Triggerhappy (Author of Halkegenia Online [also known as Zero0Hero]) said:

Louise Summons Familiar

Louise Thinks Familiar is Weird/Pathetic

Familiar Fights Guiche or sometime Kirche/Monmon or some times talk/intimidates them down. In all cases Louise starts to realize familiar isn't normal.

Familiar explains in part or whole, who and what they are with varying degrees of Louise believing them.

Familiar Learns of Louise's lack of success with magic and usually offers to assists in some way or otherwise offer a different perspective.


Foquet/Count Mott Shenanigans/Kirche/Siesta Shenanigans in whatever relevant order.

Go to Albion to get the letter, Wales still dies but Wardes is also killed.

A lot of authors lose interest around this point.

And thus ends Familiar of Zero Fanfics abridged.