where Naruto just left the same woman appeared again from the shadows with a sigh as her form changed her hair becoming snow white and the familiar red markings appearing on her body as her eyes turned golden like the sun.

"Are you sure that was wise to do?" Came a young voice.

"Yes…I wanted to give him this as I feel that now he will feel an ever greater passion to protect the light and not fall into the clutches of Darkness, besides every child needs the love of a mother and even though I had to lie about this which is something I detest doing in the end it gave him great hope and that is something I truly wish for all." Amaterasu turned her head and looked at Rachel the little vampire not entirely sure if what she did was the right thing to do but Naruto was young so in time he would understand, and besides technically in a way she was his mother as Amaterasu was the mother of all. So she could see the logic behind it, "Come Rachel let us depart as you still have things to attend to in your own world still." With a nod the two disappeared in a flash leaving no trace of them there.

(Back at the camp)

Naruto walked back into view of the camp as everyone was getting ready to go to sleep Kakashi stood up noticing the boy had a very large pep in his step but decided not to ask him about it as he informed everyone that he would be taking the first watch tonight. As everyone climbed into their sleeping bags Naruto's mind was a flutter as the image of his mother was still fresh in his mind her beautiful long hair and her wonderful eyes and her loving embrace for the first time in many nights he felt complete as he rolled over closing his eyes as his mind wondered to the pleasant dreams in his mind.


Gato's headquarters same time

A short man in a fancy suite with a cane stepped into a darkened room with two goons he had hired as his body guards as he stopped and tapped his cane a bit, "Well I hope your happy Mamochi your two Demon brothers failed to kill that bastard Tazuna…im beginning to worry you're not worth the money I'm paying you to kill the bridge builder." Gato said not happy that Tazuna escaped death. A grunt came from the shadows as the moon light fell on the shadowed figure before a candle light revealed the form of one Zabuza Mamochi a former hidden mist Ninja who was also one of the legendary swordsmen his blade as large as his body was a terrifying sight to see. The bandages on his face and upper body his most of his fast as he stood and stretched a bit his battle hardened body popping a bit as he looked down at the short business man with an annoyed look in his eyes that said not to mess with him.

"Don't worry your short little head about it Gato Ill go out there myself and deal with the bridge builder myself so just make sure you pay my damn fee otherwise it'll end badly for you." Zabuza said motioning to the sword on his back, the man gulped but kept his poker face as to not appear weak to this trained killer before him.

"Just make sure you do your damned job!" With that the man and his two guards left the room as Zabuza let out an annoyed sigh going back to sit on his seat. The next morning he would have to go out and deal with the bridge builder though personally he couldn't figure out the logic behind this man's greed and it actually sickened him, personally he was beginning to think it was time to stop running from the mist and apply at a different village so he would finally have a decent source of income but for now he pushed that thought aside as he went to sleep.

(Time skip to the next morning)

Naruto and the others had made great time and would be in the land of waves within a few hours after getting a boat ride if not a rather boring one to the place, Naruto was surprised when he saw the enormous bridge that wasn't fully complete.

"Heh like it? This baby once its completed will help boost the land of wave's economy and we'll be more than capable of taking care of ourselves." Tazuna said while at the same time gloating about his skills as a builder, Zack had to complement the guy where he came from things like this could easily be done with much faster machinery however given the situation he was rather impressed at the handmade structure. Once reaching the area the group began their long trip to Tazuna's home only for a thick mist to block their way (A/N: yeah I decided to not do the rabbit thing since its stupid in my opinion) unlike the mist for when he met Ama Naruto got a bad feeling from this one and was instantly on guard with key blade in hand. Kakashi's eye widened as he called out for everyone to duck in doing so they managed to dodge a large blade that came through the mist and lodged itself within a tree when they all looked up they saw a well built man looking at them with a large killer intent however Kakashi actually let out a sigh of relief sure this killer intent coming off the man was nothing to snuff at but it was actually a lot better than dealing with Terra's nasty killer intent as that one could actually force a man to his knees.

"Well well if it isn't Hatake Kakashi I guess I should honored that they have you here guarding the bridge builder…but it won't matter I'll just be receiving a nice bonus for killing you as well." Zabuza smiled through his bandages however his senses caught wind of an attack as he grabbed his blade and lept from the tree he was on just as a large fireball hit it. Landing on the ground he looked up to see some of Zack's arm still partially covered in flames as he stepped forward drawing his buster blade getting into a defensive stance.

"Kakashi you and the others guard Tazuna I'll handle this idiot." Zack smirking while everyone else formed a defensive position around Tazuna While Zabuza narrowed his eyes at Zack.

"hmph so you think you can take me do you boy." Zabuza chuckled at that

"Please…do you even know how to use a blade like that….I'm pretty sure my Buster blade could out match yours anyday." To this Zabuza simply smirked

"heh you think your toy is any match for my Kubikiribocho? Well then boy lets see just how good you are." Zabuza said drawing his own blade.

(Start song: FF7 those who fight further)

In a flash the two combatants darted towards each other their respective blades in hand as they clashed, Zack's mako infused eyes fairing as he looked into Zabuza's determined eyes. However despite how well Zabuza may have been in shape he couldn't have expected the sheer force behind Zack's attack as he was literally struggling to hold himself in his spot as to not waver to this unknown man. Zack's super soldier body however was much tougher than Zabuza's as he caught the mist nin off guard parrying his blade in order to deliver a powerful kick to Zabuza's midsection sending him flying a bit his right shoulder smashing against a tree before he managed to right himself and land. Zabuza however wasn't called a demon for nothing as he was once again back at Zack on the offensive attacking with this large blade, it was now sword master versus sword master as the two combatants fought each other and even though Zack did have an upper hand he had to give the ninja he was fighting credit. He hadn't had this much of a challenge since when he first fought Terra back at the coliseum…Zabuza however leapt into the air dodging a slash from the buster blade as he managed to land on the water of a nearby lake flying threw his hand seals.

"water release: hidden in mist jutsu" Zabuza had now cast his signature jutsu as he was going to attack Zack from the shadows fast and easy as Zack's eyes were darting around trying to find the man.

"Zack!" Kurenai called out worriedly as she could no longer see anything in front of her.

"Don't worry about me I got this just stay with the bridge builder." Zack called out to her through the mist as he focused his senses, if there was one thing Zabuza didn't know about it was the darkness and when an opponent came at you with a killer intent they gave off a massive amount of darkness to do it. Zack simply smiled as he closed his eyed only to hear Zabuza chuckle.

"hmhmhm…giving up already Zack…or are you resigned to your fate at being slaughtered by the hands of myself." Zack wasn't paying attention to his words as his senses had already focused on Zabuza as the small amount of darkness in the man not only made him painfully obvious to spot it would also help Zack tell the difference between a clone and the real thing. In a flash he opened his eyes spinning around as he backhanded Zabuza in the face sending him flying along the ground, surprising the mist ninja.

"W..what…but how were you able to?" Zabuza was stunned no one was able to see him or even sense him through such thick mist unless they had some kind of doujutsu in their eyes.

"Surprised Zabuza…I can do a lot more than see through simple tricks like this!" Zack called out as he flipped his blade around placing it on his back he began to focus his mana into his arms as he the energy began to flow through his body giving off a light blue aura about him.

"Windaga!" Zack yelled as he threw out in both directions as a massive gust of wind swirled around him blowing away the mist as Zabuza planted his blade in the ground in order to hold himself still, when the wind finally dissipated all his mist was gone. Zabuza was in shock at how this man could do this but he didn't have time to think about it before he saw the same energy flowing around Zack again. "FIRAGA!" Zack once against cast a magic spell as the large ball of fire engulfed Zabuza exploding on impact, when the smoke cleared Zabazu was severly damaged but alive as he was now holding himself up by his blade he eyes Zack for a moment before standing again.

"You know I gotta hand it do you Zabuza your one tough bastard." Zack said still in a fighting stance as he got ready to unleash another attack however he couldn't deliver the final blow as two senbon needles found their way into Zabuza's neck as the man fell over instantly which surprised Zack. However before anyone else could question what was going on a ninja wearing a mask appeared before next to Zabuza's body, Zack was instantly suspicious still holding his grip on his buster blade.

(song end)

"Calm down Zack that's a hunter nin from Kirigakure." Kakashi said intervening before Zack might have unintentionally caused an incident.

"Yes I have been hunting Zabuza for some time and I would have stepped in earlier when I found you battling him, but well…as you can tell I would rather not be on the wrong end of his blade." The masked ninja said as he hefted the body up, "Thank you for your help in this matter as I must now dispose of the body."

"Wait a second." Naruto called out his arms crossed in an annoyed manner, "why are you going to take his body somewhere else?"

"Naruto don't be stupid obviously its so that he can dispose of the body." Sakura scolded him as she tried to appear smart infront of Sasuke.

"No that's not true…hunter ninja are to dispose of the body on sight meaning that if he was really hear to hide the secrets of Zabuza's body from unwanted eyes he would just do it here and now since he supposedly dead." Naruto accused and noticed the hunter nin visibly flinch a bit.

"Yeah if you were a real hunter ninja then it would mean that you would already be dissecting Zabuza's body here and now" Kiba also joined in meaning that they knew full well the ninja in front of them was lying. Kakashi was actually impressed he had heard that Naruto and Kiba along with hinata had graduated top of their class even leaving the lone Uchiha in the dust but he was actually impressed at the fact they read facts about the ninja hunters.

"Very impressive Naruto and Kiba….yes you are right a Hunter Ninja is supposed to do that." Kakashi said with an eyes smile, the fake hunter nin however was irritated that he was found out and quickly disappeared. Zack walked back over to the group patting Naruto and Kiba on the head showing he was proud of his team Kurenai let out a sigh of relief to know her team was okay but was happy Zack was there as well. The group knew that it wouldn't be the last time they saw Zabuza so their main objective now was to hurry to the Tazuna's home and get the mission over with, as they travled Sasuke glared at team 8 he knew Kurenai was a master genjutsu user so he didn't need to concern himself with her but he was irritated that Zack and the others held such power…power that should be rightfully his. When they reached the bridge builders home he was going to make Zack train him so that he can obtain the power they posses for his own, because if anyone deserved such power it was him. Little did he know that Zack was already mentally ignoring the Uchiha as was the rest of Team 8 since the Uchiha's darkness was beginning to fester and grow it was becoming sickening.

(hours later Home of Tazuna)

Finally reaching Tazuna's home a woman walked out and was happy to see her father home safe and sound, Tsunami the daughter of Tazuna embraced her father in a warm hug. Ushering the others inside they all sat down around a large table as Kakashi went back to reading one of his books as Tsunami brought out food for everyone taking a seat next to her father.

"Thank you all for bringing my father home safely you have no idea how worried I was." She said bowing her head slightly to the ninja.

"Hey no big deal it's all in a days' work." Zack said giving her his usual grin which caused the girl to blush to which Kurenai rolled her eyes at chuckling. She knew that while Zack wasn't officially dating Aqua he wasn't looking for a girlfriend either but that didn't stop the constant love letters reaching his home, it seemed that no matter what the women of Konoha even those who weren't apart of the village couldn't help but like the guy…he was charming good looking and extremely protective of his family which always impressed her. She was surprised even Anko showed massive interest in the man often times teasing Aqua that if she didn't snatch Zack soon she was going to steal him away which always got the blue haired women blushing as the two ended up having a rivalry of sorts.

"Either way I can't thank you enough I only hope that when my father is done with the bridge we won't have to worry about Gato anymore….sigh that man is a tyrant and evil he even took someone precious from us just so that he could tighten his grip of fear on us." That sentence got annoyed looks from Zack and Naruto who hated people like that even Kiba and Hinata hated people like that.

"Don't you worry mam we'll protect Tazuna and help get your bridge fixed easy?" Kakashi said with an eye smile however their calm talk was interrupted when Naruto felt a massive sense of depression coming from the end of the room where he spotted a small boy glaring at them.

"Your all going to die you know that….Gato can't be stopped so why bother." The boy said and once again Naruto could feel his anger rising his eyes once again taking on the familiar Neon yellow he was quickly becoming known for, in fact when Sasuke had seen this he figured out that this eye color was a way to signify what mood the keyblade clan members were in. He figured that while not a doujutsu itself it was a way to signify the power they held, a dull yellow meant they were mildly annoyed and only used a small portion of their power but a bright Neon yellow meant they were going to come at you with the intent to kill….although he didn't know what that eye color truly meant Sasuke would eventually find out what the eye color meant later on. But for now he assumed it was a kekkei genkai that the key bladders had which didn't bother him since all clans had some sort of power meant for only their clans. What did bother him was their massive strength and key blades that held in them a great power.

"What was that?" Naruto said with massive venom in his voice that startled everyone with Zack instantly on guard as he eyed his student/little brother…He knew what the darkness was like first hand and only hoped Naruto didn't succumb to it but thankfully the eye color vanished as he relaxed a bit.

"I said you can't stop Gato none of you can no matter how strong you are you'll only end up dying."

"Inari!" his mother scolded

"Its alright mam…only a coward would say something like that, someone who can't fight back because he's too chicken to." Naruto said glaring at the boy again, "Because only those who can defend themselves can defend others and if all this kid knows how to do is cry like a baby then what good is he." Zack was surprised by Naruto's words and was going to scold him but remembered that the boy did have a really bad life until he and Terra showed up so he couldn't really blame Naruto for being so cold to the boy. This boy had a loving family from the start where as Naruto only recently received his so he could understand the venom in Naruto's voice and this Gato sounded like a knock off version of Sephiroth a man whom Zack hated with every fiber of his being. Inari simply had tears in his eyes and ran off as Tsunami sighed then looked back at the group of ninja.

"You must forgive my son…he recently lost his father to Gato and now has it in his mind that no matter what anyone does they can never defeat Gato. It was traumatizing for a boy so young to lose his father like that and no child should ever have to endure such pain." Tsunami said sadly.

As the rest of the day went on they allowed themselves time to rest as Zack announced that since Zabuza was going to be out for a while due to where he was hit on his neck they were going to use the free time they had to devid things evenly. Since he knew Kurenai could help with Chakra training he would help the physical training and he couldn't help but chuckle when Naruto and Kiba were happy to have a sparring session with the super soldier plus it would give Zack a chance to try and beat that dark brooding attitude out of Sasuke which would be hard to do but very fun if the smile on his face was anything to go by. Settling in to their rooms for the night Team 8 and 7 called it a day as they all slept peacefull for the time being as tomorrow would be the day they start their training regimen.


Okay so couple of things I want to point out I have played almost all of the final fantasy 7 games and know that unlike normal soldiers of Shinra those who were in the Soldier program of Shinra are basicly super human kind of like master chief so the fact Zack is so strong just plays on that fact, Zabuza will give Zack a good fight but that's just because well hey a good swordsman who can weild something that big is cool in my book. Also in Naruto and Kiba are a lot tougher than Sasuke because of their training with Zack and even Hinata is a lot tougher so when Sasuke tries to show he's the best it wont work because Zack is literally going to grind his ass into the dirt. Now just so that there is no confusion, Rachel Alucard is from the game Blazblue however since I've played that game a ton I know that she is basicly the eyes and ears for Amaterasu and can basicly go anywhere she pleases now she wont be a huge character in this story since all she can do is observe and occasionally give advice, so if you see her in any of the chapters like this one then its only so that she can give one of the characters who are a major role in the plot some good advice. Yes Naruto will know magic but it will only be the basic like Wind, fire and ice…he wont be able to cast Windra, Firera, or Lightingra until during the chunin exams, and right before the final round yes Naruto will be gaining a summon however it wont be Gamabunta now don't get me wrong I don't have anything wrong with the frog things….but Im going to give Naruto the dragons as a summon with Bahamute as the dragons king so basicly Naruto will be able to summon all dragons including Leviathan and Bahamute however other dragons I will basicly be making up so bear with it. And since Hinata is going to be part of Hinata's she too will receive her own summon and it will be Shiva the ice goddess…now then since I don't feel like explaining just about everything if you have any questions for the love of god don't ask them in a review if you have a question message me and I will answer all your questions then….now then as always read and review and let me know what you think of this story.